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The 10 Best Vitamins For Chickens

Hens are one of the easiest animals to care for, and their diet readily meets the majority of their nutritional demands, especially free-range chickens.

While carbs, lipids, protein, and minerals are all important for your flock's health and welfare, vitamins enable your chicken's body correctly absorb all of the other elements in their food, laying the groundwork for a well-functioning immune system and optimum growth and development.

Most vitamins cannot be manufactured by chickens in significant quantities, thus they must be obtained through their feed. Vitamins are especially crucial for laying hens, who require an extra boost to be healthy while producing eggs practically every day.

Vitamins are particularly important for hens who are not allowed to roam freely since they cannot obtain these micronutrients via foraging. Vitamin A and D insufficiency can both result in fewer eggs and eggs with fragile, weak shells.

In this post, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) will look at the best vitamins for chickens on the market so that you may limit down your choices and choose the ideal one for your needs.

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Vitamin Supplement Rooster Booster Poultry Booster Pellet

Rooster Booster Poultry Booster

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Rooster Booster's pelleted mineral and vitamin supplement is designed for all stages of growth and all types of chicken.

The supplement contains vital vitamins, including as vitamin D3 and vitamin B12; minerals, such as calcium and magnesium; and amino acids, which are required by laying hens.

The mix also contains probiotics, which assist a healthy immune system and digestion. Simply mix one of the provided 1/3-ounce scoops into a pound of feed to provide your hens with the necessary vitamin and mineral boost.

The only disadvantage of these pelleted vitamins is that some birds may pick out the other food and leave the pellets behind, so you may need to grind them or mash them to receive the full advantages.


  • Suitable for all phases of development
  • Mineral supplements
  • Vitamins D3 and B12 are included.
  • Probiotics have been introduced.


  • Some birds may refuse to consume the pellets.

Vitamins and electrolytes DURVET 136028

DURVET 136028 vitamins & Electrolytes

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This DURVET vitamin and electrolyte three-pack is a premix of water-soluble vitamins and electrolytes that is perfect for laying and developing hens. The mixture comprises vitamins A, D, and E, as well as minerals such as potassium and calcium.

With this mix, a little goes a long way — about 1/2 teaspoon per gallon of water is adequate for hens. They won’t be able to leave any behind because it’s water soluble, giving you piece of mind that they’re getting a balanced blend.

Unfortunately, there are no expiration dates on the premixed packets, and several buyers got parcels with clumped powder. This little flaw prohibits this supplement from taking the #1 rank on this list.


  • Three-pack convenience
  • Electrolytes have been added.
  • Mineral supplements
  • Water-soluble
  • Inexpensive


  • There is no expiration date.

Poultry Supplement Rooster Booster Cell Liquid Vitamin

Rooster Booster Poultry Cell

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This liquid vitamin supplement from Rooster Booster is an appropriate immunity booster for laying hens, during difficult winter months, or for flocks with restricted access to forage.

You may mix the powder into your chicken’s diet or just add 1 ounce per gallon of water. The supplement contains vitamins A, D, and E, as well as vital B vitamins and 400 mg of iron.

It also contains minerals such as zinc and calcium, as well as vital amino acids. The supplement is appropriate for all ages and works well in mixed flocks.

This supplement is tough to criticize, however we did observe that the ingredients mention artificial flavors and colors.


  • Powdered form is more convenient.
  • Vitamins A, D, and E are included.
  • Mineral supplements
  • Suitable for all phases of development


  • Artificial tastes and colors are present.

Natural Daily Oral Nutritional Supplement for Chickens, Chicken Delyte

Chicken DeLyte All-in-One Natural Daily Nutritional Supplement for Chickens & Poultry

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If you want to offer your hens more than just a vitamin boost, Chicken Delyte's nutritional supplement incorporates a variety of additional useful components.

This supplement is a terrific addition to your flock’s overall well-being since it contains critical vitamins such as vitamins A, D3, E, and B12, as well as minerals, electrolytes, and pre- and pro-biotics.

Just one 5 g scoop per 2 liters of water. The mixture promotes digestion and nutrition absorption in your chicken, as well as overall health and vigor. It is suitable for all ages.

This product is tough to criticize, however it is somewhat costly.


  • Vitamins A, E, and B12 are all present.
  • Mineral supplements
  • Electrolytes have been added.
  • Pre- and probiotics are included.
  • Suitable for all phases of life


  • Expensive

Organic Chicken Kelp Cluck’n Sea Kelp – Vitamins & Minerals for Chicken

Treats For Chickens Cluck’n Sea Kelp - Nutrition For Birds

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The Cluck'n Sea Kelp certified organic vitamin supplement can help your flock have stronger eggshells with gorgeous orange yolks, molt faster and easier, improve feather quality, and be a terrific addition to their general health.

The supplement just has one ingredient: 100% air-dried kelp meal, which is high in vitamins and minerals. Simply add a couple of tablespoons to your chicken’s feed everyday to offer them with vitamins like vitamin K and C, as well as minerals like calcium, iron, and magnesium.

Many customers say that their hens will not consume this supplement on its own, therefore you must mix it with their meal. Furthermore, it is reasonably priced for the quantity received.


  • There is only one component.
  • Excellent for improving feather quality.
  • Encourages good egg growth
  • It contains essential minerals and vitamins.
  • Kelp is 100% natural and air-dried.


