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The 15 Best Christmas Trees

If you grew up decorating a real Christmas tree every year—perhaps you even chopped it down yourself at the local tree farm—the idea of creating an artificial tree may seem sacrilegious. But people who move out of their homes usually give up on sentimentality as quickly as Santa Claus climbs the chimney. First, the cost of genuine Christmas trees is anticipated to rise by 5–15% this year (according to the latest survey of growers conducted by the Real Christmas Tree Board) alone within a few years! You will not need to water your Christmas tree to keep it healthy or remove pine needles. As long as you preserve them for at least a decade, artificial trees are also less of a fire threat and may be better for the environment. To do this, you must select a durable tree with a pleasing form and believable needles. For more than 15 years, the professionals at BestForPets have thoroughly evaluated artificial Christmas trees, and we have seen a broad variety of artificial Christmas trees on the market. As more people make the move, though, artificial trees continue to improve in appearance and durability. Even better, you will be able to get some excellent deals right now, including plants at a 50% discount, before the holidays. Some of these items may not be transported within two days, but the vast majority may be delivered in less than a week. Based on our most recent studies, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) suggests the best Christmas trees.


BALSAM HILL Vermont White Spruce is the best Christmas tree overall

The Vermont White Spruce is Balsam Hill’s most popular product because of its realism, beauty, and range of lighting options and heights. Additionally, it works well with the brand’s wreaths and garlands for a complete house decoration.

According to our evaluations, putting up the tree is a breeze: Simply snap parts together, plug the tree into an outlet, and then use the foot pedal or remote to activate the lights. When disassembly, it is not necessary to turn off the lights; simply separate and store the parts.

Product description

  • Sizes: 4.5 feet-18 feet
  • Color plus transparent LED, unlit, and specialized
  • Included Accessories include a tree stand, storage bag, additional lighting, and fluffing gloves
  • Materials Listed: PVC and polyethylene (PE)

National Tree Company’s artificial Christmas trees are the best value. Carolina Pine Tree

This inexpensive artificial pine tree is designed to appear and even feel like a genuine Christmas tree. It took some time to fluff out all of the limbs, but once they were in place, the tree looked fantastic.

Assembly was simple, and the lights are already strung attractively, however you may want to add more ornaments or decorations to fill it out.

Product description

  • Sizes: 5.5 feet-7.5 feet
  • Options with Clear
  • Included Equipment: Tree stand
  • Material Mentioned: PVC

BALSAM HILL BH Balsam Fir is the best realistic artificial Christmas tree

The BH Balsam Fir collection replicates the hue and feel of natural branches with semi-flat needles in a traditional, full silhouette.

The cost is partly attributable to the brand’s exclusive “True Needle” technology, which offers hyper-realistic foliage by imitating the color and texture of actual evergreen branches using a combination of PVC and polyethylene (PE).

In our testing, assembling was really easy. The Easy Plug system makes lighting the tree simple and quick, as the light connections are incorporated into the tree’s trunk, requiring just one plug to be inserted into the wall socket.

The majority of types may be switched on and off using a foot pedal or remote control (depending on the lighting type chosen). The tree is available in a variety of heights and lighting settings, so there is an option for everyone.

Product description

  • Sizes: 5.5 feet-12 feet
  • Clear LED, color plus clear LED, unlit, clear, and speciality
  • Included Accessories include a tree stand, storage bag, additional lighting, and fluffing gloves
  • Materials Listed: PVC and polyethylene (PE)

The best artificial Christmas tree is from Best Choice Products. Premium Artificial Spruce Holiday Christmas Tree

In our testing, the assembly of this artificial tree resembling a traditional spruce was pretty simple. Before fluffing, you just attach the base to the largest tree component and arrange the remaining sections.

Amazon reviewers also noted the appearance and arrangement, with one remarking, “This tree is simple to cut down and store. It is as simple to assemble and fluff. Still appears as full as the day I originally hung it.”

This is because even the 6-foot tree has about 800 branches, the 7.5-foot tree has nearly 1,350 branches, and the 9-foot tree has over 2,000 branches! With its durable build, it will survive for numerous holiday seasons.

Product description

  • Sizes: 6 feet-9 feet
  • Optional Lighting: Unlit
  • Included Equipment: Tree stand
  • Materials Listed: PVC and Metal

PULEO INTERNATIONAL is the manufacturer of the best compact artificial Christmas tree. Fraser Fir Pencil Christmas Tree Artificial

Since 1954, Puleo has been a well-known brand in the market of artificial Christmas trees. One of our engineers was able to build this tree in less than five minutes during our laboratory evaluation.

The stand is already attached, and the tree is pre-lit, so you can begin wrapping presents immediately. During safety testing, when branches were held over an open flame, they melted but did not catch fire.

The narrow yet solid design is imposing while being compact suitable for confined settings such as an apartment, foyer, or smaller room.

