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Dog Food Reviews 2023 : How to Choose the Best Dog Food for Your Pet

Choosing the best dog food for your furry family members can be a challenging task with so many different brands available on the market.

We provide consistent reviews of the top dog food brands to simplify your purchasing decision and help you feel confident in your choice.

Below, you will find our evaluations of various dog food brands and types, as well as recommendations for different life stages, health conditions, etc.

If you cannot find the information you're looking for, please check back frequently as we continuously add new reviews to this page.

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4. Dog Food Reviews by Breed

At BestForPets, we understand that different dog breeds and combinations have varying dietary needs. That’s why we work closely with our team of pet nutritionists and veterinary experts to compile lists of the best dog foods for each breed.

We believe that offering breed-specific food recommendations can assist dog owners in selecting the optimal food options for their dogs. By doing so, we can help ensure that each dog receives the proper nutrition it requires to thrive.

three dogs breed Afghan hound sitting on the grass in the summer

1. American Bully

2. Akita

3. American Staffordshire Terrier

4. Aussiedoodle

5. Australian Shepherd

6. Australian Cattle Dog

7. Beagles

8. Belgian Malinois

9. Bernedoodles

10. Bernese Mountain Dogs

11. Bichon Frise

12. Blue Heelers

13. Border Collies

14. Boston Terriers

15. Boxers

16. Bull Mastiffs

17. Cane Corso

18. Catahoula

19. Cavapoo

20. Chiweenie

21. Chow Chow

22. Cocker Spaniel

23. Corgis

24. Dalmations

25. Dachshunds

26. Dobermans

27. English Bulldogs

28. French Bulldogs

29. German Shepherds

30. German Shorthaired Pointers

31. Golden Retrievers

32. Goldendoodles

33. Great Danes

34. Great Pyrenees

35. Greyhounds

36. Havanese

37. Jack Russells

38. Labradoodles

39. Lhasa Apsos

40. Maltese

41. Maltipoos

42. Mastiffs

43. Mini Aussies

44. Mini Goldendoodles

45. Miniature Schnauzers

46. Morkies

47. Newfoundlands

48. Rottweilers

49. Pomeranians

50. Pomskys

51. Puggles

52. Pugs

53. Rat Terriers

54. Rhodesian Ridgebacks

55. Schnauzers

56. Shar Pei

57. Shelties

58. Shiba Inu

59. Shih Poo

60. Saint Bernard

61. Standard Poodle

62. Toy Poodle

63. Toy Breeds

64. Vizsla

65. Weimaraners

66. Westies

67. Wheaten Terriers

68. Yorkie Poo

69. Bull Terriers

5. Who is BestForPets?

At BestForPets, our team of experts, including researchers, editors, veterinarians, and pet nutritionists, collaborates to thoroughly evaluate and rank various dog food brands.

We understand the significance of selecting the best food for your furry friend, and our mission is to provide dog owners with informed recommendations based on their dog’s breed, life stage, health condition, etc.

To learn more about our team and our evaluation process, please visit our About Us page. We are dedicated to providing trustworthy and helpful guidance for dog owners seeking to provide their pets with the best possible nutrition.

6. How Does BestForPets Rate Dog Food?

At BestForPets, we employ a comprehensive approach to evaluating dog food brands. Our team of experts, including researchers, editors, veterinarians, and pet nutritionists, analyzes various factors, including the label and nutritional content of the food.

We understand that the quality of ingredients plays a crucial role in a dog’s overall health, which is why we assess the protein-to-fat ratio as well as the nature and quality of the food’s constituents.

We utilize a variety of evaluation methods to ensure that we provide dog owners with the most reliable and informed recommendations.

We examine the nutritional adequacy of the food based on AAFCO standards, which is a critical factor in ensuring that a dog’s dietary requirements are met.

We also consider the quality of the protein sources, the presence of any harmful additives or preservatives, and the food’s manufacturing process.

Our goal is to provide dog owners with trustworthy and practical information about dog food brands to assist them in making informed decisions about their pet’s diet.

If you’re seeking a more detailed explanation of our evaluation process, we encourage you to explore our website further.

7. How BestForPets Chooses Lists of The Best Dog Food

At BestForPets, we take a comprehensive approach to determining our Best Dog Food lists. Our star ratings are just one factor that we consider. We also evaluate the following criteria:

  • Availability in stores, with a preference for those available online
  • Popularity, as measured by user evaluations
  • Re-order rates
  • Search interest
  • Positive user feedback

We understand that these factors play a crucial role in determining the best dog food options. We carefully analyze each criterion to provide dog owners with the most reliable and informed recommendations.

Additionally, we prioritize the safety of our users’ pets. We remove recalled items from our lists until we are confident in their safety.

For more details regarding our evaluation process, please visit our FAQ page.

Our goal is to provide dog owners with trustworthy and practical information about dog food brands to assist them in making informed decisions about their pet’s diet.

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Dr. Barry Buttler, DVM, MS, DACVIM, is an experienced veterinarian who specializes in the care of small animals, specifically dogs. Dr. Barry K. Buttler is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association and holds multiple certifications in small animal emergency medicine and geriatric pet health.

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