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The 10 Best Cat Litter Box Furniture & Enclosures

As a cat lover, you know that dealing with soiled litter boxes can be a challenge. Fortunately, there's a solution that can keep both you and your feline friend happy: a litter box enclosure.

Many cats prefer to use litter boxes that are located in private areas, but they also want to be able to escape quickly if needed. A litter box enclosure provides the perfect balance between privacy and accessibility.

These enclosures come in a variety of colors and styles, all designed to conceal the litter box while still allowing you to place it in your cat's preferred location.

If you're not sure which type of litter box enclosure is best for your home, check out BestForPets' reviews below for guidance.

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1. Merry Products Cat Washroom Bench, White

Merry Products Cat Washroom Bench

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  • Engineered wood is the material.
  • 22.64-inch maximum height
  • 37.4 inch maximum width
  • 21.26-inch maximum depth

This Merry Pet Cat Washroom Bench is an excellent choice for cat owners looking for a stylish and practical enclosure for their litter box.

The bench, made of durable wood material, measures 21.26 inches deep, 37.40 inches wide, and 22.64 inches high and can accommodate the largest automatic litter boxes.

The bench features two compartments that are easily accessible via the two large doors on the front. The larger compartment is designed to house your cat’s litter box and has a cat door on the side for easy access. The smaller compartment is ideal for storing cat litter, disinfectant, and other cleaning supplies.

The partition wall is removable, allowing cat owners to create more storage space or accommodate the litter box of their choice. The bench also has precut holes in the back for running electrical cables through.

The cat door can be installed on either side of the bench, making it easy to choose the best orientation for your home. The bench’s wainscoting details and natural wood grains make it an attractive addition to any room.

This Merry Pet Cat Washroom Bench has a weight capacity of up to 80 pounds and weighs 57.43 pounds. It is hypoallergenic and comes in white.

With its versatile entrance, removable partition wall, and easy-to-clean design, we believe this is the best litter box enclosure available today.


It is compatible with automatic litter boxes.

Choose between two colors.

Storage space is included.


Very large


2. THE REFINED FELINE Cat Litter Box Enclosure Cabinet

THE REFINED FELINE Cat Litter Box Enclosure Cabinet

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  • Engineered wood is the material.
  • 26.75-inch maximum height
  • 20-inch maximum width
  • 27.5-inch maximum length

This litter box enclosure from The Refined Feline is an excellent choice for cat owners looking for a modern and functional design. Made of high-quality wood material, it comes in two sizes, large and extra-large, to accommodate various sizes of litter boxes.

The enclosure’s front doors open to reveal a sliding storage drawer where you can keep all of your cat’s toys, food, and accessories. Underneath is a plastic liner that not only holds the litter box but also keeps scattered litter contained.

The opening for your cat to enter the enclosure can be placed on either side, providing maximum flexibility. The enclosure also features ventilation slots at the rear that help prevent odor buildup and can hold replaceable carbon filters to absorb lingering odors (sold separately).

This litter box enclosure is easy-to-clean thanks to the included internal corrugated plastic litter liner. Plus, the sliding storage drawer keeps cat toys, treats, and litter box items easily accessible in one place.

The enclosure is beautifully designed and comes in four different colors to match your existing furniture perfectly. The large size accommodates jumbo plastic litter trays, while the extra-large size accommodates several electric litter boxes, such as LitterMaid Elite, LitterMaid Elite Mega, ScoopFree, and Petmate Purrforma.

The Refined Feline’s litter box enclosure is made of oak veneer over ply and solid wood, making it a superior choice compared to other litter cabinets made with odor- and moisture-resistant MDF.

Assembly tools are included, and you can select left or right opening during assembly. With its odor-fighting features, easy-to-clean design, and convenient storage, we believe this is an excellent product for cat owners who want a stylish and practical litter box enclosure.


Large and extra-large sizes are available.

Choose from four different colors.

Contains a storage drawer



There is no carbon filter.

