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The 9 Best Cat Shelves

Cat shelves enable your kitty to examine the environment from a higher vantage point. These provide secure areas for your pet to relax and take in the scenery.

In contrast to cat trees and towers, however, they are attached directly to the wall, making them a semipermanent choice.

Cat shelves are available in a variety of styles, ranging from basic ones that offer a warm cubby to goods with various platforms that allow different perches for cats.

Some models even have scratching poles and cat grass planters!

There are various aspects to consider while selecting a cat shelf, ranging from the desired aesthetic of your house to the unique requirements of your pet.

Here are BestForPets' (bestforpets.org) reviews of the best cat shelves on the market right now to help you choose one that will impress your friends and make your cat happy.


Trixie Lounger Wall Mounted Cat Shelves — Best Overall

This amusing multi-level structure is our vote for the finest cat shelf overall. The Trixie Lounger is comprised of four distinct components: an enclosed bed, a hammock, and two steps that your cat may use to climb from the floor to the perches or the hammock to the bed, depending on how you configure the product.

It is a wall-mounted item that takes some assembly, so be sure to bring your tools. The sisal on the sides of the bed and around the stairs provides cats with enough scratching surfaces.

Because of the product’s two perches, it is a good option for families with several cats. If cats are in the mood to be outside, they may take advantage of the hammock’s wide area. The enclosed, fleece-lined cat bed provides a cozy area for cats to slumber away from the prying eyes of youngsters and dogs.

Although having a strong timber foundation, the shelves are tastefully coated in white fleece and gray sisal. Regrettably, the device is not ideal for cats weighing more than 12 pounds, since it can only support a maximum of 12 pounds.


  • It functions as a scratching post
  • Installable in a variety of setups


  • Supports no more than 12 pounds

Trixie Wall Mounted Cat Bed — Best Value

The Trixie Wall-Mounted Cat Bed gives enough sleeping area for cats of medium and small sizes. This is our pick for the most affordable cat bed. It has a curved tummy that allows cats to snooze comfortably and securely. The fluffy blanket on the wooden shelf softens the perch.

The product needs installation and mounting, although the packaging contains all necessary shelf-securing hardware. Installation needs the use of anchors for drywall and a drill. The shelf weighs just 6 pounds, so one person can often assemble it without help.

The plush is readily detachable, but it’s not machine-washable, so you’ll need to put forth some effort to keep the fleece clean. Due to the tiny size of the product, only one cat can fit on the shelf. If you have more than one cat, you may wish to acquire additional shelves to prevent any conflicts between them.

The shelf can only support up to 12 pounds, so if you have a pet that weighs more than that, you’ll need to find an other solution. The design’s clean, uncomplicated lines compliment the majority of interior design styles. The product is offered in white and espresso brown color options.


  • Affordable
  • Installation hardware included


  • Supports no more than 12 pounds
  • Only suitable for one cat

CatastrophiCreations Wall Mount Garden Complex & Cat Grass Planter – Exceptional Selection

The CatastrophiCreations Garden Complex is a super luxury cat shelf complex that offers stimulation and a delightful spot to perch. It exceeds expectations in terms of robust construction, appealing appearance, and entertaining feline activities.

It has a sturdy hardwood foundation with many levels of climbing and sleeping boards. Hammocks in the center of the building provide cats with comfy spots to observe the world. Also, the complex contains four pots for growing fresh oat grass or catnip for your pet.

In addition to a sisal-scratching post and an angled cat ladder, the cat tree shelf has a sisal-scratching post and cat ladder to assist your cat ascend the heights. It is an excellent choice for families with many cats, since the design contains multiple shelves and hammocks of varying heights.

Since it is so strong, it is an excellent option for both energetic cats and kitties who are a touch on the slender side. The compound is available in both a neutral hue and a slightly deeper, warmer brown hue known as English chestnut. The unit must be assembled and fixed to the wall using brackets. Reports indicate that setting it up might be time-consuming.


