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The 17 Best Shedding Cat Shampoos

Our cats provide us with numerous benefits, including early morning serenades, mice for breakfast, and furniture remodelling. I'm kidding!

We adore our kitties for their unconditional love, devotion, and friendship. However, owning cats means we have cat fur in the house.

Most cat breeds shed, particularly when the seasons change and their undercoat adjusts to changing temperatures.

Vacuuming every day or sneezing when you get a face full of cat fur can be exhausting. Managing your cat's shed is essential for decreasing household clutter and promoting a healthy shed.

While bathing a cat isn't usually a pleasurable experience, baths can help remove loose shed hair and nourishing shampoos can help restore skin and coat vitality.

To assist you, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has hand-picked the best shedding cat shampoos, each backed by authentic evaluations.


Earthbath Shed Control Green Tea & Awapuhi – Overall Winner

  • 16 ounces
  • Green tea and awapuhi smells are naturally derived.

This Earthbath shed control shampoo is this year’s choice for best overall cat shampoo for shedding. It strikes a mix between eco-friendly and naturally sourced components and efficacy.

It addresses not just shedding but also dander and allergens in your cat’s fur, keeping their skin and coat healthy and your house free of cat and fur allergens.

The shampoo contains hydrating chemicals and is accompanied by a separate conditioner. The manufacturers advocate using both for the greatest results.

Customers adored this shampoo, and it received rave reviews from cat owners who claimed it made a significant impact in their home, even lowering cat allergies in certain visitors.


  • Free of parabens and phosphates
  • Eco-friendly
  • It eliminates shedding, dander, and allergies.


  • It is advised to get the complementary conditioner, which will increase the entire cost.


Best Value EZ Groom Filthy Beast Pet Lover’s Edition

  • 16 ounces
  • Natural and synthetic perfumes are available (floral)

“Filthy Beast” by EZ Groom was our pick for the best bargain cat shampoo for shedding. The 16-ounce bottle is already incredibly cheap, but reviews say it lasts a long time. A tiny amount of product is required to produce a washing lather.

The shampoo aids in the removal of lost hair as well as the detangling and de-matting of neglected fur. Because the recipe is “tearless,” it is kind to the eyes. This is especially crucial for individuals whose cats do not cooperate with a bath—which is 99% of us!

The formula is paraben-free, but it still includes sulfates, which may cause extra-sensitive skin to dry out. It’s infused with botanicals for anti-inflammatory effects, which gives it a lovely scent, but it’s also scented artificially.


  • It only takes a small bit to lather.
  • Detangling and de-matting
  • Tearless (gentle on the eyes)


  • Sulfates are present, which some cat owners may choose to avoid.


Premium Choice TropiClean OxyMed Medicated Oatmeal Treatment Rinse

  • 20 oz, 1 gal, and 2.5 gal
  • Scent: All-purpose artificial scent

Something more potent may be required for a shedding cat that is causing a lot of irritation and itching. TropiClean’s medicated shampoo rinse contains both chemical and natural components for immediate relief.

Alpha hydroxy acids (Ahas) permeate the skin, addressing irritations at their source. Ahas removes the top layers of dead skin, bringing dander and shed with it, and thickens the deeper layers of skin.

Natural components such as tea tree oil, oats, aloe, and vitamin E replenish moisture and alleviate inflammation after a deep skin cleanse. As a medicinal product, it works best when let to sit on the skin, which might be difficult for impatient cats.


  • Skin irritations are treated with medication.
  • Soothing oatmeal, chamomile, and aloe
  • Fatty acids for the life of the skin and coat


  • For maximum effectiveness, sit for at least 3 minutes.


Natural De-shed Envirogroom

  • Size: 17-oz
  • Jojoba has a natural scent.

There isn’t anything to dislike about Envirogroom’s natural deshedding shampoo. The product appears to strike an ideal mix between a functional product and natural ingredients.

It only has seven ingredients in total, all of which are naturally derived. It does such a fantastic job of de-shedding, cleansing, and nourishing the coat that even seasoned groomers rave about it—all without the use of harsh soaps!

