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The 11 Best Worms For Bearded Dragons

Your bearded dragon may not find it appealing to think of eating a writhing worm and feeling it wiggling in its stomach, but it may think it's as delicious as a perfectly cooked tenderloin perfect. Feeding your dragon worms is a simple way to ensure they get the balanced nutrition they need to grow, thrive, and enjoy a long, healthy life. Bearded dragons will consume a variety of other insects, so you're not limited to keeping them with worms. If you want to know which worm your dragon likes the most, what do you do? The variety of worms available, along with the variety of brands, can make choosing the right bait for your aquarium a daunting task. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has put hundreds of the best worms for bearded dragons through testing to find out which ones our bearded dragons prefer, so you don't have to. We hope that by reading the next nine reviews, you'll be able to provide your dragon with delicious worms like we did.


Bearded dragons can be nutritionally beneficial to eating worms because they come in many varieties. After trying every worm we could get our hands on, we’ve finally identified our three dragons’ top favorites.

A summary of these can be found in the BestForPets (bestforpets.org) best worms for bearded dragons reviews , but we’ll give you another summary here to ensure the right score .

We found that the Fluker 5 Star Chilled Dried Worms are the best for our dragons. Many high-fiber, low-fat, and high-protein foods are included in this mix.

To get the most out of our money, we get Fluker’s Gourmet Meals. If you’re looking for an inexpensive alternative to dead worms that still offers the health benefits of live worms, look no further than these fresh worms.

Munchies Mealworms of the Zilla reptile are our top picks. These dehydrated mealworms come packaged in a generously sized bag, so you can keep your dragon well-fed for a long time. They have a long shelf life and do not require refrigeration.


To sum it all up, the best freeze-dried mealworms you can get are Fluker’s Five-Star Medley

Bearded dragons, like many other species, do best on a balanced diet that includes a wide variety of foods.

With this in mind, Flukers has created the 5-Star Medley Freeze-Dried Mealworms, a mix of three distinct insects that will provide your dragon all of the essential nutrients it needs to thrive.

This mix of mealworms, crickets, and grasshoppers is an excellent method to give your dragon the insects it craves. Everything is ready to go for you to use.

If you just give your dragon the food in this jar, you may be assured that it is getting a balanced diet rich in protein, fat, and fiber. Ensure your dragon is getting the proper nourishment it needs with a diet that contains at least 56% crude protein.

Our only criticism is that we can’t find it in a size big enough for all of our dragons. Your dragon will not be well-nourished with only 1.8 ounces. Even still, our dragons overwhelmingly agree that this worm was their absolute favorite.


  • Multiple food sources are made available.
  • Packing a minimum of 56% crude protein
  • Good sources of fiber


  • Only a limited supply is available.

You can’t beat the price of a jar of Fluker’s Gourmet-Style Mealworms

Consider giving Fluker’s Gourmet-Style Mealworms a try if you’re shopping around for the best worms for bearded dragons. Small and very inexpensive, this can of worms is a steal.

More than a hundred mealworms are ready and waiting in the container to provide plenty nutrition for your dragon.

Interesting thing about these mealworms is that they’re new but not living. They’re maintained sealed and wet to make them seem like they’re still alive, but they aren’t. As a result, no worms will wriggle their way out of your fingers and onto the floor.

These worms won’t survive as long as dried worms, which is a drawback. They’ll keep in the fridge for approximately two to three weeks, although dried worms can sit on a shelf for months.

You may keep live worms in the fridge for months at a time. Even yet, the fresh mealworms we have here are the finest value because of how cheap they are and how easily accessible they are.


  • Provision of a Live Worm Diet
  • Worms that have already died are very useful in many ways.
  • Extremely cheap
  • Approximately one hundred worms in each can.


  • Keep in mind that it onl kyeeps for a week or two in the fridge.

Mealworms, the Premium Choice for Reptiles, from Zilla

Zilla Reptile Munchies Mealworms might be a good option if the ease of feeding your reptile is your top priority. You won’t have to deal with the hassles of feeding live insects to your lizards because these worms have already been dried.

However, not all dragons will chow down on worm corpses, so you’ll need to test the waters with your particular pet.

These worms have a long storage life and don’t need to be refrigerated, making them a great option for people who don’t like the thought of storing insects in those environments.

The amount of dried worms in the bag is disproportionate to its relatively little weight (3.75 ounces). If your dragon is willing to eat dried worms, you should have sufficient to last for a while.


  • Exceptional durability
  • Many worms to last for a while.
  • Absolutely no need for refrigeration
  • Easily within one’s financial means


  • Dried insects don’t work for all dragons.

Creatures Feed Live, Toxin-Loaded Superworms

Most dragons would rather eat a live worm than a dried one, although they’ll consume a wide variety of worms. The superworm is a particularly popular and nutritious worm among dragons.

To give your dragon the finest possible diet and feeding experience, get some of Critters Direct’s live superworms.

Although superworms may be found in sizes under an inch, they are best suited for adult dragons due to their rapid growth and big size. Be wary of getting pinched by superworms while feeding them.

Since superworms’ exoskeletons are more easily digested than mealworms’, they are a superior digestive food. The superworms are fed to the bearded dragons for 48 hours before to delivery, ensuring that they are stuffed with healthy food.

One hundred worms are included in the bundle, and you may find it difficult to use them all before they mature. In contrast to mealworms, superworms cannot survive cold temperatures and therefore cannot be stored in the refrigerator.


