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The 8 Best Wall-Mounted Trees For Cats

Cats are territorial animals that spend a substantial amount of time marking and monitoring their area. In the wild, this area is crucial for supplying food and shelter, and your cat maintains this behavior intuitively at home.

One of the greatest methods to keep your cat content is to provide them with several perches from which they can observe your home. Wall-mounted cat trees are perfect since they don't take up much of your living space yet provide your pet with the necessities for happiness.

If you would want to buy a wall-mounted cat tree but are unsure which one is suitable for your house, continue reading as BestForPets (bestforpets.org) discusses many of the best wall-mounted trees for cats. So that you can make a well-informed purchase, we will describe the advantages and downsides of each product, as well as how well our cats like them.


Wall-mounted CatastrophiCreations Cat Shelf

Our recommendation for the best wall-mounted cat tree is the CatastrophiCreations Lift Wall-Mounted Cat Tree Shelf Set. Hidden brackets of exceptional sturdiness can hold up to 85 pounds throughout its many components.

It includes a detachable and washable cloth covering, so you don’t have to worry about them becoming soiled. It comes with straightforward, simple installation instructions, and you can add extra sets to make it even larger.

The shelves on the CatastrophiCreations Lift were a bit too thin for our comfort, which was a drawback we encountered when utilizing this product. The majority of our cats still utilize these shelves, but if you have a huge, overweight cat, it may be difficult for it to find space.


  • Fabric that is removable and washable
  • Hidden brackets
  • Easy-to-understand directions
  • Extendable


  • Narrow


CatastrophiCreations Gardens Cat Tree Shelves

The CatastrophiCreations Gardens Cat Tree Shelves is the best cat tree available. This enormous tree features a maze for your pet to explore, as well as four pots for growing cat grass or catnip.

Since they are installed directly into wall studs, the concealed brackets can withstand up to 85 pounds. The installation instructions are straightforward, and you may extend it to give your cat extra space to roam.

The biggest issue we encountered with the CatastrophiCreations Gardens Cat is that it is too pricey, potentially exceeding the budgets of many individuals.


  • Hidden brackets
  • Extendable
  • Simple to install
  • Contains four planters


  • Expensive


K&H Pet Supplies Kitty Sill Window Perch for Cats

The K&H Pet Supplies The Kitty Sill Cat Window Perch is the ideal option for kittens. It is a furniture-grade shelf perch that provides your cat with ample space to stretch out. It is simple to install and utilizes Velcro strips, which remove the need for tools while staying strong enough to support up to 40 pounds.

The one drawback we encountered when using K&H was that the glue might soften and heat up if exposed to direct sunshine, causing the shelf to fall. If you must place it in a room that receives direct sunlight, you may need to locate a more secure installation method.


  • Extremely robust
  • Abundant space
  • Furniture grade
  • Simple installation


  • Velcro adhesive


Wall-mounted TRIXIE Bed Cat Shelf

The TRIXIE Bed Wall Mounted Cat Shelf is a beautiful contemporary style that will complement any interior. It is simple to install and includes all the necessary components. It also includes a mat to make it more comfortable for your cat, which can be removed and laundered separately.

The TRIXIE Bed can only sustain a maximum of 12 pounds, therefore it is better suited for kittens and smaller cats. In addition, we believed the mat was a bit too thin.


  • Attractive design
  • Removable mat
  • Simple to install


  • Not for larger cats
  • Thin rug


Wall-mounted TRIXIE Dayna White Plush Cat Tree

The TRIXIE Dayna 59.8-inch Plush Wall-Mounted Cat Tree is an appealing cat tree with a convenient center scratching post, which is particularly useful if your cats prefer to claw furniture.

The faux-fleece covering gives comfort to the cat, and it comes with all the necessary hardware for fastening it to the wall, so you can do it quickly and the outcome is incredibly solid.

The TRIXIE Dayna is tough and time-consuming to construct; it took us significantly longer than the other items on our list. It is also quite heavy once correctly made, and the most challenging aspect of the installation is maintaining its stability.


  • Post with the center scratching pad
  • Covering of faux-fleece that is soft
  • Easy to install


  • Heavy
  • Not easily assembled


Wall-mounted TRIXIE Cat Bridge

The TRIXIE Wall-Mounted Cat Bridge has three distinct levels that your cat may use to rest and survey the home. The platforms are connected by a wooden chain bridge that comes with all of the necessary hardware for assembly. The elegant wood finish looks great in any decor and is simple to mount on the wall.

The TRIXIE Wall Mounted Cat Tree is only rated to support around 12 pounds, therefore it is only appropriate for tiny cats. In addition, we found the wood to be quite light and fragile.

As we were attaching the tree to the wall, many sections began to develop cracks, and they had an unpleasant stench that some people would find offensive, which prohibited our cats from utilizing it.


  • Three distinct platforms
  • Contains hardware
  • Stylish wood veneer


  • Exclusive to smaller cats
  • Poor grade timber
  • Bad odor

Buyer's Guide

Maximum Weight Support

When picking a wall-mounted cat tree, the maximum weight it can support should be your first consideration. The average cat weighs between 10 and 20 pounds, however, if your cat likes to climb trees, you should add a few pounds to the weight restriction since this behavior might cause the tree to topple if the weight limit is near to the cat’s real weight.

Simple Installation

The second factor to consider when selecting a wall-mounted cat tree is its simplicity of installation. Most manufacturers need you to attach the tree to your wall studs, so ensure sure the directions are clear and that the tree comes with the necessary hardware. On our list, we attempted to note any brands that were difficult to install.


Ensure that the platforms on your wall-mounted cat tree are large enough for your cat to sit and play on. Your pet will be more inclined to utilize the bed if it can nap without fear of sliding off.


Cats are not as destructive with their toys as dogs are, but they do like to run and leap, which can eventually wear down a tree. It is essential to find a company that employs durable materials that can resist your cat’s antics. If you continue to shop, you will need to exercise caution in regard to the brands on our list that employ substandard materials.


If you are in the market for a new wall-mounted cat tree, we offer our top selection. The CatastrophiCreations Lift Wall Mounted Cat Tree Shelf Set gives several perches for your cat to enjoy, and you can expand it anytime it’s convenient. The cover is removable for washing and machine-washable. 

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hope you’ve enjoyed perusing our list and have discovered a few products you’d want to try. If our guide to the best wall-mounted trees for cats has made your kitty a bit happy, please share it on Facebook and Twitter.

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