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The 8 Best Invisible & Wireless Dog Fences

It might be an enjoyable experience to let your dog run free in your yard. Clearly, you must establish a perimeter to prevent your dog from leaving your property. If you are unable or unwilling to construct a physical fence, you must acquire an invisible or wireless fence.

With an invisible fence, you lay underground wires to create a perimeter for your dog that conforms to the contours of your land. If you would prefer not to dig up your yard, a wireless dog fence might provide an effective alternative by establishing a circular radius boundary around your home and yard.

Finding the best invisible or wireless dog fences for your property can be challenging due to the variety of available alternatives. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has done the research for you by selecting and ranking the best invisible and wireless dog fences. We've also included in-depth evaluations, quick-reference lists of pros and disadvantages, and a buyer's guide.


PetSafe Stay & Play Wireless Dog Fence – Best Overall

We chose PetSafe Stay & Play as the finest wireless dog fence in general. Even if you have a difficult dog, you will be able to quickly set up an effective border with the aid of useful features and the absence of wire installation.

After activating the interior transmitter, this wireless fence provides a circular coverage area of up to 0.3 acres. It takes between one and two hours to completely set up. Every component of the system is transportable to any site with an electrical outlet. Remember that metal items and uneven surfaces may interfere with the signal, resulting in inefficient or uneven coverage.

The supplied collar can accommodate dogs weighing 5 pounds or more with neck measurements ranging from 6 to 28 inches. The collar has one tone mode and five levels of adjustable static to accommodate a dog that is determined to escape.

For training purposes, PetSafe comes with little flags to assist you demarcate the boundary. The static-free reentry function aids in appropriate training by preventing the delivery of a corrective shock if your dog breaches the barrier, as some too enthusiastic canines may do. By purchasing extra collars, many canines may be contained by a given fence system.


  • Simple and simple to assemble
  • Portable (requires an electrical outlet) (needs an electrical outlet)
  • Fits the majority of dog sizes
  • One tone mode
  • Five varying static levels
  • Static-free reentry functionality
  • Ideal for recalcitrant dogs
  • There are border flags included
  • Able to contain many dogs


  • Some pets continue to break the rules
  • Due to a metal roof, numerous trees, or steep slopes, wireless fencing may fail.
  • Additional or replacement collars sold separately

Sit Boo-Boo Electric Fence – Best Value

We propose the Sit Boo-Boo electric fence as the finest invisible dog fence for the money. You will receive 500 feet of 20-gauge solid copper core wire at a terrific price. It may be enlarged to 20 acres of land by the purchase of additional parcels. The insulated wire includes built-in surge protection and may be put above or below ground.

The accompanying collar is equipped with a rechargeable battery-powered receiver. The receiver is waterproof and designed to endure immersion in water up to 3 feet deep and extreme weather conditions. This system is compatible with collars from various companies that may be acquired individually.

Seven correction options are available across three modes, including tone, vibration, and static. The auto-train function automatically changes the amount of correction based on your dog’s proximity to the fence. You can upgrade to a remote device for more training possibilities.

Sit Boo-Boo provides erratic customer service. In many instances, it provides help for typical problems, such as collars that are not functioning. However, we learnt of further cases of unhappy clients.


  • Best value
  • 500 feet of sturdy solid copper wire with a gauge of 20
  • Expansion of property up to 20 acres with subsequent acquisition
  • Wire can be buried or put above ground.
  • Durable, rechargeable battery
  • Integrated surge protection
  • Collar waterproof and weatherproof
  • Compatible system with collars/remote device bought separately
  • Seven corrective parameters are available for three modes: tone, vibration, and static.
  • Auto-train function


  • Some collars might fail.
  • Unreliable customer service

SportDOG In-Ground Fence Systems – Premium Choice

SportDOG is our top pick for in-ground fence systems. Although more expensive than other invisible fences on our list, SportDog has the capacity to encompass 1-1/3 acres. With the purchase of extra wire, you may expand coverage to an incredible 100 acres of property.

The SportDOG fence system includes a rechargeable, waterproof receiver, collar, and remote control. The collar features three modes: tone, vibration, and seven static levels. You may program the collar to respond to the fence, the remote, or both as you train your dog.

