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Halo Cat Food Review (15 Products)

Halo was founded in the 1980s when founder Andi Brown was unable to discover a remedy for her cat's various health issues.

Spot had a flea infestation, urinary tract problems, and infections in his eyes and ears. Despite the use of prescription medications and high-end diets, nothing seemed to help the animal.

Spot's health problems improved after a week of eating a stew of chicken, garlic, and veggies from the local greengrocers, according to pet chef Voyko Marx.

Despite the fact that Andi Brown sold Halo to investors in the early twenty-first century, the company continues to produce high-quality cuisine using natural ingredients acquired from the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Europe.

Its strict quality control has contributed to its long and prosperous history. They now have dozens of recipes for both wet and dry meals.

They have diets ideal for cats at all phases of life, as well as recipes for kittens and seniors, as well as food formulated for indoor and outdoor cats.

Although it is on the pricey side, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) is sure that high quality ingredients and the brand's great reputation make this a desired and healthy food for your cat.

Let's learn more about this brand in the Halo cat food review below together! 

Halo Cat Food Evaluation

Who creates Halo and where is it manufactured?

Andi Brown, a pet lover, founded Halo in the 1980s when her cat, Spot, was suffering from a variety of health issues that weren’t alleviated by prescription drugs or premium foods.

Voyko Marx, a cat food expert, prepared a feast of chicken, garlic, and vegetables. Andi observed improvements in Spot’s health after a week, and she used this recipe to create Halo.

After 20 years, Andi sold the company to a group of investors, and in 2008, TV celebrity Ellen DeGeneres became a part owner.

While Andi is no longer at the lead, the company continues to strive to provide natural and healthful cat food.

The meat used in Halo dishes comes from the United States, Canada, and New Zealand.

The fruits and vegetables are imported from Europe, where there are tight regulations prohibiting the use of GMO crops.

The company emphasizes that no ingredients are sourced from China. All of the foods are made in the United States. The OrigiNative program has been deployed by Halo.

This program requires that all meat and fish come from sustainable sources and that the animals be raised in a healthy environment before being utilized for food.

Halo is best suited for what kind of cats?

Halo has a large selection of cat meals. This contains a wide variety of both dry and wet foods. They also have recipes for older cats, kittens, and cats with delicate stomachs.

The company makes grain-free and grain-inclusive diets, but even those that do contain grain do not contain corn, wheat, or wheat gluten, so they should be suitable for cats with dietary intolerances.

With such a diverse choice of recipes and meals available, Halo foods are suitable for all cats.

Which Pets Would Benefit from a Different Brand?

It should be noted that several of the recipes contain garlic or garlic powder. This is a contentious element, so if you do not want to offer it to your cat, make sure to select one of the foods that does not contain it.

Important Ingredients

Halo offers a diverse selection of dishes. We looked at some of the most prevalent and contentious ones and discovered the following:

Soybean Protein Concentrate – This is a low-quality protein filler, along with dry peas, chickpeas, potatoes, and potato protein. It is used to assist enhance food protein ratios, although it does not provide the same high-quality amino acids as meat protein. The moisture-filled carbohydrates in soybeans are removed to produce soy protein concentrate. If the recipes used a higher grade protein source, they would be of greater quality and more helpful to your kitties.

Pea Protein – Another low-quality filler with no effect other than increasing the protein ratio of the food. Ingredients like this help to bulk up the diet, but they don’t provide much biological benefit to your cat.

The Evidence Is in the Poop

No artificial coloring or other artificial substances are used in Halo recipes. They employ natural items, which are regarded healthier and safer for your cats and replicate the diet of wild cats.

They also use fresh meat rather than rendered beef. According to Halo, fresh meats are significantly easier to digest, which helps enhance your cat’s stomach health and can reduce gastrointestinal issues.

They also claim that the proof is in the excrement, claiming that your cat’s waste will be less odorous, smaller than with other meals, and simpler to scoop out of the litter tray.

Grain-Free vs. Grain-Included

Cats are obligate carnivores, which means they must get their protein from meat. They are not only healthier when fed a meat diet, but a meat-free diet can be harmful to their health.

