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The 15 Best Hunting Toys For Cats

Cats have a natural ability to hunt. Cat owners may have witnessed the tantrums of their feline companions many times over.

Whether they're stalking bugs or attacking your toes at night, many cats spend a lot of time actively "hunting."

Toys that encourage positive habits are a wise investment. Equipping your cat with appropriate baits will protect your furniture and toes from scratching or scuffing in the process.

Thankfully, cat toy manufacturers are aware of this trend, and they offer a plethora of options that fit that trend.

It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the multitude of options available.

If you want to buy your cat the best hunting toys for cats, read BestForPets's (bestforpets.org) reviews of the many options available.

How to Shop for the Perfect Cat Wand

There are several factors to think about when picking out a toy to satisfy your cat’s hunting instincts. Selecting a plaything might appear simple at first. In any case, there are a few things to think about if you want a quality toy.

We have outlined some of the most crucial factors below.

Types of Toys

Your cat’s natural prey drive may be engaged with a variety of toys. Keep these categories in mind the next time you go shopping.

Some felines only play with one specific kind of toy. A variety of cat toys is preferable so that your cat may play with whatever appeals to its current mood.

Wand Playthings

If there is a toy category that most closely resembles hunting, it would be wands. Their toys, however, need a human operator (and there is a small amount of skill required).

Nonetheless, this allows you to tailor the toy’s motions to your feline friend’s preferences. Unlike other toys for cats, this one allows you to interact with your pet during playtime.

When looking for a fun way to play with your cat, we suggest keeping at least one wand toy on hand. These playthings are simple enough for kids to utilize effectively. As a result, having them nearby is handy.

Various Ball-Related Playthings

Commonly, cats like playing with and batting at balls. Because balls roll when your cat plays with them, it’s simple to get your feline friend interested in playing with them.

These toys are great for entertaining your cat without any effort on your part. The toy does not require batteries or refills, and there is no need to activate it.

So, these toys are great to keep about as a backup in case you run out of others.

Playthings with Movement and Sound

In most cases, interactive toys can be rather pricey. On the other hand, they are fantastic for getting your cat to play. Many of them move independently of your cat, so they may motivate even the most sedentary feline to get some exercise.

Unfortunately, these gadgets typically require batteries. If you want to make sure they’re still working, you’ll need to check on them frequently. In addition, there are typically more moving parts, which increases the likelihood of damage.

Toy Puzzles

Cats who are very driven by food may benefit from puzzle toys. These toys are reusable and typically come with a refilled food container.

You can keep your cat interested in playing with the toys by adding treats to them. Treats or the cat’s usual food might be used.

Getting a puzzle toy for your cat is a great idea if you want to keep it cognitively active and engaged. There is a wide variety of puzzle toys available, but not all of them are created equal.

Needs Participation

Most toys won’t stimulate play unless you or your cat actively participate. Wand toys, for instance, need that you actively engage in play with your cat by waving the toy around. Your cat may swipe at the ball or other chasing toy.

This isn’t a problem for folks who have lots of free time and active pets. You may never get to experience this, though, if you’re often out of town or if your cat is particularly sedentary. The toys might not get played with at all.

The only toys exempt from this are interactive ones. Because of the batteries that power them, they can move independently.

Your cat can be motivated to get some exercise in this way even if they don’t initiate the behavior on their own. The batteries mean kids can play with it without relying on you to power it.


The toys usually don’t last long around a cat since they are so rough on them. A cat’s claws and teeth may be used to tear the toy during “hunting,” or at least that’s what they do when they try.

It is imperative that you get toys that can withstand some rough play. Feather toys and others like them may be appealing to your cat, but they tend to wear out quickly.

Some cats may play rougher than others. Before going to the store, think about how rough your cat is on their toys. You may want to get your cat a toy that can withstand heavy chewing.

However, tearing the toy to pieces might add to the excitement. To this end, it’s possible that manufacturers would design inexpensive, multipack toys to be intentionally broken apart.

In this situation, these toys are as important as bones to a dog. They are designed to wear out after some time and need to be changed on a regular basis.


You can let your cat play with a variety of toys. It can be a challenge to figure out what kind of toy your ugly cat wants to play with.

Since cats, like humans, can get bored with two or three of the same toys, it’s important that you experiment with a variety of options to locate your cat’s preferred toy. cat.

