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10 Best Cat Heating Pads

Heating pads can be used to provide much-needed warmth to kittens, geriatric cats, and sick cats, as well as to make a perfectly healthy cat more comfortable.

They are very handy for keeping your kitten comfortable throughout the cooler months without overheating your home.

There are many various types of heating pads available, each with their own set of benefits and downsides, so deciding which one is best for you and your cat can be difficult.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled this list of reviews of the best cat heating pads to make your job easier and to help you find the best heating pad for your needs.


Thermo-Kitty Mat by K&H Pet Products – Best Overall

This heating pad is our favorite, and our cats love it as well! The silky outer shell of this pad entices cats to use it. If you’ve ever tried to encourage your cat to use a heating pad — or any other device — you know it’s not always easy.

This pad is inviting, however it may require some getting used to. The cover effectively covers the heating element and is simply removable for cleaning. The cover is also machine washable, so cleaning will be a snap.

The heating element is substantially smaller than the pad itself, which may result in uneven heating, yet the pad appears to produce a uniform temperature based on how it feels.

This pad has two thermostats and stays on all the time when plugged in, but it never gets too hot.

This temperature control will provide the most comfortable environment for your kitty to warm up, but it should only be used indoors where it is protected from the outdoors.


  • Material that is soft and comfortable
  • It tempts cats to use it.
  • Cover is machine washable.
  • Keeps a comfortable temperature


  • A tiny heating element
  • Only for use indoors


Best Value FurHaven ThermaNAP Faux Fur Self-Warming Cat Mat

This is a self-heating mat that does not require a plug or batteries. Rather, the material is designed to reflect your cat’s natural body heat back to them.

We believe this is the greatest cat heating pad for the money because it does not require an expensive heating element. It’s composed of a soft material, and your cat will quickly accept it as their new favorite place to relax.

This cushion is completely machine washable, so you won’t have to spend hours washing it by hand. Because of the self-warming feature, you can place this pad anywhere, making it ideal for travel.

Of course, this pad will not deliver the same level of warmth as electric pads, thus it did not earn our top rank. This is still a fantastic product that will see a lot of use, and it is quite inexpensive.


  • Material that is soft and comfortable
  • Washable by machine
  • Useful everywhere
  • It is not required to be plugged in.
  • Excellent for travel.


  • Not as warm as heated pads


Heated Amazin’ Kitty Pad by K&H Pet Products – Premium Choice

This is another plug-in pad that uses electricity to warm your cat. The material is less soft than our first and second choices, and the higher price keeps it out of those spots.

The material attracts cat hair, which might be beneficial or detrimental depending on whether you want to clean your floor or the pad.

The cover is simply detachable and machine washable, so keeping it clean shouldn’t be an issue. Despite appearing to be less comfortable than others, our cats adored this heating pad, and the warmth offered is ideal for cats.

The heating element is smaller than the pad itself, yet the heat appears to be evenly distributed. This is solely meant for indoor use, and it must be placed near an outlet.

These pads can be left on without having to constantly monitor the temperature, allowing you and your cats to relax.


  • It quickly warms up.
  • Cat hair attracts and is contained in this product.
  • Washable by machine
  • It does not necessitate monitoring.


  • Expensive
  • Only for indoor use
  • A tiny heating element


Thermal Cat Mat HDP

Another non-electric option, this heating pad may be used indoors or outdoors and is ideal for travel due to its self-warming capabilities.

The sleeping surface is relatively soft, and the substance inside will reflect your cat’s body heat back to them, assisting them in staying warm. Because this pad is machine washable, you won’t have to put any work into keeping it clean.

The substance that offers the radiant characteristics is crinkly, and the sound may disturb you as well as dissuade your cat from utilizing it.

Our cat enjoyed using this pad, but others may be put off by the loudness or the material used on the outside, which isn’t as soft as some other options.


  • It can be used anyplace.
  • Excellent for travel.
  • Washable by machine
  • It is not required to be plugged in.


  • When used, it makes a crinkly sound.
  • It could deter cats from using it.
  • Other pads are softer.


Thermal Cat Mat from Downtown Pet Supply

This is a non-plugged-in thermal warming pad that absorbs and reflects your cat’s natural body heat back to them.

While this means you can move it wherever you like, it also means it won’t get as hot as other electric heating pads.

The outside material is thick and soft, but the reflecting layer generates a crinkly noise that some cats may find unpleasant. Because this pad is machine washable, cleaning will be quick and easy.

Despite the fact that this pad is not plugged in, it is not intended for outdoor use and will be harmed if exposed to the elements.

As a result, it can be useful for travel, but you must be careful not to get it wet when moving or packing it.


  • It is not required to be plugged in.
  • It is suitable for travel.
  • Washable by machine
  • Outer material is soft.


  • Only for indoor use
  • When used, it makes a crinkly noise.
  • It could deter cats from using it.

Finding the Best Cat Heating Pads: A Buyer's Guide

There are numerous factors to consider when selecting a heating pad for your cat. Read our buyer’s guide to help you decide which option will be ideal for warming up your kitty buddy.

Warmth of a Cat Heating Pad

The first and most important consideration is how well a heating pad will truly warm your cat.

Electric pads are often the best option since they provide a good balance between the temperature they achieve and the quantity of input required from you.

Microwavable pads must be warmed up on a regular basis, whereas thermal pads require no treatment but do not produce as much heat.

Comfortable Cat Heating Pad

You should also evaluate your cat’s comfort and likelihood of using the mat you choose. The plush material will normally attract your kitty to relax on the heating pad, adding comfort to their environment.

You should also be mindful that some materials, particularly the thermal layer in self-warming pads, can be crinkly and repel your cat. If you choose a non-powered choice, be sure it is one that your cat will actually use!

Cat Heating Pad Security

You’ll want to protect your cat’s safety as well as their comfort. Some heating pads might overheat, while others can be pierced or destroyed, resulting in heating material leakage.

Choosing a heating pad that is safe to use and can withstand your cat’s claws is critical for worry-free operation.

Cleaning the Cat Heating Pad

Most importantly, ensure sure the heating pad you purchase is simple to clean. You’re probably aware of how much cat hair cats shed, and many heating pads will attract cat hair like nothing else.

When it comes to cleaning, a machine-washable pad or slipcover over a heating element will make your life immensely easier.


There are numerous heating pads to pick from, and finding the proper one for your cat the first time can be difficult.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) recommends the K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Mat for its ease of use and longevity.

If you want to save money while still getting a good heating pad, we offer the FurHaven ThermNAP Faux Fur Self-Warming Cat Mat.

Knowing what to look for in various types and brands of heating pads will save you time and frustration, and the perfect mat will make you and your cat happy.

These reviews of the best cat heating pads should have assisted you in selecting the best one to keep your kitty buddy warm, snug, and safe!

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