3. New Age Pet ecoFLEX Habitat N’ Home Litter Loo

New Age Pet ecoFLEX Habitat N’ Home Litter Loo

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  • Material: Recycled and eco-friendly engineered wood
  • 22-inch maximum height
  • 18.5-inch maximum width
  • Max length: 23.6 inches

The New Age Pet Litter Loo is an excellent choice for cat owners who need a compact litter box enclosure. Made of ecoFLEX, a composite-engineered wood that includes recycled material, the enclosure comes in two sizes and four colors.

Despite its wood-like appearance, the ecoFLEX material does not absorb moisture or odors, making it easy to clean messes. The front of the enclosed litter box features an easy-access cat door that drops down for easy cleaning, and the ventilation gaps on the other sides provide sufficient airflow.

The Litter Loo also functions as a pet house and end table, resistant to moisture, warping, cracking, and splitting. It is also easy to clean, with pet urine simply rinsing off and not soaking in. Assembly requires no tools, making it a convenient option for cat owners.

The colors available are Espresso and Russet, and the exterior dimensions are 23.6″ L x 18.5″ W x 22″ H. The interior dimensions are 21.1″ L x 17.1″ W x 20.5″ H, and the door measures 7.9″ W x 7.9″ H.

With its eco-friendly materials, functionality, and easy-to-clean design, the New Age Pet Litter Loo offers excellent value for cat owners who need a compact enclosure for a limited space in their apartment or house.


There are two sizes available.

Choose from four different colors.

Design is compact.


Some litter boxes are too small.

There is no storage space.

4. Good Pet Stuff, The Original Hidden Litter Box

Good Pet Stuff, The Original Hidden Litter Box

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  • Plastic is the material.
  • 36-inch maximum height
  • 19-inch maximum width
  • 19-inch maximum length

The Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Box is a stylish and unique solution for cat owners who want a litter box enclosure that doesn’t look traditional. Its terracotta planter design comes with a tall fake plant to complete the look.

The planter’s top is removable, making it easy to clean, and a hidden odor and dust filter is included beneath the fake plant. The enclosed litter box design helps keep litter, dust, and dander inside for easy cleaning, and the vented system with filter helps to eliminate unwanted odors.

While this litter box is designed for cats of all sizes and multi-cat households, the circular shape might make it difficult to fit a traditional-sized litter box inside.

Additionally, it might not be ideal for larger cats that might not find the litter box comfortable to use. The high door, while great for keeping litter inside, might also make it difficult for elderly cats to access the enclosure.

The Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Box is made from durable and eco-friendly polypropylene, making it a long-lasting option.

It is easy to assemble with a 5-part kit that includes the planter litter box in 2 parts, odor filter, faux plant, and realistic florist moss. The product also comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty that covers parts and labor.

As a pet-loving business based in the USA, the Good Pet Stuff Company specializes in creating practical and unique pet products for cats and dogs.

The hidden litter box is available in mocha brown and is ideal for any room or space in the home or office, providing a functional and sleek litter box that blends in with the decor.

With its stylish design, odor control, and easy-to-clean features, the Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Box is a great option for cat owners who want a functional and stylish litter box in their home.


Vents are included.

Made from long-lasting materials

Design that is unique


Large cats are not recommended.

Some litter boxes will not fit.

5. WAY BASICS Cat Litter Box Enclosure Pet House

WAY BASICS Cat Litter Box Enclosure Pet House

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  • Recycled materials are used.
  • 16.9 inch maximum height
  • 35.8 inch maximum width
  • 20.5 inch maximum length

The Way Basics Cat Litter Box Enclosure is an excellent option for cat owners who want to provide their cats with a hidden walkway to their litter box.

This is especially helpful for cats, who have joint problems or dislike walking through small doors to access their litter tray. The hidden walkway is designed to be inconspicuous, and there’s also a litter trap to catch any stray litter that may escape the box.

Assembly is easy and tool-free. Simply peel the backing away from the adhesive strips on each side, align the pins, and click everything into place.

The litter box enclosure is made from sustainable and eco-friendly zBoard, which is non-toxic and free from formaldehyde and VOCs. However, because it is made from recycled paperboard, it may begin to deteriorate over time if your cat frequently urinates outside the box.

