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The 5 Best Halos For Blind Dogs In 2024

People who truly love their dogs will be by their sides through any health crisis they may face. If your dog has vision problems or is completely blind, you should get used to a new routine.

When your dog loses his sight, he doesn't necessarily have to drag you or your pet. It is not uncommon to come across a blind dog running and playing with the same enthusiasm and ferocity as a sighted person.

You can protect your blind dog with a halo or other similar device. Many items have been reviewed, but BestForPets has narrowed this down to the best halos for blind dogs of this year so you don't have to.

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Image Product View on Amazon
1 Muffin’s Halo Muffin’s Halo View on Amazon
2  HQSLC Blind Dog Harness HQSLC Blind Dog Harness View on Amazon
3  Walkin' Halo Harness Walkin' Halo Harness View on Amazon
4 Niome Blind Dog Harness Vest Niome Blind Dog Harness Vest View on Amazon
5  S-Lifeeling Blind Dog Guide Harness S-Lifeeling Blind Dog Guide Harness View on Amazon

What is a Blind Dog Halo?

A blind dog halo is a helpful device that can assist canines with partial or complete vision loss in navigating their environment.

It comprises a light and flexible halo-shaped tube that, when attached to a harness or vest, encircles a pet’s head and alerts them to nearby obstacles before they encounter them.

A blind dog halo is designed to assist canines with various vision-related conditions, such as:

  • Glaucoma
  • Cataracts
  • Retinal diseases, including Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome (SARDS), which is a leading cause of blindness
  • Vision loss due to diabetes
  • Eye problems

Depending on the needs of your dog, a halo can be beneficial by enabling them to move more freely. It can also provide you with greater peace of mind, as you won’t have to worry as much about your dog injuring themselves by colliding with walls, furniture, or other objects.


1. Muffin’s Halo for Blind Dogs

Muffin’s Halo Blind Dog Harness Guide Device

View on Amazon

Our primary goal in selecting a halo for blind dogs is to ensure it provides maximum comfort and protection for your beloved pet. After thorough research, we have identified Muffin's Halo Guide for Blind Dogs as the best halo overall, offered in four sizes.

Crafted from high-quality Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, this innovative 3-piece device is designed to help dogs with impaired or lost sight navigate their surroundings safely and with confidence.

Muffin’s Halo is the brainchild of Silvie Bordeaux, a devoted pet owner whose dog, Muffin, lost his sight.

Living with visual impairments can be challenging for dogs and their owners alike. Sight conditions such as cataracts and glaucoma can understandably lead to anxiety and difficulty carrying out everyday activities.

Muffin’s Halo provides the necessary protection to help dogs adjust to their condition and live a collision-free life.

Muffin’s Halo is available in various colors and sizes to suit your pet’s needs. It’s crucial to measure your dog carefully before choosing the appropriate size.

The girth or fattest part of your pet’s body is the most critical measurement when selecting the halo. The small size fits dogs with a girth of 14″ – 16.5″.

The easy-to-use Velcro closure makes it simple to find the perfect fit for your pet. A D-ring is included in the design, allowing you to take your dog along on walks. Although it’s a pricier option, it’s a wise investment because of its durability and longevity.

Muffin’s Halo works by tapping hard surfaces, acting as a buffer to protect your pet’s head, face, and nose from contact and prevent pain and accidents. The contact of the halo with the surface teaches the dog to change direction and learn their surroundings.

In summary, Muffin’s Halo Guide for Blind Dogs is an excellent choice for pet owners seeking a safe and effective way to help their visually impaired furry friends.

It’s a must-have accessory that can boost your pet’s confidence, provide protection, and ensure a happy and healthy life.


Dog head protection

There are 4 available sizes.

Adjustable Velcro Straps




2. Top Quality Safe Low Cost Blind Dog Harness Guiding Device

HQSLC Blind Dog Harness Guiding Device

View on Amazon

The HQSLC Blind Dog Harness Guiding Device is an excellent option for pet owners seeking an affordable halo for their visually impaired dogs.

