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The 9 Best Dog Dental Chews

Keeping your dog's teeth clean is one of your most essential responsibilities as a pet owner. Unfortunately, it may also be one of the most vexing, since many dogs abhor having their teeth brushed.

If this describes your dog, a dental chew may be a convenient method to keep their teeth clean. These tasty treats remove tartar, plaque, and other debris from your dog's teeth and gums while they chew, leaving their mouths fresh and clean.

Obviously, not all dental chews are made equal, so BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled a list of the best dog dental chews available on the market.


Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Dental Dog Chews from Virbac C.E.T.

The Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic is a chew made mostly of beef rawhide that should keep your dog busy for quite some time. In addition to cleaning your dog’s teeth, this affords you a little peace and quiet.

The chews are formulated with a dual-enzyme system that aids with tartar removal and plaque reduction. In addition to all the work that the rawhide is performing, this is a useful backup.

The rawhide has been flavored with chicken, which most dogs appear to enjoy, so you should have no trouble enticing your dog to chew on it.

If not adequately chewed, rawhide presents a choking threat for dogs. Do not simply give one to your dog and walk away.

As long as you maintain a careful eye on your dog while he or she is chewing, the Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic is an excellent chew for keeping your dog’s mouth sparkling clean.


  • Primarily composed of beef rawhide
  • Dual-enzyme formula loosens tartar and fights plaque
  • It takes time to chew
  • Dogs adore the chicken taste


  • Possible choking hazard


Pedigree Dentastix Large Dental Dog Chew

The unique X-shape of Pedigree Dentastix helps them to thoroughly clean the spaces between your dog’s teeth, removing accumulated gunk, plaque, and tartar.

The chews can reach locations where toothbrushes cannot, which is especially beneficial for dogs who already receive regular dental care.

Not only that, but they have an appealing bacon flavor that dogs adore, so you won’t have to worry about convincing your canine to take time for their dental hygiene.

Each box has a considerable quantity, and the price is affordable. This makes them the most cost-effective dental chews for dogs.

The major negative is that other than keeping your dog’s teeth clean, they’re not very healthy. They contain substances such as rice flour, wheat starch, and salt, which your dog should not consume in big numbers.

Also, they’re extremely stinky. This likely encourages dogs to devour them, but you may want to avoid puppy kisses after giving them one of these treats.

All in all, the Pedigree Dentastix are one of the greatest deals that you’ll find among dental chews, and they’re amazingly effective too. Therefore, they occupy the second position on this ranking.


  • Special X-shape reaches inaccessible areas
  • Delicious bacon taste
  • Generous number in box
  • Excellent value for the cost


  • Not particularly healthy
  • Smelly


WHIMZEES Dental Chew for Puppies

The WHIMZEES Puppy will assist you in establishing a dental hygiene program for your dog as early as possible.

Designed specifically for puppies, these chews are softer than the majority of others on the market. Because puppy teeth are not as sturdy as adult dog teeth, you wouldn’t want one to break.

These chews are grain- and gluten-free, so they should be as kind on your dog’s tummy as they are on his teeth. Even if they contain no unusual ingredients, it does not imply they are particularly healthy for your dog. They consist primarily of potato starch.

The chews are available in two distinct forms, each of which should be able to remove tartar from the gums and enamel of your dog. The diversity should also keep your dog engaged.

They maintained the natural flavor, which is not necessarily a plus. Many canines lose interest after two bites. If they do consume them, though, don’t expect them to keep your dog amused for more than a minute or two.

WHIMZEES Puppy chews are an excellent option for young canines, but they are not flawless. However, these will suffice until your dog is mature enough to graduate to one of the two alternatives listed above.


  • Suitable for canine teeth
  • Gluten- and wheat-free formulation
  • Two distinct forms in bag
  • No unusual substances within


  • The flavor doesn’t excite dogs
  • mostly composed of potato starch
  • Won’t last long


ALPO Dental Dog Chew

These ALPO Dental Chews are affordable, so you may frequently provide them to your dog without breaking the bank.

Despite their cheap cost, the ingredient list contains identifiable items. Rice, chicken by-product meal, and vegetable oil are contained, each of which may supplement your dog’s diet with essential nutrients. However, none of these elements are really exceptional.

