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The 15 Best Wet Dog Foods For Senior Dogs

It can be hard to believe that your formerly hyperactive puppy is now an adult dog.

Dogs are generally considered seniors by age 7, and their dietary requirements change as they mature.

An animal's diet plays an important role in preventing disease and maintaining a dog's health.

You should do some homework before switching your older dog's diet.

To support you, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled a detailed list and analysis of the best wet dog foods for senior dogs for your active but aging pet.

With luck, this will help you find the best food for your older dog.

Buying Advice

There are several things to keep in mind while shopping for dog food for your senior pooch.


Protein is crucial for dogs of all ages, but especially as they become older. You should get dog food that is high in quality, digestible protein. If you want high-quality protein, go for whole beef as the first component.


As a dog matures, its digestive system slows down and it may have trouble processing foods that were formerly easy to digest. Dog food formulated for geriatric dogs often contains fewer processed components.

Reduced phosphorus helps maintain healthy kidneys, while other components help your senior dog’s general well-being.

Animal Care

It’s crucial that you maintain regular checkups with the vet.

You may prevent future health issues and get advice on what kind of food is ideal for your dog at his or her present life stage from your vet. Supplemental vitamins and minerals may be offered if deemed required.

Large Pieces

Don’t forget to include in your dog’s teeth (and size) when selecting a meal with a chunky or stew-like consistency. If you experiment with different textures, you and your dog might agree that pâté is the finest option.


Blue Buffalo’s Canned Senior Dog Food, Homestyle Recipe, is our top pick for the best canned dog food for older dogs. Food is produced fresh when ordered, delivered to your home in the refrigerator, and then vacuum-packed to preserve freshness.

With just the right amount of protein, fat, and carbohydrates, ProActive Health Senior Canned Dog Food is an economical choice for your older dog’s diet.

Although it’s a prescription dog food, Hill’s Prescription Diet Aging Care Prescription Wet Dog Food is our top pick because it’s specifically formulated to meet the nutritional needs of dogs as they age and provide optimal support for the dog’s kidneys and cardiovascular system.

And finally, our doctors recommend Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind Senior Wet Dog Food because it contains botanical oils that have been shown to promote mental clarity in older dogs.

With any luck, the information provided here on wet food for older dogs will help you make an informed decision, and your dog will live a long and healthy life. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes you can find the best wet dog foods for senior dogs for your pet.


Canine Nutrition: Iams ProActive Health Senior Canned Dog Food, Your Best Bet

  • Chicken, rice, wheat, and flaxseeds are the primary components.
  • Seven Percent Protein
  • Total Fat: 3%
  • Energy content: 711 kcal/kg

Iams ProActive Health Senior Canned Dog Food is the most cost-effective option for wet dog food. Your dog will love this pâté made with chicken and rice that have been gently simmered in stock.

Vitamins and minerals have been supplemented for better health and a more robust immune system. It has the proper combination of nutrients for dogs over the age of 7, and it contains omega fatty acids for hair and skin health.

The cuisine has a tendency to be on the dry side, and the first two components are water and meat by-products rather than entire chicken.


  • Incredible value
  • Pâté made with chicken and rice that has been braised for a long time.
  • The importance of omega fatty acids for skin and coat health
  • Vitamins and minerals have been included for immune system support.
  • Appropriate nutritional composition for canines aged 7 and above.


  • Hydrogen and by-products are the first two components.
  • There is a risk that consistency is boring.


Hill’s Science Diet g/d Premium Choice Wet Dog Food for Seniors

  • Primary Components:
  • 4 percent protein content.
  • Total Fat: 2%
  • Per kilogram: 1,049 calories

The Hill’s Prescription Diet for Healthy Aging Our top option for best dog food is canned food. A senior dog should eat this food because it has been formulated specifically for their wellness.

