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The 8 Best Dog Bark Collars In 2024

Excessive barking in dogs can be a concern. Explore dog bark collars, a solution to address this issue and maintain a harmonious environment.

When a dog thinks it has the right to bark at anything, it will do so continuously, every day. It is important to investigate the many solutions available for training a barking dog.

One common method for dealing with dog barking problems is the use of a bark collar, which can immediately stop any barking behavior.

However, finding the ideal bark collar for your dog can be a challenge. Luckily, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has researched and rated the best dog bark collars in detail here. 

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Image Product View on Amazon
1 NPS No Shock Bark Collar NPS No Shock Bark Collar View on Amazon
2 SBC-10 SportDOG Programmable Dog Bark Collar SBC-10 SportDOG Programmable Dog Bark Collar View on Amazon
3 Collar for Dog Barking by DogRook Collar for Dog Barking by DogRook View on Amazon
4 PetYeah Anti-Barking Dog Collar PetYeah Anti-Barking Dog Collar View on Amazon
5 K9 RESPONSIBILITY AB01 Anti-Barking Vest K9 RESPONSIBILITY AB01 Anti-Barking Vest View on Amazon
6 Bark Collar Authen Q7 Bark Collar Authen Q7 View on Amazon
7 Pawious Dog Collar, Rechargeable, No Shock, Humane Pawious Dog Collar, Rechargeable, No Shock, Humane View on Amazon
8 Chargeable Bark Collar for Dogs and Cats by SparklyPets Chargeable Bark Collar for Dogs and Cats by SparklyPets View on Amazon


1. NPS No Shock Bark Collar

NPS No Shock Bark Collar for Small to Large Dogs - model B-2020

View on Amazon

The NPS No Shock Bark Collar is an effective and humane way to curb excessive barking in dogs.

This collar features an automatic adjustment setting that increases in intensity with each bark, training your dog to stop barking without using painful shocks.

It has seven levels of vibration intensity that rotate for optimal results. The collar is suitable for dogs weighing between 6 and 120 pounds, including those with thicker coats or larger neck measurements.

Made of durable nylon material, this collar is waterproof and perfect for active dogs.

However, it has a limited range and may pick up the barking of other dogs in the area, so it’s essential to avoid specific areas if your dog is sensitive to noise.

The collar has a hands-free design, and its Smart Chip microprocessor detects barking and automatically adjusts the intensity until your dog stops.

The collar is triggered only by your dog’s bark, preventing false triggers and confusion during the training process.

Additionally, the hypoallergenic fabric collar is fully adjustable and designed to distribute the anti-bark device’s light weight across the scruff area of the neck, making it comfortable for your pet to wear.

In conclusion, the NPS No Shock Bark Collar is an excellent choice for dog owners looking for a high-quality bark control device. It is an effective and humane way to train your dog to stop excessive barking without causing harm.


Escalates with every bark

7 varying vibrational intensities

Compact and water-resistant construction

Dogs between 6 and 120 pounds may use it safely.


Canine sounds in the area might potentially be picked up.

Some canines are totally immune to vibration.

2. SBC-10 SportDOG Programmable Dog Bark Collar

SportDOG Brand NoBark Rechargeable Bark Control Collar

View on Amazon

The SportDOG SBC-10 Programmable Bark Collar is an elegant and sophisticated option for dog owners who want a high-quality bark collar.

This collar is designed to withstand any climate or environment, as it can withstand rain, snow, and submersion of up to 25 feet.

With its 10 levels of static stimulation, this collar can be adjusted to suit your dog’s individual needs and requirements, making it an effective and humane way to train your dog to stop excessive barking.

It also features three selectable modes of operation: Temperament Learning, Progressive Correction, and User Selected. These modes allow you to choose the type of bark control that works best for your dog’s temperament.

The collar is suitable for dogs weighing over 8 pounds and can accommodate neck measurements up to 22 inches in circumference.

However, it is more expensive than typical bark collars, and its battery life is limited per charge, which may become an issue if the battery expires unexpectedly.

Overall, the SportDOG SBC-10 Programmable Bark Collar is an excellent option for dog owners who want a high-quality bark collar that is effective and humane.

