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The 11 Best Doormats For Dogs

Just as humans require a doormat to wipe the bottoms of our shoes before entering the house, so do our animal pals. Especially after a bath, when you don't want a wet dog leaking all over the floor,

A quality dog doormat can do much more than provide a spot for your pet to sit while you dry them off. Some are so comfy that they may easily serve as a bed for your dog. Because they are so absorbent, you may use the mat to gently dry off your dog, but bear in mind that it will rapidly dry out again.

Before making a purchase, you'll want to know which mats are the most comfortable, absorbent, cost-effective, and even provide the best assortment of colors and sizes. In order to compare these and other characteristics, we have utilized as many as we could locate.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has put together a list of the best doormats for dogs to help you choose the best one for your home and your furry friend.


Dog Gone Smart Dog Doormat – Top Pick All Around



This very absorbent mat from Dog Gone Smart is the best product available. There are four sizes available, including a runner size. This rug had some of the most accessible color selections.

Not only is microfiber extremely absorbent, but it also dries quite rapidly. The non-slip backing was superior to that of the majority of rivals, remaining in place even when dogs moved around on top.

We enjoyed the absorbency of this mat, however it did have one downside. If one of your dogs defecates on this mat, it may be impossible to totally remove the odor.

The mat’s nano-coating is designed to prevent dirt, moisture, and oil from adhering to its surface. While it worked for the aforementioned items, it did not appear to function for urine.

However, it is machine-washable, making cleaning simple. We believe it offers the optimal balance of affordability, absorbency, and durability, which is why we suggest it the most.


  • 3,000 GSM capacity
  • Very durable
  • 4 sizes available
  • Numerous hues to pick from
  • Dries rapidly


  • Will permanently retain urine odor


SPOT Microfiber Dog Doormat – Best Price



The SPOT 50010 microfiber dog mat was one of the most affordable mats we examined, without sacrificing durability. It can absorb 10 times its weight in water, which we appreciated after bathing our dog and bringing him inside.

The anti-bacterial and anti-odor technology performed admirably, and our mat never appeared to absorb the stink of a wet dog. This mat is completely machine-washable so long as it is air-dried afterward.

The non-slip backing was decent, but not as effective as the backing on our top-rated product from Dog Gone Smart. This alternative also sacrifices color and size flexibility in order to save money, as it is only available in a few colors and sizes.

Overall, we consider this to be the greatest dog doormat for the money, which is why it holds the number two spot on this list and the title of best value. If the SPOT 50010 had more color options and a better non-slip backing, it could have been the best pick.


  • Very inexpensive
  • Anti-bacteria
  • Anti-odor
  • Highly absorbent and fast-drying


  • Limited hues and sizes


Best Chenille Dog Door Mat on the Internet – Top Pick



This Chenille dog mat from Internet’s Best is so plush and cozy that it can serve as a bed for your pet friend. Beginning with the excellent non-skid bottom that held this mat in place, there are other aspects that we appreciate.

Importantly, it was far more durable than every other mat we examined. While the most of them could be machine-washed, the Internet’s Best mat was one of the few that could also be machine-dried.

We valued this feature solely for its ease. In addition, we believe it speaks words about the durability and quality of this dog carpet.

Although we believe it to be one of the greatest mats overall, it is not perfect. Initially, it is highly pricey. This was to be expected after reading about how fantastic it is, however other mats perform the same function for less than half the price, albeit this one does it better.

The last problem is a limited assortment of colors and sizes. With only three colors and two sizes offered, there are too few alternatives to work with.


  • Non-skid bottom
  • Automatic wash and dry
  • Very sturdy
  • Additionally cozy for dogs to lie on


  • Limited colour and size range
  • Highly costly


MAYSHINE Chenille Dog Doormat



Consider the MAYSHINE chenille doormat if a wide range of colors is one of the most important characteristics in a doormat for dogs. This is not a pet-specific doormat, but it contains most of the necessary elements for a dog doormat.

However, it lacks the anti-bacterial and anti-odor technologies found in some other mats, which prevented it from making our top three.

