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The 10 Best Cat Trees For Kittens

You should be aware of something. Although dogs are a man's best friend, cats are equally significant. Why, you might ask? So, here's why:

We heard through the grapevine that the purr of a cat can lower blood pressure and even soothe the nervous system.

The source from whom we obtained this information also indicated that there is scientific proof explaining why cat people always have excellent cardiovascular health.

The point we're trying to make is that if you take good care of your kitten, it will take care of you when it grows up.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) is going to look at some of the best cat trees for kittens today since we feel they'll keep your kitten entertained. Let's get started.


Best Overall: Go Pet Club 62-in Cat Tree Furniture

What makes the Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture 62″ our favorite cat tree in general? For starters, it’s made of compressed wood, which is extremely durable.

Durability is an important feature in this market, which is why brands are investing millions of dollars in R&D.

Second, the faux fur used to wrap all of the hard pieces is of high quality. So you can rest assured that your kittens will always be warm and cozy.

Believe us when we claim that with the Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture 62″ in the house, no kitten will be bored or less entertained.

It has elements such as the apartment, running ramp, roomy perch, hanging toys, and a basket that is exclusive to the brand.

“What if the cat scratched something while playing?” We have several scratching posts that will address that specific issue.

They’ve all been wrapped in natural sisal ropes, which are engineered to withstand whatever punishment the kitten can dish out.

The ropes also make climbing more easier, which is ideal if you want to encourage the kitty to move more.

We trust that its broad and substantial base will address any questions about sturdiness and stability.

But if you still need convincing, consider this: we’ve never seen a cat tree more stable than the Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture 62″ cat tree.

It’s also quite simple to put together. A fairly complete instruction manual is included in the package. The only issue we had with it was how easily the hammock could slide off.


Best Value FEANDREA Cat Tree with Sisal Scratching Posts

Without a doubt, the FEANDREA Cat Tree with Sisal-Covered Scratching Posts is the greatest cat tree for the money in 2021.

Some may disagree, but everyone has the right to their own opinion. The posts covered in high-quality sisal will provide your kitten with a good “claw workout.”

The sisals are really strong, and they can comfortably grasp onto their claws while stretching. FEANDREA is a well-known brand.

They’ve certainly established themselves as a force to be reckoned with, so it’s no wonder that this Medium Density Fiberboard product is as strong as an oak.

It has a well-engineered wood base plate that will not budge no matter how much lead you throw at it. The FEANDREA Cat Tree is divided into two sections.

There’s a bottom portion that serves as a playground, and an upper area that serves as a spacious suite. They can sunbathe for hours on this vantage point without becoming tired.

Still not sold? Okay, here’s something else: Unlike other animal-loving firms, FEANDREA often provides lifelong after-sales support.

So you’ll still get help in 10 years, 20, 30, 40, or even 50. Unfortunately, the basket lounger does not swivel. That could have been really cool.


Feline Multi-level Lotus Cat Tower Furniture – Premium Selection

According to our knowledge, the main reason the Feline Lotus Cat Tower Furniture is so pricey is because the materials used in its creation are also expensive.

And you’ll agree once you see the berber carpet that covers the entire setup. It’s the type of carpet you’d use on anything prone to wear and tear because it’s long-lasting and doesn’t tear easily.

Velcro is another factor that contributed to the high price. Velcro is just a type of fastener that has replaced zippers, buttons, and other similar items.

We also have high-quality, long-lasting sisal padding.

You’ll find some comfy pillows within the hide-away cubby. You’ll also notice that the faux suede covers are machine washable, which is a plus in our book.

That, plus the fact that it’s made of ply with wood veneer to ensure its strength. Unfortunately, the Feline Lotus Cat Tower Furniture does not arrive assembled.


61′′ Rabbitgoo Cat Tree Cat Tower

This is what we refer to as the ‘Recreational Paradise.’ And, to be honest, we think it’s an understatement given that it’s one of the most roomy and adaptable goods on the market.

If the cat wants to feel like royalty, they can either relax in the luxurious deep hammock or climb all the way to the highest perch, from which they can see and wonder at all the world has to offer.