This halo is available in three sizes, making it suitable for dogs of different sizes. The sizable halo provides added protection, ensuring your pet can navigate the house safely.

This versatile device can also be used as a dog harness when taking your pet for a walk. However, the vest’s clips may not be sturdy enough and may break over time, despite the lightweight and easy-to-use polyester material.

To ensure you choose the right size for your pet, measure your dog’s nasal distance and bust before purchasing. The product comes with adjustable straps, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your furry friend.

Designed for dogs with impaired vision, this product helps protect your pet from collisions with surrounding objects and rebuild their confidence to move around.

The product’s soft knitted fabric and ultra-light EVA material make it comfortable for your pet to wear and nearly weightless. One of the benefits of using this product is that your pet can enjoy daily activities while avoiding collisions.

In summary, the HQSLC Blind Dog Harness Guiding Device is an excellent option for pet owners seeking an affordable and versatile halo for their visually impaired dogs.

It provides added protection and helps rebuild your pet’s confidence to move around, ensuring a happy and healthy life.




Supersized heavenly sphere

As well as a harness


Unfortunately, buckles tend to wear out quickly

3. Premium Quality Walking Halo Harness

Halo Harness | Blind Harness for Dogs | Adjustable for a Custom Fit

View on Amazon

The Walkin' Halo Harness stands out with its user-friendly design and tailored-specific sizes for smaller dogs weighing less than 30 pounds with poor vision.

The simple design allows for natural posture maintenance, while the halo acts as a buffer, safeguarding your pet’s head and face.

However, the halo may be less durable for larger dogs and prone to cracking under excessive weight. Nevertheless, the accessory doubles as a walking harness, requiring no complicated adjustments.

Gradually build your pet’s confidence and help them navigate spaces without bumping into objects using the Walkin’ Blind Dog Harness.

The halo will act as a buffer, protecting your furry friend’s head and face by bumping into walls, furniture, and even other pets before they do.

The Walkin’ Blind Dog Harness is perfect for walks with your furry friend, as it features a top D-ring clip for leash attachment.

The Walkin’ Harness for Blind Dogs is a simple yet effective accessory that helps vision-impaired dogs walk and play confidently, while also providing necessary head protection.

The halo is lightweight and flexible, allowing for customized fitting to meet your pet’s needs.

In summary, the Walkin’ Halo Harness is a user-friendly and customizable option that aids vision-impaired dogs in walking and playing with confidence.

It doubles as a walking harness with no complicated adjustments needed and is specifically tailored for smaller dogs weighing less than 30 pounds with poor vision.


Simplified aesthetics


There’s a wide variety of sizes to choose from


A halo is flimsy and may be broken with little effort

4. Dog Vest with a Harness for the Blind by Niome

Niome Blind Dog Harness Vest Dogs Protective Vest Ring for Dogs

View on Amazon

The Niome Blind Dog Harness Vest is an excellent option for pet owners with puppies or small dogs since it comes in a single size.

The generously cushioned collision ring offers ample protection even for the most energetic puppies, ensuring their safety during playtime.

The harness’s lightweight material promotes airflow while remaining durable enough to withstand your pet’s paws and teeth. It is essential to consult the manufacturer’s size chart when selecting the Niome Blind Dog Harness Vest.

The harness is designed with specific nose-to-chest measurements that are suitable for particular breeds, including Bomei Teddy Xishi, Schnauzer Shetland Corgi, and Chow Chow Husky Samoyed.

The double ring closure type of the harness provides a secure fit, preventing accidental slips or escapes during walks or other activities. The product care instructions recommend hand washing only to ensure the material remains in good condition.

Overall, the Niome Blind Dog Harness Vest is a comfortable and breathable option that offers high-quality protection for visually impaired pets.

The lightweight, flexible halo is attached to the comfortable vest, allowing pets to navigate spaces without bumping their head and building their confidence.

