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The 7 Best Dog Treadmills

Does your dog possess boundless energy regardless of what you do? If you're short on time or live in a region where long walks are impractical for most of the year, a dog treadmill is an excellent solution.

Similar to the human counterpart, a dog treadmill helps tire out your pet regardless of the weather. It is also an excellent method for helping an obese dog reduce weight. But it might be difficult to choose the perfect treadmill for you and your dog if you feel overwhelmed by your selections.

Not to fret! BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has done the legwork for you by compiling a list of the best dog treadmills reviews. In addition, we've provided a shopping guide so that you know which characteristics to look for.

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dogPACER Dog Pacer Treadmill

The dogPACER Dog Pacer Treadmill boasts a foldable, small, and lightweight design, making it our top pick overall. This facilitates storage and portability from room to room. It features a built-in computer with preset workout routines to modify your dog’s regimen. You may even develop customized workout plans for your dog.

The engine is whisper-quiet, so you don’t have to worry about your dog or anybody else in the home being disturbed by the noise. The treadmill features side guards so that your dog can remain focused and not fall off. This machine may be used for dogs weighing up to 180 pounds, thus it is suitable for even huge breeds.

Because of all its additional functions, this treadmill is more expensive.


  • The treadmill may accommodate dogs weighing up to 180 pounds.
  • Foldable, portable, and lightweight design
  • Onboard computerized fitness regimens are pre-set
  • Capability to design individualized workout regimens
  • Whisper-quiet motor
  • The sides of the treadmill have railings to prevent dogs from sliding off.


  • Expensive


PETSITE Dog Treadmill

The PETSITE Dog Treadmill is the most cost-effective dog treadmill due to its superior safety features. It has a safety key that will stop the treadmill if your dog pulls it out. In addition, there is a remote control with many functions, including an emergency stop button.

This treadmill is suitable for small to medium-sized canines. The fabric on either side of the treadmill functions as a guard rail and is both removable and watertight. The onboard computer features an LCD display of 1.4 inches. Additionally, the treadmill includes an adjustable height and transport wheels.

This treadmill model does not fold, making it more difficult to store.


  • Perfect for small and medium dogs
  • Waterproof and removable material on the sides of the treadmill.
  • A key that, when taken out, will halt the treadmill’s motor.
  • Multiple-function remote control with an emergency stop button
  • 4-inch LCD display
  • Height-adjustable with integrated transport wheels


  • Lacks a fold


GOPET Treadmill

The GOPET Treadmill is our top pick because to its remote control that allows you to start and terminate your dog’s treadmill session gradually. Additionally, you may raise and decrease the speed.

The treadmill sits low to the ground, making it easy for your tiny dog to get on. It features a 1-HP motor that is not loud enough to frighten your dog. There are also dolly wheels, allowing for easy mobility.

This treadmill is an expensive alternative. Additionally, not all versions are foldable for convenient storage, so be sure to carefully review the product’s specifications.


  • For smaller and larger dogs
  • The remote control allows for several speed changes.
  • Low entry height
  • Quiet, 1-HP motor
  • Dolly wheels facilitate movement.


  • Expensive
  • Not all types are collapsible for simple storage


DogTread Dog Treadmill

The DogTread Dog Treadmill boasts a durable and dog-friendly appearance. It features side guards to keep your dog attentive and prevent him from falling off the treadmill. Additionally, there are no holes, meshes, or seams where a little dog’s paws may get entangled.

The LCD dashboard allows you to adapt the program’s speed, distance, and duration to your dog’s specific requirements. It also has a remote control for further training possibilities. The treadmill may be stored upright to conserve space.

However, the assembly instructions are not particularly detailed, making the process difficult. Additionally, assembly is complicated and requires two persons.