Additional collars purchased separately allow you to teach up to three dogs. The battery pack on the collar is rather big and may be unpleasant for dogs of medium to small size. In addition, the collar may malfunction by failing to operate or activating excessively in static mode.

The installation of the cable in the ground across a considerable distance might take many days. Additionally, you must maintain the space around the wire. The useful transmitter feature notifies you of a broken wire. It is equipped with a lightning protector.


  • Covers 1.3 hectares
  • Additional payment permits coverage of up to 100 acres.
  • rechargeable and watertight collar
  • Tonal, vibrational, and static modes
  • Visible degrees of static
  • Included with purchase is a remote
  • Collar is activated by remote, fence, or both.
  • Able to teach up to three canines
  • Transmitter attribute
  • Integrated lightning protection


  • Expensive
  • Costs associated with installation and maintenance
  • The collar may fail.
  • The collar’s battery pack may be too big.
  • Additional purchases are required for additional collars and fence extension

PetSafe In-Ground Dog Fence

With a PetSafe in-ground dog fence, you can enclose up to a 1/3-acre yard. This system includes 500 feet of wire and has the capacity to enclose up to five acres of land with the purchase of extra wire. The wire may be put around your yard’s perimeter.

The supplied collar is water-resistant and lightweight enough to accommodate dogs weighing at least 8 pounds. The battery-operated collar is equipped with a low-battery indicator and a replaceable PetSafe RFA-67 battery.

The collar features an adjustable tone mode and static setting with four settings. If your dog stays in the border zone for more than 30 seconds, the overcorrection function immediately disables the static correction. The purchase of additional collars allows you to contain an endless number of pets using this fencing system.

Durability is the biggest issue regarding this fence system. The collar’s clasp may break, and the wire may not withstand the elements. In addition, there is no surge or lightning protection.


  • Covers up to a third of an acre
  • Waterproof and lightweight collar
  • Included battery on collar
  • Provides tone mode
  • Four fixed level adjustments
  • Overcorrection function with auto-shutdown
  • Possibility of holding an infinite number of dogs.


  • Snap on collar may break
  • Wire may not be durable
  • No lightning/surge protection feature
  • Time and effort required for installation
  • Requires further investment to extend containment area.
  • Extra collars offered individually
  • The battery must be changed.

Extreme Electric Dog Fence System

Extreme Dog Fence’s basic grade package includes 500 feet of heavy-duty 20-gauge wire to construct a 1/3-acre confinement area. With the purchase of additional kits, your coverage may be expanded to a maximum of 6 acres. In addition, you will receive a digital transmitter, training flags, splice kits, and a collar with a 6-volt receiver battery that can be replaced.

The collar with the associated receiver is exceptionally lightweight and waterproof, allowing it to be immersed to a depth of 10 feet. There is one tone mode and seven correction levels for the static mode. The purchase of additional collars enables the inclusion of more pets to this system.

Two sets of varying-sized prongs within the collar allow for size and coat length adjustments. A set of rubber comfort coverings protects the neck of your dog. Despite using this collar, a few canines have nevertheless suffered from skin damage.

There are helpful features such as frequency encoding to prevent interference problems, temperature check and wire check to inform you if the fence is not operating correctly, and 12x battery check to monitor the battery charge. However, we discovered that the battery life is inadequate and there is no surge protection.


  • Heavy-duty, durable 20-gauge wire
  • 1/3 acre confinement area
  • Kit covers all essential items
  • 6-volt battery present.
  • Ultralight, very waterproof collar
  • Additional dogs on system with the purchase of additional collars
  • Provides two sets of prongs of varying sizes.
  • Comfortable rubber coating on prongs
  • Helpful characteristics for enhanced performance


  • More costly than comparable in-ground fences
  • Reduced battery life
  • The battery must be changed.
  • The collar’s prongs may cause damage.
  • Absence of surge protection

Pet Control HQ Wireless Electric Dog Fence

With the Pet Control wireless electric fence, you will obtain two methods for training your dog or dogs’ boundaries. The 492 feet of 20-gauge heavy-duty wire is sturdy enough to be put either above or below ground.

The accompanying remote provides an additional portable and adaptable training alternative for your dog. This system includes both a surge protector and a test indicator light.