This mat may be the most adaptable of the ones we evaluated, as it is available in 16 colors and four sizes. The 6 mm of foam beneath the microfiber functioned quite well in terms of comfort.

This makes it ideal for use as a dog bed, but also causes it to dry more slowly than comparable products. This is an excellent dog doormat, albeit it was not one of our top three choices.


  • Numerous hues to pick from
  • 4 different sizes
  • 6 mm of foam also makes it a comfortable dog bed


  • Expensive
  • Absence of odor and protection against germs


My Doggy Location Absorbent Dog Doormat



This dog doormat from My Doggy Place is available in three sizes and five colors, giving you a variety of choices. Priced in the center of the pack, we believe that its performance is also average.

We appreciated that the absorbency was above average. The grip on the bottom was a different story. It never did its job correctly from the beginning.

After being washed in a machine, the back was entirely ruined, and the inside filling was matted into clumps. It is marketed as machine-washable, but our experience suggests otherwise.

Before washing, it was too thick to fit through the door. However, this also made it more comfortable for our canines, so it’s a bit of a trade-off, and depending on where you want to set it, it may not even be an issue.

Despite having a variety of color and size options, other models with a comparable assortment have performed better over time, and you would be better off selecting one of those.


  • Three sizes and five colors are available
  • Very absorbing


  • Washing destroyed the mat
  • The slip-resistant backing is a joke
  • Too thick for door operation


Soggy Doggy Doormat Dirty Dog Doormat



There are just two sizes available for the Soggy Doggy Doormat: big and extra-large. However, there are eight color options available, which may appeal to certain individuals.

This mat is quite dense and absorbs a great deal of water and dirt, precisely what we want from our dog doormats.

Initially, the non-slip backing appeared sufficient. After a few cycles in the washing machine, it was nearly vanished, and our mat had become a slippery mess.

Even from the beginning, it clumped, but that was OK. After the non-slip backing was removed, it became significantly less helpful.

If the backing were more robust and persisted through several wash cycles, this item from Doggy Doggy Doormat would have certainly ranked much higher on our list.


  • 8 color choices
  • Extremely absorbent and fast-drying


  • The nonslip backing washes away
  • Tends to cluster
  • Only two sizes are available


Dog Door Mat by Furhaven



We had great hopes for the Furhaven dog bed mat, as it was reasonably priced and had one of the best options of any dog doormat we examined. With six sizes and twenty color options, you are certain to find one that suits your preferences.

However, it was not quite as absorbent as other comparable mats we examined, which is one of the mat’s most essential features. Even worse, this mat does not dry quickly, which is another trait we rate highly in a dog doormat.

The last nail in the coffin was the thin thermal layer’s continuous crinkling sound. This layer is intended to assist create heat for your pet, however in our tests it was not particularly successful.

In the end, we believe that you would be better off with something like the second-place SPOT 50010, which offers a far superior price-to-value ratio.


  • Six sizes and twenty color variants
  • Reasonably priced


  • Not very absorbing
  • Doesn’t dry fast
  • Produces a crinkling sound


EXPAWLORER Mat-Brown Dog Doormat



We’re usually on the lookout for variety, but we immediately realized that the EXPAWLORER mat had relatively few alternatives to pick from.

There are just three sizes and two color options available. If you prioritize function over appearance, this mat may still be suitable for you. Let’s evaluate its effectiveness.

It absorbed a lot of water and dirt, which are the two most important qualities for a dog doormat. However, that was the end of the good performance. The non-slip backing proved ineffective straight from the packaging.

Despite this, the EXPAWLORER mat was one of the costlier types we evaluated. We believe the Dog Gone Smart mat at the top of our list is a far better value for the money.


  • Absorbs a great deal of soil and water


  • Poor colour choice
  • Expensive
  • Slip-resistant backing is ineffective


Microfiber iPrimo Dog Door Mat



The iPrimio microfiber dog doormat‘s low pricing will certainly capture your eye initially. Next, you will likely notice the lackluster color options. One size is offered in two colors, which is a limited variety.