The Frisco Bird with Feathers teaser is a fan favorite in our family. This wand toy is made by human hands. Those who want to have fun interacting with their feline friends may consider this a viable option.

The Ruffin’ It Crinkle Ball cat toy is another option for your feline friend. These affordable toys are sold in sets of four. Therefore, they are very practical for households with many cats.

They appear to be quite sturdy, but they are actually designed to be destroyed and replaced frequently. Frisco Butterfly Cat Tracks are our top products that will keep your cat active while playing. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes you can find the best hunting toys for cats for your pet.


Cat Toy with the Most Crinkle for the Buck: The Ruffin’ It Crinkle Ball

  • Form: a ball

The Ruffin’ It Crinkle Ball Cat Toy may be basic, but it’s great for cats that enjoy playing “chase.” The paper used to produce these balls crinkles and emits a noise when handled.

They are so light that when struck, they may go great distances. These balls are simple to spot, though, because to their brilliant hues.

This toy assortment is a steal at this price! You needn’t worry about your cat breaking them, either; the material is sturdy. We suggest dispersing them throughout the dwelling in order to ensure adequate playing.

To sum up, these balls offer the most bang for the buck when compared to other hunting toys for cats.

Due to their low price, there really is no justification for not having these toys in your house.


  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight
  • Crisp noise
  • Durable


  • Cats might get bored very quickly.


The Best Option for Your Cat: The Butterfly Tracks from Frisco

  • Input: interactive

The Frisco Butterfly Cat Tracks toy is a good option for individuals who can afford to treat their cats to something nice. This plaything has three interlocking rings stacked above one another for maximum fun and engagement.

There’s a ball in each ring, and the ring on top keeps it from falling out. Because of this, your cat may strike the ball and then pursue it around the ring. To encourage pouncing, a butterfly is attached to a wire and protrudes from the very top.

If you have a lazy cat who needs some additional motivation to get up and play, this toy is a great choice. This toy is more likely to attract a cat’s interest than others because of the stimulation it provides.

However, the price is more than average for cat toys. This means you’ll have to weigh whether or not the increased cost is acceptable.


  • Several playthings in one
  • Interactive
  • Promotion of active play and physical activity
  • Useable by numerous cats simultaneously.


  • Expensive


Is Your Pet Ready for Eternity? Crawly Worm Wand: Ideal for Kittens

  • Class: Wand

As was previously said, cat wands are a fantastic method to engage your feline friend in physical activity and support the development of natural hunting behaviors in young cats.

One other fantastic option for this reason is the Pet Fit For Life 5-piece Squiggly Worm Wand. The cat-stimulating toy attached to the end of this wand is replaceable, making it stand out from similar products.

This package includes five distinct squiggly worms that may be swapped out as needed.

The firm also produces a variety of wand accessories. Therefore, you may save money by not buying as many wand toys. Rather, you can buy a bunch of toys to string together.

This feature, however, does make the price of this desire more than average. But it’s still the best of the best when it comes to cat wands. If your cat like wand toys, the higher price tag may be justified.


  • Facilitates interaction between you and your feline friend
  • The toy at its tip is easily interchangeable.
  • There are five alternates provided.


  • Expensive
  • Compared to other toys, this one doesn’t hold up very well during playtime.


Furry Cat Ball from Pet Zone

  • Form: a ball

You may try the Pet Zone Ball of Furry Cat Toy if you want something a little more complex than a simple ball. There’s a mouse embedded in the center of this lattice-patterned ball.

That means your cat may try to catch the mouse inside by hitting the ball. Because it can be used in two different ways, this multipurpose toy has the potential to pique the interest of children and keep them playing for longer.

When you tap or click on the mouse, it emits noises that are reminiscent of a mouse. To get your cat to play, try making any of these noises.

A first swipe is needed to activate it, though. Included catnip will pique your feline friend’s interest and bring out their natural hunting instincts.

This ball is more costly than your average toy since it has more moving parts than your standard ball.


  • When struck, it makes a noise
  • This is a double feature!
  • Contains catnip


  • Expensive
  • Needs user input to function.


Micro Robotic Cat Toy, Hexbug Nano

  • Input: interactive

The Hexbug Nano Robotic Cat Toy is perfect for kitty’s who enjoy playing with and chasing after bugs. This novel pet supply is, in a nutshell, a bug in electronic form.