  • Size options are readily available
  • This set comes with one hundred worms.
  • To convey cargo, it is customary to gut pack it for 48 hours prior to departure.
  • Exoskeletons less brittle than those of mealworms


  • Compared to others, this one is rather pricey.
  • Radiant worms multiply rapidly.

The Mellonella Gallery Offers a Selection of Live Waxworms

Waxworms are a delicacy for bearded dragons that you may not be familiar with. In contrast to mealworms and superworms, which may be eaten on a daily basis, waxworms should not be utilized as a mainstay in your dragon’s diet and hence do not make our top ten list.

They’re too fatty to give to your dragon on a regular basis, but it’ll like them as a treat every once in a while.

If you put waxworms in the fridge at around 55-60 degrees, they will go into hibernation. To ensure your dragon receives all the health advantages from consuming live insects, you may keep them alive in storage using this method.

Indulging your dragon in the odd treat of 50 waxworms should last quite some time.


  • Excellent for feeding bearded dragons.
  • If kept at 55-60 degrees, it will go into a dormant state.


  • Fat content is higher in waxworms than in other worms.
  • Inadequate as a main course

Mealworms, fresh from Amzey AY109

Some of the advantages of fresh mealworms are the same as those of their living counterparts, such as a higher nutrient content compared to dried mealworms.

These worms have been preserved in storage since their deaths without being freeze-dried, therefore their nutritional value has been preserved as well. They were steam cleaned at high temperatures to eliminate any possibility of germs growing.

These mealworms are fresh, thus they come in a variety of little packets since they spoil more quickly than live or dried worms. Once a package is opened, the worms within have a limited shelf life and must be used quickly or they will spoil.

As far as worms go, Amzey Fresh Mealworms are very costly. It’s important to remember that certain bearded dragons just won’t consume dead things.

These worms are fresh, but many of our dragons refused to eat them, so we had to throw away a lot of money.


  • Bacteria-free thanks to a steam cleaning
  • Worms are preserved for extended periods of time when packaged individually.
  • Superior to freeze-dried in ease of feeding


  • It’s a common misconception that all dragons gorge on worm corpses.
  • Pricey compared to other brands of mealworms

Premium Dried Bloodmeal-Dried Pet Hornworms

Bearded dragons, like humans, do best when they don’t consume the same thing every day. To add some variety to your pet’s diet, consider hornworms, like these Premium Live Hornworms from DBDPet.

Due to their low protein content, hornworms are best reserved as a special treat for your dragon rather than a regular part of its diet.

Your dragon will get more enjoyment and nourishment from eating live worms like these. Keeping live worms, especially hornworms, which develop rapidly, might be more challenging.

It’s recommended to feed them sparingly because they’re more expensive than regular worms.

You can count on these worms to arrive alive and ready to eat. 20-30 worms, each between 0.25 and 0.5 inches long, will be provided.

Growing them to a greater size for feeding adult dragons is simple, but it may take some time depending on how well you care for the worms along the way.


  • Assured safe arrival in one piece
  • Can be expanded to any size desired.
  • Various sized worms are included.
  • This is a fantastic way to give your dragon a taste of something new!


  • Expense and inconvenience of storage
  • Growth rates of hornworms are quite rapid.
  • When compared to other worms, they have a lower protein content.

Mealworms for Trade on TradeKing

Many captive bearded dragons rely on a diet of dried mealworms, and TradeKing makes it simple to stock up on a year’s worth of supply.

Choose from convenient bulk sizes ranging from one to five pounds, all at an excellent price per portion. While these worms will provide some nutrition for your dragon, the nutrient density per serving may not compare well to the benefits provided by live worms.

Since they are already dried, these worms do not require refrigeration and may be stored for an extended period of time. However, it would be difficult to store such a large quantity of worms since they are bulky and may spoil before you can utilize them.

Only about a third of our dragons would eat these dried worms. Those aren’t fantastic odds, so if you aren’t positive your dragon enjoys dried worms, you might want to start with a lower quantity.

That way, if your dragon doesn’t like them, you won’t have to waste a ton of money buying them.


  • Sufficient for a very long duration of dragon feeding.
  • There are a variety of case quantities to choose from.
  • Delivers a reasonable cost per portion
  • Absolutely no need for refrigeration


  • Even after dry, it’s hard to keep
  • Dried worms are rejected by many dragons.
  • It lacks the nutritional value of real worms.

Live Mealworms from Bassett’s Cricket Ranch

Bassett’s Cricket Ranch Live Mealworms are available in packages containing 2,100 live worms, which is more than enough to satisfy our passion of bulk purchasing.

To put it bluntly, it’s excessive here. The advantages to our dragon from eating these live worms are great, but we don’t think the drawbacks are worth it.

It is quite challenging to keep 2,100 live worms in storage. They will keep very well in the fridge for months. But are you sure you want to stock your fridge with that many mealworms?

Even if you don’t mind eating with millions of bugs on your meal, that’s a lot of room to give up.

It’s more of an upfront expenditure due to the quantity of worms you receive. Even while the price per meal is good, it will take your bearded dragon a very long time to devour 2,100 worms, and in the meantime, your refrigerator will be useless. Do you think that delaying gratification to save money is a good idea? Not in our opinion.


  • Offers the nutritional advantages of fresh produce


  • Tough to stow
  • Has an excessive amount of worms.
  • more expensive than most meals in the beginning

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