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The 7 Best Waterproof Rabbit Hutches

Choosing the right cage for your rabbit can be the most essential step you take to make them feel at home.

Your rabbit will feel comfortable and safe in their home, whether it's completely indoors, completely outdoors, or a combination of the two.

You can ensure a long and happy relationship with your rabbit if you provide it with the right home.

If you have a yard for rabbits to run around in, a waterproof rabbit cage can be the ideal way to keep them safe and dry no matter the weather.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) researched and tried many types of huts to find the ideal living space for rabbits.

In this post, we will share our research and results on the best waterproof rabbit hutches on the market so you can make an informed decision on which one to buy for your rabbit. 

Advice for Shoppers

When comparing rabbit hutches, do you know what features to look for? This helpful guide will explain the factors we evaluate while testing and evaluating.

Why Get a Rabbit House That Doesn’t Leak

A rabbit hutch that can withstand rain and snow is the best option if you want to raise rabbits as indoor/outdoor pets.

They’re the best of both worlds for rabbit owners who want to offer their rabbits lots of freedom to wander but don’t want to subject them to the harsh elements in a traditional outdoor hutch.

Since rabbits kept indoors aren’t typically provided with shelter from the elements, their cages are left open to the elements.

A rabbit’s thick hair takes a very long time to dry, and variations in body temperature can put them in grave danger if they get wet, whereas people, dogs, and cats can survive an occasional soaking if accidentally caught out in the rain.

Outdoor rabbit cages are often made with commercial fur and meat production in mind, so they lack many of the creature comforts you’d expect for your pet.

Additionally, outdoor cages are the heaviest alternative for rabbit housing and need extensive setup.

Given this, it’s evident that rabbits as pets should only be kept in watertight hutches, whether they’re kept indoors or outdoors.

How to Choose a Rabbit House that Won’t Leak

When deciding on a rabbit hutch, we prioritize the following four factors:

  • Protecting your rabbit from the rain is critical, but making sure it’s protected from other dangers is even more crucial. You should look for a hutch that includes secure, lockable gates and a hiding spot for your rabbit.
  • You can’t buy a hutch that’s too huge, but you can surely obtain one that’s too little for your rabbit. Choose a hutch that has at least three times the length of your rabbit’s body in floor space and a room for your rabbit to stand at full height.
  • Selecting a sturdy hutch will shield your rabbit from any predators, which is crucial for his or her protection and will save you money in the long run.The highest quality versions have sturdy construction, so look for wood or plastic with tight joinery.
  • Selecting a waterproof hutch with front and top access is ideal, since you will be placing your rabbit outside on a frequent basis and removing them to bring them back inside.

Different Options for Rabbit Housing

As was previously said, the waterproof rabbit hutch is an excellent choice for rabbits that spend time both inside and outside. The only safe way to keep a rabbit outside is in a rabbit cage.

Similarly, if they have been litter-trained, indoor pets typically do fine with simply a playpen or similarly basic cage.

So, except a hutch, what else does your rabbit require?

We recommend that, as you prepare a new home for your rabbit, you give some thought to the additional furniture and supplies they will want for a happy and healthy existence.

In order to ease your rabbit’s transition into its new home, you may want to have the following things on hand:

  • Garbage can
  • Litter
  • Forage hay timothy
  • Watering can
  • Bowls for Food
  • Treats
  • Toys


Based on BestForPets (bestforpets.org) research and practical experience with a variety of rabbit cages, we have come to the conclusion that the Trixie Natura Rabbit Hutch is the ideal choice for your pet.

It’s a high-quality rabbit cage that’s carefully crafted and comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate rabbits of all shapes and sizes.

Trixie’s Small Animal Hutch with Outdoor Run is a more compact and affordable alternative to the Natura rabbit hat. This is a practical alternative for first-time rabbit owners and is just the right size for rabbits that weigh up to 8 pounds.

Choose the ideal cage for your rabbit’s main living space, as these are not universally applicable. With the help of this guide, you can get your indoor or outdoor rabbit into the best waterproof rabbit hutches.


Best Rabbit Cage: The Trixie Natura

The Trixie Natura Rabbit Hutch, whether used indoors or out, stands out for its weatherproofed solid wood construction, which guarantees a long-lasting and comfortable habitat for your rabbit.

It’s not only a fantastic watertight hutch; it’s a favorite among rabbit owners because of its many intelligent features designed with rabbits in mind.

There are three entry points: a front entrance, a top door, and a first- and second-floor door. We found that the Trixie hutch was the simplest to use when introducing and removing rabbits from among those we evaluated.

Each and every rabbit we had try out the Natura was impressed by its non-slip ramp and the secure hiding space on top.

The Natura is a flexible option that will suit any pet, since it comes in two sizes and three color patterns. The fact that the litter pan can be removed quickly and easily for cleaning makes this hutch even more appealing.


  • Construction using robust, weather-resistant wood
  • This hutch comes in two sizes and three colors so it may be tailored to your rabbit.
  • With its two stories, this rabbit hutch can comfortably house one large rabbit or a pair of smaller rabbits.
  • There are three openings where you may put in and remove your bunny.
  • Easy-to-remove litter box allows for quick and painless sanitation


  • Built of potentially harmful pine wood that your rabbi should avoid.


Trixie Outdoor Run for Small Animals Hutch (Cheapest)

The Trixie Small Animal Hutch is an attractive alternative to our top selection since it is also constructed of solid wood and is protected from the elements, but its layout is horizontal rather than vertical, providing more room for exercise.

