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The 11 Best Wet Dog Foods To Mix With Dry

Having a picky puppy is like riding a roller coaster. You get pleased when you discover a dish that they devour.

Then, when they start eating less and turn their noses up at it, you're upset to have to start all over again.

Changing up your cuisine helps you stay one step ahead of them. Mixing wet and dry foods is becoming increasingly common. It varies the flavors and textures for puppies with picky mouths.

Both forms of cuisine have advantages and disadvantages, but combining them can offer you the best of both worlds.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled and reviewed the best wet dog foods to mix with dry. Check out our buyer's guide to learn more about the benefits of combining meals.


Canned Pedigree Chopped Ground Dinner Dog Food – Best Value



Pedigree’s approach to wet dog food is a little different. Instead of making a sauce, they ground up all of the ingredients and add no liquid or gravy.

The dish is still wet, but there isn’t much sauce on it. Another advantage is that it is the best wet dog food to combine with dry for the money.

Pedigree’s doggy meal is made with a chicken and rice mixture. The delectable feast provides vital nutrients and oils that keep their skin and coat gleaming and pleased. The texture and balance of the dish also make it quite digestible.

This cuisine has a crude protein content of 8.5% and a crude fat content of 6%. With 1% crude fiber, it keeps their digestive system running smoothly. Unfortunately, it contains the first component, which is contentious poultry by-products.


  • Protein to fat and fiber ratios are well balanced
  • The most cost-effective solution
  • Dry foods with ground processing have a pleasing feel


  • The first component is chicken by-product
  • There will be no more gravy or broth


Homestyle Blue Buffalo Recipe Puppy Dog Food – The Best Food for Puppies



The puppy period of life is the most critical in a dog’s life in terms of growth and health. Feed your dog the finest formula available with Blue Buffalo’s puppy formula.

Puppy food normally requires more protein, and this one has 10% crude protein and 7.5% crude fat. The initial components are of high quality, as are the majority of Blue Buffalo’s recipes.

They start with chicken and broth, then move on to chicken liver, carrots, and peas.

The recipe contains DHA, which is necessary for the development of the young dog’s brain and eyes. It’s a pâté-style meal that’s simple to separate in the can and then combine with dry food.

Even if the food is well-balanced, some puppies will refuse to eat it.


  • Designed particularly for puppies
  • Pâté-style cuisine that is simple to combine with dry food
  • Increased protein and fat content


  • Some pups refuse to eat unmixed food


Canned Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-Free Dog Food



You’ll need 12 cans of dog chow for this beef and chicken barbeque dish. Blue Buffalo’s products, including their canned wet food, are all grain-free.

Blue Buffalo aims to encourage dogs to have an active, powerful life filled with the development and energy they require to be healthy. It gives them a high-quality protein mix prepared from grilled beef and chicken.

Protein accounts for 10% of the total, whereas fat accounts for 9%. These larger portions are beneficial for active dogs, but they might produce weight problems in sedentary dogs.

Beef comes first, followed by chicken, chicken broth, and chicken liver. There are no gluten-containing ingredients, nor are there any animal by-product meals. The meal has a pâté texture.


  • The texture of pâté is readily blended with dry food
  • Meals containing gluten or by-products are not included
  • Protein and fat content are both high


  • Weight problems in indolent puppies might be caused by active dog formula


Canned Purina Pro Plan Focus Adult Classic Dog Food



Purina Pro Plan adult food is designed with dietary sensitivities in mind. The goal is to help dogs that have food allergies, which present as itchy skin breakouts or unsettled tummies.

Purina Pro Plan was designed for adult dogs, yet it contains the DHA required for a puppy’s development. Salmon is the second item on the list, and it promotes good coat and skin health.

Unfortunately, water is utilized to process the first component, hence it is the most abundant.

This item has a lower protein content than usual, indicated at 7%, and a crude fat percentage of 5%. It is made in the United States and has no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.


  • Designed for puppies with delicate stomachs
  • Salmon is used as a secondary component
  • Made in the United States


  • Lower protein and fat content than comparable items
  • The first component is water


Variety Pack Dog Food Trays Cesar Classic Loaf with Sauce



Cesar Classic sells a case of 24 3.5-ounce cases. It’s a variety pack, so you can figure out your dog’s preferences and keep mixing it up for them in one pack.