It features patented technology that quickly determines your dog’s unique barking style and filters out all the rest to avoid false corrections.

Additionally, it is waterproof and submersible up to 10 feet, and its rechargeable lithium-ion battery charges in 2 hours and lasts up to 200 hours per charge.


The ability to withstand being submerged in water

10 adjustable stim intensities

Barking may be discouraged with progressive correction.

For canines with a neck circumference or weight of up to 22 inches


Slightly on the pricy side

Lackluster endurance from batteries

3. Collar for Dog Barking by DogRook

DogRook Dog Bark Collar - Rechargeable Smart Anti Barking Collar for Dogs

View on Amazon

The DogRook bark collar is an excellent option for dog owners who want a humane and effective way to train their dogs to stop excessive barking. This collar uses vibrations, not shocks, to stop barking, which won’t harm your dog physically.

Made of durable nylon material, this collar is adjustable to fit most dogs and can support dogs weighing between 10 and 110 pounds. It comes with two paw print plates that allow you to customize it to your taste.

The DogRook Bark Collar combines two vibration modes and seven sound levels to deliver progressive bark training while remaining a no-shock bark collar. Its smart microphone responds to your dog’s unique bark, preventing unnecessary triggers.

This bark collar is rechargeable and waterproof, with a battery life of up to 14 days. It is also resistant to rain, snow, and splashes, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Overall, the DogRook Bark Collar is an excellent option for dog owners who want a humane and effective way to train their dogs to stop excessive barking.

It is adjustable to fit dogs with necks up to 22 inches and is suitable for dogs weighing between 10 and 110 pounds. Additionally, it comes with prong covers for long-haired breeds, making it effective for dogs of all sizes.


There are 7 different controls.

Suitable for canines weighing 10 to 110 pounds.

2 unique plates with paw prints


Batteries can’t be charged and used again

Not sturdy or long-lasting

Not a watertight dog muzzle

4. PetYeah Anti-Barking Dog Collar

PetYeah Dog Bark Collar-5 Adjustable Sensitivity and Intensity Levels-Dual Anti-Barking Modes

View on Amazon

The PetYeah Bark Collar is an option for dog owners who want a more severe punishment when their dogs bark excessively.

This collar features five sensitivity settings that allow the shock to be tailored to your dog’s size and reaction, reducing the likelihood of injury.

The collar is designed to withstand the elements and features a waterproof construction and rechargeable battery.

The intelligent identification chip can safely and effectively filter out other unrelated sounds and prevent false triggering.

The collar contains a built-in USB rechargeable battery that can be fully charged in about 2-3 hours, providing up to 10 days of use.

However, it’s important to note that large dogs or canines with dense undercoats may be immune to the shock and vibration. Additionally, the battery life may be shorter compared to other rechargeable bark collars.

The main issue with this collar is that it appears to be produced with low-quality materials, giving it a fragile appearance and feel.

Overall, while the PetYeah Bark Collar has some useful features, such as the intelligent identification chip and rechargeable battery, it may not be the most durable or effective option on the market.

Dog owners may want to consider the TBI and Montaur versions, which are known for their high-quality and effective behavior control.


There are 5 different sensitivity settings.

Use with or without electric current.

The battery can be recharged and it is waterproof.


Defeats by large dogs are beyond my strength.

Lackluster endurance from batteries

Low-cost, high-quality plastic

5. K9 RESPONSIBILITY AB01 Anti-Barking Vest

DOG CARE Automatic Bark collar - Comfortable dog bark collar, Easy to use with beep

View on Amazon

The DOG CARE AB01 Bark Collar is an option for dog owners who want a bark collar that uses both shock and vibration and can be worn with or without the shock setting, depending on their dog’s preference.

This collar features an automatic adjustment mechanism that can help prevent incessant barking.

The DOG CARE Bark Collar has five levels of shock sensitivity that can be selected to adapt to your dog’s response and comfort level.

It’s also equipped with a useful LED light that glows red when the power is running low.

However, this collar may not be suitable for dogs under 20 pounds, and its low-quality materials and fragile design may make it ineffective for larger dogs.