The Way Basics Cat Litter Box Enclosure is designed to be strong and durable. It is designed to stand upright and has a maximum recommended load of 30 pounds, so it should not be placed on its side or back.

The exterior dimensions are 35.8″L x 20.5″W x 16.9″H, while the interior dimensions are 19.7″ L x 15.4″ W x 34.3″ H. The enclosure is available in espresso and has a modern and durable style.

As a pet supply brand that focuses on sustainable and eco-friendly products, Way Basics provides a practical and functional solution for cat owners who want to keep their litter box discreet and hidden.


Six different colors are available.

Warranty for life

Simple to assemble


There are no electrical outlet holes.

Not very strong.

6. TRIXIE 2-Story Furniture Style Litter Box Enclosure and Pet Home

TRIXIE 2-Story Furniture Style Litter Box Enclosure and Pet Home

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  • Engineered wood is the material.
  • 35.25-inch maximum height
  • Maximum width: 23.50 in.
  • 20.75-inch maximum length

The Two-Story Cat Litter Box Enclosure is a practical and space-saving option for cat owners who want a double layer design with ample ventilation.

It features four large ventilation holes and an access door to the upper level, providing plenty of airflow for your cat’s comfort.

This litter box enclosure has a simple design that makes it suitable for a wide range of homes. It comes in two colors: white or espresso.

However, the design lacks interior storage because your cat must enter the enclosure from the top level and then pass through the interior opening to access the litter box on the bottom level.

Some cats may find this easy to use, but elderly cats may struggle to navigate the interior design.

The Two-Story Cat Litter Box Enclosure is made of sturdy MDF construction and has a smooth surface finish with a wide opening for easy cleaning.

It is suitable for standard-sized litter boxes, with interior dimensions of 22″ L x 19″ W x 16″ H on the lower level. Please note that the litter box is not included.

The enclosure features a large 7.75″ hole in the upper level, providing a convenient way for your cats to enter and exit. The opening is 21″ from the floor, making it easy for cats to climb up and down.

The overall dimensions of the product are 23.5″ L x 20.75″ W x 35.25″ H, with an espresso brown color that complements many home decors.

The enclosure is a great option for cat owners who want a practical and space-saving solution for their cats.

Whether you use it as a pet house or to discreetly disguise your litter box, the Two-Story Cat Litter Box Enclosure provides ample ventilation and easy cleaning for your cat’s comfort.


There is plenty of ventilation.

Choose between two colors.

Simple to clean


Some cats may find it difficult to use.

There is no storage.

7. Pet Gear Pro Pawty for Cats with Mesh Mat & Tray

Pet Gear Pro Pawty for Cats with Mesh Mat & Tray

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  • Nylon is the material.
  • 26-inch maximum height
  • 19-inch maximum width
  • 26-inch maximum length

The Pet Gear Space Saver Cat Litter Box Enclosure is a great choice for cat owners who need a lightweight and easy-to-store litter box for traveling. This enclosure has two levels and is made of a frame covered in fabric and mesh, providing a comfortable and ventilated space for your cat.

The bottom level of the enclosure is designed to store the litter tray, while the top level can be used as a cat bed, storage for your cat’s accessories, or simply as an entrance. The interior mesh platform is designed to allow litter to fall back into the litter box when your cat exits, keeping the space clean and mess-free.

The fabric outer is machine washable, making it easy to clean. However, if your cat frequently urinates outside the litter box, the fabric may become odorous over time. A plastic base tray is included to hold the litter box and help contain any dropped litter.

Please note that your cat will need to enter this box from the top level and jump down to the litter box below. This may not be suitable for older cats who have difficulty jumping.

The Pet Gear Space Saver Cat Litter Box Enclosure comes in a stylish grey color and has an overall dimension of 26.5″L x 19.5″W x 26.5″H, making it a space-saving solution for cat owners. It accommodates litter boxes up to 25″ x 18.5″ x 15″ (not included).

This litter box enclosure discreetly covers litter boxes and hides messes, providing a convenient and practical solution for cat owners who travel frequently or need a litter box that is easy to store.