It includes less salt and phosphorus to help keep blood pressure normal and protect the kidneys. Despite its low protein content, it makes use of high-quality protein levels that are targeted at and help lessen the workload of the kidneys. You can trust that the kidney and heart-healthy elements in this meal will help your senior dog feel his best.

There are a few issues with this, the most significant being its high price and sometimes dry texture.


  • Optimal health for your older dog is the focus of this prescription diet.
  • Beneficial effects on the kidneys and blood pressure due to lower salt and phosphorus content.
  • Nutrients curated for optimal heart and kidney function


  • Expensive
  • Maybe dry


Vet’s Choice Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind Adult Wet Dog Food

  • The primary components are: turkey, wheat, liver, and brown rice.
  • Twelve Percent Protein
  • Total Fat: 3%
  • Per kilogram: 1,080 calories

Our veterinarian recommends Purina Pro Plan Bright Intellect Senior Wet Dog Food to keep your senior dog’s mind as keen as ever because of its optimal nutritional balance.

It’s formulated for canines seven years and older and contains botanical oils shown to improve mental acuity. High protein content will provide your dog with sustained energy.

This resealable container of turkey, brown rice, and gravy promotes a shiny coat and soft skin. After 30 days, you should start to witness improvements in your dog’s behavior.

Certain finicky canine diners, especially those that favor pâté, may find this dish unappealing. Some dogs may also have diarrhea and flatulence.


  • Natural oils for focus and concentration.
  • Protein-rich diets are beneficial to health in general.
  • Turkey and brown rice served in a jar of gravy that can be sealed and resealed.
  • Promotes a radiant appearance of skin and a shiny coat
  • Changes in your dog that you can see after 30 days


  • Pâté may be a better option for finicky canines.
  • Possible side effects for dogs include excessive flatulence and diarrhea.


Blue Buffalo’s Canned Senior Dog Food, Homestyle Recipe

  • Chicken, carrots, peas, brown rice, and oats are the mainstays.
  • 7,5 % Protein Content.
  • 4.5% Fat Content
  • One kilogram equals 1,119 kcal.

The Original Blue Buffalo Recipe Ingredients that make up Senior Canned Dog Food are both nutritious and whole. The primary component is a whole chicken, and then it’s followed by vegetables like carrots, peas, and sweet potatoes. Brown rice, oats, and cranberries are also included.

It’s formulated with glucosamine and chondroitin, two substances that promote joint health and mobility, and they help keep your muscles in good shape.

There are no additives, fillers, by-products, or artificial flavors or preservatives. It’s also grain-free, however it’s probably best to consult your vet before feeding your dog anything without grains, as grains are really extremely healthy for canines.


  • Recipe features chicken, produce, and fruit.
  • Helps keep muscles in good shape
  • Help for joints and mobility with glucosamine and chondroitin
  • There are no additives or preservatives.


  • Although some canines may love it, this is pâté.
  • Watery consistency is possible.


Evanger’s Senior & Weight Management Dog Food: A Timeless Collection of Recipes

  • Chicken, brown rice, and dried kelp make up the bulk of this dish.
  • Seven Percent Protein
  • 4% Fat Content
  • One can has 301 calories.

Old-Favorite Dishes from the Kitchen of Evanger Managing Your Weight as a Senior Dog Food is a kosher-certified, mature dog food with a balanced nutritional profile.

Overall health of an older dog is supported by the inclusion of chelated trace minerals and vitamins. It is made specifically for elderly dogs that are having trouble maintaining a healthy weight, and it contains no fillers or preservatives.

Some dogs just don’t seem to like this food, and the consistency might be odd at times.


  • Guaranteed to be Kosher
  • Vitamins, minerals, and chelated trace elements for senior dogs
  • There are no additives or fillers.
  • Ideal for overweight older dogs.


  • Not all dogs will enjoy it.
  • Poor uniformity of texture


Science Diet by Hill’s Canned dog food with a tasty meat stew

  • The primary ingredients are: water, chicken, pork liver, brown rice, and carrots.
  • 4 percent protein content.
  • 2.8% Fat Content
  • 305 calories per can.

