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10 Best Winter Horse Blankets – Reviews & Top Picks

Everyone, including people and horses, has challenges while living in a location of the globe where the winters are very cold.

When the weather dips to wintertime lows and those frigid Northern winds blow up, your horses require just as much protection from the elements as you do.

An excellent barrier against moisture is provided by a winter horse blanket, which is readily available for use in frigid temperatures at night and during the day.

You and your horse may be getting ready for a sleigh ride in the snow. In this case, the wind may have picked up and is whipping across the field.

You may use a heavy-duty winter blanket on your horse either way. For %year%, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled assessments of the five best winter horse blankets.

Buyer's Guide

Since each horse is unique, it is impossible to generalize about how well they would do in cold weather. The blankets of certain horses are rougher than those of others. When it comes to purchasing horse blankets, keep all of these considerations in mind. Here are a few more things to think about before making a purchase.

Shell and Liner Material

When looking for a horse blanket, one of the most important considerations is the material. Typically, nylon and polyester are used in the construction. To keep your horse dry under the cozy layer of the blanket, these fabrics contain a waterproof coating that is simple to treat efficiently.

The outermost layer, the shell, is exposed to all weather conditions. It must be the most resistant and waterproof in order to preserve the insulating layer underneath. There must be a high denier rating, which means that the fibers of the cloth create a tight binding over the top. This is essential. It should have a minimum of a 1,000 star rating.

In addition to the outside shell, there are layers of insulation and an internal lining that protects the horse from the elements. Poly-fil insulation is often used, and it does a good job of keeping the horse warm without weighing it down. In order to make the material kinder on a horse’s skin, the lining should have a lower denier rating. The chaffing of the skin might occur if the denier rating is too high.

Capabilities for Waterproofing

The blanket’s waterproofing isn’t just determined by its denier rating. No matter how much rain falls, it should have been coated to keep the horse safe.

Polyurethane, or PU, may greatly enhance a blanket’s waterproofness. If a business says that a blanket is 100 percent waterproof, it is likely that it has undergone this or a similar process. This will be especially more important if you live somewhere that gets a lot of rain.

Design of Strap and Buckle Components

If a horse is not aware of the buckles and straps’ design, it may cause substantial pain and discomfort. The structure and pattern of each blanket varies somewhat. Even though the blanket’s buckles and straps all operate to achieve the same aim, they will all be located in various parts of the horse’s body.

Some horses are unable to wear buckles over their backs. If it isn’t addressed, it might cause them discomfort and perhaps lead to a limp. Examine your horse’s painful places to see whether they need more treatment.

The Right Fit

Finally, don’t only look at the location of the buckles and straps, but also how they all operate together. If you’re not sure whether or not a blanket will suit your pet, check out customer reviews first. Unless your horse has a really odd body form, it should fit yours just well if it does on other horses.

A blanket’s leg openings and whether or not it’s stretchy are other features that determine how it fits. A chest and stomach strap that may be adjusted is a must since the sizes of horses can vary considerably. It’s easier to choose a blanket that fits your horse if it comes in a larger range of sizes.


The best winter horse blankets are made by companies that are dedicated to creating the best possible product for each horse they work with.

It all boils down to the degree of flexibility and general warmth and comfort it gives when draped over a horse’s back.

The Derby Originals 600D Winter Horse Blanket is a great option if you’re searching for a blanket that’s both affordable and comfortable.

The Tough 1 Snuggit Turnout Blanket is a great alternative if you need a more affordable solution that will work for a larger number of horses.

Protecting your horses from frigid temperatures is essential in the winter, and the finest winter horse blankets provide just that.

These top five winter horse blankets from BestForPets (bestforpets.org) provide you with relevant reviews so you can swiftly search through and discover a solution to your product requirements despite the large number of possibilities available on the market.


The Derby Originals 600D Winter Horse Blanket – the Best All-Arounder

The Derby Originals Horse Blanket takes the top spot on our list because it is available in a broad range of sizes and colors to fit any kind of horse.

In order to give an outer layer of waterproof protection, it is covered with 600D nylon. Protects the 250 grams of polyfil insulation that keeps your horse or foal warm in all conditions. Your horse will be protected from the elements while wearing this coat because to the nylon layer’s waterproofing, breathability, and rip-resistance.

210T taffeta poly/nylon is used for the lining of the interior layer that spans the horse. This horse blanket has no sewn-in back seam, making it both soft and water-resistant.

The blanket’s creators have created a product that is perfectly tailored to the wearer. It comes with two adjustable and interchangeable front buckles. The blanket is held securely in place by elastic leg straps that don’t impede your horse’s movements. However, the blanket’s chest is fastened using Velcro, which may not last for long.


  • Extremely resistant to water.
  • Quality insulation in the amount of 250 grams
  • Double buckles that can be readily adjusted in the right places.


  • Velcro isn’t as long-lasting as other materials.