With its interior mesh platform and removable bottom tray, the Pet Gear Space Saver Cat Litter Box Enclosure is a great addition to any cat owner’s travel accessories.


There are two levels.

Simple to assemble




Fabric may begin to smell.

Not very strong.

8. Sweet Barks X-Large Designer Cat Washroom Storage Bench Cat Litter Box Enclosure

Sweet Barks X-Large Designer Cat Washroom Storage Bench Cat Litter Box Enclosure Furniture Box House with Table

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  • The material is solid wood.
  • 22-inch maximum height
  • 21-inch maximum width
  • 37-inch maximum length

The Sweet Barks X-Large Designer Cat Litter Box Enclosure is a stylish and practical option for cat owners who want to keep their litter boxes hidden in plain sight.

Made of solid wood, this enclosure features entrances on each side and a removable partition that can separate a portion of the interior for storage.

This enclosure is large enough to accommodate most self-cleaning litter boxes, but there are no holes for an electrical cable to pass through.

It comes in two colors, white or black-painted wood, making it easy to blend in with any decor in any room of your home.

Designed with cats in mind, there is plenty of space for litter boxes, pet beds, or sofas, with openings on both sides for easy access.

This versatile cat house doubles up as a nightstand, end table, or coffee table, making it a multi-functional piece of furniture for any small pet.

The Sweet Barks X-Large Designer Cat Litter Box Enclosure is easy to assemble, with all necessary tools and easy-to-follow instructions provided.

It measures 21.25″D x 37.5″W x 22.5″H, making it a spacious option for cat owners who want to provide their feline friends with a comfortable and private space to do their business.

This litter box enclosure is an elegant piece of furniture that can be used as a bedside table in the bedroom, an end table in the dining room, or a coffee table in the living room.

It provides a great odor-free home, allowing cat owners to stop worrying about tucking the litter box away in a corner and instead hide it in plain sight.


Real wood

Superior quality

Contains a storage compartment



There are no electrical outlet holes.

9. Penn-Plax Cat Walk Furniture: Contemporary Home Cat Litter Enclosure

Penn-Plax Cat Walk Furniture: Contemporary Home Cat Litter Enclosure

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  • Engineered wood is the material.
  • 37.7 inch maximum height
  • 18.5-inch maximum width
  • 20-inch maximum length

The Penn-Plax Contemporary Cat Litter Enclosure is a versatile and stylish option for cat owners who want to keep their litter boxes hidden in plain sight.

Made of wood, this enclosure features a modern shutter-style door and top drawer, making it a sleek addition to any room or hallway.

There are two cat-shaped doors near the bottom, one on each side, allowing your cat easy entry and exit, while keeping the front door closed, giving them the privacy they need to do their business. This is a great option for nervous cats who like to know they can escape.

A shelf for storage and a small drawer for extra items are located above the litter box space. This unit can be used with a standard-sized litter box or converted into a comfortable pet bed, making it a multifunctional piece of furniture for your feline friend.

The Penn-Plax Contemporary Cat Litter Enclosure is easy to assemble, with a finely crafted design that allows for simple cleanup. It fits a standard-sized litter box or pet bed, which are not included.

The flat top is perfect for magazines, potted plants, lamps, and other decor, and can also be used to place a small pet bed or pillow, giving your feline friend a new place to enjoy and get comfortable in.

This enclosure features a top drawer and an inner shelf for storing pet toys and supplies, making it a great storage solution for cat owners.

When fully assembled, the Penn-Plax Contemporary Cat Litter Enclosure measures 37.7” (H) x 20” (W) x 18.15” (D), providing ample space for your cat’s litter box and accessories.


Elegant style

Entry twice

There is plenty of storage.


Some homes find it too tall.


10. Designer Catbox Cat Litter Box Enclosure

Designer Catbox Cat Litter Box Enclosure, Hidden, Dog-Proof Pet Furniture with Cover

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The Designer Pet Products litter box enclosure is an excellent addition to any cat owner’s home. This elegant piece of furniture turns your cat’s litter box into a stylish piece of decor that will blend seamlessly into your home decor.