Savory Stew Canned Dog Food by Hill’s Science Diet is exactly what it sounds like: a stew for your senior dog. Most dogs would gladly devour this dish since it has actual chicken and veggies doused in sauce and looks much like human stew.

For building muscle and staying at a healthy weight, it provides excellent protein options. It has the perfect combination of nutrients and the right sort of fiber for your senior dog’s digestive system.

But the chicken pieces can be rather big, which might be a concern for smaller dogs or those with tooth decay. As an added downside, the quality control isn’t always there, and some cans may include more gravy than vegetables.


  • A delicious stew made of chicken and veggies doused in sauce.
  • Foods rich in quality protein to support weight loss and muscle gain
  • Probiotics and fiber aid with digestion
  • Complete nutritional formula for elderly dogs.


  • Chicken breasts and thighs can be cut into substantial chunks
  • There is often more sauce than vegetables.


Canned Dog Food from Royal Canin for Dogs Ages 8 and Up

  • Corn flour, pork, and chicken are the primary ingredients.
  • Seven Percent Protein
  • Total Fat: 3%
  • Approximately 967 calories per kilogram.

The Mature 8+ Canned Dog Food by Royal Canin is made for small breeds that are 8 years or older and up to 22 pounds in weight.

It’s perfectly balanced nourishment for tiny and elderly dogs, and it’s developed to boost your dog’s appetite. It’s very palatable and has 25% less phosphorus, both of which are beneficial to the kidneys of senior dogs.

However, certain selective canines don’t appear to enjoy it, and the texture can be a bit off at times (they can choke).


  • Designed for canines 8 years and older weighing up to 22 pounds.
  • Formulated to boost a dog’s appetite
  • Reduced phosphorus intake by 25% to protect kidneys
  • Highly palatable


  • Not all dogs will enjoy it.
  • There are instances when the consistency is just too dry.


A Can of Chicken Soup for the Dog’s Soul, When They’re All Grown Up

  • Meats (chicken, turkey, fish, salmon, and duck) are the mainstays.
  • 7,5 % Protein Content.
  • 4% Fat Content
  • 1,071 kilocalories per kilogram

The first two components of Chicken Soup for the Soul Mature Canned Dog Food are chicken and turkey. In addition to the previously mentioned brown rice, oats, carrots, and flaxseed, it also features salmon, fish, and duck as its protein sources.

It is domestically produced and free of gluten, maize, soy, artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.

The high price tag and the possibility that fussy canines won’t enjoy it are two major drawbacks. Also, despite the word “soup” being part of the name, this is actually a pâté.


  • Typical meat choices include chicken and turkey.
  • Brown rice, oats, and flaxseed are just a few of the nutritious components.
  • lacks any synthetic additives
  • Originating from the United States of America.


  • Costs a lot for what it is
  • Not all dogs will enjoy it.
  • Spreadable meat instead of liquid


Tinned Purina Pro Plan for Senior Dogs

  • Ingredients: Rice, wheat glutens, water, meat, and poultry
  • Approximately 10% of the Diet is Protein.
  • Total Fat: 3%
  • 847 kcal/kg

Real beef in gravy is a high-protein, readily digestible ingredient in Purina’s Pro Plan Senior Canned Dog Food.

Your dog’s immune system will benefit, and his or her coat will stay healthy and lustrous. It has 23 important vitamins and minerals and no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

Some canines may have digestive distress from the fillers and the potential for increased gas production. Some dogs may have difficulty chewing the meat portions.


  • The genuine article of meat in gravy
  • Excellent source of protein and gentle on the stomach.
  • The product has 23 different vitamins and minerals.
  • Free of any synthetic additives


  • Possibly irritable to the stomach.
  • Having fillers in it.
  • Some dogs may have difficulty chewing on the larger pieces.

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