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The 11 Best Artificial Grass For Dogs

Grass is a dog's paradise, where they can run, play, and do somersaults.

It takes a lot of work to keep the grass looking good, and your dog may not get enough exercise if you have to cancel playtime due to bad weather.

To further complicate matters, some dogs refuse to venture outdoors when it's pouring or snowing.

In either case, synthetic turf is a practical and attractive option. Low-maintenance artificial grass is a good choice for dog-specific bathrooms or play areas.

Based on feedback from real pet owners, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled a list of the best artificial grass for dogs.

How to Find the Finest Man-Made Grass for Your Dogs

There is no shortage of fake grass products available, but not all of them are equivalent. Some factors to keep in mind when shopping for synthetic grass for your dog are listed below.


Plastic, the material most commonly used to make fake grass, might contain carcinogenic substances. Although lead is obviously a major issue, other compounds, such as perfluorooctanoic acid, should be monitored as well (PFAs).

These compounds, sometimes referred to as “forever chemicals,” have been linked to cancer and other serious health problems.

Artificial grass should be selected with care to ensure that it is both child and pet friendly. If you have a dog, it’s important to do this since they may eat the grass.


Keeping up with real grass’s maintenance requirements is a hassle, while artificial grass requires almost no upkeep whatsoever.

It only has to be cleaned with soap and water every so often, and it doesn’t require any regular maintenance like trimming or watering.

Urine is a common source of unpleasant odors, therefore it’s important to buy fake grass that has a drainage system to collect fluids and keep it contained.


Cheaper fake grass may be appealing, but high-quality grass will last far longer in the long run. Your dog’s usage of the grass will cause it to wear down over time.

It could be worthwhile to invest in higher-quality equipment if doing so means spending less time maintaining it between uses and fewer times washing it.


It’s possible that a smaller grass pad might suffice for housetraining a dog on artificial grass. Since the pad is designed for use indoors, it may be too large for your needs.

You should look at larger grass pads or expansion pads if you have a large dog or if you want to allow your dog grass to play with.


Clean, practical, and cozy, artificial grass for dogs is a win-win solution for pets and owners. Artificial grass is a great alternative to puppy pads, whether you’re cleaning a puppy’s house, providing your dog’s indoor play space, or setting one up. potty for an older, uncontrolled dog.

Overall, we recommend the Coziwow Indoor Potty Training Pads. Including everything you need, the Piddle Place Indoor and Outdoor Super Bundle is the best choice for artificial turf. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes you can find the best artificial grass for dogs for your pets.


Winner: The Coziwow Indoor Grass Portable Pee Turf Patch Dog Potty Trainer Pad

  • Options for Sizing Pads in sizes 25″ x 20″ and 30″ x 20″
  • Medium, small breeds
  • Material Plastic
  • Needs Assembling/Specified Instruments
  • No/No

Best fake grass for dogs is the Coziwow Indoor Grass Portable Pee Turf Patch Dog Potty Trainer Pad. The pad is made of synthetic turf that mimics the sight of natural grass in order to aid with housebreaking.

The three-layer design of the grass allows moisture to percolate through to a lower grid tray, keeping the grass from becoming soggy and causing smells.

Apartments, dorm rooms, and condo balconies are ideal locations for the indoor pee turf patch. The pad can also serve as a backup shelter for your pet in the event of bad weather.

As an added bonus, you may use the pad as a doormat to keep your dog from bringing dirt inside after playing outside. The pad may be disassembled and cleaned without any effort. Reviews have varied on whether or not the pad retains its pee scent after washing and how soon it falls apart.


  • There are three layers for liquid absorption.
  • Simple to take apart and wash
  • Suitable for use in small spaces such as flats and dormitories


  • Urine odor lingers
  • Easily broken


The Piddle Place Indoor & Outdoor Dog Potty Super Bundle is the Best Option for Your Pet

  • Options for Sizing 30” x 19” pad
  • There is a size and breed difference for
  • Material Plastic
  • Needs Assembling/Specified Instruments
  • No/No

To get the best artificial grass, you should get the Piddle Place Indoor & Outdoor Dog Potty Super Bundle. After some initial training, your dog will look forward to using the grass pad, and it will provide him with some relief during your long days at the office.