The collision ring does not interfere with daily activities such as sleeping or eating, making it a practical choice for pet owners.


Cushioned ring for collisions

Durable and breathable fabric

Constructed to the highest standards


Suitable only for toy breeds and miniature pooches

5. Guide Harness for the Blind – the S-Lifeeling

S-Lifeeling Blind Dog Guide Harness Protective Vest Halo Guide

View on Amazon

The S-Lifeeling Blind Dog Guide Harness comes in multiple sizes, but it may not be the best fit for larger dogs.

The neoprene straps may rub and slide against each other, causing discomfort for some dogs.

Additionally, the halo is small and floats directly above the head, which may offer insufficient protection and cause dogs to bump into things.

On the positive side, this harness is constructed from durable polyester material and features plastic clips that enable quick and easy attachment.

The XS size is designed for dogs with chest sizes between 38-62cm and halo diameters of 35cm, making it suitable for smaller dogs.

The device is intended to safeguard blind dogs from hard surfaces such as doors, walls, and furniture, which can be particularly beneficial for animals with poor vision due to SARDS, cataracts, glaucoma, retinal diseases, trauma, diabetes, and other eye injuries.

The S-Lifeeling Blind Dog Guide Harness can enhance your blind pet’s confidence and safety when walking, but it is important to bear in mind that each dog’s needs and preferences may differ.

To prevent the harness from slipping, it may be beneficial to put a small jacket on your pet before placing the halo and harness over it.

Overall, this harness is a valuable tool for pet owners with visually impaired dogs, but it is vital to consider its limitations and potential disadvantages before purchasing.


Very simple to use


Kinship connection leash


One of the straps is rubbing and sliding around

There isn’t a huge halo

How to Choose the Best Halo for Your Blind Dog

Choosing a halo for your dog with impaired vision can be challenging, as there are many factors to consider and options available. To help you make the right decision, here are some guidelines for selecting the best halo:

1. Determine your dog’s size and weight

To ensure that the halo fits properly, you need to know your dog’s girth (the widest part of their body), neck, torso, and head measurements, as well as their weight.

You can measure your dog using a measuring tape or a string and a ruler. Alternatively, you can consult the size chart of the desired halo to determine which size corresponds to your dog’s measurements.

2. Consider your dog’s personality and activity level

To choose the right type and design of halo for your dog, you should consider their temperament, behavior, and lifestyle. For example, if your dog is calm and delicate, they may prefer a soft and lightweight halo.

If your dog is active and playful, they may need a durable and sturdy collar. If your dog is curious and adventurous, they may prefer a large and flexible halo.

3. Consult with your veterinarian or a qualified trainer

To find the right halo for your dog, seek advice from your veterinarian or trainer. They can evaluate your dog’s vision, health, and support needs to recommend the most appropriate halo.

They can also show you how to use the halo properly and safely, as well as how to train your dog to wear it comfortably and confidently.

4. Read reviews and feedback from previous customers

To determine the effectiveness of the halo you’re considering, read reviews and feedback from people who have used it with their own dogs.

You can check online reviews and testimonials or ask friends or family members who have blind dogs for recommendations. Additionally, look for ratings, awards, or certifications that indicate the quality and reputation of the halo.

Advantages of Using a Blind Dog Halo

There are many benefits to using a blind dog halo for your pet, including:

  • Increasing mobility and independence for impaired dogs. A halo can help your dog explore their environment without relying on you or other cues. They can also walk more quickly and confidently with a halo.
  • Boosting confidence and reducing anxiety. A halo can make your dog feel safer and more comfortable in their surroundings. They can also avoid stressful situations like bumping into objects and getting lost.
  • Preventing injuries and accidents caused by collisions with objects. A halo can protect your dog’s head and snout from hazards like sharp corners and edges. It can also prevent eye infections or irritations caused by dirt or debris.
  • Improving tactile perception and spatial awareness. A halo can stimulate your dog’s tactile receptors and assist with environmental mapping. It can also enhance their balance and coordination.