One of my favorite features of this enclosure is the removable interior panel, which can accommodate most litter boxes on the market. This ensures that your cat’s litter box is hidden from family and guests, providing privacy for your feline friend.

Cleaning the litter box is also a breeze thanks to the air-pressure safety hinge that keeps the top panel open. This feature leaves both hands free to clean the litter box easily without bending down, preventing litter messes and making your life easier.

The enclosure’s innovative design keeps curious dogs and toddlers from playing in dirty litter, thanks to the outer and interior panels that provide a barrier. This feature keeps your floors clean and hygienic.

It is important to clean the litter box daily to maintain optimal hygiene and prevent litter tracking. The enclosure holds most standard large litter pans, keeping litter smells at bay and making it easy to maintain cleanliness.

Designer Pet Products is a small, family-owned business based in Pembroke, MA, that prides itself on creating innovative pet products that pets and their owners will love.


Excellent materials

Good striking design

Multiple layout alternatives

Compatible with most litter receptacle sizes


Not inclusive of waste receptacle


Buyer's Guide: Finding the Best Cat Litter Box Furniture Enclosure

Cat litter boxes are an indispensable tool for cat owners. Even if your cat has convenient access to an outdoor area, such as a yard, they may prefer to eliminate waste inside for protection.

A litter box provides them with a place to eliminate waste that is simple to clear and maintain. However, regardless of how beneficial the litter box is, there is no denying that it is unsightly and prone to emitting foul odors. Some cats are also uncomfortable eliminating waste with humans observing.

Instead of the plastic igloos that many of us have in our homes, cat litter box furniture combines the features of this type of litter box with the more aesthetically pleasing appearance of home furnishings. So, what should you look for when purchasing an item of this type?

1. Cat Litter Box Size

Always verify the dimensions of the furniture you’re purchasing. If it is too small, not only will the covered litter box struggle to accommodate the box itself, but your cat will also struggle to enter and exit.

If the furniture has only enough space for the box, your cat will likely transport litter and other items out of the furniture on their paws. Check the furniture’s height and width, as you would when purchasing any standard piece of furniture, to ensure that it will fit in the desired location.

2. Moisture- and Odor-Resistant Cat Litter Box

The odor is the greatest disadvantage of having a cat litter box in the home. The pungent odor of cat urine is not only potent, but it also persists, as you will discover if you purchase a piece of furniture made from low-quality materials.

No amount of rinsing or cleansing can eliminate the odor. Ensure that the litter box furniture you purchase is either odor-resistant or includes a liner. If not, purchase a liner or other material to cover the bottom and base of the walls.

Many cats spray when they urinate; without a liner, this will extend up the walls of the furniture. In addition to leaving a disagreeable odor, the moisture can rapidly damage the walls and base of the furniture. A liner will prevent this as well.

3. Enclosed Cat Litter Box

Some cats, like some humans, dislike being observed when they are attempting to use the litter box. If they feel uneasy, they are less likely to use the box and may seek an alternative location to eliminate waste.

This is when cats are most likely to spray in corners and behind existing furnishings. It’s also not a pleasant experience to catch your cat attempting to use the litter box as you settle in to watch your favorite television program. An enclosed litter box is therefore advantageous for both you and your cat.

4. Unobtrusive Cat Litter Box

Even when sanitized and free of sediment, litter boxes are unsightly. Visitors will spend their time speculating whether anything lies beneath the top layer. A piece of litter box furniture that is both attractive and concealed ensures that nobody needs to know what is concealed underneath.

Even items with obvious designs, such as paw print handles, could be a sign of your affection for cats, and your feline companion may prefer having its own hiding place to using an uncovered box.

5. Cleaning Cat Flaps and Doors

Any enclosed cat litter furniture must have a way for your cat to access and exit the litter box. These are commonly known as cat flaps, but they may also be referred to as cat entrances.

These are typically openings in the furniture and do not require a door. Some designs employ more intricate configurations, with one internal area functioning as a kind of storm door.