Cleaning the permeable grass mat is a breeze since it can be washed in the washing machine. You can easily dispose of your dog’s waste by snapping off the base and emptying it into the toilet. Disposable pee pads and a snap-on lid make assembly a breeze.

Piddle Place Portable Pet Potty, Protective Splash Guard, Bio+Turf Treatment Spray, and 9 weeks of Bio+Concentrate to neutralize odors are all included in the full system. Not all dog owners have success getting their pet to utilize the pad.


  • Complete plumbing setup for an indoor bathroom
  • Reducing odors
  • To be washed in a washing machine


  • There are some dogs who won’t use it.


The Pee Turf Portable Dog Potty Trainer from Downtown Pet Supply is Ideal for Young Dogs

  • Both 25″ and 30″ widths and heights are available.
  • Tiny in size as a breed
  • Material Plastic
  • Needs Assembling/Specified Instruments
  • No/No

The Pee Turf Portable Dog Potty Trainer from Downtown Pet Supply is ideal for canine youngsters. Your dog will learn to use the grass instead of the fake stuff because it looks and feels so much like the real thing.

Having the pad at home reduces the amount of time needed for training and allows for the use of odor-eliminating treatments to prevent any unsavory odors.

There’s a removable layer beneath the mat that collects any spills, making cleanup a breeze, and the pad itself is washable in hot soapy water.

The water- and weather-resistant pad is great for use as a home training aid or outside on a balcony or patio. The best part is that you can take the pad with you wherever you and your puppy go to help reinforce the training.

However, some reviewers advised holding off on introducing your puppy to the grass until after the puppy has outgrown the chewing stage.


  • Seemingly authentic in appearance and texture to natural grass
  • As a housebreaking tool, it’s excellent.
  • Deodorizing therapy


  • This is not a chewable product.


Dogs can use the PetSafe Pet Loo wherever they go, indoors or out

  • Choose between available sizes of 24.5″ x 24.5″
  • Medium-sized breeds
  • Material Plastic
  • Needs Assembling/Specified Instruments
  • No/No

If you don’t have easy access to taking your dog outside regularly, the PetSafe Pet Loo Portable Indoor & Outdoor Dog Potty is a great option for you.

The top layer is designed to appear and feel like genuine grass, while yet allowing urine to filter through to the reinforced foundation underneath. The base is angled slightly to direct urine into a trash can that can be easily removed for disposal and cleaning.

Pet Loo with Slanted Tray and Reinforced Base, Synthetic Grass Mat, Collection Bin, Pee-Pod Liner, Wee Sponge Urine and Odor Absorber, and Grass Mat Clips are all included in the complete set.

When the pads eventually wear out, you may reorder new ones and keep using the same kit. Some reviewers claimed it was a good option for their pets, while others said it was too flimsy.


  • Pad and insert included; whole set
  • Fast and simple cleanup
  • Good for canine males


  • Flimsy


Canine Potty Training Mat with Fake Grass Surface for Adobe Pets

  • Possible Sizes are 20″ x 16″
  • Medium, small breeds
  • Material Plastic
  • Needs Assembling/Specified Instruments
  • No/No

If you need a potty mat for a puppy or an incontinent dog, consider the Pet Adobe Puppy Faux Grass Potty Trainer Mat. You can take this mat almost anywhere, as it will fit in your porch, patio, sunroom, RV, or workplace.

The antimicrobial insert quickly collects urine for easy cleanup, and the synthetic grass top makes it feel like you’re playing on real grass.

The entire system is washable with mild detergent and water, and the inserts can be swapped out when they become worn. Puppies or dogs of a similar size will enjoy the turf.

Users pointed out that the pad is rather small and thus may only be suitable for toy or small breeds, and that its design makes it difficult to clean.


  • Suitable for toy breeds and small dogs.
  • Antibacterial sleeve
  • Sweep and wash


  • Canine sizes larger than miniatures are too bulky.
  • It’s a pain to take apart and wash.

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