That would be excusable if this mat performed really well. It features a waterproof lining, something we have not seen on other mats. This may be a useful addition if you want to place this mat on a wooden floor and require additional protection for the flooring below.

During our testing, the non-slip coating on this mat was a joke and never kept it in place. The pattern on the mat was intended to resemble a pawprint, however on ours it was hardly discernible.

After being washed in the washing machine, the microfiber top of the mat lost all of its softness and turned quite harsh and scratchy. This dog doormat did not impress us, therefore we recommend spending your money on our bargain selection from SPOT instead.


  • Very inexpensive
  • Includes watertight lining


  • Just one size and two hues
  • Non-slip doesn’t function well
  • The fabric lost its softness after washing
  • The pawprint pattern cannot be seen


Meilocar Ultra Plush Carpet Pet Mat



This Meilocar mat, available in four colors and three sizes, is thick and soft enough to serve as your dog’s new bed. We value comfort, particularly when it comes to our exquisite furry pets.

However, the Meilocar mat never looked as attractive as others we evaluated, so we did not like putting it out in the house.

This item was extremely unstable when placed on a firm floor. On carpet, it frequently clumped and refused to lie flat.

Despite its shortcomings, this is one of the most expensive dog food alternatives we’ve tried. Overall, it’s not a bad mat, but it does not deliver as much value as comparable or even cheaper alternatives.


  • Comfortable enough to serve as a dog bed


  • Just three sizes and four hues
  • Frequent slipping
  • Frequent accumulations

How to Choose the Best Doormats for Dogs


Microfiber is frequently used for dog doormats because it readily absorbs liquids such as mud and snow. Typically, these doormats can be machine-washed, making them suitable for active dogs. Microfiber’s plush texture is adored by dogs.

Nonetheless, this content contains two problems. We can immediately identify the weave. This would be rather high for your door’s clearance. The problem is that microfibers lack the durability of other materials. They cannot manage sand as they can other materials.

Because they are extremely absorbent, they are perfect for dogs who enjoy playing in the mud or snow. It will not have an issue with puddles. You may also purchase one to place beneath your dog’s water bowl. You can even get one for your car.

Dog doormats may be constructed from a number of materials, however rubber is the optimal material. Cotton mats can be machine-washed, making them a practical and low-maintenance solution.

For example, coconut and jute fibers are ideal for dealing with abrasive substances such as sand and mud.


Obtain an exact measurement of the area where you wish to place the mat before making a purchase. Measure the distance between the door and the mat to ensure that the mat you select is not excessively thick.

As you attempt to open the door, the last thing you need is for your dog’s excited leash to become entangled in the mat. Because my door has very little clearance, I keep an outside mat as well as a mat in front of the entrance’s passage.

To guarantee that your dog treads on the mat and not the floor, you will need a mat that covers approximately 80% of the width of the entrance.

I would also propose placing a dog mat the full way to prevent your dog from having to take extra steps or get mud on its feet.

A doormat is a terrific method to guarantee that your dog has plenty of space to run around while entering your home.


I am always on the search for canine accessories that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. There are a range of options that are both elegant and appealing, so there is no need to choose between the two. There are several dog-themed designs available.


You may be amazed by the amount of information that can be compared on each of these dog doormats. Given the amount of material covered in these assessments, a concise summary is necessary.

We believe the DGSDDM3521 from Dog Gone Smart to be the greatest doormat overall. It is one of the most durable and absorbent mats that we have tried. There are four sizes and a number of color options available.

The SPOT 50010 microfiber dog mat is difficult to beat if you’re seeking the greatest value, which is why we suggest it in second place. Because it is highly absorbent, antibacterial, and anti-odor, it is easy to see why this is the most cost-effective option.

The Internet’s finest chenille dog pads have achieved our highest honor. It is soft enough to double as a dog bed, robust enough to be machine-dried, and has one of the best non-slip bottoms we’ve seen.

We think that all three will meet your expectations and keep your four-legged companions dry and comfortable.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) would like to thank our visitors for choosing our website to learn about and research the best doormats for dogs. We hope you’ve selected the ideal dog doormat for your home.

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