These chews are excellent for resolving bad cases of doggy breath, so if you can’t stand to let your dog within 3 feet of you, these chews might be able to help. Additionally, they are extremely soft, making them ideal for senior dogs or those with dental issues.

Obviously, these advantages are only realized if your dog actually chews them. These items are so delicate that they may not endure more than two bites. However, you may make them more difficult to chew by leaving the bag open, as they soon become stale when exposed to air.

That last point is somewhat surprising, as these treats are full of preservatives. Also, many owners may balk at feeding their dogs ingredients of that sort.

The ALPO Dental Chews are a fantastic, affordable reward for dogs with foul breath, but we doubt they clean teeth as thoroughly as some of the other treats on our list.


  • Very inexpensive
  • Utilizes identifiable components
  • Beneficial for dogs with dental problems


  • Won’t last long
  • Will rapidly go stale if left out.
  • Packed with preservatives


Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets Dental Chewz

The Purina Pro Plan Dental Chewz is unlike other dental snacks. They appear to be ordinary strips of rawhide, devoid of any unique form.

As a result, they may not be able to access as many crevices as other solutions on this list.

As a result, they utilize higher-quality components, such as cattle hide and animal digest. However, there is one significant exception to this rule: the use of artificial colors. Besides dressing them up for human eyes, there appears to be no need for that.

However, they are packed with protein at 70%. Even though they are not as good at giving thorough cleaning as other choices, they will provide some nutritional benefits to your dog.

Additionally, they are enormous, which is both a benefit and a disadvantage. The good news is that they will last longer, but if you are feeding them to a smaller dog, you may need to break them apart.

Also, there are not many in the box, which is disappointing given how pricey they are. You would anticipate a bit more value than they provide.

However, the Purina Pro Plan Dental Chewz is an excellent option if your dog wants something pretty nutritious to keep it amused for a short while. They would not, however, serve as the first line of defense against plaque and tartar.


  • Contains primarily high-quality components.
  • Rich in protein
  • Long-lasting


  • The form will not enter crevices effectively.
  • Uses artificial colors
  • Too huge for smaller puppies
  • Expensive for what is received


Blue Buffalo Dental Bones

Due to their bone-like form, you may be tempted to purchase Blue Buffalo Dental Bones, but we believe that there are better choices available.

The primary element is potatoes, which lack nutritional value and might induce flatulence in certain dogs. It is also high in pea protein, which is difficult for many dogs to digest.

However, they include flaxseed, carrots, and blueberries, so they are not wholly devoid of value. Additionally, since most dogs are accustomed to chewing on bones, they should quickly accept them.

However, they are fragile, so do not expect them to endure long. As a result, their effectiveness in really cleaning teeth may be restricted. Additionally, they are little, so larger dog breeds may require something more substantial.

Blue Buffalo Dental Bones have a few redeeming qualities, but they require some adjustments to reach these ranks.


  • Have ingredients like blueberries and flaxseed
  • Most dogs will gladly accept them.


  • Potatoes are the first item, which might create gas
  • With difficult-to-digest pea protein
  • Not lasting long
  • Perhaps too tiny for bigger dogs


Original Milk-Bone Brushing Chews

Lactose-Bone Brushing Chews are small, dense bones coated with knobs and ridges. They need a reasonable amount of time to complete, but their rubbery texture may be difficult for some dogs to digest.

These chews grow sticky when they’re gnawed upon, so you’ll want to monitor your dog constantly to make sure they don’t choke. Ensure that there is plenty of water around as well.

They are designed to twist when your dog chews on them, allowing them to fit into a variety of tight spaces. However, this makes them more prone to become caught in your dog’s mouth, so you may need to occasionally remove portions.

The list of components is diverse. You will discover items such as chicken by-product meal, which contains chicken, but chicken pieces that should be discarded. The same may be said about the unpleasant term “animal digest.”

A dog’s diet should not include additives such as modified food starch and artificial colors.

Milk-Bone Cleaning Chews are probably helpful as cleaning tools, but they might be hazardous for certain dogs, so keep a watchful eye on yours.


  • Their nubs, ridges, and flexibility make them excellent for tooth cleaning.


  • Possible choking hazard
  • Their pliability might lead them to become lodged in a dog’s mouth.
  • Uses subpar ingredients
  • Some dogs may find a rubbery texture repellent.