Additionally, this collar may be triggered by nearby dogs and accidentally startle your dog, especially dogs of similar breed or size. Dog owners who are searching for a reliable and risk-free model may want to look elsewhere.

The DOG CARE AB01 Bark Collar is simple and easy to use, allowing dog owners to leave the collar on their dogs while they’re away at work or on a date.

It features two humane training modes that are efficient and effective for correcting your dog’s uncontrollable barking behaviors.

There are also five adjustable sensitivity levels that allow you to customize the suitable sensitivity level in different stages of your dog’s barking.

This collar also features an automatic shut-off and safety protection, protecting your dog from excessive shock. With the magic auto-off protection function, you can feel relaxed letting your dog wear this bark collar alone.

Additionally, the collar is designed with anti-interference technology, intelligently ignoring and filtering out noise from other barking dogs.

Overall, the DOG CARE AB01 Bark Collar is a humane and useful option for dog owners looking to train their dogs to stop excessive barking.


Barking may be automatically adjusted for with this clever add-on.

5 stages of shock sensitivity

LED light indication for low battery


Avoid if your dog weighs less than 20 pounds.

Cheap quality materials and design

Potentially provoked by dogs in the area

6. Bark Collar Authen Q7

Q7 Pro - Professional Bark Collar Rechargeable

View on Amazon

Dog owners who are struggling with their pet’s excessive barking may want to consider the Authen Q7 Bark Collar , an electric collar designed to address this issue.

This collar features a mechanism with five preset shock settings, allowing dog owners to find the one that is most suitable for their dog’s tolerance and safety. The collar also includes a rechargeable battery, eliminating the need for frequent battery replacements.

While the nylon collar can be adjusted to fit various dog neck sizes, its inconsistent vibration and impact patterns may make it less effective compared to other bark collars.

This type of collar may not be reliable for use in severe environments, and larger dogs may not sense any impact at all, making it ineffective for barking control.

The TBI Pro Collar is a high-quality bark collar that features technology to minimize inadvertent shocks, making it a better option for dog owners. The collar’s latest version features an Intelligent Anti-Injury Chip and innovative upgrades.

It has five levels of adjustable sensitivity and three training modes, including beep, vibration, and gentle, safe shock (with a no-shock mode also available).

The adjustable digital screen displays the level of vibration, shock, and sensitivity, allowing dog owners to choose the appropriate mode for their dog’s behavior and nature.

The collar also includes an intelligent barking detection system that prevents false triggering, ensuring that only your dog’s barking can trigger the collar and not other nearby dogs’ barking.

The collar’s built-in no-bark receiver features an automatic protection mode that deactivates the collar if it is activated seven times in one minute, ensuring your pet’s safety.

It resumes its functionality after one minute. Additionally, the collar is designed with IPX7 waterproof material, making it safe for use indoors and outdoors in any weather conditions, but it is best to take the collar off while swimming.

Overall, the TBI Pro Collar is a reliable and safe option for dog owners looking to address their pet’s excessive barking.


Five varying degrees of jolt

Collar made of nylon that you may tighten or loosen as

Preinstalled battery allows for easy recharging


Neither constantly shocks nor vibrates

Larger canines may be unable to perceive sensation.

Waterproofing claims are made in the ads.

7. Pawious Dog Collar, Rechargeable, No Shock, Humane

Small Dog Bark Collar - Humane No Shock

View on Amazon

Dog owners who are searching for a humane, no-shock barking collar for their small or medium-sized dogs may want to consider the Pawious Humane No Shock Rechargeable Anti-Barking Collar .

This collar is designed without any bothersome prongs that might puncture your dog’s neck, making it the most humane option available.

The collar features seven progressive levels of sound and vibration, which are an efficient way to train dogs and are effective for about 95% of small or medium dogs.

The collar is designed not to react to barks of other dogs, avoiding any unfair beeps and vibrations. It also includes appropriate collar size, sensors, and vibration tone intensity.

However, the Pawious collar has some issues with inconsistency in bark correction, which can delay bark conditioning. The collar may also be activated by loud sounds, which can confuse your dog.