  • Sturdy, beautiful, dog-friendly design
  • Whisper-quiet motor
  • Devoid of holes, meshes, and seams
  • LCD console offers speed, distance, and time programming.
  • Included remote control adds to the diversity of training
  • Folds for convenient storage


  • Insufficient construction instructions
  • Complicated to construct


Go Pet Petrun Dog Treadmill

The Go Pet Petrun Dog Treadmill is an excellent alternative for dogs weighing up to 44 pounds, as its low-running platform makes it simple for smaller dogs to board. You may manually or remotely operate the treadmill.

You may alter the treadmill’s speed and utilize a timer. Also included is an emergency safety stop. The noiseless driving technology ensures that neither you nor your dog is disturbed by noise.

Many dogs may feel as if they are about to tumble off the rear of the treadmill because the tread length is too short. This makes it most suitable for relatively tiny pets. This treadmill was also noisier than promised, which might make your dog anxious.


  • For dogs under 44 pounds.
  • Low-riding structure
  • Remote or manual control: Control of velocity and timing
  • Security emergency halt
  • Silent driving system for silent operation


  • The tread is insufficient
  • Suitable for tiny dogs
  • Louder than announced

Buyer's Guide

There are several factors to consider while purchasing a dog treadmill. In this helpful shopping guide, we’ve highlighted the most vital aspects.

Size of Your Canine

Canine treadmills are designed to support a maximum dog weight. Before buying for a dog treadmill, it is essential to know how much your dog weighs.

Although there are obvious drawbacks to purchasing a treadmill designed for smaller dogs for your large breed, you may not have considered the converse. Attempting to place a small dog on a treadmill designed for a large dog might offer a safety risk. Your small dog will have too much space to trip and become injured.

You need to find a treadmill that corresponds to your dog’s size and weight. You want the length of the treadmill’s running surface to be double your dog’s size.

Storage Room

If you do not have a designated room for the dog treadmill, you should select small and portable choices. However, the size of your dog is still essential. Due of storage constraints, you cannot purchase a compact treadmill for a large-breed dog. The treadmill dimensions provided in the product specs are vital for ensuring that it will fit in the allocated space.

There are also foldable dog treadmills that may be stowed beneath a bed or upright. These are wonderful solutions for those with little room. Certain treadmills are equipped with wheels that make them portable, allowing for easy movement from room to room.

Treadmill Settings

You desire the ability to personalize the treadmill for your dog. Numerous treadmills provide variable speed, inclination, and resistance settings. You may begin your puppy on an easy setting and raise it gradually as they become stronger. This will provide them with a greater challenge and make their training regimen more engaging.

Adjusting speed is crucial for safety, as you do not want your dog to trip and fall on a treadmill that is running too quickly. Incline and resistance settings burn fat and develop muscle, so they’re perfect if you’re trying to get your dog in shape and reduce weight.

Noise Level

The sound of a noisy treadmill may be annoying to you, but it’s considerably worse for your dog. It may be so irritating to their ears that they will not use the treadmill at all. Therefore, it is worthwhile to seek out treadmills with less noise.

Security Measures

You do not want your beloved dog to sustain an injury while exercising, thus the treadmill’s safety features are essential. A safety stop is necessary because it will halt the treadmill’s belt if something becomes entangled or if your dog stumbles. A safety door or guard stops your dog from falling off the treadmill.

Extra Features

The additional features of a treadmill might facilitate your choosing between various models. Some treadmills feature a crossbar where food or your dog’s favorite toy can be attached as an encouragement to keep moving. Other variants even feature a treat dispenser!


The best treadmill warranty provides excellent customer service, a money-back guarantee, and coverage for at least two years. Similar to a human treadmill, this is an expensive purchase for which you need peace of mind.


The dogPACER DP-LF31 Dog Pacer Treadmill is our top pick since it is lightweight, small, and collapsible. It can be stored and moved with ease. It is equipped with an onboard computer with customizable training for your dog.

The PETSITE Dog Treadmill is our best value pick because it has excellent safety features, including a safety key that stops the treadmill if it is yanked out by your dog. This treadmill type is also suitable for small to medium-sized dogs.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hope that our list of reviews and shopping advice for the best dog treadmills has assisted you in selecting the ideal treadmill for you and your pet.

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