Because of the organic ingredients, the shampoo is suitable for pets of all ages, whereas many other shampoos are not suitable for kittens.

However, the product is a concentration, and while it can be used as is, it’s generally preferable to start with a dilution. This ensures that the shampoo is compatible with your cat’s skin.


  • All ages are safe.
  • Ingredients are limited and natural.
  • Soy protein helps to repair damaged follicles.


  • Dilution is required.


Ultra “Dirty” Best Shot Wash

  • Size: 16-oz
  • The smell is naturally “musk-scented.”

Cats, for the most part, avoid getting dirty, although some more daring felines may return home looking particularly disheveled. Best Shot’s “Dirty” shampoo thoroughly cleans even the most greasy messes while removing shed hair from the coat.

It has a naturally fragrant “musk” smell with citric and floral components. Best Shot, on the other hand, suggested using two more products—conditioner and mist spray—to achieve the best results.


  • Deodorizing
  • Suitable for heavy soiling
  • Made in America


  • For optimal results, use conditioner and a mist spray.
  • Dilution is required.


Defender of the Shed Defense of Sheds

  • Size: 16-oz
  • Natural chamomile and lavender ingredients provide the scent.

Shed Defender’s Shed Defense primarily targets loose sheds. Vitamin E and omega acids soften skin, making it easier to remove shed skin. The recipe also tries to restore the skin’s overall health in order to minimize future excessive shedding.

Because the shampoo is free of typical irritants such as sulfates, parabens, dyes, and scents, it has a good chance of working for most cats. Shed Defender, on the other hand, has a line for delicate skin.


  • Tear-free
  • There are no sulfates, parabens, or artificial dyes or scents.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids replenish skin hydration.


  • It is necessary to sit for 2 minutes.


Conditioner Best Shot UltraMax

  • 17 oz. (1.1 gal.)
  • Natural sweet pea essence scent

Several groomer recommendations can be found among the UltraMax shampoo reviews. Because the product is designed for post-shampoo usage, it may be difficult to apply on a wiggling cat (it can be difficult to wash your cat only once!).

The solution, on the other hand, is highly conditioning and can help preserve skin and coat health while effortlessly removing old fur.

It has also received positive feedback as a detangler, making it an excellent alternative for cats with long, unmanageable fur. Hydrolyzed silk protein strengthens hair follicles with use, gradually minimizing further shedding difficulties.


  • Intensively moisturizing
  • Silk protein improves coat strength.
  • Excellent detangler


  • After shampooing, apply


Tropical Mist Perfect Coat Shed Control

  • 16 ounces
  • Scent: synthetic fragrance (tropical)

For something simpler and less expensive, Perfect Coat’s shed control shampoo may just do the trick. It contains artificial chemicals like as colors, preservatives, and scents, thus it may not be suitable for people with sensitive skin.

However, these artificial ingredients are the cost of economy, and this shampoo comes in a decent-sized bottle for a modest price. It has moisturizing chemicals in it to help minimize shedding and sweep away stray sheds.

Some owners were dissatisfied with the amount of product required to create a lather, but this shampoo is non-lathering.

This makes it much easier to rinse the shampoo out of the fur without leaving any residue behind, and it also shortens the bath time.


  • Cheap
  • Formula for simple rinsing


  • Colors, preservatives, and scents that are synthetic
  • A lot of merchandise is required.


FURminator Rinse-Free Foaming FURminator FUR deShedding

  • 5 oz. size
  • Scent: synthetic fragrance (unstated)

Not all cats can be bathed, or at least not without causing major harm to their egos, your hands, or both! Instead of herding an unhappy cat into a bathtub of water, you may try FURminator’s waterless deshedding shampoo.

The shampoo does not need to be rinsed out, nor does your cat’s fur need to be damp before application. Massage the shampoo into their hair.

Owners prefer this dry shampoo since it is a foam applicator rather than a spray that frightens their cat. Some folks disliked it because the perfume was overpowering and the texture was sticky.


  • No-water application
  • Protein hydrolysis
  • Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids


  • Fragrantly strong
  • Sticky

Buyer's Guide: How to Choose the Best Cat Shampoo for Shedding

After reading over our list today, you may have realized that not all shedding shampoos are the same, with each having its own set of ingredients and benefits.

