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The 14 Best Cat Shampoos In Canada

Cats are recognized for their great grooming abilities, but they may require assistance from time to time to keep themselves as clean and healthy as they need to be.

You've come to the correct site if you're looking for the best cat shampoo in Canada.

Continue reading to learn how to choose the best cat shampoo and which options will be your best bet based on your cats' grooming demands as well as BestForPets' (bestforpets.org) reviews of the %product_count% best cat shampoos in Canada.


Burt’s Bees – Overall Winner

  • 10 fluid ounces
  • Scent: Honey
  • Made with shea butter and honey

Burt’s Bees Hypoallergenic recipe is the best overall Cat Shampoo available in Canada today.

This shampoo is 99.7% natural and contains components such as shea butter and honey, which will leave your cat’s skin moisturized and coat lustrous.

The gentle solution is meant to keep the fur and skin pH balanced and is free of colorants, sulfates, and extra scents that can irritate your kitty’s sensitive skin.

Burt’s Bees shampoo has natural ingredients that are carefully sourced and cruelty-free, so you can feel good about spending your money on it.


  • Price is reasonable.
  • Lovely, light scent
  • Simple to use
  • It makes the fur very velvety.
  • A small amount goes a long way.


  • The packaging may leak.


Wahl – Best Buy

  • 210 ml capacity
  • Scent: Lavender
  • Botanical extracts

Wahl makes the best cat shampoo in Canada for the money. This no-rinse shampoo offers a relaxing composition that is ideal for anxious kitties.

The solution contains plant-derived components such as botanical extracts of lavender, aloe, and chamomile, which work to condition and shine your cat’s coat. It has a lovely light lavender perfume that will make your cat smell great.

This shampoo is simple to use because it does not require water or rinsing. Fill your hand with the product and rub it into your cat’s fur.

When you combine the convenience of use with the calming smell, you have the perfect recipe for stress-free shampooing.


  • Excellent for cats who despise baths.
  • It smells fantastic.
  • Simple to use
  • A small amount goes a long way.
  • Excellent value.


  • The odor could be overpowering.


Earthbath – A Premium Option

  • 16 fluid ounces
  • Scent: Fragrance-free
  • Ingredients: oatmeal, aloe

Earthbath’s Oatmeal and Aloe Shampoo earns our Premium Choice award despite the fact that its high-quality recipe is slightly more expensive than the other products on our list.

This mixture is intended to meet the needs of cats with dry, itchy skin. It contains colloidal oatmeal and organic aloe, which help to soothe skin irritations, promote speedier healing, and nourish sensitive and dry skin.

The shampoo includes no soap and is pH-balanced, making it suitable for your cat’s already delicate skin. It will clean your pet’s skin and make his or her coat silky and velvety. This shampoo is suitable for cats over the age of six weeks.

Although this shampoo is expensive as first, it may be diluted to 10 parts water and 1 part shampoo to make it last longer.


  • Can aid in skin flaking
  • Fragrance-free formulation for sensitive skin
  • There are no parabens or synthetic dyes in this product.
  • Excellent for pets with itchy or dry skin.


  • It is not a tear-free formula.
  • Not without water


Kitten-Friendly Espree Animal Products

  • 12 fluid ounces
  • Baby powder scent
  • Aloe vera, jojoba oil

Kittens are mischievous little devils who may get themselves into a lot of mischief, so they require a shampoo that is specifically made for their specific needs.

The tear-free and hypoallergenic kitten shampoo from Espree Animal Products is designed to clean kittens’ sensitive skin and coat.

It contains high-quality ingredients including jojoba and aloe, which will give your kitten a silky and fluffy coat. The shampoo smells like baby powder and will leave your kitty smelling fresh and clean.

The company suggests diluting the solution with 1 part shampoo and 16 parts water, although it can also be used as is.


  • The scent isn’t overpowering.
  • Soft and silky fur leaves
  • It is readily removed.
  • If diluted, it will last a long time.
  • Sophisticated enough for sphynx cats


  • It must be thoroughly rinsed.



  • 20 fluid ounces
  • Papaya and coconut scent
  • Contains: Oatmea

TropiClean’s tropical-scented pet shampoo features a gentle formula that leaves your cat’s coat healthy and velvety. It is a two-in-one solution that shampoos and conditions your cat’s skin and coat while also cleansing and hydrating their fur.

The formula is paraben- and dye-free, making it suitable for cats aged 12 weeks and up. In the creation of this product, the manufacturer chose to employ only naturally sourced substances.