1. Types of Blind Dog Halos

There are a variety of halos available on the market for dogs with impaired vision, each with its own unique characteristics and benefits. Here are some of the most popular types:

1.1. Halos equipped with harnesses or vests

These halos come with their own harnesses or vests that securely fit your dog’s body. They typically feature Velcro straps or fasteners to adjust the size and fit of the halo.

1.2. Adjustable or fixed halo ornaments

These halos have rings that can be adjusted or fixed to fit the size and shape of your dog’s head. They typically attach to any existing harness or vest for your dog.

1.3. Halos made from various materials and forms

Different materials or configurations may better suit your dog’s preferences or requirements among these halo options. Various halo materials include metal, plastic, rubber, and foam. There are round, oval, square, and triangular halos.

What is a Blind Dog Halo

2. Different types of dog halos have pros and cons depending on factors such as:

2.1. Comfort

Depending on the material, shape, weight, and dimensions of the halo, some may be more comfortable for your dog than others. You should choose a halo that does not irritate or cause discomfort to your dog’s skin, fur, ears, eyes, nostrils, or mouth.

2.2. Durability

Depending on the quality and durability of the material and construction, some halos may be more resilient than others. You should select a halo that can withstand daily wear and tear and does not break easily.

2.3. Ease of use

Depending on how easy they are to put on and take off, adjust and secure, clean and maintain, store, and transport, some halos may be easier to use than others. You should choose a halo that requires minimal time and effort to use.

2.4. Cost

Depending on the brand, design, features, and quality of the halo, some halos may be more expensive than others. You should select a halo that fits your budget and provides good value for money.


1. Are halos good for blind dogs?

A Blind Dog Halo is an essential navigational aid for visually impaired dogs!

Dogs with vision impairments can use a halo to determine their location and navigate safely without colliding with obstacles, similar to how a cane helps a blind person assess their environment for obstacles.

2. How can I protect my blind dog’s eyes?

Eye protection is necessary when outdoors. You can use Doggles or an Eye Shield to shield their eyes. To help them get used to wearing these accessories, you can have them wear them for brief periods while giving them treats.

You can also purchase “I’m blind” or “blind dog” collars, harnesses, bandanas, and leashes to alert others when you’re outside.

3. Can a dog sleep with a halo collar?

Yes, with the Halo Collar, your dog will be comfortable lounging around the house or resting. Additionally, the Halo Dog Collar is available in two attractive color options: black and white, so you can keep your dog both secure and fashionable!

4. Are blind dogs sensitive to light?

Dogs with impaired vision may still be able to perceive some light and shapes. You may observe them turning their heads when a light turns on or following you with their gaze as you pass by.

5. Do blind dogs still enjoy walks?

Yes, blind dogs enjoy walks, outdoor excursions, and car rides. Like all dogs, they enjoy being around humans and other dogs and can become your closest companion.

6. Do blind dogs sleep more?

Some dogs with impaired vision may suffer from depression and consequently sleep more than usual. They may also have difficulty obtaining water, food, and entertainment.

You may observe some physical symptoms of impaired vision, such as redness around the eye and clouded or dilated pupils.

Discover the best dog head halters and gentle leaders for effective leash training on BestForPets.org.


No matter what happens to our dogs, we will always love them, but having a blind dog is all the more reason to give him the best care possible.

We found that the Muffin halo , which can be adjusted with Velcro for a custom fit, is the best halo for blind dogs.

The HQSLC blind dog harness , which also acts as a halo, is the best value on the market.

A more expensive but minimal and lightweight premium option is the Walkin' Halo harness .

All the hay here is of high quality and may be just what you need to help your blind dog. Whatever you decide, give your dog some time to get used to their new accessory.

BestForPets hopes you can find the best halos for blind dogs for your pet.

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