If they get bored and want to be more active, they can go to the bottom level, where there is a loop and interactive hanging balls to keep them occupied.

In a nutshell, the Rabbitgoo Cat Tree Cat Tower 61′′ can and will satisfy all of your kitten’s desires, which are to play, exercise a little, and then repose.

Have you looked at the scratching posts? Each one is reinforced with natural sisal rope that is robust enough to endure any amount of scratching.

We also liked how the unit was carefully positioned to provide your pet with a little more privacy. How solid is it? Extremely stable.

We almost forgot to mention that this strong structure has reinforced foundation plates and is composed of heavy-duty particle wood.

That’s one way of saying it doesn’t wobble and is quite durable. The only thing we didn’t like was the lack of an instruction manual.


Tough Tall Cat Tree Furhaven Pet-Tiger

You’ll believe you’re looking at a tower when you see the Tiger Tough Tall Cat Tree. Depending on how you look at it, this could be a good or a terrible thing.

If you’re seeking for a cat tree that provides entertainment and play, this is the one.

However, if you want something that won’t take up the entire space, you should absolutely go on to the next one.

Anyway, we highly recommend this cat tree for those of you looking for a cat tree that can engage and mentally excite your kitten.

Its towering shape will undoubtedly promote a healthier and more active lifestyle, as it provides additional levels for exercise and climbing.

The plush ball toys, interactive IQ busy box, sisal wrapped poles, hinging ropes, and the prey-looking toy are all features designed to stimulate the mind.

And now that we’ve mentioned them, it seems like a decent moment to point us that they aren’t your ordinary sort.

They’re distinct in that they give the posts the bark-like texture of a tree, meeting the kitten’s scratching requirements. They can also survive the test of time.

To clarify, the Tiger Tough Tall Cat Tree can handle more than one cat. The design has two independent condo hideouts that are large enough to accommodate more than one person.

The entire item is very simple to clean and built of composite board. The one issue we’d like to solve is the problem with the top perch.

We couldn’t figure out why they had to make it smaller than the other perches. It’s almost as if it was designed to encourage those agonizing falls.

Buyer's Guide: Choosing The Best Kitten Cat Tree

The most expensive item you’ll ever buy for your kitten is a cat tree. Is it required? Yes. Why? Because you don’t want the kitten to claim your beloved couch as his or her own.

If you let it reach to that point, your relationship will become strained and you won’t be able to live together peacefully.

Don’t consider it something you HAVE to buy. Consider it an investment that will help you bond with your pet better.

Cat trees, like any other pet product on the market, should be understood. They are built of various materials and available in a variety of forms and sizes.

The best cat tree for your kitten will be determined by several criteria, including the kitten’s personality and your aesthetic preferences—no one wants to buy something unsightly.

Anyway, these are the factors we consider crucial while looking for a good cat tree:


All of the cat trees on the market today are composed of carpet and wood.

However, there is a minor difference that will only be noticed by someone who has been investing in this product for eons.

They used to make trees that were mostly covered in carpet back in the day. You’d hardly notice any wood.

But later it was discovered that the carpet stimulates scratching, which was a major issue—not for the cat, but for the owner.

Cats began damaging luxury rugs throughout the house and even the furniture because they loved the sense of satisfaction they got from clawing carpets.

As a result, the carpet was unknowingly educating the kitten to destroy anything with a soft fabric.

Not to mention that these sorts of cat trees were not as sturdy as wooden ones and looked unsightly once shredded. To summarize, do not purchase a carpet-only cat tree.


Size is definitely a deciding element, especially when it comes to apartments and condos.

We all know that these territorial animals prefer to spend the majority of their time in limited quarters, but it might be difficult to get a good nap in if the space is… confining.

That is why you should choose one with perches or condos that are quite large. For the record, we’re not saying your kitty can’t cuddle up on a perch that’s much smaller than them.

It’s entirely plausible. However, you must consider comfortability. The optimal perch size, in our opinion, is one that is at least 34 times the length of your kitten.

