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10 Best Wall Mounted Cat Scratchers

If you've ever had the impression that your cats are peering down on you or keeping a close check on you, you're right. Cats are regal creatures who enjoy nothing more than being at the top of the food chain.

Instead of being bothered by it, embrace their self-assurance and give them a physical picture to show them you understand.

Wall-mounted cat scratchers can be positioned at various heights throughout the house, ensuring that your kitty always has a convenient spot to vent its frustrations.

Scratching posts provide several benefits for felines, including anxiety reduction and satisfying their feral instincts.

The only drawback is that they take up a lot of space on our living room floors and seem bulky in the corner.

To address this issue, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has produced a comprehensive list of reviews to assist you in making an informed decision between the best wall mounted cat scratchers on the market this year.


Best Value – Way Basics Eco-friendly Wall Mount Scratch Pad

  • Sizing: 17.3′′D x 7.7′′H × 10.6′′W in one size

When you search the internet for scratching pads, many of products appear. The Ways Basics eco-friendly wall mount pad is our pick for the best wall-mounted cat scratcher for the money.

The best feature of this scratch pad is that it is made of zBoard rather than typical particle board or cardboard. This board design is not only completely recyclable, but it is also devoid of chemicals and formaldehyde.

This material makes the pad lighter than other brands on the market and reduces the likelihood of it falling off the wall due to weight.

Because it is a peel and stick, the Ways Basics pad is considerably easier to apply than others. It takes seconds to install, and the business guarantees that it will function for the rest of your life.

The bad news about peel and stick products is that they are difficult to remove. Taking these types of things off the wall can damage the paint and drywall underneath and may necessitate some touch-ups if you decide to relocate it around.

However, considering the price, it’s difficult to overlook this cat scratcher.


  • Cheap
  • Material of the board
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Positioned anywhere in the house
  • Toxin-free


  • When removed, it may cause harm to the walls.
  • There are no peel-and-stick alternatives.


BIG NOSE-Wall Mounted Cat Scratching Post – High Quality

  • Sizing:
  • 43″ tall pole
  • 13.75″D x 9.75″H x.7″W Boards

Big Nose outdid themselves with this wall-mounted scratching post that includes numerous shelves as well as a hammock for your cat to climb, scratch, and lounge on.

This post is simple to mount on any wall and can support cats weighing up to 15 pounds.

Although this cat scratching post comes with small separate pieces that must be kept track of throughout assembly, it is extremely robust if properly installed.

It’s comprised of cat-safe materials like solid pine wood and features adjustable hardware to ensure a proper fit no matter where you put it.

The result is a tad clumsy, weighing just under 10 pounds, and may necessitate the use of two hands to erect. The Big Nose scratching post’s main disadvantage is its exorbitant price.

That being said, we believe this product is well worth the money if you want something durable and long-lasting. Don’t be concerned if you damage one of the components! Replacement parts are always available for purchase.


  • Sturdy
  • 15 pound capacity
  • Materials that are safe
  • Materials that are replaceable


  • Expensive
  • A difficult assembly


4CLAWS Sisal Scratching Post, Wall Mounted

  • Sizing: Size: 2.8′′D x 17.8′′H x 3.6′′W

The 4CLAWS sisal scratching post first appeared on the market in 2016 and has grown in popularity over the years. This post is little more expensive than others, but it does the job if you want a sleek and modern-looking cat post.

This product contains stainless steel mounting screws and wall anchors to keep it in place even if your pet rubs themselves all over it.

The aluminum frame is both stylish and sturdy, and the natural sisal post is simple to insert into the holders. They also sell refill packs, so you can throw out the old one when it frays and replace it with a new one.

If you have a larger cat breed, the 4CLAWS scratching post might not be the ideal solution for you. If you put too much weight on it, the frame may bend, and you may have to get a new one.


  • Elegant style
  • Natural sisal fiber
  • Posts that are replaceable


  • On the more expensive end of the spectrum
  • Under heavy load, it may break.


Ruby Road Floor or Wall Mounted Cat Scratching Post

  • Sizing: 1 inch D x 22 inch H x 5.75 inch W

Ruby Road makes one of the most visually appealing scratching posts, in our opinion. This board is made of natural wood and sisal and has rounded sides for a modern and simple appearance.

Ruby road is ideal for wall installation or placing straight on the floor. The board comes with floor pads to protect the flooring underneath.

It comes with screws and wall plugs if you want to mount it. Unlike some of the other reviews on the list, this one is simple to assemble and disassemble, allowing you to relocate it anytime your cats require a change of scenery.

While the board is durable, the adhesive isn’t strong enough to endure a lifetime. The sisal may begin to peel off the wood after some frequent wear and tear or use by severe scratchers.

While sisal is natural, it is also extremely tightly wound, so not all cats enjoy using it. These are undoubtedly some things you should think about before paying the exorbitant fee.


  • Lovely design
  • Will not scratch floors
  • Simple to install or delete


  • Sisal finally peels away.
  • Material is very tightly knit.
  • Price point is higher


Quick Cat Scratching Post for the Wall by Diversity World

  • Sizing: 3.93′′D x 15.7′′H x 3.93′′W

The beautiful thing about Diversity World is that they make reasonably sturdy scratching posts at a reasonable price. They employ natural sisal wrapped around a rod, just like some of the other products on the list.

The rod itself is housed in an aluminum frame. Despite the fact that the manufacturer advertises replacement posts, we were unable to locate any.

The scratching post’s design is adequate but unremarkable. The metal has a silver tint that may not look good in your home and may rust if wet.

This product’s installation is also more difficult. There are numerous little hardware items, and it necessitates the use of hammers, handheld screwdrivers, and power tools, which not everyone will have on hand.