  • Contains a cat scratching post
  • Excellent for multi-cat homes
  • Suitable for larger felines


  • Several hours are required for assembly.

The Refined Feline Lotus Branch Wall Mounted Cat Shelf — Best for Larger Cats

The Lotus Branch cat shelf excels on several fronts; it is highly elegant and a terrific choice for cats weighing up to 50 pounds. The structure is spacious enough to accommodate two cats comfortably. Once mounted on the wall, the wooden shelf resembles a softly sketched wave, sloping elegantly from high to low.

It is carpeted, which is a feline’s preferred surface for honing its claws. The shelf is available in four colors: white, smoky, mahogany, and espresso, with carpeting that is readily removable and replaceable when your cat has a new challenge for their claws. The carpet is not washable, thus spot cleaning is required.

The shelf is available in a variety of colors, with darker hues complementing more traditional settings and lighter hues offering a sleek, Nordic appearance. The shelf must be assembled before it can be hung on the wall, but the box contains all the necessary hardware for completion.

Due to the shelf’s design, weight, and size—more it’s than 61 inches long!—its installation often takes two persons.


  • Superbly elegant design
  • Carpeting that is removably replaced


  • Two individuals are required for assembly.

Wooden Cat Condominium With Two Perches

The Genuine Wood Cat Condo has three cozy perches for felines. It offers a nice enclosed apartment and a sleeping box for cats. In addition to the hammock-like area, the condo’s floor is covered with a comfortable mat.

Although the mat is removable, it is sadly not machine-washable; stains must be spot-cleaned. The hardware necessary to attach the shelves is provided in the box and assembly is required.

The apartment and contained box are constructed of solid blonde wood, and the hammock’s fabric complements the hues of the wood well.

Since the perches can only support up to 10 pounds, this is not a good option for bigger cats. The company gives a 6-month guarantee and the perches may be set low to the ground to suit cats with joint problems.


  • Features several perches
  • Crafted with appealing blonde wood


  • Supports no more than 10 pounds

CatastrophiCreations Wooden Wall-Mounted Cat Bridge

This inventive wall-mounted cat bridge has a contemporary design that complements casual decors. Individual wooden planks are bound together by sisal rope on the bridge. Two mounting brackets on each side of the shelf secure the extremities of the structure to the wall, enabling the bridge’s center to form a gentle curve.

The cat bridge is 11 inches deep, giving enough area for napping for most small and medium-sized cats. Cats of a greater size may choose to utilize the bridge as part of a larger installation with a more spacious perch. There are two color options for the bridge: English chestnut and onyx.

The bridge may be dusted with a damp cloth and spot-cleaned as required. The device is available in several sizes and gives solutions for both small and big rooms. While installation is not required, holes must be drilled in order to fasten the included mounting brackets to the wall.

Don’t forget to test your new structure to verify it can support your cat’s weight before granting them access to their new perch. If this becomes a problem, you may buy guards to prevent your cat from chewing on the sisal ropes.


  • Dual use as a sleep spot and enrichment activity
  • Suitable for larger cats


  • Needs making holes in the wall

Cat Canopy Wall Shelves from On2Pets

This basic wall shelf offers a comfortable perch for cats. You may connect fake plants to the product to offer your pet some seclusion. A plush carpet that your cat can burrow into adds a touch of coziness to the shelf and makes it more comfy.

There are three styles to pick from, including a curved shelf, a rectangular alternative, and a partially enclosed square, making it easy to choose a model that compliments your interior design and satisfies your cat. Put a cushion or soft blanket to the semi-enclosed square platform to create a wall-mounted bed for your pet!

Each shelf can support up to 32 pounds, making them ideal for bigger cats! The shelves must be mounted, and a stud finder will be required to hang the goods firmly.

You cannot remove the carpet from the shelves, but spot cleaning and vacuuming are the most effective techniques to maintain the cleanliness of the items. The synthetic plants may be cleaned with a damp cloth.