Furthermore, cats in the wild would not have eaten grain.

Even after domestication, they have not evolved to eat grain. As a result, many cat owners and experts believe that grain-based diets should be avoided.

Halo does provide a variety of grain-free diets, and the recipes that do include grains do not include corn, wheat, wheat gluten, or rice, which are harder to digest grains.

If you wish to avoid all grains, look for grain-free recipes.


Probiotics are critical for your cat’s wellness. They promote healthy gut health, which means your cat will digest food better and have fewer stomach and gastrointestinal issues.

Probiotics can also boost your cat’s overall health by allowing it to better metabolize and convert food into energy.

The Garlic Scandal

Halo cat chow was created from a recipe that called for minced garlic. Garlic, in the form of garlic powder, is still used in several of the company’s recipes.

Garlic is a contentious element. Proponents claim that it promotes digestion and can even help with flea and tick control.

Opponents argue that garlic is hazardous when consumed in large quantities. Some business owners and professionals say it should be avoided entirely.

More than 200 people signed a petition several years ago to have Halo remove garlic powder from their ingredients, but the campaign was unsuccessful, and the company continues to include this ingredient in at least some of its items.

Check the contents of individual recipes before purchasing if you do not want to feed garlic to your cat.

A Brief Examination of Halo Cat Food


  • Animal protein is typically abundant.
  • Ingredients derived from nature
  • GMO-free ingredients
  • Probiotics are used in recipes.
  • Use fresh meat rather than rendered beef.


  • Garlic powder is used in some recipes.
  • Quite costly
  • Fillers such as pea and soybean protein are among the ingredients.

History of Recalls

Halo cat food was recalled once before, in 2015, when a number of bags were recalled due to the possibility of mold growth. There have been no further reports of food recalls.


Sensitive Stomach Holistic Seafood Medley Halo Dry Cat Food

Holistic Seafood Medley Sensitive Stomach Halo Dry Cat Food is specifically designed for cats with sensitive stomachs.

According to the business, it uses unique proteins that are friendly to a cat’s digestive tract. Although grains are present, they are refined grains that are also simpler to digest.

Despite these claims, the food’s main ingredients are whitefish, salmon, and dried egg. These are all frequent ingredients in cat food, with egg being one of the most prevalent allergens for cats.

Some cats with sensitive stomachs may benefit from the meal, but not all. Furthermore, salmon is not the healthiest meal for cats because it is deficient in B vitamins.

Cats require a lot of B vitamins, particularly thiamine, which is typically given to food after it has been fully cooked.

The food is 37% protein, 20% fat, and 43% carbs in dry matter. This is considered a reasonable protein level but a high carbohydrate level.


  • Additional probiotics, vitamins, and minerals are included.
  • There are no artificial ingredients.
  • Some sensitive stomachs may benefit from this product.


  • It contains garlic.
  • Fish is not particularly beneficial to cats.


Grain-Free Indoor Cat Food Halo Holistic Chicken & Chicken Liver Recipe

This Halo cat food is designed for adult cats of all ages. It is a grain-free recipe with the key components being chicken, chicken broth, and chicken liver.

These are species-appropriate meats, and chicken liver is high in nutrients as well as protein. Turkey is another mentioned meat that is thought to be a suitable meat supply for cats in the wild.

Garlic powder is present in this cuisine. According to Halo and other supporters of the substance, it improves digestion and is entirely safe in trace levels.

However, even 1 gram of garlic per kilogram of cat can cause toxicity, and many owners choose to avoid the spice entirely.

This food contains 51.5% protein by dry matter. A carbohydrate ratio of 9.7% is considered low carb.


  • The major ingredients are chicken, chicken liver, and chicken broth.
  • Ingredients derived from nature
  • Probiotics are present.


  • Garlic powder is included.
  • High protein content


Halo Holistic Grain-Free Chicken & Chicken Liver Kitten Food

Halo Grain-Free Holistic Chicken & Chicken Liver Kitten Food is recommended for kittens under the age of 12 months. Its main ingredients are chicken and chicken liver.