Classic loaf with sauce, filet mignon, porterhouse steak, and grilled chicken are among the tastes available.

One of the advantages of this bundle is that you get 24 packets for a lower price. Cesar Classic is grain-free, and the first ingredients are always the highlighted meat, as indicated by the recipe’s name.

Chicken liver, cow lung, and chicken broth are the next elements on the list. Despite the fact that all of these components are high-quality sources of the 8.5-9% crude protein, the following are pig by-products.

Although the box depicts a tiny breed puppy, this meal is suitable for both large and small dogs. Because they come in single-serve packets, they don’t need to be refrigerated between meals.

Some individuals are dissatisfied with the serving size because it requires numerous packets each meal for big dogs.


  • The variety pack allows for more mixing and matching
  • High-quality primary components are used
  • This meal is enjoyed by both large and tiny dogs


  • Because of the small serving size, it is insufficient for big breeds
  • Pork byproducts are present


Canned Dog Food Iams ProActive Health



Puppies aren’t the only age group of dogs that need more attention and specialized nourishment than middle-aged canines. Senior puppies require less fat and somewhat less protein.

They are less active, and their systems gradually struggle with weight regulation.

Iams produces canned, wet dog food with a protein content of only 7% and a crude fat level of 3%. Water, meat by-products, and chicken are among the primary components, but there are also chicken by-products.

In any case, the protein and fat levels make it an excellent choice for senior dogs over the age of seven. The combination of vitamins and minerals benefits a dog’s hair and skin even as it ages.

The texture is similar to pâté and is easy to incorporate into dry foods.


  • Seniors-specific formulation
  • Reduced protein and fat levels for dogs that are overweight
  • Pâté texture that is easily mixable


  • Contains various contentious elements


Grain-Free Purina Beyond Canned Dog Food



Purina Beyond Alaskan Cod, Salmon, and Sweet Potato Grain-Free Canned Dog Food is the most affordable wet dog food to combine with dry.

This delectable high-protein wet food contains foods like salmon, chicken, and cod to provide your dog’s nutritional needs, as well as natural prebiotic fiber for digestive health.

The fish in this recipe is carefully obtained from MSC-certified fisheries, and pet experts guarantee the meal is perfectly balanced for your dog’s health.

The dog food has no wheat, soy, or chicken by-products. However, some dogs developed stomach problems.


  • Top components include salmon, chicken, and cod
  • Animal protein sourced responsibly
  • Developed with the assistance of a pet nutritionist


  • This product may induce stomach distress


Canned Purina Pro Plan Dog Food



Purina Pro Plan Creation The finest wet food for pups is Puppy Chicken & Rice Entrée Canned Dog Food.

This soft pate is produced with genuine chicken as the first ingredient to provide high-quality protein that will aid in the development of lean muscle in your dog. It also contains DHA, which promotes brain and visual function.

This wet food contains 23 vital vitamins and minerals to provide full and balanced nourishment for your dog. You can feed this meal on its own or in conjunction with dry food.

This food is produced at a Purina-owned plant in the United States and has no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Several reviewers expressed disappointment that the dish has a paste feel rather than pieces of meat and veggies.


  • Genuine chicken provides high-quality protein
  • DHA promotes brain and visual health


  • Unappealing texture


Grain-Free Wet Dog Food Topper by Instinct Healthy Cravings



Healthy Cravings on Instinct Grain-Free Cuts & Gravy Recipe Variety Pack Wet Dog Food Topper is an excellent wet diet to supplement your dog’s dry food.

To avoid food monotony and find the formula your dog prefers, this variety pack includes chicken, beef, and lamb options.

Each meal is cooked in the United States using actual beef slices in flavorful gravy and is free of cereals, wheat, soy, potato, carrageenan, artificial colors, and preservatives.

It may be added to dry kibble as a topper or a mixer to increase moisture, texture, and taste. Some reviewers stated that their dogs would not eat any variety, while others preferred only a few.


  • Variety set
  • Beef, chicken, or lamb
  • Complete nutrition


  • Certain tastes are preferred by some dogs

Buyer's Guide: Choosing the Best Wet Dog Food to Mix With Dry

When it comes to locating food to combine with dry dog food, you want to look for high-quality wet food. Some wet diets combine with dry food better than others.