Additionally, the strongest setting is relatively moderate for correction, making it less effective for larger dogs weighing over 80 lbs.

The collar is made of low-quality plastic and may break after only a few uses, making it less durable compared to other barking collars.

As such, we recommend testing other, more reputable noise control devices before settling on the Pawious collar.

The collar comes with four different color faceplates that can be changed to match your preferences or your dog’s color or gender.

It is also rechargeable and rainproof, with a fast-charging battery and an energy-saving sleep mode that activates after one minute of no barking. Your dog can wear it safely in the rain without any concerns.

Overall, the Pawious Humane No Shock Rechargeable Anti-Barking Collar may be a suitable option for dog owners of small or medium-sized dogs who are looking for a humane and no-shock barking collar.

However, it may not be the most effective or durable option available in the market.


Comfortable, prong-free design

There are 7 tiers of vibrational intensity.


Low-quality plastic and a shoddy design.

Discrepancies in correcting barking

Activated by intense sounds

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work as well on larger dogs.

8. Chargeable Bark Collar for Dogs and Cats by SparklyPets

SparklyPets Smart Rechargeable Bark Collar Large Dog Shock

View on Amazon

Dog owners who are looking for a humane bark collar for their pets may consider the SparklyPets Rechargeable Humane Bark Collar .

The device features two training modes and five shock intensities that allow customization to the individual learning style and requirements of each dog.

The collar can be utilized with or without the shock component of the howl training, making it suitable for dogs that do not require the jolt feature.

However, we identified some issues with the collar that could arise from this paradigm.

The device may get agitated and start barking when it hears other canines barking, even if they do not sound like your dog.

This can potentially lead to disorientation and distress, which can develop into more severe behavioral issues.

Additionally, the collar may be ineffective as a training instrument for some dogs, even on the highest level. Although it claims to be waterproof, its fragile construction raises doubts about using it in or near water.

The battery life of the collar is also relatively short compared to other comparable models, making it less practical for extended use.

We recommend considering one of our top three recommendations instead of searching high and low for an impermeable bark collar.

The SparklyPets Rechargeable Humane Bark Collar features upgraded Q9 technology to avoid false triggering from other dogs and humane beep vibration levels that can stop barking even before the no-harm shock.

It has two training modes: only beep + vibration and beep + vibration + harmless static shock, which can be changed by pressing the mode button.

The collar is designed to be 100% waterproof and shockproof for extra durability, with a 100% adjustable design suitable for any small, medium, or large dog and all dog breeds.

It is rechargeable and can be charged for 1-2 hours, providing up to 15 barkless nights and relaxing mornings.

SparklyPets is an American family business that prides itself on providing tested and premium pet products, with U.S.-based customer support available for any issues.

The company designed the 2020 rechargeable no-shock bark collar after testing it on over 500 dogs, using intelligent 6-step training software to bring peace of mind and avoid any shocks.


2 different types of workouts and 5 progressively difficult levels

It’s safe to use, and not shocking


Cues from neighboring barking dogs

Possibly insufficient strength

Insufficient battery life

Promoted as being watertight

Buyer's Guide

The sensor on a bark collar detects excessive barking.

When the collar detects that your dog is barking too much, a correction is administered to discourage the behavior.

This negative reinforcement teaches your dog not to bark by associating an unpleasant sensation or consequence with excessive barking.

To train your dog safely and effectively, however, you must select the proper bark collar. This includes determining the optimal type, sensor type, and other features that will be most useful in educating your companion.

1. Collar design

Bark collars are available with a variety of corrective stimuli to prevent excessive barking.

While all types of collars are potentially effective, you may feel more comfortable using some forms of negative reinforcement on your dog than others.

Static bark collars emit a brief discharge of static electricity when they detect excessive barking. If a dog continues to bark, certain models increase the intensity of the pulse.

Many veterinarians, trainers, and pet owners believe that static bark collars are not the best option because they can confuse the dog, who may respond by barking more in response to the pulsation.

Some research indicates that even though static electricity is minimal, it can cause tissue injury.