The long-lasting papaya and coconut scent will keep your cat smelling fresh and clean.

This mix is available in 20-ounce, 1 and 2.5-gallon sizes for multi-cat and multi-species households.


  • Spill-proof packaging
  • Hydrates and circumstances
  • Sweet aroma
  • Excellent for both cats and dogs.


  • It does not lather as well as other shampoos.
  • It can be difficult to remove.


John Paul II

  • 16 fluid ounces
  • Scent: Almond
  • Made with oatmeal, aloe, and chamomile

The luxury botanical mix of John Paul’s pet shampoo cleans and moisturizes your cat’s fur while soothing dry or sensitive skin.

Pure oatmeal relieves itchy and dry skin while also preventing further scratching and suffering. Aloe and chamomile protect delicate skin from further irritation.

This recipe also includes sweet almond oil, which conditions your cat’s fur while leaving a pleasant almond aroma. Its extremely concentrated composition uses less shampoo each use than its competitors, resulting in a longer bottle life.

This cruelty-free shampoo was initially tested on humans before being pH balanced for use on dogs and cats.


  • Cleanses without causing irritation
  • The very concentrated formula lasts a long time.
  • The proceeds benefit animal charities.
  • Scent is light and refreshing.


  • The scent does not last long.


Vet’s Choice

  • 4 fluid ounces
  • Light and fresh scent
  • Ingredients: oatmeal, aloe

Vet’s Best’s waterless cat shampoo has a unique leave-on composition that cleans and moisturizes your kitty’s skin and coat without the use of water.

To leave your cat smelling and feeling fresh and clean, simply massage the shampoo in and brush it out.

This product was developed for sensitive skin by a veterinarian and combines potent and calming substances such as vitamin E, neem oil, oats, and aloe.

This shampoo is suitable for cats older than 12 weeks. It has no effect on topical flea or tick control treatments, therefore it can be used alongside them as long as the shampoo is used 24 hours after topical administration.


  • No need for water or rinsing
  • Makes the coat shine
  • Coat of conditions
  • It soothes irritated skin.


  • The aroma is intense.
  • Pump is easily broken.


Animal Products by Espree Show Cat Silky

  • 12 fluid ounces
  • Calming water scent
  • Made with coconut and aloe

Animal Products by Espree Silky Show Cat Shampoo is a simple solution that contains silk proteins and safflower oil to moisturize dry skin while cleansing and conditioning your cat’s fur.

The recipe is intended to improve the texture and manageability of your cat’s coat, making it ideal for kittens with unkempt fur.

Because this shampoo is a natural cleanser and deodorizer, it is ideal for unclean cats who are prone to misbehaving.


  • Can restore luster
  • Plant-based cleaners are included.
  • Brushing is made easy.
  • Excellent for long-haired cats.


  • Not without water
  • It is not advised to use diluted


Shed-X Shed Management

  • 8 fluid ounces
  • White ginger and nectarine scent
  • Ingredients: Oatmeal, wheat protein

If your cat is prone to shedding, you’ll need a shampoo that can help. Shed-product X‘s can reduce not just shedding but also dander and other cat allergies.

While some shedding is typical in cats, excessive shedding is not and can often be caused by unhealthy skin and coats.

This recipe combines high-quality components such as flaxseed oil, which moisturizes and nourishes the skin, DL panthenol, which strengthens the hair shaft, and vitamins A, D, and E, which hydrate and protect the skin.


  • Lovely aroma
  • Excellent for matted coats.
  • Soft fur leaves


  • For the price, this is a little bottle.
  • Not without water


Arm & Hammer for Animals

  • 8 fluid ounces
  • Blueberry pomegranate scent
  • Ingredients: baking soda

This Arm & Hammer for Pets shampoo is a 2-in-1 treatment that not only combats stinky cats but also helps to reduce dander.

Arm & Hammer’s distinctive baking soda ingredient is used in this foamy shampoo to naturally manage and remove smells. It appears to be effective at reducing cat dander as well, which can be a big help for allergy-prone cat owners.

The mixture is delicate but efficient in moisturizing and revitalizing your cat’s skin and coat. It has a wonderful blueberry pomegranate flavor that will leave your cat smelling clean and fresh.

This product is suitable for cats eight weeks and older.


  • Foam is simple to use.
  • Can help to reduce dander
  • Natural substances were used.


  • It has the potential to leave a waxy residue.
  • Some people may dislike the fragrance.

