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The Best Cat Foods From Kirkland Signature

Costco is the ultimate warehouse shopping experience, with big cheap bargains and one-dollar hot dogs. And you can frequently discover some of the best brand name goods and consumables at a low price.

Kirkland Signature, Costco's signature line, is widely regarded as the ideal generic store brand. And the Kirkland Signature brand isn't just for the grocery store.

They manufacture a wide range of products, including cat food. But, how excellent is it? Today, we'll go through each Kirkland Signature recipe in detail so you can make the best decision for your cat.

Kirkland Signature doesn't have a lot of possibilities because it has a limited selection. That doesn't mean they're not the appropriate pick for your cat.

Here are explanations for the %product_count% best cat foods from Kirkland Signature that BestForPets (bestforpets.org) recommends.

Kirkland Signature Cat Food Evaluation

Before we get into individual product reviews, let’s talk about Costco’s Kirkland Signature brand as a whole and whether their products are appropriate for your animal friends.

Who manufactures Kirkland Signature and where is it manufactured?

Costco’s flagship store brand is Kirkland Signature. And, while there are some other smaller-scale generic brands at Costco, Kirkland Signature is the only one that makes cat food.

Diamond Pet Foods, a pet food industry juggernaut, creates the real cat food recipes.

Diamond produces food for a number of well-known brands, including Taste of the Wild, Chicken Soup for the Soul, 4health, and their own Diamond signature line.

These foods are all produced in one of five factories located throughout the United States.

However, the ingredients for any Kirkland Signature mix may be obtained from sources other than the United States.

Kirkland Signature Cat Food is best suited for which kind of cats?

Costco’s Kirkland Signature cat food may be a suitable alternative if you’re looking for a normal run-of-the-mill cat food. It’s fairly priced and contains all of the essential nutrients that your cat requires to live a happy, healthy life.

Which Pets Would Benefit from a Different Brand?

If your cat has unique dietary demands, you may want to look elsewhere for food. Kirkland Signature has only three different formulas in their whole cat food line—all of which are dry kibble.

Cats who require a higher protein diet should avoid Costco’s cat food as well. Not to suggest there isn’t any protein, but the protein content percentage is a touch low, with the maximum being 32% among the available options.

Discussion on Kirkland Signature Cat Food’s Primary Ingredients

The ingredient listings for Kirkland brand cat meals are pretty basic and easy to understand. Nothing is out of place or particularly alarming.

We like that the first ingredient in each mix is a protein source. That, plus the fact that no wheat, soy, or corn goods are available.

However, there are various rice filler materials available, such as ground white rice and whole-grain brown rice.

In addition, when compared to other potential fillers and grains, rice—particularly brown rice—shows no cause for concern.

When comparing the ingredient lists of the three, the Nature’s Domain type is clearly the clear winner.

Sweet potatoes and potatoes give nutritious complex carbs in the absence of grains. There are also a variety of different fruits and veggies included.

Nutritional Information for Kirkland Signature Cat Food

Kirkland Signature cat food mixtures will provide everything your cat requires to live a happy, healthy life in terms of overall nutrition. However, it is not among the most nutritious foods on the market.

Premium ingredients are kept to a minimum in order to save costs and deliver you huge savings. This stops Kirkland Signature cat food recipes from stretching the nutritional envelope.

While not insignificant, the protein ratios for each mix are only slightly below the industry norm. There is only one recipe that may be termed low-fat.

Kirkland Signature Cat Food Collections

Kirkland only has three different recipes of cat food available in different sizes. These are all dry kibble varieties. Costco once sold two wet food varieties under the Kirkland brand, but they have since been discontinued.

  • Super Premium Maintenance Cat – Kirkland Signature’s all-purpose cat food blend. It’s intended to be a good source of nutrients for cats of all ages, from kittens to the elderly.
  • Nature’s Domain — Nature’s Domain is the most premium Kirkland Signature cat food product available. It’s Costco’s grain-free alternative, and it offers the most protein of the three. Other premium ingredients used in the mix include blueberries and sweet potato for added nutrients and carbohydrate sources.
  • Healthy Weight – Have you noticed that your pet is getting a little too big? They should probably go on a diet. By switching to Kirkland Signature Healthy Weight, you may do so on a budget. It’s the only low-fat option among the lot, with a crude fat level of 9%.

A Brief Examination of Kirkland Signature Cat Food


  • The first ingredient is always whole protein.
  • Affordable
  • Each blend can meet your cat’s nutritional requirements completely.
  • There are no byproducts of corn, wheat, or soy.


  • Two of the three recipes use ground white rice.
  • Other than cost, there are no significant advantages.

Kirkland Signature Cat Food Recall History

It can be frightening to learn that your cat’s favorite food has been recalled. After all, the food kids consume should be healthful and satisfying, not hazardous.

However, most cat meals have been recalled at some point. That is also true for the Kirkland Signature brand.

