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How And Why Do Cats Choose Their Favorite Person?

If you live in a household with other people, you may have seen that cats favor one person over the others, to the point where it can take months for a new face to gain the cat's affections.

Even more so than dogs, cats may be picky about human interaction, and there are numerous intriguing reasons for this.

How do cats select their preferred individual, and is it true that they imprint on that person? We wanted to get to the bottom of these concerns and determine how and why cats are so selective when displaying affection.

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How do cats choose their favorite person?

Cats are notoriously distant, displaying affection only when they feel like it, as contrast to dogs, who are famed for their continual devotion and neediness.

Yet, a cat’s preference for one person in the household does not suggest that they are not securely bonded with the other individuals – they are simply more drawn to the person who does the greatest effort.

In general, the person who spends the most time interacting with, understanding, and respecting the cat will be the one to whom the cat is most drawn.

Why do cats choose a favorite person

Obviously, there may be additional causes for your cat’s discernment. Due to the cat’s breed and overall disposition, cats may also be drawn to specific individuals.

Cats with a docile, placid disposition are naturally attracted to individuals of the same temperament, as opposed to youngsters who are excitable, noisy, and busy.

Playful, energetic cats, on the other hand, tend to appreciate being around children who interact and play with them.

Early socialization and attachment are also significant variables. When kittens are extremely young, they bond with the person who cares for them and interacts with them the most after they have been taken from their mother, since this person becomes their source of safety and comfort and their trusted caretaker.

Kittens that are exposed to only one person from a young age may develop a dread of unfamiliar faces, but kittens raised among a large number of individuals may grow distant and unattached to any particular individual.

Hence, it is not unexpected that cats tend to form stronger bonds with one individual than another.

Every cat is unique

As any cat owner will tell you, each cat is unique, and a combination of the aforementioned elements causes cats to form a strong attachment with a single individual.

Although imprinting on kittens may have a role, adopting an adult cat often results in a strong relationship as well. A cat may have had a horrific event in their lives, and a particular person may have been there for them at that time, forming an unbreakable attachment.

The manner in which your cat was reared, their habitat, their breed, and even the other animals (or lack thereof) in your house all contribute to their distinct personality and have a significant impact on their character and demeanor.

How to become your cat's favorite person

Since there are distinct elements that make a cat wish to bond with a certain person, it is feasible to exploit these qualities to become that person in your cat’s life – or at least grow extremely close to that person.

Nonetheless, it is essential to avoid smothering your cat with excessive attention, especially without their consent, since they will certainly get suspicious. Gaining your cat’s confidence and affection requires patience, diligence, and communication.

Here are some suggestions for gaining your cat’s affection:

  • Give them food.

If you do not currently feed your cat every day, you may want to consider assuming that responsibility. It is inevitable that a person who feeds a cat would be extremely useful to them and likely to gain their affection.

  • Increase your time with them.

Spending more time interacting with your cat will undoubtedly earn their affection. It’s less about what you do and more about simple quality time, and playing with toys, training, and even lounging on the couch are all excellent bonding activities.

  • Positive reinforcement.

Reinforcing the good features of your cat’s behavior is an excellent method for gaining their affection. When they behave properly, offer them a reward or some affection, and if they choose to show you affection, you should return the gesture.

  • Give them space.

​​​​​​​Respecting limits is essential in all relationships, including the one you have with your cat. Important as it is to interact with your cat, it is also necessary to recognize when he or she requires space and to provide it.

Final Thoughts

As listed in “How and Why Do Cats Choose Their Favorite Person?” by BestForPets (bestforpets.org), there are several reasons why a cat may pick one individual over another, including their breed and personality, socialization, and personality compatibility.

Yet, this is not carved in stone, and there are proven methods to establish a strong attachment with your cat. You may not be their favorite, but you may still enjoy a love connection with your cat!

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