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5 Most Expensive Parrots To Keep As Pets (Updated: )

It can be extremely difficult to choose through the several hundred species of birds that are available if you are interested in buying one for your house. The birds can be divided into more manageable groups, such as the most colorful, the tiniest, etc.

We'll list the priciest parrots in "5 Most Expensive Parrots to Keep as Pets (Updated: %year%)" by BestForPets (bestforpets.org) so you'll know what to avoid if you're on a tight budget and you can view the finest of the best in terms of pet birds. the kind of vibrant talking birds that only wealthy people can afford.

This is a list of the priciest parrot species you may purchase if you're interested in keeping parrots at home.

What Makes These Birds So Expensive?

When it comes to parrots, you’ll discover that the most expensive varieties closely correspond to the larger birds. In addition to the expensive bird, these creatures need huge cages, which can cost several hundred dollars and occupy almost a full room.

In addition to the upfront cost of the cage, the ongoing costs of food and accessories will be far more than those of a small bird like a parakeet or a finch, and given that these birds frequently live for more than 50 years, you could end up spending quite a bit of money.

Due to their size, medical bills and grooming charges will also be higher.

The 5 Most Expensive Parrots

1. African Grey Parrot

  • Size: 13 inches
  • Cost: $500 – $8,000

Depending on your area and the current demand, the African Grey Parrot can cost anywhere between $500 and $2,500 and is typically just over one foot tall.

Although these birds are becoming more and more popular in the US, we didn’t come across many deals. The price of the Grey Parrots we discovered for sale ranged from more than $2,000 to as much as $8,000.

The Africa Grey has eye-catching ruffles around its neck and breast, and its tail feathers are vivid red, despite the fact that a grey parrot may seem uninteresting in comparison to other species.

Breeders have also produced an African Grey in red, although as of the time of this writing, none were available for purchase.

2. Amazon Parrots

  • Size: 10 – 20 inches
  • Cost: $800 – $5,000

The Amazon Parrot is one of the most vibrant birds you can get, and it can mimic noises and learn new language. While some Amazon Parrots may be as small as 10 inches, the majority will grow to be considerably larger, and it’s not unusual to encounter one that is 20 inches tall.

Due of their vivid colors, these birds are a little more common, and you can occasionally get them for as little as $800, especially if you check with your local animal shelters.

Reputable breeders, on the other hand, frequently charge more than $2,000, with some commanding as much as $5,000.

3. Cockatoos

  • Size: 12 – 24 inches
  • Cost: $1,200 – $8,000

Another talking bird that comes in a variety of colors is the cockatoo. These birds make wonderful pets since they enjoy being around people. They can live for more than 50 years and frequently stand on your head and shoulders.

While the average height is closer to two feet, some people will only stand one foot tall. One of these birds can occasionally be found for approximately $1,200, but it will probably cost you around $3,000. For the right cockatoo, some breeders can make up to $8,000.

4. Eclectus Parrot

  • Size: 12 – 15 inches
  • Cost: $800 – $4,000

The sexual dimorphism and remarkable attractiveness of the Eclectus Parrot. Typically, the ladies are red and the males are brilliant green. The females can also mix in purple, yellow, and orange hues, creating a really vibrant parrot.

Although while these birds are less common than the majority of the others on this list, they are also among the least expensive; a male can typically be found for around $800. The price of the vibrant females will be closer to $3,000, and costs could increase due to a huge waiting list.

5. Macaws

  • Size: 33 inches
  • Cost: $2,000 – $6,000

Another huge, vibrant bird are macaws. They are among the biggest species on our list, frequently reaching heights of almost three feet. You can pick from a huge variety of colors and patterns because there are more than a dozen Macaw species and many hybrids.

As they may produce hybrids, breeders are drawn to them, making it usually not difficult to locate one prepared to produce one for you.

However, they will still be among the most costly birds on this list, with the most commanding more than $4,000 on the market.


Unfortunately, buying a huge parrot like the Macaw will probably set you back more than $5,000, making it one of the priciest pets you can have, even costing more than a horse.

If you have the money, though, these birds can speak multiple languages and have an improbable long lifetime, making them a wonderful friend that truly becomes a member of the family.

We sincerely hope you have enjoyed reading “5 Most Expensive Parrots to Keep as Pets” by BestForPets (bestforpets.org) and that it has made it easier for you to focus your search for the ideal bird.

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