Choosing the Best Cat Shampoo in Canada: A Buyer's Guide

You’re probably attempting to decide which formula is ideal for your cat’s needs now that you’ve read our reviews on the ten finest cat shampoos available in Canada right now.

Continue reading to learn about the crucial aspects to consider while selecting the best shampoo.

Personality and Needs of Your Cat

Before you choose a shampoo, think about your cat’s demands and why you’re buying shampoo in the first place.

Is your cat itching a lot or does he or she have dry skin? If this is the case, you’ll want to use a shampoo with components like oatmeal to assist ease some of their skin irritation.

Is your cat prone to allergies or has sensitive skin? If this is the case, the shampoo you purchase should be suitable for use on cats with sensitive skin; otherwise, you risk exacerbating their problems.

In this case, you should also see your veterinarian, who can provide you with a list of substances to search for and others to avoid.

Is your cat prone to anxiety? Consider choosing a shampoo infused with calming herbs such as lavender to help them relax during their shampoo sessions.

Will your cat dislike you if you try to entice them into the bathtub? If this is the case, you should probably choose for a waterless shampoo that does not require them to be wet in order for the product to work its magic.

Shampoo Concoction

The ten shampoos listed above have all been designed for use on cats. That doesn’t mean that every other cat shampoo on the market is safe for your cat. If you choose a product that we did not examine above, you should consider the formulation.

Is the shampoo in question formulated with pet-friendly ingredients? Are there any harsh chemicals that can harm your cat’s skin or coat more than they help?

Are the substances derived from plants? Is there anything in the recipe that could irritate your cat’s respiratory tract, skin, or coat, such as parabens, pyrethrin, alcohols, or artificial fragrances?

It is preferable to look for a shampoo that contains few or no artificial compounds. Read the contents on the bottle, and if you’re ever confused about something, look it up.

Keep an eye out for phenol in the ingredient list of your shampoo. When this substance is applied to a cat, it is quickly absorbed into their intestinal tract and can cause liver or kidney damage.

Even natural compounds might sometimes be harmful to your beloved pet.

Take, for example, linalool. This is a citrus oil derivative found in pet goods such as shampoos and flea control sprays. Linalool not only has a fresh, lemony fragrance, but it also has insecticidal capabilities. When linalool is processed in the liver of your cat, it might cause liver damage or failure.

Pyrethrins are naturally generated from the chrysanthemum flower and can be found in cat shampoos as well as flea and tick topicals for dogs. Pyrethrin cannot be broken down adequately by cats, and poisoning can be fatal.

Do Cats Require Baths?

Cats are careful about cleaning, spending up to 50% of their day grooming themselves. So, while most cats can meet their grooming needs on their own, there are times when your kitten will want assistance with cleaning.

If your cat suffers from a medical issue such as obesity or allergies, they may not be able to clean themselves as thoroughly as they should. Older cats may have less movement and the endurance required to groom themselves.

Long-haired breeds may be prone to matting if they aren’t as diligent about brushing. These breeds will necessitate more frequent grooming and brushing.

If your curious little kitty has gotten into something they shouldn’t have, such as paint, or has had an encounter with a skunk, they’ll require your assistance in cleaning up.

How Do I Bathe My Cat?

The type of shampoo you use will determine how you clean your cat. The waterless variety will be far more convenient to use.

This type of shampoo is available in foaming compositions that you just rub into your cat’s fur and skin before allowing to dry. After the shampoo has dried, brush it out to remove any remaining residue.

The disadvantage of waterless shampoos is that they do not cleanse as well as those that require water and rinsing. They are, nonetheless, an excellent alternative for small cleaning duties.

If your cat is particularly filthy, you’ll need to invest in a more traditional cat shampoo to get the job done properly.

Fill your tub halfway with lukewarm water. Wet your cat from the shoulders down to the tail. Make a nice lather with shampoo in your hands before applying it to your cat’s fur and skin.

After rubbing the product from the shoulders to the tail, rinse with lukewarm water. To clean the head, use a moist washcloth.

After rinsing off the shampoo, place your cat on a towel and wrap it around him. To remove as much water as possible, pat him with the towel.


Burt’s Bees has the finest overall cat shampoo in Canada, thanks to its gentle cruelty-free formulation and ease of use.

Wahl‘s relaxing cat shampoo is the clear winner for the best value, thanks to its low price and waterless recipe.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes our evaluations of the best cat shampoos in Canada and our buying guide have given you the information you need to find the best cat shampoo for your cat.

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