The collar features a rechargeable battery-powered waterproof receiver with an average battery life of several days. The collar is lightweight and can be adjusted to fit most dog sizes.

With the purchase of additional collars, many canines may be trained. The remote enables the training of up to three dogs. There are 10 vibration or shock levels, but no tone-only setting. This collar has three increasing degrees of automated punishment as your dog approaches and approaches the boundary wire.

Depending on the length of your dog’s coat, you may modify the length of the contact probes to a smaller or bigger size. We discovered that the collars may be fragile. Additionally, several dogs experienced skin injuries following usage.


  • Includes remote and perimeter wire
  • 492 feet of 20-gauge heavy-duty wire
  • Surge suppressor
  • Test indication light
  • regenerative battery
  • Lightweight collar suits the majority of dogs
  • Receiver that is resistant to the elements
  • Possibility of remote training up to three dogs.
  • 10 vibration or shock levels
  • Automatic progressive editing function
  • Length-adjustable probe


  • No tonal-only mode
  • The collar lacks resilience.
  • Some dogs developed skin damage

COVONO Electric Dog Fence

Consider the COVONO electric dog fence if you are seeking for an inexpensive invisible fence. Up to a quarter-acre may be contained by the 650 feet of wire. It is possible to expand this system by purchasing additional fence kits.

The collar is suitable for most dogs weighing above 10 pounds and up to 120 pounds. You may need to ensure that the collar does not loosen and become useless. The collar and receiver are both rechargeable and waterproof. The battery life is rather durable.

Unlike other, more costly devices on our list, the collar’s receiver does not have several shock levels or other modes, such as vibration or tone. It has a speed detecting mechanism that raises the intensity of the shock in accordance to the rate at which your dog approaches the fence.

Although you will save money, you may have to settle for a lesser grade wire, which may not be sturdy enough to support the fence.


  • Affordable
  • 650 feet of wire to cover a quarter acre
  • Capable of being enlarged at an extra fee.
  • Adjustable collar fits most dogs
  • Receiver and collar are waterproof
  • Regenerative battery
  • Speed detection capability


  • Solitary shock level with no additional modes
  • Not suited for dogs above 120 pounds
  • Collar loosens
  • Wire lacks durability, compromising performance.

Free Spirit FS-FENCE In-Ground Dog Fence

The Free Spirit in-ground fence system lets you to enclose a 1/3-acre area with one dog. Additional kits may be purchased to expand the area to one acre.

The collar is adjustable to accommodate a variety of canines weighing 5 pounds or more with neck sizes between 6 and 26 inches. In addition, the collar’s receiver employs a rechargeable battery that lasts quite a while and recharges in two to three hours.

There are three modes available: tone, vibration, and shock, each with five correction levels. As your dog approaches the barrier, the collar emits a growing alarm. It begins with a tone, then vibrations, and finally a shock if your dog approaches too closely. When your dog returns indoors, you will need to remove the collar to avoid getting shocked excessively.

Although this in-ground fence is affordable, it does not provide enough covering area to be considered a good deal. In addition, the cable is not made of robust material, and a surge protector is not supplied.


  • Inexpensive
  • 1/3-acre coverage with expansion possibility
  • Receiver and collar are waterproof
  • Adjustable collar accommodates a variety of dog sizes
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery with rapid recharging.
  • There are three modes: tone, vibration, and shock
  • Five degrees of shock correction
  • Warning function when dog approaches fence


  • Not a good bargain
  • Dog may be needlessly alarmed
  • Wire is not durable
  • Absence of surge protection

Buying Guide

Are you prepared to purchase and install the most effective wireless dog fence for your property? Before making a purchase, please take a minute to go through our helpful buyer’s guide as we examine the distinction between wireless and wired invisible fences. In addition, we will discuss what constitutes a high-quality dog fence and what concerns to avoid.

Wi-Fi versus wired

A completely wireless invisible dog fence employs a plug-in transmitter. The transmitter emits a domed, circular form boundary. It is simple and quick to install and often covers up to a quarter acre. Similar to invisible fences in general, your dog wears a collar that emits feedback in the form of a tone, a vibration, or a shock when it approaches the border’s edge.