  • Suitable for larger cats
  • Three design variations are available.


  • Carpet cannot be taken up to be cleaned or replaced.

Wall-mounted MyZoo Spaceship Gamma cat bed

The MyZoo Spaceship Gamma Wall Mounted Cat Bed is round and enclosed. A lovely transparent space bubble covers the product’s front, providing your cat with a clear vision and the impression of being snugly protected.

It’s a great alternative for bigger dogs, since it can carry up to 33 pounds, although two cats definitely wouldn’t fit in a single spacecraft. If you have numerous cats, you may choose to buy additional carriers.

The bed comes in wood and walnut finishes. Cats enter the bed from the side, and the manufacturer offers versions with both left and right access.

Four air vents guarantee that your pet has enough access to fresh air while inside the spacecraft. The kit includes the necessary hardware for mounting the device on concrete.

If you wish to mount the bed to drywall, you may need to purchase anchors from a hardware shop. You may wish to add something soft to the bottom to make the spacecraft comfortable for your cat, since it does not have a cushion.


  • Suitable for bigger cats
  • May be mounted on the wall or set on the floor


  • No pillow included

Fukumaru Wall-Floating Shelves

The Fukumaru Floating Shelf is an inexpensive and aesthetically pleasing choice that offers a comfy perch for your cat. It includes a robust shelf made of light-colored wood placed on elegant black brackets.

The shelf’s understated form makes it compatible with the majority of interior design types. The standard option includes a sisal scratching mat that connects with velcro to the shelf.

But, the firm also manufactures a memory foam cushion that would provide relief to arthritic and aged dogs’ joints. Fukumaru manufactures an assortment of appealing wall-mounted goods that match the floating shelves you may use to create a customized pet play area.

You may add steps to assist senior cats navigate the heights, as well as a hammock for a nice sleeping and lounging spot. And if you live in a tiny area, there are also wall-mounted scratching posts that are ideal for maintaining order. Replacement scratching mats and memory foam pads are not available for purchase from Fukumaru.

Hanging the shelf on drywall requires the use of anchors, which are not provided. While the device can support up to 30 pounds, it is too little for bigger cats to stretch out.


  • Appealing and inexpensive
  • Scratching pad made of sisal or memory foam


  • A little too little for bigger felines

Buyer's Guide

Cat shelves may be costly and time-consuming to assemble and install, but making an educated decision can save you money and effort. Here are a few of the most significant elements to consider when deciding which style of cat shelf will best fulfill your and your cat’s demands.

How many felines do you own?

Single-cat homes have a variety of alternatives for cat shelves. There are items made for a single cat and others that are big enough for many pets, the most of which are also suitable for a single cat if there is sufficient space for installation.

Multiple-cat homes need a perch for each cat. Huge constructions with several linked perches are ideal for cats who get along well and love cuddling up close to one another. Individual wall-mounted shelves, hammocks, and condominiums may easily be installed to offer a little of space for cats who aren’t as sociable.

What is your cat’s weight and level of activity?

All of these items have weight restrictions. If your cat is too heavy and leaps onto the incorrect shelf, the object may tumble off the wall, taking your infant with it.

Check and reaffirm the maximum weight capacity of the selected product. When it comes to setups with numerous shelves and enrichment elements intended to get cats up, leaping, and moving, active felines demand durable cat furniture.

If you just have one cat, but they are a little heavier than they should be, a bigger installation may be the safest alternative since they are often well-constructed and able to sustain the leaps and landings of heavier cats.

Consider purchasing a product with a ladder if your cat has movement concerns, as this will make it simpler for them to reach their perch.

How Much Room Do You Possess?

In addition to providing cats with a perch from which they may see their surroundings, cat shelves are excellent space savers. You may attach a cat bed to the wall instead of putting it in the center of the floor.

You won’t have to worry about scratching posts taking up space in the living room, and there are a number of kinds that include sisal ropes to satisfy your cat’s scratching needs.

What Complements Your Interior Design Plan?

