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How To Choose The Right Cage Size For Cockatoos

It's crucial to gather everything a cockatoo needs before bringing it home if you're thinking about buying one. But, you don't want to spend a lot of money on a cage only to discover after the fact that it is too tiny and that you are unable to exchange it.

Because of this, we've put together this thorough guide in "How to Choose the Right Cage Size for Cockatoos" by BestForPets (bestforpets.org) to help you learn everything you need to know to choose the ideal cage for your cockatoo the first time.

Before buying any cage for your cockatoo, you should consider a few key aspects that we also highlighted.

Minimum Cockatoo Cage Size by Bird Size

As no two cockatoos are the same size, they obviously don’t all require the same size cage. As a result, we divided the cages into three sizes for cockatoos. In this manner, you are fully aware of your bird’s needs.

Small Cockatoos

Little cockatoos are between 12 and 14 inches tall, so their cage size requirements are lower than those of larger birds. The smallest cage that can be used for these birds should be about 5 feet tall, 2 feet wide, and 3 feet deep.

Just make sure your cockatoo can spread its wings completely inside and remember that they would like more room to walk around.

Medium Cockatoos

Because they are between 14 and 15 inches tall, medium-sized cockatoos require a cage that is a little bit bigger than that of the tiniest cockatoos. This size of cockatoo requires a cage that is at least 30 inches deep, 4 feet wide, and 6 feet high.

Large Cockatoos

If you have a cockatoo with a vast wingspan, it needs a very spacious enclosure because they can occasionally have wingspans far over 2 feet. These cages ought to be at least 3 feet deep, 4 feet wide, and 6 feet high.

However even these enormous sizes can be too small for these birds, so take into account your bird’s specific requirements when choosing a cage.

Can You Have Too Large of a Cockatoo Cage?

The larger cage you can provide, the better, is the basic reality. In fact, it would be wonderful if you could find a complete aviary!

Nevertheless, since the majority of people cannot afford that, the best option is to get a fully furnished cage that is considerably larger than what your bird need and includes extra amenities.

If you decide to go with the smallest cage size right away, that is acceptable, but you should think about upgrading later on. No cage is too big for a cockatoo. The bird is more content in larger cages.

What to Look For in a Cockatoo Cage

The right-sized Cockatoo cage for your bird is an important consideration, but it’s not the only thing you should keep an eye out for. Below, we’ve broken down a few different characteristics to look for while choosing a cockatoo cage.

Bar Spacing

More than just keeping your Cockatoo inside the enclosure, too much space between each bar ensures their safety. If there is too much room, they could unintentionally force their head between the bars and run the risk of getting hurt.

Regardless of the size of your bird, there should be 1 inch between each bar. You shouldn’t be prevented from getting a larger cage because the bar spacing shouldn’t change as the cage gets bigger.

Locking Mechanisms

Nothing is more entertaining than trying to escape from their enclosure for cockatoos, who are all recognized for their inventive nature.

Make sure your cockatoo can’t pick the locking mechanism too easily. If not, you’ll have to hunt down your bird after it has escaped for extra workout.

Transitional Trays

It’s not enjoyable to clean your Cockatoo habitat, but if the cage you choose features slide-out trays, cleaning is a million times simpler.

You only need to remove the tray and clean it, rather than reaching inside and attempting to remove all the waste from the cage!

Seed Defenders

Until you’re ready to clean it, these helpful tiny guards keep your cockatoo’s mess in its cage. You’ll need something to surround the entire cage if there are no seed protectors.

Otherwise, they’ll find a method to escape and leave a mess everywhere with their food and other waste!

Play Top Cages

No matter how long you intend to keep your cockatoo outside of its cage, it will still be where it spends the majority of its time. Why not provide them with a place to play in order to prevent boredom? An actual play top cage provides that.

A play top cage is not required and serves no use for the owner, but the Cockatoo will benefit significantly from the purchase.

Don't Substitute Cage Size for Exercise

No matter how big the cage is for your cockatoos, they still require a lot of time outside to keep happy and healthy.

Hence, even though you purchased a huge cage, you cannot reduce the amount of time your Cockatoo spends outside of it.

It’s not about you; it’s about keeping your pet bird happy and healthy that you should have a bigger cage for your cockatoo.

Final Thoughts

How to Choose the Right Cage Size for Cockatoos” by BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has shown that while you shouldn’t keep your cockatoo in its cage for longer than necessary, it’s preferable to offer it as much room as you can when it’s there.

You still want to give your cockatoo as much space as you can, even though larger cages take up more room and cost more.

Hence, even though we’ve highlighted the minimum sizes below, if you can get your Cockatoo a larger cage, do so.

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