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15 Best Cat Foods For Allergies In Canada

Although allergies in cats are uncommon, there is always the risk that your cat will develop allergies or intolerances.

Symptoms of intolerances include coat degradation, itching, and stomach discomfort, which can go overlooked. Cats rarely have severe allergies that lead them to become quite unwell.

So, before you investigate the potential of a food allergy or intolerance, see your veterinarian to rule out any other major causes of poor health.

It takes time and patience to select and locate the best cat food. To make things easier for you, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has produced a list of the %product_count% best cat foods for allergies in Canada.

All of the items have gotten favorable feedback from cat owners who have successfully reduced their cats' sensitivity to common allergens in their diet.


Purina ONE Sensitive Cat Food – Overall Winner

  • Calories: 430kcal/cup
  • Turkey, chicken by-products, and meal are the main ingredients (corn, soy, oats)
  • Fat: 13%
  • Protein: 34%

Purina ONE Sensitive Skin & Stomach is formulated specifically for cats with sensitive skin and stomachs. It is our top cat food for allergies overall due to its excellent formulation and low price.

The diet has shown to be an excellent alternative for sensitive cats because it is not only economical but also balanced and supportive—every ingredient in this meal serves a purpose.

This mixture, in addition to antioxidants and vitamins, stimulates the immune system to generate resilience against minor allergies.

This food is ideal for cats who are allergic to unnatural components such fillers, additives, colors, and preservatives.

This meal contains chicken by-products as well as turkey as the principal protein source, thus cats with chicken allergies should avoid it. It contains common allergies in addition to soy, corn, and grains.

Despite receiving great marks for minor allergies, this medicine is unlikely to be useful for cats experiencing more severe sensitivities and allergies.


  • Protein-rich
  • There are no preservatives, additives, or fillers.
  • Veterinarian recommendation
  • Antioxidants help the immune system.


  • This product contains chicken by-products.
  • Ingredients such as soybeans, corn, and grains are included.


Go! Cat Food for Sensitivities – Best Value

  • Calories: 464kcal/cup
  • Duck, egg, lentils, and chickpeas are the main ingredients.
  • Fat: 15%
  • Protein: 31%

The main ingredient in this cat food is duck protein. This animal’s protein is unlikely to induce allergic responses, since it is the only protein source in this diet.

This grain-free meal is particularly high in vitamins because to the inclusion of lentils and chickpeas.

This product has received some unfavorable feedback because it contains chicken fat, which appears to contradict the marketing of single proteins.

Although it may appear that your cat with chicken allergies should avoid chicken fat at first, chicken fat is not an allergy.

Because there are no common allergens in chicken fat, it will not induce an allergic reaction. Rather, it feeds your cat with necessary fats.

Cats with egg allergies should be informed that this formulation contains some egg.


  • This product contains no chicken proteins.
  • Protein from a single source
  • A product that is grain-free.
  • Flaxseeds were included.


  • It contains eggs.


Royal Canin Premium Choice Dry Adult Cat Food

  • Calories: 334kcal/cup
  • Chicken meal, corn meal, and chicken fat are the main ingredients.
  • Fat: 11%
  • Protein: 30%

Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Sensitive Digestion Dry Adult Cat Food is our top pick for the finest cat food for cats with skin allergies, and it has received rave reviews.

It is a more expensive food that does not require a prescription from your vet, but it is recommended by many cat owners who find it to be an exact match for their needs.

Because of the inclusion of vitamins and minerals, your cat’s skin can form a barrier that decreases allergy irritation.

A benefit is that, while promoted for adult cats, it is also appropriate for kitten development.

This product has several poultry elements, and despite the fact that it contains chicken products, it is ideal for persons with sensitive stomachs because it contains no novel protein sources.

Even though it contains soya oil, which may be an issue for some people, it is near the bottom of the ingredient list, so it is less likely to become an allergen.


  • Source of protein derived from chicken
  • This product is suitable for cats of all ages.
  • Promotes skin health
  • There is no need for a prescription.


  • Expensive


Blue Buffalo Basics – Recommended for Kittens

  • Calories: 109kcal/cup
  • Turkey (meat, broth, and liver), fish oil, and pea flour are the main ingredients.
  • Fat: 7%
  • Protein: 9%

Adult cats with allergies can choose from a number of diets; however, hypoallergenic food for kittens are more difficult to locate.

This Blue Buffalo formula is a limited ingredient diet free of the most common allergies found in most cats.

This dish contains actual fruits and vegetables, rather than filler allergens, such as cranberries, blueberries, and pumpkin. These natural sources of vitamins and minerals will aid sensitive kittens.