  • Reasonable cost
  • Sisal from nature
  • Sturdy


  • Installation is difficult.
  • Extra equipment is necessary.
  • Color is unappealing
  • Despite being announced, there were no substitutes.


Wall Mount RUMUUKE Premium Cat Scratching Pad

  • Sizing:
  • 1″D x 15.35″H x 7.48″W Small
  • 1″D x 19.7″H x 7.9″W Large

If you’re more concerned with looks than functionality, RUMUUKE might be the scratching pad for you and your cat. This cushion is available in two sizes to accommodate a wide range of spaces and cat weights.

Unlike the others, it has a more dynamic design made of sisal that has been dyed grey and white. When buying anything for your dogs, you should be cautious because it may not be well-made.

RUMUUKE secures the material to the wood with staples rather than glue. If the staples protrude, they could badly hurt your pet and its delicate little paws.

The manner it was assembled also makes it easier for the fabric to pull out. Although reasonably priced, you may find yourself needing to replace it sooner rather than later.

Finally, there have been multiple reports that the cats are uninterested in the scratching pad. Even catnip doesn’t seem to be able to entice them close enough.

Of course, this could be unique to some cats and does not guarantee that yours will be interested.


  • Design is adorable.
  • There are two sizes.


  • Staples may endanger the cat.
  • Sisal crumbles
  • Uninterested cats have been reported in the negative.

How to Choose the Best Wall-Mounted Cat Scratchers

You already know that scratching is normal behavior as a cat owner and lover. It motivates our pets and helps them relax, as well as cuts their nails and marks their territory.

It’s always preferable to provide them with a designated scratching post rather than wreck all of your lovely and pricey furniture.

Purchasing a wall-mounted cat scratching board is a wise decision for any cat owner, but how do you know what characteristics to look for in order to keep your cat happy?

How many boards are required?

If at all feasible, place a scratching mat in each room of the house where you and your cat spend time together.

We understand that it may appear a little overkill at first, but offering your cat various options is far preferable to them deciding that there is a better location to utilize.

Cheaper scratching pads may not survive as long as more expensive ones, but the decision is ultimately yours based on how much you want to save your furniture.

Scratch Pads: Vertical vs. Horizontal

Some cats like vertical poles where they can stretch out their entire body, while others prefer ones that sit horizontally on the ground.

If you’re not sure which type to get, start paying attention to your cat’s scratching behavior.  If they climb up the side of your couch, you should think about getting a vertical pole.

If they scratch your rugs and chair arms, horizontal is definitely the best option. All you can do is make an educated guess or use the process of elimination to figure it out.

What Is the Distinction Between Cardboard, Sisal, and Carpet?

Almost all scratching posts are composed of one of three materials: cardboard, sisal, and carpet.

Each scratching material has advantages and cons, and it is up to you and your pet to determine which one you like.

Carpet scratching posts aren’t as popular as they once were since they frequently encourage cats to believe that all carpet is safe for digging their claws into.

If you have pricey rugs in your home, avoid carpet materials. These are typically less expensive, but there is a solid reason for this.

Sisal is the most common material used on scratching posts and boards today. Sisal is a plant fiber that is used to manufacture things such as carpets, loofahs, twine, and even dartboards.

Many businesses tie sisal rope around a pole and fix it with glue or staples. The rope is fairly dense and will hold up well over time.

However, it does fray and leave fibers around the house on occasion. Woven sisal is more recent than sisal rope. Weaved sisal is more like carpet and is bonded or fastened to a wooden post or board.

The woven sisal has a more firm texture than rope, making it more enticing to your cat’s claws. This cloth also looks and performs much better over time.

The last material you’ll see on the market is cardboard. People are lured to cardboard since it is less expensive and easier to collect the scraps.

The cardboard is easy to shred and generates an enticing noise that cats seem to enjoy. The disadvantage of cardboard scratchers is that they wear out considerably faster than other types.

Some merely survive a few months, while others have been known to last several years. It all depends on how frequently your cat uses it.

What Size Cat Scratcher Should I Get?

As you’ve discovered, not all cat scratchers are available in a variety of sizes. This can be a big disadvantage of these products because it is critical that cats of all sizes use them correctly.

One of the main reasons cats enjoy scratching pads and poles is that it allows them to stretch out all of their muscles.

Many products on the market may prevent your larger cat breed from experiencing the full effect if you have a larger cat breed.

Posts should be at least 24 inches height for medium-sized cats. The larger the cat, the more difficult it is to find extra-tall posts that will handle their size.

Cat Scratchers’ Stability

You don’t want your pets to get wounded, and regrettably, if the product isn’t well-made, these wall-mounted posts and boards can come tumbling down.

Even scratchers that sit on the floor can become unsteady or move when your cat uses them. This is not only unsafe for them, but it also discourages your cat from returning and using it again.

Only purchase scratchers with large bases or safe wall mounts if you are confident that they will not fall on or injure your cats.


We looked everywhere for the strongest wall-mounted cat scratcher of the year and came to the conclusion that the Ruby Road Floor or Wall Mounted Cat Scratching Post is the best on the market because of its inexpensive price, different sizes, and sturdiness.

If you’re looking for the greatest scratcher for the money, the Way Basics Eco-friendly Wall Mount Scratch Pad might be it.

It is not only inexpensive, but it also includes a new zBoard material that is toxic-free and environmentally safe, and it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

The market for cat scratchers is rife with subpar products that will accomplish nothing for you or your cat.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has done our best to sift out the junk and bring you things that we’d be proud to have in our own homes.

There will always be hundreds of cat scratchers on the market, but with this best wall mounted cat scratchers list, you can make your kitty feel like the king of his kingdom once more.

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