Snuggit Turnout Blanket Tough 1 1200D — Best Value

For those of you with several horses and a limited budget, the Snuggit Turnout Blanket is a great choice for keeping them warm in the cold. You can’t go wrong with this winter blanket for the price.

To put it another way, this blanket is made of 1200D polyester, which means it is very durable. Because of its toughness, the blanket can withstand an aggressive horse that could attempt to bite or chew it right out of the box. The 300-gram poly-fil insulation that keeps your horse comfortable in the wind and rain is protected by this layer.

A 210D polyester lining is used within the saddle, right up to the horse’s skin. Softer material avoids the horse’s skin from rubbing against the blanket, which may cause irritation. Its properties also prevent it from becoming as soiled by shedding hair, shavings, or straw as other types of bedding. Stitch quality looks to have been improved despite a few consumer concerns.

A benefit of the blanket’s design is that the horse may wear it easily. Double-sewn seams enhance the blanket’s weak points. The front fasteners are twin buckles with Velcro straps behind them. Every piece of metal hardware is made of nickel, which is resistant to corrosion. The blanket is kept in place by elastic neck and leg straps.


  • Lining: 1200D polyester, extra-durable
  • The soft inner lining prevents dirt from accumulating.
  • Stress locations have been reinforced with double-sewn seams.


  • The buckles have previously been criticized for having poor seam stitching.

Winter Turnout Blanket for Horses from SteedBox – Premium Option

As our most expensive choice, the SteedBox Horse Winter Turnout Blanket is perfect for individuals who want the best. It is available in three sizes to fit horses of different sizes and ages.

Nylon 1200D ripstop is used for the blanket’s outside, which enables it to breathe while still being completely water-resistant. Durability is enhanced by the high denier count. This blanket’s seams have been strengthened and are no longer weak points thanks to the use of seam tape.

A THERMA-layer is included into the design on the inside to provide maximum warmth. There is an owner identification patch on the inside of the chest in case they are lost. Use the breathable matching carrying bag that comes with the blanket if you need it but don’t want to put it on the horse straight away.

With a tan accent, this horse blanket is only available in one color: deep navy. Adjustable clips and straps with buckles are located all over the blanket, including the blanket’s center and chest. The neck is fashioned in the shape of a turtleneck.


  • The stomach and chest straps may be adjusted to provide a comfortable fit.
  • A carry bag is included to make transporting the device a breeze.
  • Underneath the exterior shell, a THERMA layer of insulation is built in.


  • With a premium product, comes a premium price tag.

Wholesale Horse Turnout Blanket from AJ Tack 

This horse blanket from AJ Tack Wholesale keeps your horse cozy and warm throughout the coldest months of the year. You can buy it in ten various lengths, with the longest one clocking in at 84 inches. Also available in four colors, you may choose the blanket that best fits your horse.

Despite its weight, the material is completely waterproof and breathable. Poly-fil insulation is sandwiched between a 1200D nylon outer shell and a 400 gram layer of poly-fil. The blanket has a 70D smooth lining on the inside. You can maintain your horse’s coat cleaner and more hygienic this way.

This blanket has no middle seam, making it even more waterproof. Several sections of the garment, such as the legs, have reinforced stitching.

Keep your horse warm by directing all of your body’s heat toward it using a blanket that is designed to stay in place. To hold it in place and tailor it to your horse’s shape, it has hook-and-loop closures on the front and adjustable buckles on the back. Also included are leg and belly straps that may be removed, as well as a tail flap for added comfort.


  • Easily movable all the way across the blanket
  • Multiple options in terms of sizing
  • Extra-durable outer coating that protects a thick layer of insulation


  • Electric fences are rendered ineffective if a horse is wearing a protective jacket.

Comfitec Weatherbeeta Blanket

The Weatherbeeta Comfitec Essential blanket has made this brand a household name in the horse industry.

From 48 inches to 87 inches, the Weatherbeeta blanket is available in a variety of sizes. Adult horses as well as immature colts may be accommodated in these stalls. Patterns, colors, and prints are more diverse than you’d expect for this kind of blanket.

The blanket is lightweight, making it quicker to put on, but less protective in a severe cold snap.. It’s designed to keep you warm and protected throughout the fall and winter months, rather than the harsh winter evenings.

This jacket’s outside is constructed of a durable 1200D ripstop fabric. Water and muck are easily repelled by this material’s waterproof nature. There is an inner lining made of Oxford polyester that’s quite breathable but isn’t quite as supple and comfy as others with a lower denier rating (210D). There is no rubbing or chafing with 100% boa fleece cushioning on the exterior.

The saddle is comfortable for the horse, and it’s simple to get the perfect fit. It has shoulder gussets and a twin buckle that secures across the horse’s front, making it fully adjustable. Leg straps, low cross surcingles, and a tail flap are all detachable and adjustable.


  • Both the outside and interior materials are long lasting.
  • A wide range of sizes and a highly customizable fit make it ideal for every individual.


  • For severe winter freezes, it’s less insulated.
  • Inner linings with a higher denier grade are less comfortable.


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