Product description

  • Sizes: 4.5 feet-10 feet
  • Options for Lighting: Clear incandescent
  • Accessories comprise a tree stand, a storage bag, and fluffing gloves
  • Other Listed Material (likely PVC)

The TWILLERY CO. Jack 6.5′ Green Fir Artificial Christmas Tree is the best-selling artificial Christmas tree

This is one of the most gorgeous artificial trees that reviewers have seen, due to its fullness and beauty. Several users noticed that it takes some time to properly fluff the branches, but they praised the build quality, especially given the price. One person put it up quite well: “Once brought to life, it appears gorgeous.

However, the wait is well worth it.” In addition, the producer adds that it may be utilized both indoors and outside under a covered location, such as a covered porch. And the greatest part is that it may be transported to you within two days!

Product description

  • Sizes: 7 feet
  • Optional Lighting: Unlit
  • Included Equipment: Stand
  • Material Restriction: PVC and metal

Best artificial Christmas tree for slim people: National Tree Company Artificial Kingswood Fir Slim Christmas Tree

Although the tree’s limbs are small, they are still luxuriant, so you won’t miss out on the wow factor. The base of the 7.5-foot tree is only 30 inches in circumference, making it ideal for an apartment or tiny area.

“Three years were spent searching for the ideal fake tree for our flat. It suits our area well, and we’re thrilled with how full the branches are “one Amazon reviewer stated.

Product description

  • Sizes: 6.5 feet-7.5 feet
  • Options for Light: None
  • Included Equipment: Stand
  • Materials Listed: PVC and metal

BEST CHOICE 7-Foot Artificial Christmas Pine Tree with Multi-Colored Lights

These are hardly the vintage bulbs of yore. 7-Foot Artificial Christmas Pine Tree is equipped artificial pine will dazzle children with eight distinct light sequences. One reviewer said, “This is a gorgeous tree that is also high-tech.”

Our technical staff adores the capacity to program diverse light sequences to create the ideal celebratory atmosphere for every event, from tranquil to stimulating. With only two components to snap together, assembly is simple, albeit fluffing the branches can be time-consuming.

Product description

  • Sizes: 7 feet
  • Multicolor LED lighting options
  • Included Equipment: Stand
  • Material Listed: PVC

Best Choice Products has the best artificial Christmas tree with the fewest frills. Premium Artificial Hinged Pine Tree

However, buying cheap can make a statement. One of Amazon’s best-selling Christmas trees that are 6 feet tall and have lots of branches to decorate is the Premium Hinged Artificial Pine Tree.

One reviewer said, “Once the branches are spread out, it looks fantastic and is dense.” As a 6-foot tree with 1,000 branch points, we have no doubt that this would be true. The pine form creates a traditional appearance, and it is ready to be adorned with ornaments, lights, and garlands.

Product description

  • Sizes: 6 feet
  • Options for Light: None
  • Not mentioned accessories are included
  • Material Listed: PVC

National Tree Company’s artificial tree is the best tall one for Christmas. Full Artificial Dunhill Fir Christmas Tree

We appreciate that reviewers, regardless of the size they choose, found this tree from National Tree Company to be very full and simple to assemble.

You may need to spend a considerable amount of time fluffing and spreading out the branches, but once they are in place, the arrangement will appear rich.

It comes in sizes ranging from 4 to 14 feet, enabling you to choose the optimal height for your room. “If you recall the old school trees with a hundred small color-coded branches that had to be sorted and placed in the correct slots, you’ll enjoy the hinged design and the fact that it just comes in two pieces,” said one reviewer.

Product description

  • Sizes: 4 feet-14 feet
  • Optional Lighting: Unlit
  • Included Equipment: Stand
  • Material Listed: PVC

National Tree Company has the BEST WHITE FAKE CHRISTMAS TREE Artificial Winchester White Pine Tree

Amazon reviewers have called this the “most gorgeous white Christmas tree” they’ve ever seen, because to its stunning white lights and gold-glitter-tipped limbs.

You need just spend a moment to fluff up the branches. With hinged branches and a foldable, fold-flat pedestal, setup and disassembly are quick and straightforward.

Product description

  • Sizes: 7 feet
  • Optional Lighting: White
  • Included Equipment: Stand
  • Material Listed: PVC

What to look for when purchasing a Christmas tree

In addition to ensuring that the appearance meets your expectations, there are a number of additional factors to consider when selecting the ideal artificial tree for you:

  • Size: While you probably want to go big with your tree, be sure you have adequate clearance in your home to set it up. Ideal spacing between the top of the tree (including any topper) and the ceiling is at least 6 inches. From a modest 4.5-foot tree to a towering 15-foot tree, the size of trees can vary greatly.
  • Shape: Artificial Christmas trees range from tiny (for limited places) to full (for a classic tree profile) to broad (for an even fuller profile). Check that the broadest point of the tree can easily fit in your area, despite the fact that your decision will mostly be based on space and personal desire.
  • Type of Needles: Most companies replicate needles with PVC and utilize metal for the trunk and branches. Some consist of both polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyethylene (PE), and those with a larger proportion of PE are often more realistic-appearing but more costly.
  • Tree type: As previously said, artificial Christmas trees have advanced significantly in recent years to appear more genuine. You may choose a tree that resembles a fir (dense), spruce (sharp points), or pine (soft needles) (sparser with thin needles).
  • Ease of assembly: Because artificial Christmas trees are compacted for shipment, it is critical to fluff the branches once constructed. The majority of trees nowadays can be erected by snapping together a few parts. Often, the fluffing process takes the most time to guarantee that the tree seems full.
  • Pre-lit versus unlit: Pre-lit artificial Christmas trees make it easier to decorate. In addition, many modern Christmas trees can remain illuminated even if one bulb burns out. It is beneficial to search for this functionality when purchasing a pre-lit tree. The kind of bulb varies, and incandescent bulbs are often less expensive than their longer-lasting LED equivalents. Some LED trees may be adjusted in terms of color or lighting effects.
  • Safety: Look for pre-lit trees that have passed safety tests conducted by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). You can search the UL database or inspect the package for the UL mark.
  • Durability: Several industrial standards examine the tree’s durability, including ASTM B117 (corrosion test) and ASTM F963 (child safety testing).

How we evaluate synthetic Christmas trees

The engineers at BestForPets put up artificial trees to determine how simple they are to assemble and shape, including how long it takes and how simple it is to remove the tree from its packaging, unfold it, and fluff its branches.

Once installed, we evaluate the realism of the tree. We examine flame resistance using our flammability chamber. We assess the longevity of a product by conducting our own in-house stability testing, including tip-over tests.

In addition, we examine any ASTM conformity testing for properties like as corrosion resistance and stress. Verify the UL listing of any pre-lit Christmas trees for safety purposes.

We evaluate the ease of lighting the tree and the distribution of the lights. And once all of that is complete, we evaluate how simple it will be to deconstruct and store the tree.


The testers were particularly taken by the needles on the Puleo International 7.5-foot pre-lit Teton Christmas Tree. Quick to put together and extremely lifelike.

The slim artificial Christmas tree from National Tree Company is our top recommendation for a less complicated option if you’re shopping for a tree for your house. It’s a great choice for tight spaces where more expensive options wouldn’t work because it’s cheap and doesn’t take up much room.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) would like to express gratitude to its readers for making the best Christmas trees a go-to reference on its site. We trust you have found a Christmas tree that is both economically and spatially appropriate for your home.


So, what exactly is flocking?

Artificial snow, or “flocking,” is a popular decoration often used on trees to simulate a wintry picture indoors. Some come pre-flocked, but if you want to give your tree a unique look, you may buy fake snow separately.

Darin warns that exposing a flocked tree to direct sunlight might cause it to yellow, so it’s best to keep it in the shade if you can. Flocking, in addition, may create a mess.

How long can a Christmas tree be displayed?

It’s OK to leave your tree up for four to six weeks without it drying out, as Darin puts it. “Many people spend hundreds on decorations, and on a fresh cut tree, they can only enjoy it for approximately two weeks—then it has dried out and really should be removed from a home,” he adds.

However, artificial trees are not subject to any regulations. If properly preserved, they can be used year after year.

Where should you put your fake Christmas tree after the holidays?

Keep the tree in a cool place, like the basement, as recommended by Darin. He continues, “The tree needles will start to grow warped in the heat if you put them in an attic or garage.”

Once the tree has been dismantled, the limbs in each segment should be pressed together until they are small enough to fit back into the original box. If you want to make things simpler, you may buy ribbons or cords to use to keep the branches in place.

It’s possible that your tree may come with its own storage bag, however our experts determined that because to its less rigid construction, it takes up somewhat more room in a bag than it does in a box.

Are all synthetic trees unsafe to use?

Toxins can be found in every single fake Christmas tree. The majority of the forest is constructed from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), while the remainder is created from less hazardous polymers.

PVC’s chemical components are linked to a variety of health problems. 1. The chemicals used in the production process can be reduced by allowing your brand-new artificial tree to air out for a few days in the backyard before bringing it inside.

How about those fake Christmas trees, though?

Unfortunately, due to the PVC polymers used to make artificial Christmas trees, they cannot be recycled. Some organizations focus on recycling specific types of waste and will gladly accept them for reuse. Your local government may also provide curbside services for tree removal, but the tree will ultimately end up in a landfill.

You may also give your old tree to a local organization, hospital, or resale shop.

Does anybody know if it’s possible to reduce the height of an artificial Christmas tree?

Cutting down an artificial Christmas tree is not recommended. Artificial Christmas trees, in contrast to genuine ones, are not made to be altered in height once they have been brought inside. Trees come in a variety of sizes, and many of those here are represented.

Before going out to buy a Christmas tree, it’s a good idea to take measurements of your room’s ceiling height, subtract about 12 inches from the top of the tree to accommodate for a traditional Christmas tree topper, and then get creative with your holiday decorations.

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