Vibration bark collars begin to vibrate when they detect excessive barking. The vibrations are comparable to the vibrate mode on a mobile phone, so the collar will not harm your dog.

These collars are considered a more humane alternative to static bark collars, though they tend to be more effective on dogs with short hair who are more sensitive to the vibrations.

When excessive barking is detected, ultrasonic bark collars emit a high-pitched sound that only canines can hear. They are an alternative to static bark collars that is more humane, but they can be triggered by adjacent sounds. Over time, dogs can also become accustomed to the sound and learn to ignore it.

Spray bark collars generate a fine mist that discourages excessive barking by hitting the dog. The majority of models use a solution containing citronella because dogs dislike its odor.

However, depending on where the citronella mist strikes the dog, it may cause ocular irritation. Plain water models may not be as effective, but they will not irritate your dog.

The problem with spray bark collars is that some dogs learn to deplete the collar’s misting solution by excessive barking.

2. Dog dimensions and weight

Most bark collars are designed for canines of a specific size and weight. Like any collar, you must select a model that fits your dog’s neck circumference.

Measure your companion with a measuring instrument, such as a tape measure, and compare the result to the size specifications.

If the collar is adjustable, you can purchase a slightly larger collar and cinch it to fit your dog’s neck snugly.

To ensure that a bark collar is safe and effective, collars are often sold according to weight. This is because a 10-pound dog requires a less intense static collar pulse than an 80-pound dog.

Check the weight range listed on any potential bark collar to ensure that your dog can safely wear it.

“Discover the top 15 best bark collars for large dogs, ensuring effective barking control. Read more at BestForPets.org!”

3. Sensor design

A bark collar is equipped with a sensor that detects when a dog is barking.

Some collars contain a vibration sensor that detects the vibration of a dog’s vocal chords, while others contain a sound sensor that can detect the sound of barking.

Vibration sensors may not be sensitive enough to detect all barking, while sound sensors may be overly sensitive and activate the collar whenever they detect disturbances in the vicinity of your dog.

Some collars feature dual sensors, which usually provide the highest degree of precision. However, dual-sensor bark collars are usually more expensive.

4. Adjustability

Regardless of the type of sensor you choose, select a bark collar with adjustable sensitivity.

The more sensitivity levels a collar provides, the better you can fine-tune the device so that it only activates when your dog barks.

5. Battery selection

The sensor and behavior modification mechanism of a bark collar must be powered by a battery.

Some collars utilize standard replaceable batteries, such as AAA or AA, while others feature rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that can operate for up to 70 hours without requiring recharging.

Most pet owners find rechargeable batteries more convenient because they eliminate the need to purchase replacement batteries for dog training.

6. Remote control

Although bark collars are primarily designed to rectify a dog’s excessive howling, they can also be used to train your dog to avoid engaging in other undesirable behaviors.

Some models allow you to actuate the collar with a remote control to rectify behaviors other than barking, instead of waiting for the sensor to activate.

This feature may be ideal if you also wish to discourage your dog from engaging in undesirable behaviors, such as leaping on furniture or escaping the yard.

7. Water repellency

Choosing a water-resistant bark collar is crucial if you have an active dog. It enables the collar to continue functioning even when your dog is in the water, during a downpour, or while receiving a bath.

8. Prices

The price of bark collars varies according to their sensors, sensitivity, and special features. Most bark collars cost between $10 and $280.

The least expensive bark collars utilize a single type of bark deterrent and offer no more than 10 levels of adjustment. They typically operate on replaceable batteries, have few special features, and range in price from $10 to $55.

Medium-priced bark collars typically feature two or more bark deterrent options and up to 50 levels of adjustability. They are typically powered by rechargeable batteries, feature remote access, and cost between $55 and $165.

The most expensive bark collars provide at least three bark deterrent options and up to 100 levels of adjustability. They operate on rechargeable batteries, have remote access, a submersible design, and range in price from $165 to $265.

How to Stop Your Dog from Barking

When it comes to training your dog to do anything or to stop a behavior, patience is the first thing to keep in mind.