It must also have a raised border or something that can support the kitten’s head when it sleeps.


This is just a factor to consider if you have more than one cat or dog. And it all boils down to how territorial these animals are.

Look for cat trees with multiple perches or condos. That’s the only way to get rid of the problem of being awakened up in the middle of the night by noises created during fights.

The various levels

It may not appear or sound like a big deal, but it is if you want your kitten to be more occupied and exercised. More levels imply more places for your cat to discover.

Cat trees can have as many as six tiers. Those with three or fewer levels are categorized as tiny.

They may be little, but that doesn’t mean they won’t have larger perches or condos.

It’s their way of warning you that, unlike the six-level tree, they won’t have a big impact on your home’s décor.

They will, however, complete the task of providing your kitty with the enrichment it deserves.

Stability and endurance

These two elements are frequently used by brands to sell their products.

This is because they understand that consumers are more inclined and ready to spend their hard-earned money on items that radiate quality.

And quality is best measured by consistency and, more importantly, durability.

What does a sturdy cat tree resemble?

It will, however, have a solid foundation. Firm enough that it won’t wobble the moment the cat hops on it or plays with the jingly parts.

Surprisingly, this is something that many cat owners soon forget. Just because cats are normally covert doesn’t imply they’ll be gentle at the top of the tree.

All of that scraping and rolling will necessitate a solid foundation. Cat trees are more than just shelters. They are also not intended for single-use.

They must be durable because they are there to accommodate the kitten in various ways. If you suspect it will wear out quickly, move on to the next one.


Is it something that will keep the kitten entertained in various ways? Because if it can’t physically and psychologically challenge the cat, it’s not worth a cent.

Toys, tunnels, and ramps/ladders are some aspects to think about.


You could buy a pre-assembled or unassembled cat tree. But we can’t tell you what’s best for you as consumers’ likes and preferences are never the same.

However, we know that guys who enjoy putting together IKEA furniture have never failed to put together a cat tree. That was simply our observation.


Oh, this is going to be a big one. And we’ll speak to pet owners who believe that only high-priced goods are good on the market.

They aren’t, in fact. In fact, you could spend a lot of money on something that looks nice only to be disappointed when the cat jumps on it.

You should never rely your selections on price. It is, without a doubt, a factor, but it is not THE cause.

Do your due diligence, chat to other users, and then go for what you think will be wonderful for your kitten.

Remember that the features and requirements are what primarily define appropriateness. Not the pricing.

What Is the Importance of Keeping a Cat Tree in the Home?

Cat trees, contrary to popular belief, are essential household accessories if you own a cat. Humans have needs, and cats do as well.

Their need to scratch objects is a prime example. They sharpen their claws by scratching, which allows them to remove all of the dead nil sheaths.

The nails develop in layers, just like onions. Something that, if left unchecked, can be exceedingly unpleasant.

Another reason they scratch things from time to time is to indicate their territory and to exercise.

What is the best location for a cat tree?

In the farthest reaches of the room. This way, the cat will always sleep in the same room as you and will never wake you up in the morning by pawing at your door.

It also keeps it from spending too much time on your bed and leaving cat hair all over the place.

What is the ideal height for a kitten-friendly cat tree?

Anything taller than six feet is ludicrous and, to be honest, unsafe.

The tree should ideally be tall enough to encourage various movements while remaining short enough not to jeopardize the kitten’s safety.

So, basically, if it can keep your furry buddy entertained for hours on end without endangering its safety, it’s an excellent tree.

When Is the Best Time to Purchase a Cat Tree for a Kitten?

A cat tree is similar to a jungle gym. And you don’t go to the gym until you can walk. We believe you should wait till they can walk or at least leap. That would be 3-4 months afterwards.


Our top overall pick is the long-lasting and fashionable Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture 62″. The FEANDREA Cat Tree with Sisal-Covered Scratching Posts is the finest buy in our opinion.

It’s been a lot of fun, but it’s time to call it quits.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes our reviews of the best cat trees for kittens have helped you choose one.

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