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Cat Hiding Under The Bed: 7 Likely Reasons

As a cat owner, you've probably witnessed your kitty lurking beneath your bed on a few of occasions. It is typical for cats to hide, but it may appear that your kitty is spending an excessive amount of time underneath the bed. Should you thus be concerned?

There are a number of reasons why your cat may hide beneath your bed, including security, nervousness, and illness. There are a few instances in which you should keep a watch on your pet or try to persuade them out.

Continue reading "Cat Hiding Under the Bed: 7 Likely Reasons" by BestForPets (bestforpets.org) to discover why your cat may be lurking beneath your bed.

The 7 Reasons Your Cat Is Hiding Under the Bed

1. They’re Afraid

Fear is one of the primary causes our feline companions hide beneath the bed (or elsewhere). Whether they are new to the household and are apprehensive of their new surroundings and family, or they are terrified of a human, another animal, loud noises, or something else, hiding beneath the bed provides them with a sense of comfort.

In addition, being beneath the bed enables them to evaluate the “danger” from a distance and determine how terrifying it truly is.

If your cat is hiding under the bed due to fear, it is best to leave it alone until it is ready to come out.

2. They Feel Secure

Not only can cats feel more protected beneath our beds when they are frightened, but this location may also help them feel more secure. They are certain that nothing can sneak up on them when they are hiding there, whether for a nap or another purpose. Consider it feline instinct.

This is why cats love residing in small, confined areas. It simply feels safer than being outside in the open. If your cat sleeps frequently below the bed, it may just be its preferred sleeping location.

3. They’re Craving Time Alone

You are aware that cats will only interact with you on their terms, not yours. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that a cat occasionally hides under the bed because it desires solitude. Especially if there are other pets in the home, under the bed is a great place to escape the chaos.

As long as you don’t notice any signs of illness or distress, allow your pet to spend as much time as they want under the bed so they can get the alone time they desire.

4. They’re Anxious or Stressed

Similar to when they are afraid, cats may hide beneath the bed when they are worried or agitated. They are distancing themselves from you and the rest of the family by doing so. But, this will not be the sole indication of anxiousness. Stressed cats may also develop digestive difficulties, excessive grooming, changes in appetite, or aggressive behavior.

If your pet is constantly hiding and exhibiting other indications of worry, you should consult a veterinarian to determine what may be done.

5. They’re Sick

If you’ve been a cat parent for a time, you know that when cats are sick, they tend to retreat or hide rather than make a fuss. A sick cat is an easy target for predators in the wild, thus sheltering it reduces the danger of becoming a meal. Sadly, this implies that we may not notice our cat’s disease until it has reached a critical stage.

If your cat has been hiding frequently beneath the bed for what appears to be no apparent reason, there are additional indicators you may look for. They may eat less, become quieter, utilize the litter box more or less, and sleep more. This is one of the situations in which you should immediately bring your pet out from beneath the bed for a vet checkup.

6. They’re About to Give Birth

Under the bed satisfies the requirements for a safe, dark, and defensive place for a mother cat to give birth. Hence, if you have a pregnant cat, you may discover kittens under your bed! In this situation, it is important to let mom do her thing so as not to stress her out.

If you would want your cat not to have kittens underneath your bed, you should prepare a safe, dark, and secure spot for them around two weeks before to the due date. There are no promises that your pet won’t still crawl beneath the bed, but the likelihood will decrease!

7. They’re Dying

By far the worst cause for your cat to be hiding beneath your bed is when it is near to dying. Similar to when they are ailing, cats hide to die.

Again, this is due to their intrinsic understanding that they are more susceptible in a weaker state, therefore hiding keeps them safe. If your pet has been ill or is senior, this may explain why it is hiding there.

If you believe such is the case with your cat, you may comfort them by maintaining a peaceful environment, offering them treats, and remaining nearby.


“Cat Hiding Under the Bed: 7 Likely Reasons” by BestForPets (bestforpets.org) mentioned several reasons why your cat may hide beneath your bed, including illness, anxiety, a need for solitude, or fear.

The majority of the time, you won’t need to worry about getting them out unless your pet exhibits other indicators of distress, such as changes in eating, behavioral changes, or increased napping.

If you suspect your pet is ill or highly agitated, you should encourage them to attend the veterinarian. In most circumstances, however, it is preferable to let your cat do what it has to do on its own terms.

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