It, like all Halo foods, employs fresh meat rather than meal meat.

They also only use cage-free chickens. However, it does include dry peas, dried chickpeas, soy protein concentrate, and dried potatoes.

In addition to probiotics and extra vitamins and minerals, the food contains DreamCoat, a botanical blend that will help your cat develop and maintain a healthy, lustrous coat.

The kibble in this kitten chow is smaller, making it easier for little mouths to chew, bite, and eat.


  • The key ingredients are chicken and chicken liver.
  • Ingredients derived from nature
  • Protein content is 32%.
  • Small kibble for the lips of kittens


  • Dried peas, chickpeas, and protein concentrate are included.


Grain-Free Adult Canned Cat Food Halo Chicken Stew Recipe

The predominant protein source in this wet cat food appears to be chicken.

The consistency of this popular canned recipe is midway between paté and stew. It’s a meat-based dish with the first three ingredients being chicken, chicken broth, and chicken liver.

Chicken is a high-protein food, and chicken liver is high in nutrients. In addition to chicken, turkey is used as a secondary protein source in the dish.

Carrots, green beans, peas, celery, and a hint of sweet potato are among the veggies used in the recipe.

These elements would be fine in a human’s bowl of chicken stew, but not for an obligate carnivore like your cat.

Nonetheless, according to Halo, these vegetables are high in antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins.

It’s thickened with guar gum and xanthan gum, which aren’t species-appropriate but are generally safe for cats.

The list concludes with a succession of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and traces of additional fruits and vegetables.

These contain a trace of pumpkin and flaxseed oil. While flaxseed oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, they are not accessible to cats.

The ingredients list includes dried kelp and salmon oil near the bottom. The second-to-last component is garlic powder.

A single gram (approximately a sixth of a clove) of garlic per kilogram of body weight in a cat can cause clinically significant red blood cell destruction.

One clove is enough to poison an 11-pound cat. Halo says that the component is present in trace amounts that are safe for customers, but some are concerned.

A petition to eliminate garlic from Halo pet food received 235 signatures in 2015, but no changes were made. The food comes in BPA-free cans.

Overall, this is a meat-based wet food with a high protein level, a moderate fat content, and a low carbohydrate content. There are 132 calories in each 5.5-oz can, or 24 calories per ounce.


  • Animal protein-rich
  • Plant protein is almost entirely absent.
  • Carbohydrate content is low.
  • Made with identified meats as opposed to by-products
  • Artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives are not used.


  • Contains a variety of plant components
  • It contains garlic powder, which may be harmful to cats.


Indoor Cats Can Eat Halo Holistic Natural Wet Cat Food

Many people choose wet cat food because it has more moisture, which is necessary to keep your cats hydrated.

Despite the risk of getting pampered, the Halo Holistic Natural Wet Cat Food for Indoor Cats is a terrific meal to try out for your cats.

It is produced from real whole chicken, which provides a high amount of protein as well as the necessary flavor that your cats will enjoy.

It is a highly digestible grain-free mix with a delicious scent and flavor. They’ll also like the extra hydration, which makes it complete and balanced for the cats’ needs.

It also contains non-GMO vegetables and important fatty acids, which promote healthy skin and coat in cats. There are no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, and the cans are BPA-free.


  • There is no extra rendered meat or byproducts.
  • It is easily digestible and helps your cats’ stomachs.
  • It has a delicious flavor and perfume that your cats will like.
  • It has fatty acids added to maintain healthy skin and coat.


  • There are some cats who dislike this dish.
  • It is readily spoilt and should be consumed as such.


Halo Holistic Grain-Free Canned Cat Food for Sensitive Stomach Cats

Another formula from the company that is available in a variety of tastes is the Halo Holistic Grain-Free Canned Cat Food for Cats with Sensitive Stomach.

It comes in chicken, egg, and garden greens, guinea fowl, quail, and garden greens, and rabbit, and garden greens flavors.

All of the dishes use entire and actual animal ingredients, with no rendered meat or meals to contend with.