If activated, the insect will move around like a real one. Naturally, this makes the cat more likely to play with the toy, even if cats aren’t often playful.

This toy is perfect for cats who tend to be on the more sedentary side, since your cat won’t need to do anything to make it move.

This insect can go around rather well. It vibrates, making it relatively easy to maneuver around fixed objects. It can also roll back over onto its feet if it falls over.

If your cat happens to bump against it, it won’t become stuck. Your cat may start playing with it straight immediately because batteries are supplied.

But it’s not as sturdy as other choices because there are more moving parts in an electric one.


  • Acts autonomously and causes change
  • Naturalistic animations
  • Able to invert itself


  • Expensive
  • Uses a battery


Cat Toy from KONG, the Active Father Teaser

  • Class: Wand

Most pet owners will be familiar with the KONG brand of toys. This is why the KONG Active Father Teaser Cat Toy has such widespread favor.

The feathered end of this wand is decorated with a colorful bird. When you hit the bird, it makes a crinkly noise. This toy may be used to engage in playful interaction with your cat thanks to its wand shape. However, it’s not enjoyable on its own.

You won’t be able to pick the particular toy that you get, unfortunately. This toy might be one of three possible birds.

You have no say in which one you’ll receive, despite the fact that they’re all pretty identical. To say the least, this is likely to be discouraging news for many people.


  • Wand-style
  • Creaking noise
  • Feathers


  • Must have contact with a living being
  • Chosen at random fashion


Electronic Cat Toy, SmartyKat Chickadee Chirp

  • Input: interactive

You may encourage your cat’s natural prey drive with the SmartyKat Chickadee Chirp Electronic Cat Toy. This bird will remain seated on the floor until it is contacted by your cat.

It then begins to generate birdlike chirping noises. That’s why your cat will play with the toy for longer and with more intensity. However, it has be activated by contact first, so it may not be the most convenient choice for sluggish felines.

If you want to encourage your cat to play with this toy, you can also stuff it with catnip. Not only that, but your security is ensured by the accompanying warranty.

This cat toy is more costly than others, though. It also needs your cat’s participation before it can produce any noise or become a plaything.


  • Contains catnip
  • Produces a chirping sound
  • Confidentiality Assured


  • Expensive
  • Needs Communication


Cat Treat Ball Toy by Catit

  • Toy Classification: Puzzle

While some felines may like a good puzzle, that is not always the case. The Catit Treat Ball Cat Toy, however, may be a good option for those cats.

Put some snacks into this fun toy. And as your cat bats it around, the goodies will trickle out. This will entice your cat to play with the toy for a longer period of time.

Obviously, not every goodie will have the desired effect. They have to be just the right size to squeeze into the dispenser. To keep your cat engaged in play, you’ll need to regularly replenish the snacks.

You shouldn’t keep stuffing goodies into this ball because doing so might lead to weight gain. If you run out of cat treats before your cat does, you may always feed them their regular kibble.

This may not be the greatest cat toy if your pet is overweight.


  • Amusement park puzzle
  • Automated candy dispensing system
  • Assists in getting kids to eat their play food


  • Needs to be refilled often
  • Do not use if your cat is overweight.


This is the Buggin’ Out Puzzle & Play Cat Toy by Petstages

  • Jumbled-up Form

Yet again, not everyone enjoys playing with puzzle toys. It’s common for cats to show little interest in puzzle toys because they aren’t particularly food-driven.

However, puzzle toys can assist stimulate the mental component of hunting if your cat like them. The Petstages Buggin’ Out Puzzle & Play Cat Toy might be a great option in this instance.

To get to the sweets inside, your cat will have to maneuver the toy’s sliding bugs around. Toys designed with food-grade materials are guaranteed to be 100% free of harmful chemicals like BPA and PVC.

There are no detachable features to ensure your cat’s security.

However, in comparison to other toys, this one isn’t that dynamic. You’d have to keep it well-stocked to keep your cat interested.

Furthermore, there is no option to change the level of challenge. That being said, once your cat gets the hang of it, it won’t be nearly as difficult.


  • Absolutely safe for consumption.
  • There are a number of sections for various foods.


  • Quite inactive
  • There are no parameters for a more demanding experience.
  • Is always in need of replenishment

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