Wireless devices may be installed anywhere there is an electrical outlet, making them portable and ideal for travel. However, they have some disadvantages compared to wire-based invisible barriers. If you pick a wireless device, keep in mind that a metal roof or metal buildings, stucco siding, many trees, and hills and slopes in your yard might interfere with the signal.

If you wish to restrict your dogs over a bigger area, such as several acres, or if you want to build a perimeter with a specific form, you will need to install a wire-based invisible fence. Although some invisible fence kits indicate that the wire is not need to be buried, buried wires offer the most consistent performance.

Installing the underground line typically takes one or two days. Depending on the size of the area you’re covering and any obstacles your property presents, such as crossing your driveway, it may take longer.

What characteristics define a superior invisible and wireless dog fence?

Multiple components of invisible and wireless dog fences work together to keep your dog secure and contained. Before purchasing a fence system for your property, there are a number of factors to consider, including the collars with receivers and the longevity of the wire.

Collars Featuring Receivers

For the invisible fence system to function, your dog must wear a collar with an integrated receiver. Ensure that the collar fits properly and comfortably around the neck of your dog.

Your dog will not feel the feeling that indicates the limit if the collar is too loose. Your dog may develop skin irritation, abrasions, or infections if the collar is excessively tight. When not in use, this collar must always be removed. Long-term use increases the chance of harm.

Receivers benefit from rechargeable batteries. For improved performance, look for lengthy battery life and low battery alerts. Additionally, ensure that the receivers and battery compartment are waterproof to prevent damage to the device and potential danger to your dog.

Feedback Modes

The collars of high-quality invisible fence systems transmit three distinct forms of feedback to notify your dog to the border’s boundary. Tone mode emits beeps, vibrations, and a mild electric jolt in response to static or shock. Consider a shock mode with customizable intensity levels.

Also, ensure that the receiver is in excellent working order to avoid malfunctions that result in your dog receiving excessive corrections or no corrections at all, which can cause damage or harm.

If you have a stubborn or energetic dog, you may need to utilize the more powerful settings to keep your dog from exceeding the barrier.

Some superior fence systems provide your dog with a warning that gradually intensifies as he approaches the boundary. Remember that there is no invisible dog fence that is foolproof for all dogs. Certain canines will bear the pain and break through the barrier.

Wires are not created equal

If you want to maximize the value of your investment, ensure that the wire on your in-ground invisible fence system is manufactured with 20-gauge heavy-duty wire. Since the wire will be exposed to the outdoors and may become the meal of a mouse or other small animal, you must ensure that it is durable. Once the wire is compromised, the fence becomes inoperable.

Surge Defender

Verify that the invisible dog fence has a surge protector. For your system to continue functioning in the case of lightning or another electrical incident, you’ll need the necessary protection. If the package does not have a surge protector, investigate its compatibility and install one yourself.


The PetSafe Stay & Play Wireless Fence is the best electric dog fence in our opinion. The straightforward installation of this invisible barrier requires only an hour or two. And, unlike in-ground systems, it is portable and can be taken on travels where an electrical outlet is available.

With a collar that fits the majority of dogs with a tone mode and five static levels, the receiver is suitable for recalcitrant canines. This fence system may hold many canines by purchasing additional collars.

Sit Boo-Boo Electric Fence was deemed the greatest underground dog fence for the money. You will receive 500 feet of very durable 20-gauge solid copper wire at a fantastic price, which may be expanded to cover up to 20 acres of land with further orders. The surge-protected cable can be buried or put above ground.

The waterproof and weatherproof collar contains a rechargeable battery with a long life, three mode options, seven correction settings, and an auto-train function. This fencing system is compatible with collars and remotes sold separately.

The SportDOG SDF-CT underground fencing systems are our top recommendation. The first kit may cover up to 1.33 acres, while future kits can cover up to 100 acres.

The collar is rechargeable and waterproof, with three modes and seven static settings. The included remote is capable of teaching up to three dogs simultaneously. The collar may be configured to respond to either the fence, the remote, or both. This fencing system has a lightning protector and a transmitter.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that our comprehensive evaluations, helpful pros and cons lists, and educational buyer’s guide have assisted you in locating the best invisible and wireless dog fences for your yard or large property. Enjoyable for both you and your dog is allowing your dog to run free within safe bounds. With the appropriate invisible and wireless fence, you may be able to open your door and let your dog go freely.

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