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How Much Do Betta Fish Cost To Buy And Care For? (Updated: )

Betta fish, also known as Siamese fighter fish, are one of the most popular aquarium decorative fish due to their attractive colors and low maintenance requirements. There are about one hundred distinct varieties of betta fish, each with a unique combination of colors, patterns, and tail fin shapes.

Betta fish are considered inexpensive pets, and they require a smaller tank and fewer equipment than other types of fish, making them ideal for beginners.

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Before Buying a Betta Fish

Before acquiring a betta fish, you will need to acquire the proper aquarium equipment and accessories. These low-maintenance fish come in a range of colors and sizes, but they are all tropical solitary fish that should be kept alone. Therefore, you will just need to purchase one betta fish, as they do not require group housing.

Male bettas are typically more costly than their female counterparts due to their scarcity and gender. Many novices believe bettas would thrive in a tiny bowl filled with water and a few accessories; nevertheless, betta fish care is rather more involved than that.

If you want your betta fish to thrive and live their entire lifespan of 3 to 4 years, you need ensure that their tank has through the nitrogen cycle and has a filter and heater months before you introduce them.

How Much Do Betta Fish Cost?

Factors such as gender, age, rarity, fin form, and color will impact the price of a betta fish. The price for standard male betta fish (often crown tails, half-moons, and veiltail variants) is $8.

Male betta fish of rare kinds, such as plakats or koi bettas, will cost around $12. Bettas of uncommon colors, such as golden, black, green, orange, or albino, can cost up to $25.

Typically, female betta fish are less expensive than males, especially when they are young. Female betta fish typically cost $5, but they lack the complex finnage of male bettas, however they are available in a variety of attractive hues.

Since betta fish are solitary, you will need to invest between $5 and $25 for a single betta.

Additional Costs to Anticipate Checklist

Betta fish incur additional expenses, since you will need to acquire a tank of an appropriate size and the equipment and accessories required to maintain them happy and healthy. The majority of these additional expenses are one-time investments, such as the tank, filter, light, heater, and siphon.

However, when the food and dechlorinator for your betta fish run out, you will need to purchase more. Together, the additional expenses and the price of a betta fish will approximate $150.

  • 5-10 Gallon Tank: $25
  • Filter: $15
  • Heater: $15
  • Light: $15
  • Plants: $10
  • Airline Tubing: $2
  • Gravel Vacuum/Siphon: $15
  • Dechlorinator: $5
  • Bubbler/Air Stone: $2
  • Betta Fish Food: $5
  • Air Pump: $10
  • Substrate: $10

How To Care For Betta Fish

Bettas are straightforward fish that are simple to care for. They do not require human connection like other sorts of pets and will be satisfied in an aquarium with a decent food and adequate setup.

The most crucial aspect of caring for a betta fish is ensuring that the water conditions in its aquarium are optimal. Betta fish do not require an excessively huge tank, but it should be between 5 and 10 gallons for a single betta fish.

Bettas are tropical fish, thus the water temperature in their aquarium must be maintained between 76 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit. A filter is required for betta fish because it helps to maintain clean water for the betta and contains helpful bacteria that convert the betta’s waste into nitrates.

After setting up the tank and filtering and heating the water, you may add the substrate and real or artificial plants to provide your betta fish a place to hide and feel safe. Your betta fish should consume a modest amount of food twice day, preferably in the morning and evening, and the diet should be prepared particularly for bettas.

Every two weeks, depending on the size of the tank, the betta fish’s tank should be cleaned with a siphon and the water replenished with dechlorinated water.

Monthly Costs For Betta Fish

Once you have met the additional fees for a betta fish, which will amount to around $140, you will just need to make monthly purchases of food, water dechlorinator, and medicine if your betta becomes unwell.

Both betta fish food and water dechlorinator cost $10, however depending on the sort of medication your betta requires, fish medication may be significantly more expensive.

Most fish meds cost between $10 and $25, but unless your betta fish is unwell, they are not necessarily essential. This raises the cost of maintaining a betta fish every month to $20.

What Do You Need To Buy For Betta Fish?

  • A vessel having a minimum capacity of 5 gallons.
  • A filter that does not generate a significant water current.
  • Air pump with an air stone or bubbler to deliver oxygen to your betta fish.
  • Formulated for betta fish, these pellets are of high quality.
  • A compact, temperature-controllable aquarium heater to keep the betta’s tank warm.
  • Substrate the tank’s bottom, particularly if you intend to grow live plants.
  • Accessories such as silk or real plants provide a hiding spot for your betta.
  • Before adding tap water to the tank, chlorine and other heavy metals are removed using a dechlorinator.


After making the first investment in their tank and supplies, Betta fish will be simple to care for. Depending on the kind, betta fish are rarely offered for more than $25, and they are inexpensive to maintain in the long run. These fish make excellent pets and are entertaining to see as they look for food.

How Much Do Betta Fish Cost to Buy and Care For?” by BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has provided you with information on the price of Betta Fish. Now is the time to chose which betta pet you will bring home.

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