Despite positive feedback, some pickier cats refuse to consume this kitten food. It’s advised to order a trial quantity before making a full purchase to avoid wasting this product with a finicky kitten.


  • It’s free of poultry, dairy, eggs, grains, gluten, grains, soy, beef, and artificial flavors.
  • Fruits and veggies are abundant.
  • A single animal protein source


  • This recipe may not appeal to picky diners.


Vet’s Choice Hill’s Science Adult Dry Cat Food

  • 524 kilocalories per cup
  • Chicken, brewer’s rice, and corn gluten meal are the main ingredients.
  • Fat: 17%
  • Protein: 29%

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin Chicken & Rice Recipe Dry Cat Diet is a high-quality food made specifically for cats with sensitive stomachs and skin.

The chicken and rice recipe is designed to be easily digested and nutritious. This food also has extra vitamins, minerals, and taurine to help with general wellness.

Hill’s is a well-known brand that manufactures high-quality pet meals.

Our options with the Vet’s Choice badge have been authorized by our in-house veterinarian as a safe and healthy solution for your cat.


  • Veterinarians have approved it.
  • Simple to digest
  • Reputable brand


  • This product contains corn products.
  • This product contains chicken.


Natural Harmony Dry Cat Food L.I.D.

  • Calories: 410kcal/cup
  • Ingredients: duck, peas
  • Fat: 12%
  • Protein: 30%

The minimal ingredient cat food contains only the ingredients listed. Green peas and duck are the key ingredients in this dish.

This product is a wonderful hypoallergenic option because it contains no grains, soy, corn, or chicken allergies. This product also has a limited number of carbohydrate sources.

Carbohydrates make up a tiny amount of a healthy cat diet, however cats with sensitive stomachs may struggle to digest a range of carbohydrate sources.

Despite its favorable evaluations, this product has gotten some negative feedback since its recipe was modified to add salmon oil.

As a result of this change, this product is no longer appropriate for cats with fish allergies, as duck-flavored cat meals are frequently chosen for cats with seafood intolerances.


  • Protein from a single source
  • A product that is grain-free.
  • Carbohydrate sources are few.


  • Not suitable for cats who are allergic to fish.

Buyer's Guide: How to Choose the Best Allergy-Friendly Cat Foods in Canada

While it comes to allergies in cats, there are a few things to bear in mind when selecting their diet.

First and foremost, ensure that the food does not include any of the allergens to which your cat is allergic.

Second, despite its minimal ingredients, you want to choose a cuisine that is nutritious and enjoyable.

What Causes Cat Allergies?

Cat allergies can be caused by a variety of factors. Flea allergy dermatitis, an allergic reaction to the proteins in flea saliva, is one of the most prevalent.

Dust mites, pollen, and certain foods can also cause allergies. Environmental factors such as cigarette smoke or perfumes can also induce allergies.

The immune system of a cat is in charge of fending off external invaders such as viruses and bacteria.

When a cat is exposed to an allergen, its immune system incorrectly recognizes it as a threat and creates antibodies to combat it.

These antibodies subsequently bind to mast cells in the body, causing histamine and other substances to be released.

These compounds induce allergy symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, and a sensitive stomach.

How to Recognize Allergens in Your Cat

Taking a detailed history is the first step in discovering allergens affecting your cat.

This should include when the symptoms first appeared, what the cat is currently exposed to, and any other relevant medical history.

It is also necessary to do a physical examination, giving special attention to the skin and coat.

Allergens can produce a wide range of clinical signs in cats, so it’s critical to work with your doctor to figure out which allergens are causing your cat’s symptoms.

What to Look for in Hypoallergenic Cat Food

There are a few things to look for when purchasing hypoallergenic cat food. First, ensure that the dish is produced with few components.

This indicates that the food has only a few critical ingredients, lowering the likelihood of an allergic reaction in your cat.

Second, look for food that is devoid of additional allergies such as maize, soy, wheat, and eggs. If your cat is allergic to one of these components, avoid meals containing it.


Choosing the proper product for your allergic cat might be difficult.

Purina ONE Sensitive Skin & Stomach Dry Cat Food is our top recommendation because of its full nutrition, affordability, and the fact that it is recommended by numerous veterinarians.

This product, which has many positive reviews, is a terrific place to start.

To avoid wasting food and money, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) recommends purchasing modest quantities of new foods until you find what works best for your cat.

Your delicate cat needs the greatest diet possible! Best wishes on your journey! 

Our team at BestForPets hopes that our list of the top 15 best cat foods for allergies in Canada was helpful in your search for the best option for your cat.

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