Larger items of furniture typically feature a separate opening door that provides access to the litter box for removal and cleaning. Top-opening furniture is simpler to access, but the furniture may not fit flush against the wall while the box is being cleaned if the lid is open.

Side-opening doors are a bit more difficult to open, and if they are not properly secured, your cat could inadvertently open them while using the litter box.

6. Purpose of Cat Litter Furniture

Choose the type of furniture you want based on its intended purpose. The simplest designs resemble end tables or side tables, while the more intricate and sturdy designs could be used as TV stands or even to hold artwork or decorative objects.

How Do I Get My Cat To Use A Litter Box Enclosure?

Getting your cat to use a litter box enclosure may take some time and effort. Cats can be resistant to change, so it’s important to introduce the enclosure gradually.

First, put the enclosure together and place it in a comfortable spot for your cat. Allow them to explore it at their own pace, and reward them with treats and verbal praise when they show interest in it and go inside.

You may want to leave the doors open at first so your cat doesn’t feel trapped. Once they seem comfortable with the enclosure, place a new litter box inside it next to their existing one. Gradually decrease the amount of litter in their old litter box and increase the litter in the new one until they are using only the new litter box.

Remember to clean the litter boxes regularly and keep them in a quiet, private area. If your cat is still hesitant to use the new litter box, try placing some of their old litter in the new box or using a litter attractant.

Even with a litter box enclosure, you may still have odors and stains around the house. Regular cleaning and maintenance can help keep your home smelling fresh and clean.

“Please check out my post, ‘Cat Litter Box Furniture & Enclosures: How To Choose The Best One For Your Home And Your Cat,’ for advice on encouraging your cat to use a litter box enclosure.

This guide provides tips on how to help your cat adjust to a new litter box enclosure and ensure that it meets their specific needs, such as privacy and accessibility.”


1. Is litter box furniture a good idea?

Litter box furniture is an excellent idea as long as it is placed in an easily accessible area for your cat and provides enough room for them to feel comfortable. Cats prefer large, clean, and uncovered boxes that are not located in high-traffic areas.

2. Will cats use a litter box in a cabinet?

Yes, cats will use a litter box in a cabinet as long as they can access it easily and feel comfortable using it. Cabinet or closet litter boxes can also keep babies and dogs away from the litter box.

3. Are enclosed litter boxes better for controlling odors?

Yes, enclosed litter boxes are better for controlling odors than open boxes. As long as the box is cleaned regularly, the enclosed space will help to contain the smell and keep your home smelling fresh.

4. What is the most hygienic material for a litter box?

Stainless steel litter boxes are the most hygienic option for a litter box. Plastic boxes can harbor bacteria and odors, and the litter clumps can stick to the plastic, making it difficult to clean.

5. Is it unhealthy to have a litter box in your room?

While the risks are minimal, having a litter box in your room can expose you to toxins and odors, which can cause health issues. It is recommended to place the litter box in a well-ventilated area that is not a high-traffic location.

6. Do cat litter boxes have a bad odor?

If a litter box is not cleaned regularly, it will begin to emit an unpleasant odor. The key to keeping litter boxes odor-free is to scoop them out at least twice a day, removing both solids and liquid clumps.

7. Do cats dislike covered litter boxes?

Some cats do not prefer covered litter boxes because they can trap odors and make the environment less appealing to them. However, most cats will use a covered litter box as long as it is cleaned regularly and provides enough space.


If you’re searching for the best cat litter box enclosure, we highly recommend the Merry Products Cat Washroom Bench .

This spacious enclosure is compatible with both regular and automatic litter boxes and comes with pre-drilled holes for electrical cables. Additionally, it features a storage compartment for extra litter and accessories.

Another excellent option is the Refined Feline Deluxe Reversible Cat Litter Enclosure .

Made with high-quality materials, this enclosure includes a top drawer for accessories, a liner to catch stray cat litter, and ventilation holes that can be fitted with a carbon filter.

For further guidance on selecting the right litter box furniture and enclosures for your cat, make sure to read BestForPets‘ reviews. With our expert advice, you’ll be able to find the perfect solution for your cat and your home!

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