They may also have slightly different chemicals and have distinct effects on a dog’s health.

A fussy eater might be enticed by combining wet and dry dog food. Finding the proper food and ratio is critical to returning them to the dish.

Textures and flavors are mixed together

The textures and flavors of dog food are the most influential, especially for picky eaters. Adding pâté or gravy-based wet foods to dry meals instantly changes their texture. It also helps with swallowing and digestion.

Mixing wet and dry food instead of feeding them separately helps to mitigate some of their undesirable characteristics. Wet food, for example, provides moisture and thereby reduces the dryness of dry meals.

Dry food aids wet food by absorbing any oiliness that may have accumulated in your dog’s mouth.

Wet meals increase flavors since their texture makes them more accessible to a pup’s taste senses. Most wet foods’ improved taste appeals to pickier diners. Combining the two has the same effect. What may be added to dry dog food?

Improving Hydration

Water is usually always one of the top ten components in any given dish. This naturally provides moisture and improves hydration to your pup’s food.

If you find your dog is really thirsty after meals, combining wet food with dry food will help relieve dry mouth. It may even encourage kids to consume whole meals.


Wet dog food has different ingredients than dry dog food. When you mix them, you must ensure that they continue to receive a well-balanced diet. There are a few components to keep an eye out for.

Sources of Protein

Protein source is critical to how nutritious, safe, and digestible it is. The usage of meat by-products is contentious since they can be created from very unclear animal parts. Some of them are nutritionally beneficial, while others are not.

Chicken hearts, liver, and main meat are all good sources of protein. Beef, lamb, and turkey are also high-quality proteins. Salmon and other fish are frequently used for dogs that are allergic to other major protein sources.

Grass or No Grass

Grains are less essential since wet food does not need to be kept in little kibble bits. If you like meals with and without grains, it may be easier to find moist food without difficult-to-digest grains.

Age and size

As with any dog food, you must consider your dog’s specific requirements. If they are young, less than a year old, they require more protein, fat, and DHA for healthy growth.

They have special requirements when they become older than 7-10 years. Senior dogs require less fat since they are unable to regulate their weight as well.

Not only should you examine their age, but you should also consider their stature. Large dog breeds require significantly more food than tiny to medium-sized dogs. Combining wet and dry foods helps your wet food last longer.


Wet food is far more difficult to preserve than dry food. You may need to preserve the wet food depending on the ratio of wet and dry food you mix.

Dry food may be kept in a dry, dark place for a long time if properly preserved. If wet food is not utilized, it might become bad in a couple of days.

Make a timetable for yourself and your dog to avoid wasting food and money. Refrigerate wet food to keep it fresher for longer. If it states you don’t have to do this, it’s probably full of preservatives, and you should read the ingredient list again.

Properly Combine Them

When it comes to wet to dry meal ratios, you might be surprised at how little wet food is required to make a difference.

To vary the texture, you cannot put in as much dry food as your dog would normally eat and then top it off with wet food. They will consume much too many calories every day.

Instead, keep in mind that 3 ounces of wet food equals around 14 cup of dry dog food. Begin by combining 3 ounces and removing 14 cup. If you haven’t reached your desired texture yet, double or treble the recipe the next time, removing 12 or 34 cup out.

If the dish is prepared with a gravy or sauce, the texture will be different. Pâtés and ground meat should be adjusted proportionately.


Mixing wet and dry dog food might help entice the pickiest dogs back to the meal bowl.

Choose a great budget choice for individuals who have tried everything and feel like they are simply tossing money at this point. Pedigree Chopped Ground Dinner canned dog food is a more economical option.

There are superb combinations ranging from large to small breeds. Both dry and wet dog food can help meet their nutritional needs, whether they need more protein because they are more active or less because they are older.

Make sure you combine the proper quantities to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. There are an infinite number of tastes and recipes to attempt from there. Continue to rotate them throughout the year so that your skilled eater is never bored.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) gratefully acknowledges consumers who have relied on our website to read and refer to the best wet dog foods to mix with dry. We hope you’ve decided on a dry-mix wet food for your dog.

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