Choose a product that complements the room in which the shelf will be installed. Floating shelves are always fashionable and lend a touch of easy beauty to spaces.

Although a colorful alternative with a planter may seem like a fantastic idea, if you like dark colors and hefty furniture, it may not complement your current design. Consider the shelves, hammocks, condominiums, and scratching posts in your selection.

What Are Your Spending Limits?

Cat shelves provide cats with an excellent vantage point from which to view their surroundings and high perches for napping. Cat shelves can provide the mental and physical stimulation that indoor cats seek. You may save money by purchasing a single wall-mounted cat condo as opposed to pre-configured setups with several extras.


1. Are cat shelves valuable?

Cat shelves are an excellent way to provide your feline with a space to explore and play. These provide cats a safe and secure habitat for climbing and exploring, as well as a place to rest and relax. Cat shelves may also be utilized to provide a vertical place for cats to explore, hence reducing their tension and boredom.

In addition, cat shelves may be utilized to create a stimulating and entertaining environment for cats, since they can be used to create a variety of levels and surfaces for cats to explore.

Overall, cat shelves are unquestionably valuable. These give a safe and secure space for cats to explore and play, as well as a place to rest and unwind. In addition, cat shelves may be utilized to create a stimulating environment for cats by providing a variety of heights and surfaces for cats to investigate.

In addition, cat shelves may relieve tension and boredom since they provide cats a vertical room to explore. Overall, cat shelves are an excellent method to provide your cat with a space to explore and play in a safe and secure setting.

2. Must cat shelves be installed in studs?

No, cat shelves are not need to be stud-mounted. Cat shelves may be fixed to the wall using adhesive strips, wall anchors, and screws, among other means. Adhesive strips are the most convenient and inexpensive solution, but they may not be able to sustain a cat’s weight.

Wall anchors are preferable because they provide a more stable grip and can sustain bigger loads. Screws are the most durable choice, but they involve drilling into the wall and might potentially cause damage. The optimal mounting method for cat shelves will depend on the cat’s weight and the kind of wall material.

3. What size should shelves for cats be?

Cat shelves should be enough spacious for your cat to walk about and investigate. The dimensions of the shelves will depend on the size of your cat and the available space. Shelves should be at least 12 inches wide and 12 inches deep, with at least 18 inches of vertical space between each shelf.

You may want to explore bigger shelves if you have a huge cat. In addition, the shelves must be robust and safe, with no sharp edges or corners that might cause harm to your cat. If you want for your cat to utilize the shelves for climbing, ensure that they are broad enough and have a nonslip surface. Lastly, ensure that the shelves are located in a secure location away from any threats.

4. Which material is ideal for a cat shelf?

The optimal material for a cat shelf depends on the cat’s size and weight, as well as the shelf’s intended use. Wood or acrylic are good lightweight materials for little cats. Wood is an excellent material for a cat shelf due to its strength, durability, and ability to be painted or stained to complement the room’s design.

Plastic is also an excellent choice since it is lightweight and simple to maintain. A more durable material, such as metal or stone, is advised for bigger cats. Metal is durable and can handle heavy animals, although stone is an excellent material for ornamental shelves.

Also, both materials are simple to clean and maintain. Whatever of the material you pick, be sure it can hold your cat’s weight and is simple to clean.


The Trixie Wall-Mounted Lounger is a multifunctional device with several perches. Because to the lounger’s engaging nooks and crannies, it is our pick for the best cat shelf overall.

The Trixie Wall-Mounted Cat Bed offers a secluded sanctuary for a solitary cat at an excellent price. The CatastrophiCreations Garden Complex is a virtual paradise for cats.

A scratching post, four plants, and two hammocks are included into the exquisite design. The Refined Feline Lotus Branch Wall Mounted Cat Shelf is great if you have a large cat, since it can hold up to 50 pounds!

Hopefully, BestForPets‘ (bestforpets.org) evaluation of the best cat shelves has been helpful in your search for the right one.

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