Kirkland Signature brand cat food was recalled in early 2012 owing to Salmonella contamination concerns. This contamination, however, was not limited to Kirkland.

Diamond-produced goods and trademarks were all suspected of contamination. Chicken Soup for the Soul, Diamond, Taste of the Wild, 4Health, Premium Edge, and Country Value were among them.

A thorough FDA investigation traced the major source of this contamination to Diamond’s processing plants in Gaston, South Carolina.

The investigators concluded that Diamond was not taking all reasonable steps and best practices to assure the quality of its products.

This resulted in the Kirkland Signature brand cat food being recalled for safety reasons. What makes this recall so heartbreaking is that it was not the first FDA complaint to come from the Gaston factory.

In reality, the producer had gotten a warning from the FDA seven years prior, in 2005, for serious violations including high amounts of aflatoxin.

Fortunately, no such accidents have occurred after the 2012 recall.


Kirkland Signature Chicken and Rice Formula for Cats (All Life Stages)

Kirkland Signature’s Maintenance Cat may be just up your alley if you’re searching for an economical cat food that you can buy in bulk.

It’s regular cat food from Costco. While it may not explicitly cater to any special nutritional demands, this cat food can be used throughout all life phases, from kittenhood to senior years.

It doesn’t have the highest protein or fat content, but it has everything your pet needs to stay healthy.

Analysis Guaranteed:

  • 30% crude protein
  • 20% crude fat
  • Moisture: 10%
  • Fibre 3%
  • 3.3% Omega-6 Fatty Acids


  • Excellent for cats of all ages
  • Made in the United States
  • Affordable


  • There are two types of rice in this package.


Signature Kirkland Salmon Meal and Sweet Potato Recipe Cat Food by Nature’s Domain

Kirkland’s Nature’s Domain grain-free option is ideal for cats that are allergic to wheat, soy, or corn. Nature’s Domain uses sweet potatoes and potatoes instead of rice to supply complex carbs.

It also has the greatest protein percentage (32%) of the three Kirkland options. While it is the most protein-rich of the Costco recipes, it falls short of industry standards.

This is also the most expensive of the three blends. And it doesn’t appear to be a truly viable alternative if you’re seeking for premium cat food. Other brands are available that are a far better value for what you’re looking for.

Analysis Guaranteed:

  • 32% crude protein
  • 14% crude fat
  • Moisture: 10%
  • Fibre 3%
  • 2.4% Omega-6 Fatty Acids


  • Kirkland Signature variety with the highest protein content
  • Grain-free


  • Better deals on premium cat food across brands
  • Does not meet the nutritional requirements for a grain-free formula.


Kirkland Signature Indoor Healthy Weight Adult Cat Formula

Is your cat gaining a little too much weight? They might have to go on a diet. Healthy Weight by Kirkland Signature could be a viable option.

You may help limit the amount of crude fat in your cat’s diet by feeding them this recipe, which is the only low-fat choice available at Costco’s flagship.

Low-fat cast foods are often high in filler carbohydrates or other ingredients to compensate for the lack of crude fat.

This Kirkland Signature offering, on the other hand, just uses ground white rice and potato protein to get the job done.

Analysis Guaranteed:

  • 32% crude protein
  • 9% crude fat
  • Moisture: 10%
  • Fibre 10%
  • 1.7% Omega-6 Fatty Acids


  • At 9%, the crude fat percentage is low.
  • Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids have been added.
  • There are no maize, wheat, or soy ingredients.


  • Not appropriate for cats who are sensitive to rice.

What Other Customers Have to Say About Kirkland Signature Cat Food

We’ve gathered some more real-life customer feedback to help you determine if Kirkland Signature is the best brand for your loved one.

“I’ve been using this cat food for a while now,” Christina says of Costco. I used to buy cat food from specialty stores for $50 each bag, but because of the low price, I decided to give this a try. My cats seemed to enjoy it, so I figured I’d keep it for a bit. When my husband’s cat entered the picture, she switched to Kirkland and liked it as well. What I really want to underline is that I have noticed a noticeable change in the fur of my husband’s cat. She is a black cat, so dandruff is obvious, and after switching to this cat food, her skin/fur has no dandruff and her fur feels lot better.”

“I have four cats, therefore I have to buy cat food in bulk,” Tonya writes on Influenster. It took some time to locate a cuisine that everyone enjoys. So when I eventually tried this Kirkland product and took it home from Costco, they all loved it. It has a terrific price, a wonderful value, and a great brand.”

Amazon – As pet owners, we always check Amazon reviews from previous purchasers before making a purchase. Click here to see Amazon reviews of this line.


Kirkland Signature cat food isn’t the healthiest option for your cat, but it’s also not the worst. Each recipe may easily fulfill all of your cat’s daily requirements without breaking the wallet.

And if you’re wanting to buy cat food in bulk, Kirkland Signature blends are the best option.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that our list of the best cat foods from Kirkland Signature was useful in assisting you with your quest!

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