Patience and consistency will assist your dog in developing good behavior or stopping disruptive behavior. As long as you remain consistent and employ appropriate techniques, your dog will undoubtedly make progress.

When you yell at your dog while they’re barking, they assume you’re in on it. You are barking, it’s barking, and everyone else is barking as well!

Instead of elevating your voice when your dog is howling, choose a softer but firm tone of voice and use a command word such as “quiet.”

Positive reinforcement for appropriate behavior is also an excellent opportunity to incorporate treats into the training process, as your dog will begin to form positive associations between the word quiet, their peaceful behavior, and the reward they receive for remaining quiet.

However, you should never give your dog a treat while it is howling, as this can utterly confuse them and disrupt your training.

After ensuring that your dog has stopped howling in response to your command, you can then proceed with giving them a treat.

Make sure it’s something they find irresistible so that they are motivated to follow your instructions. Providing your dog with a great deal of daily physical activity is another method for reducing excessive howling.

This could involve trips to the dog park, neighborhood outings, or arranging play sessions with other dogs. A fatigued dog is significantly less likely to howl as a result of having expended their energy reserves for the day.

In addition, always nip undesirable behavior in the bud. Do not wait weeks or months before attempting to modify the behavior. These behaviors require urgent attention.

Dogs bark for a variety of reasons, so if your dog is howling excessively, ensure that it is not due to a medical condition.

Once you have received veterinarian clearance, you can focus on behavior modification with consistent training and the use of the best bark collars as needed.


1. What is the difference between a bark collar and a shock collar?

Shock collars are used for a wider variety of training applications, including obedience, off-leash training, and behavior modification. Bark collars are specifically designed to address excessive barking.

2. Do vets recommend bark collars?

No, veterinarians do not recommend bark collars as the first line of defense against a barking problem, particularly when the barking is motivated by fear, anxiety, or compulsion. Anti-bark collars are punishment devices and should only be used as a last resort when other methods have failed.

3. Do anti-bark collars really work?

Optional. Veterinary professionals doubt the effectiveness of anti-bark collars, and a study conducted at Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine found that some dogs’ barking activity did not decrease after wearing an electric bark collar.

The efficacy of anti-bark collars can vary depending on the individual dog and the underlying cause of its barking behavior.

4. Can I leave a bark collar on all day?

Optional. It is not advised to leave a bark collar on your dog throughout the day. A dog may wear a bark collar for a maximum of twelve hours per day. It is essential to consistently use the collar to resolve excessive barking during specific time periods.

5. What are the negatives of bark collars?

Electric shock collars are linked to fear, anxiety, phobia, learned helplessness, and damage to the human-animal bond. Citronella collars have also been associated with severe distress reactions, including hiding and quivering.

6. Do dog trainers use bark collars?

Yes, some dog trainers use electric collars for negative reinforcement training. The collars are used to cue the dog, and electric shocks are administered until the dog demonstrates the desired behavior.

However, the use of shock collars for training is a contentious issue, and many trainers favor positive reinforcement techniques instead.

7. Which dog barks quietest?

Quiet dog breed #1: Basenji. The basenji is known as the “barkless dog,” most likely due to the unusual structure of their larynx, which makes it nearly impossible for them to bark.

8. How do I choose an anti bark collar?

The first consideration should be the breed and size of your dog. For an anti-bark collar to be effective, it must fit snugly around the dog’s neck (a good indicator is when only one finger can fit between the collar and the dog’s neck), so having the correct size collar is crucial.


After researching and testing several models, we decided the NPS No Shock Bark Necklace is the best choice for most people.

If you’re looking for a reliable bark necklace, look no further than this necklace with a rechargeable battery and infinitely variable settings.

When considering price and quality, the SBC-10 SportDOG Programmable Dog Shell Collar comes out on top. It’s basically the same as TBI, except cheaper.

If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to put an end to your dog’s incessant barking after reading our reviews. With your dog’s safety in mind, we’ve investigated the market to find the most reliable products.

To avoid unnecessary injury or damage, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using a bark control collar. If you are unsure of how to properly leash your dog, consult a dog trainer. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) wishes you luck in your search for the best dog bark collars for your pet.

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