Choosing the best shampoo for you and your cat is a matter of personal preference. Here are some things to think about.

What to Look for When Buying Cat Shampoo


You know your cat best, and if they have extremely sensitive skin, you should use softer substances. Look for shampoos that are free of drying ingredients like parabens and sulfates, and that include soothing ingredients like aloe or oats.

If your cat has allergies, get veterinary guidance on shampoo recommendations because common allergens can hide in plain sight on pet product ingredient lists.

The Truth About Bathing Your Cat

Consider yourself extremely fortunate if you have a cat who sits politely while being bathed or perhaps enjoys being bathed! Cats are generally sensitive to water, especially when handled in a bathtub.

Bathing may be a stressful experience for both you and your pet, so look for shampoos that will make the process go more smoothly. Consider products that are simple to rinse off, so you can cut your time in the tub in half.

If the prospect of getting your cat into a bathtub is ludicrous, consider purchasing a waterless shampoo that can provide similar benefits without the hassle of bath time.


Shampoo’s environmental impact probably means relatively little to your cat, but for many humans, our product consumption is important (and rightly so!).

There are numerous natural and plant-derived shampoo choices available, some of which have made our top ten list.

Some of them may vary in efficiency when commercial chemicals are not available, so read the reviews carefully to learn about other people’s experiences.

Because of the excellent quality of the ingredients, these products frequently command higher prices.

Additional Advantages

Of course, you want a shampoo that will help you control your cat’s shedding, but several offer even more benefits. Many of them will benefit your cat’s overall skin and coat health, which will contribute to future healthy shedding.

Among the advantages are:

  • Conditioning
  • Soothing
  • Medicated
  • Tear-free
  • Anti-itch

Tips for Reducing Cat Shedding

Most cats shed, and some shed all year, while others have one or two heavy seasonal sheds. The quantity of shedding is largely related to your cat’s breed and coat type, both of which you have little control over!

If you are suffering excessive shedding, you can use a few ways to lessen the amount of shedding.

Brush your cat’s fur frequently: Shedding brushes may comb deeply into your cat’s fur, taking up all that excess shed before it ends up on your couch.

Brush carefully and on a frequent basis to stay on top of it. We recommend introducing the brush to your cat at an early age with lots of positive reinforcement, so grooming becomes a pleasure rather than a chore.

Professional grooming: Some cats have high-maintenance coats that you can’t change. Other cats may be battling to maintain their hygiene; they may be obese, aged, or crippled, making it difficult for them to clean themselves adequately. A competent groomer can assist in keeping things discreet.

Supplements for a healthy coat: Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, as well as numerous vitamins and minerals, can help your cat maintain healthy skin and fur from within. Consult your veterinarian about the best supplement for your cat.

Brittle fur can be caused by a lack of moisture in the body. Keep your cat hydrated to keep the moisture in the coat. Cats are notorious for drinking from stagnant dishes. To add water to your cat’s diet, mix cat biscuits with wet food, and consider a cat water fountain to entice your cat to drink on its own.

Excessive Shedding in Cats: What Causes It?

It can be aggravating if your cat sheds more than usual. You may lack the necessary cleaning equipment to keep up with the fur, or the excess dander may create minor allergies. If your cat’s shedding has lately changed, this is most likely the cause.

  • Seasonal
  • Allergies or skin rashes
  • Infection of the skin
  • Changes in hormones (pregnancy, sexual maturity)
  • Old age
  • Food of poor quality
  • Stress


Earthbath Shed Control is our favorite cat deshedding shampoo.

This naturally generated product does not sacrifice effectiveness for sustainability, and it completely meets both criteria. It’s a wonderful all-around product that has received positive feedback.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) chose EZ Groom Filthy Beast because it was the greatest value.

This deeply cleansing shampoo is extremely reasonably priced, and the product itself goes a long way. A basic but efficient deshedding shampoo can’t go wrong.

In the end, we appreciate that you chose BestForPets among dozens of other websites to learn about the best shedding cat shampoos.

Hopefully, this article has assisted you in selecting the best product for your pet.

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