In comparison to the other hutches we looked at, this one comes in at a much more reasonable price and has a removable run that’s ideal for giving your rabbit some exercise.

This rabbit hutch offers the most contained room for the least amount of money, making it a great option for those on a tight budget.

This enclosure from Trixie is the finest watertight rabbit hutch in our opinion since it has the same easily-cleanable pull-out litter box and amply sized access ports as our top selection.

The hutch’s small size is the sole negative aspect. It is not suitable for many rabbits or exceptionally huge rabbit breeds because it was designed for a single rabbit.


  • Constructed from solid wood, your building will last for years to come.
  • The run may be detached, giving you the option of a larger workout area.
  • The litter box can easily removed for quick and simple cleaning.
  • The top-loading design of the cage makes it simple to place and remove your rabbit.


  • Small enough for a single rabbit, but no more.


Bunny Hutch with Two Levels, Waterproof for Good Life, Top Pick

The Good Life Two-Story Waterproof Bunny Hutch is the pinnacle of rabbit comfort, with features from both our top- and runner-up-rated hutches. It is a big and sturdy condo for your pets, and can easily accommodate two or three rabbits at once.

Good Life’s hutch is the most costly of the waterproof rabbit hutches we evaluated, and its high price tag reflects the high quality of its many features.

The natural fir timber is coated with a non-toxic waterproof varnish, so it’s safe for pets, and the whole thing is sealed off from the elements to ensure its durability.

These hutches from Good Life are great, and we really like the two litter boxes that can be removed from the bottom level. The price may be prohibitive for first-time rabbit owners, but it’s a terrific option for those with many bunnies.


  • Large hutch is suitable for 2 medium-sized rabbits, or 3 smaller rabbits.
  • Hardwood construction that is impervious to the elements is sturdy and safe for pets.
  • With 2 plastic trays that can be removed, cleaning up trash is a breeze.
  • Provides a lot of room for your rabbit to hide, which will make him or her feel at home.


  • Extremely costly
  • Owners with a single rabbit should avoid this.


PetsFit All-Weather, Indoor/Outdoor Dog House

The Petsfit Weatherproof Outdoor/Indoor Pet House, which is considerably smaller and less complex than our other recommendations, is more suitable as a temporary shelter for your rabbit than as a permanent housing solution.

Due to its compact inside dimensions of 13 by 16 inches, this rabbit housing is best suited for little bunnies.

Due to its natural wood frame and asphalt roof, this hutch is remarkably weather-resistant; nevertheless, it does require some installation.

For rabbits who are a little too little to live in this hutch full-time, it is a great option for those who wish to offer them access to the outdoors for relaxation and play.


  • Solid build quality
  • Inexpensive
  • The ability to load and unload from the front and top is a huge convenience.


  • Miniature in size.
  • The housing situation is not ideal for rabbits in the long run.


CO-Z Top-Rated Waterproof Rabbit Cage

A more expensive alternative to the Petsfit hutch highlighted above, the CO-Z Topnotch Weatherproof Rabbit Hutch is nearly identical to the Petsfit hutch in every way except for the heightened level of weatherproofing it provides.

UV-resistant paint helps keep it cool and looking fantastic year after year, while a locking front door and three-layer roof protect against rain and wind.

This hutch is ideal for rabbits that live in an indoor enclosure but would benefit from additional safety measures while venturing outside to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. However, it is not large enough to be considered as permanent housing.


  • Extra security is provided by a locking door and a soaring roof.
  • 100% Waterproof 3 Layer Roof
  • Peeling and fading from the sun are avoided using UV-resistant paint.


  • Irreconcilably inadequate as a permanent residence
  • Costs a lot but not outrageously so


Rabbit Cage, Merax Wooden

The Merax Wooden Rabbit Hutch, our largest pick, is also the most versatile, with two separate lines providing ample space for exercise and exploration. The hutch is big enough to hold two to four rabbits, but it’s weak construction makes it less than ideal.

The Merax wooden rabbit hutch is an all-weather, rabbit-safe solution made of solid fir wood and coated with waterproof paint.

It would be closer to being worth the expensive price if the wood were thicker and the supplied hardware was made of higher-grade metal.

This is the best waterproof hutch to buy if you need as much space as possible, but if you can be flexible with the size, go with something cheaper.


  • We found that this hutch had the most outside run space of any we evaluated.
  • Houses two to four rabbits in luxury.
  • Fully impervious to the elements


  • Extremely costly
  • Poor value for the money, with cheap materials and workmanship.


Solid Wooden Rabbit Habitat by PawHut

The PawHut Solid Wood Rabbit Hutch is roomy and well-built, and it incorporates many of the best characteristics of the other waterproof hutches we looked at into a single convenient product.

It’s constructed from solid fir, making it one of the most sturdy and long-lasting hutches we looked at.

The PawHut has numerous features that win us over, including a detachable tray that makes cleaning the litter box a breeze and a roomy layout that provides lots of area for your rabbit to run about and play.

There are plenty of other viable solutions for waterproof rabbit hutches available at considerably cheaper rates than the Pawhut, which is a major flaw. This hutch would have made our list if it were much cheaper.


  • Large living quarters
  • Solid build quality
  • Easy to disinfect


  • Way too pricey
  • Contains nothing but cheap hutches and nothing else

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