It is a highly digestible wet cat food that has no grains, artificial colors, additives, or other potentially harmful substances. It ensures a tasty and enticing aroma for your kitties.

There are unique proteins and greens added to aid digestion, and it is designed for the needs of cats with sensitive stomachs.

You may easily select a variety with amazing flavors that your cat would enjoy!


  • It comes in a range of flavors to pick from.
  • It makes use of full, raw animal meat.
  • It’s a grain-free dish that aids digestion.
  • It is designed to meet the demands of cats with sensitive stomachs.


  • If not refrigerated, it will quickly deteriorate.


Vegan Holistic Natural Crunchy Cat Treats from Halo Garden

This delicacy includes excellent freeze dried chicken bits. It is a grain-free product with a single protein source that is minimal in calories.

This comes in a variety of tastes, including freeze-dried wild salmon and a vegan sweet potato, carrot, and quinoa recipe. It is a completely natural cat treat that you may give to your kitties!

It is freeze-dried to lock in the nutrients and comes in a portable, easy-to-seal container to keep it fresh at all times.


  • Approximately 80% of cats prefer freeze-dried foods.
  • It has a tempting aroma and flavor for your kitties.
  • It preserves and locks in the natural nutrients of the materials used.
  • It comes with a portable, easy-to-seal container.


  • There are some cats who dislike this dish.
  • When dissolved in water, they might become soft and sticky.


What Is the Price of Halo Cat Food?

Halo foods are reasonably priced. Here’s how much it would cost each day to feed several Halo recipes to a 10-pound cat.

Their grain-free wet food would cost roughly $3.20 per day based on the company’s advice of one ounce of food per pound of body weight. Their daily dry foods would cost between $0.48 and $0.58.

Is Halo a Good Choice in General?

Halo is good at some things. They distinguish themselves, for example, by pledging to source sustainable ingredients. They will not use rendered meals or meat byproducts.

There are no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives in any of their recipes. But Halo isn’t without flaws.

Halo kibble, like most dry feeds, is high in carbs and plant proteins that do not belong in a carnivorous diet. Their assortment of wet foods is great.

Despite a vibrant array of vegetables, certain canned Halo foods contain less than 10% carbohydrate by dry matter.

Overall, Halo is a slightly above-average cat food brand that could be suitable for some cats.

Where Can I Buy Halo Cat Food?

Halo cat food is available at pet specialty stores and natural grocery stores around the United States, Canada, China, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea. Halo is only available in Canada at PetSmart.

You may get it online from Amazon, Petco, PetSmart, Chewy, PetSense, Jet, Vitacost, Thrive Market, and other cat food retailers.

What Other Users Have to Say

What other people are saying about Halo cat foods:

“Their wet food is a great option,” says AllAboutCats.

“Halo increases your kitty’s well-being by giving a top-quality holistic pet food for cat lovers globally,” says FelineLiving.

AmazonClick here to see more reviews from genuine buyers on Amazon.


Halo excels in some tasks. They are devoted to using humanely raised sustainable meat.

They also use fresh meat instead of meat meal, which is better for your cats because it is easier to digest and will cause fewer stomach issues.

They also provide a large variety of dry and wet foods, as well as those made for all adult cats, foods for kittens, and some recipes for senior cats, all of which are designed to fulfill the special needs of cats at various phases of their life.

After researching and analyzing each item in the Halo cat food review, we found that Sensitive Stomach Holistic Seafood Medley Halo Dry Cat Food and Grain-Free Indoor Cat Food Halo Holistic Chicken & Chicken Liver Recipe are the most important and reliable.

They don’t, however, get everything right. Despite rising worries about the possible toxicity of garlic powder, they continue to use it in several of their recipes.

Following BestForPets‘ (bestforpets.org) research, we also found that they also include a lot of vegetables in their dry food, which are not naturally included in a cat’s diet.

Finally, despite the fact that they rely on certain low-quality, low-cost fillers, they are fairly expensive especially when compared to other premium brands.

Aside from the garlic, the components are of good quality, and your cat may profit from and appreciate this meal.

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