Buyer's Guide

If you’ve battled to brush your dog’s teeth in the past, it may sound too good to be true that a dental chew may provide the same effects. In the following guide, we’ll explain what to anticipate from these goodies and if they live up to their reputation.

How do chewing gums work?

The main concept is that the chew itself has a rough texture or unique form that scrapes against your dog’s teeth and gums while they chew. This helps reduce inflammation and keep the mouth clean by dislodging food particles, plaque, tartar, and any other debris that may be clinging to the gumline.

Many are also formulated with unique antibacterial, plaque-removing, and breath-freshening chemicals.

The longer your dog chews on them, the more time the chew has to do its intended function, so a longer-lasting alternative is often preferable. This has the additional benefit of keeping your dog engaged while you watch television or complete work.

Are Dental Chews Successful?

That is contingent upon your expectations. They are not nearly as effective as good brushing, so do not purchase a box of chews and dispose of your dog’s toothbrush.

However, chews that have been developed appropriately can reduce plaque and tartar accumulation. Consequently, they are well worth the money, even though you must continue to wash your teeth frequently.

They’re kind of like toothpicks for dogs. If a toothpick can remove food that might otherwise be lodged between your teeth for hours, then they are well worth the cost and will enhance your dental health overall. However, you would not substitute a toothpick for a toothbrush.

Can canine dental chews be harmful?

If you receive a terrible one, then absolutely. There are several ways in which they might potentially cause harm to your dog:

  • If they are excessively tough, your dog may chip a tooth while chewing them.
  • If they break off into huge bits, such chunks might get caught in your pup’s throat and they could choke.
  • Many dog chews are high in calories, so if you feed your dog too many, he or she may gain weight (with all the health issues that that entails).
  • Some employ low-quality substances that may induce gastrointestinal distress or other digestive problems.

Are Dental Chews preferable to Chew Toys and Bones?

Perhaps not necessarily. Consider how long the object will keep your dog engaged; ideally, they should gnaw on anything for at least 30 minutes every day in order to remove as much plaque as possible.

Therefore, the best pick for your dog is probably the one that they will chew on the longest. This may also involve changing it from day to day.

Beyond that, each alternative has its own advantages and disadvantages. For instance, chew toys can be harmful if consumed, whereas bones are more likely to cause tooth fractures than chews. However, chews are higher in calories and may include undesirable substances.

What Qualities Should a Dental Chew Contain?

The most significant factor is the Veterinary Oral Health Council’s approved mark. This seal indicates that the chew offers at least some dental benefits for your dog.

Check the ingredient list after that. Some chews offer nutritious benefits, while others include components of dubious quality and empty calories. It’s OK if you don’t mind your dog eating junk food if it keeps their teeth clean, but there are lots of treats that can do the same function without causing your dog to gain weight.

Ensure that the chews are sized appropriately for your dog. If you offer them a chew that is too little, they may suffocate, but a chew that is too large may cause jaw pain.

What Else Can I Do to Maintain the Health of My Dog’s Teeth?

The most essential thing is to wash their teeth daily and visit the dentist regularly. This will benefit your dog’s oral health more than anything else you can do.

Providing them with dry kibble is also essential. Kibble functions similarly to dental chews by rubbing against your dog’s teeth and gums to remove plaque, tartar, and foreign objects. You may continue to feed your dog wet food if you so like, but the dry kibble is required.

Having chew toys around the house is also beneficial. If your dog has something to chew on, it can practice destructive behavior on an appropriate target. Chew toys are also excellent stress relievers, and they will prevent your dog from getting into your furniture and shoes.


The Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic employs a dual-action cleaning compound to cleanse your dog’s teeth, and its rawhide structure will keep him occupied (and quiet) for a considerable amount of time.

Try Pedigree Dentastix for a less expensive solution to freshen up your dog’s breath. Their form is carefully engineered to fit into tight spaces, and dogs appear to enjoy their flavor.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) cannot emphasize enough how vital it is to take care of your dog’s teeth, and providing them with dental chews is a terrific method to maintain their teeth in tip-top form. We hope that our evaluations have made it simpler for you to select the best dog dental chews that your dog would appreciate so that you can both enjoy a hassle-free method of maintaining good dental hygiene.

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