Affiliate Disclaimer & Review Policy

Last Updated: 5/4/2023

We value your presence in this section of our website, and recognizing the worth of your time, we'll cut straight to the chase.

As participants of the Amazon Associates Program, BestForPets.org is able to consistently deliver fresh updates and maintain its operational standards through the earning of fees via linking to Amazon products. Our intention is plain and simple – we aim to offer you the most comprehensive, in-depth content revolving around our cherished subject - everything pertaining to pet care!

By focusing our resources and efforts on delivering exhaustive reviews and detailed buying guides, we are steadfastly committed to assisting you in identifying the perfect product at an optimal price point.

1. Our Objective

Our driving purpose is to develop the most essential content related to pet care products and accessories available today. Furthermore, we endeavor to simplify pet care for you as much as possible.

2. Our Approach

In order to realize our objectives, we regularly publish insightful articles designed to help you make informed decisions about your subsequent purchases. A significant part of our site encompasses product reviews and comparisons, and we believe in complete transparency about how we assemble these pages and posts.

3. Our Product Review Criteria

3.1 Experience

Each team member at BestForPets.org has a rich background in pet care, spanning from dogs and cats to lizards and rodents. We can converse proficiently about pets due to the countless hours we've dedicated to caring for the pets in our own lives, both personally and professionally.

3.2 Authority

Our deep understanding of the products and topics enables us to make authoritative assessments regarding their quality, function, and overall worth. We keep abreast of new products as they emerge in the market, and our keen focus on the latest trends in the industry helps us distinguish superior products from the rest.

3.3 Trust

We fully appreciate the gravity of speaking from a position of authority and take this responsibility seriously. We are committed to providing objective evaluations - if a product is good, we will tell you so; if it's substandard, we will call it out. We don't owe allegiance to any brand or manufacturer – the onus is on them to impress our team.

The internet is rife with competitor sites that make grand claims about their trustworthiness. We, on the other hand, prefer to demonstrate why we deserve your trust.

4. A Snapshot of Our Review Procedure

Product testing is an activity we passionately enjoy. As pet enthusiasts, we are always thrilled to get our hands on a new gadget. We strive to test as many products as we can on our own pets, but realistically, we can't test them all. Our pursuit of more personal product testing is relentless.

4.1 Soliciting Feedback

When direct experience with a product eludes us, we turn to fellow users and meticulously scrutinize customer reviews on major retail platforms such as Amazon and Chewy. These reviews provide invaluable insights into features and shortcomings that our team might not have personally experienced. We don't rest until we have a thorough understanding of the products under our review.

4.2 Consulting with Experts

The term "expert" is often used liberally today, but we choose to use it more judiciously. We're committed to providing you with accurate information, and while our team boasts considerable experience, not all of us are "experts" in pet care. Whenever possible, we seek advice from our in-house veterinarian, Dr. Deborah Fletcher. The finest advice invariably comes from expert counsel.

5. Amazon Associates Program

BestForPets.org participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising initiative designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees through advertising and linkage to Amazon.com. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc., or its affiliates.

6. Limitation of Liability

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