  • This supplement may not be consumed by chickens on its own.
  • Expensive

Organic Coop Kelp Chicken and Duck Feed Supplement

FRESH EGGS DAILY Organic Coop Kelp Feed Supplement Vitamins for Backyard Chickens and Ducks

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Coop Kelp Organic chicken supplement is made up of nothing but dried organic seaweed and kelp, however these basic components provide a wealth of nutrients to your flock.

The supplement provides 4% protein as well as potassium, magnesium, and essential vitamins such as vitamin K and C. The supplement will enhance your chicken’s immune system, egg production, and digestive wellness.

Simply add 1/2 a scoop per cup of feed to provide nutritional advantages to hens at all stages of development.

However, this supplement is extremely pricey, and several buyers claimed that their hens refused to consume it. Picky eaters will leave the kelp pieces behind, but the tiny, dusty particles will remain in their meal dish.


  • The combination of kelp and seaweed
  • Protein content of 4%
  • Vitamins K and C are important.
  • Minerals that are advantageous
  • Enhances intestinal health


  • Expensive
  • Some chickens will not consume it.

Omega Ultra Egg Chicken Supplement by Omega Fields

Omega Fields Chicken Supplement for Health and Plumage Egg Production

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The Ultra Egg Supplement from Omega Fields is a powdered supplement that contains vitamins and a variety of other useful elements. It is perfect for hens of all life stages and will help your chickens look and feel wonderful.

The supplement is made from powdered flaxseed and contains folic acid as well as vital vitamins E and B12. It also has 22% protein and essential minerals including iron, magnesium, and zinc.

It is made in the United States of America. Simply mix the supplement into your chicken’s diet or give it to them as a free-choice treat.

This supplement is tough to criticize, but the 4.5-pound bag only lasts a month for up to 10 hens, making it a pricey option.


  • Ideal for all phases of life
  • Flaxseed meal is included.
  • It contains the vitamins E and B12.
  • Beneficial minerals have been added.
  • Protein content is 22%.
  • Made in the United States.


  • Expensive

Hen Boost Probiotics – Animal Health Solutions

Animal Health Solutions - Hen Boost Probiotics, Help Boost Immunity & Hydration in Full Grown Chickens

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Hen Boost Probiotics from Animal Health Solutions delivers a variety of advantages for your flock, including extra vitamins A, D3, and B12.

The supplements also contain a combination of micro-encapsulated probiotics that are beneficial to immunological and digestive health, minerals such as potassium, and electrolytes to keep your hens hydrated. For optimal flock health, just combine one scoop of the solution into two liters of water.

Some customers say that it was difficult to dissolve in water, and that chickens would not eat it if put with their diet.


  • Vitamins A, D3, and B12 have been added.
  • Probiotics were present.
  • Excellent for intestinal health
  • Mineral supplements
  • Electrolytes have been added.


  • It does not dissolve easily in water.

Buyers Guide

Vitamins and minerals are vital for the health and well-being of chickens, and while free-range chickens fed a good diet will normally obtain what they need without supplementation, supplementing throughout the winter months and for laying hens will undoubtedly assist.

Multivitamins are also beneficial to developing chicks, allowing them to get off to a healthy start.

Vitamins are excellent supplements for times of stress, such as environmental changes, cold spells, breeding, and for sick or injured birds. Whether you have a backyard flock in a coop or free-range hens, vitamin supplementation in their food will undoubtedly help them.

Important factors to consider while purchasing vitamins for your flock

Not all vitamin supplements are created equal, and many contain other components such as probiotics and extra minerals, making it difficult to find the correct supplement.

In general, these additives are beneficial to your flock and will provide them with additional health benefits.

Powder vs. pellets

Pellets are ideal since you can just put the needed amount into your chicken’s feed, making it a quick and easy way to supplement your flock.

However, if the pellets are unpalatable, your birds will simply ignore them and pick out the grains. If this happens, you may wish to turn the pellets into a mush that is more appealing to them.

Powdered vitamin supplements are ideal since they can be blended into your bird’s water or coated onto their meal, ensuring that your hens receive the necessary nourishment.

Of course, if your supplement gets wet or expires, it will clump and become ineffective. Some powdered vitamins do not dissolve well in water, thus they must be mixed into the dry diet.

Chickens require certain vitamins.

Except for vitamin C, chickens require all vitamins in their diet. Your flock requires the following vitamins:

  • A vitamin (aids in egg production and growth)
  • D vitamin (strengthens eggshells and increases egg production)
  • E vitamin (for general growth and reproduction)
  • The vitamin K (healthy blood and muscle health)
  • B1 vitamin (carbohydrate metabolism)
  • B2 vitamin (important for growth)

The majority of these vitamins should be obtained through your flock’s diet, but it’s a good idea to supplement during tough winters, when laying, or if you create your own feed.

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies in hens

Many, if not all, of the health issues encountered in home flocks may be prevented by providing your chicken with a nutritious, balanced diet rich in critical vitamins and minerals.

Even if they are low in only one vitamin, it can have a major impact on their capacity to absorb other nutrients, resulting in a cascade effect.

Unfortunately, a vitamin shortage can create health problems in your hens long before they exhibit any visible signs, but here are a few to look out for:

  • Poor feathering in general
  • Poor or insufficient laying
  • Slow expansion
  • Deformities
  • Lethargy
  • Appetite loss
  • Weight reduction
  • Divider for chickens


Our preferred vitamin supplement for hens is Rooster Booster's pelleted mineral and vitamin supplement . It is developed for all phases of growth and all classes of poultry, and it contains critical vitamins and minerals as well as probiotics to maintain a healthy immune system and digestion.

DURVET's vitamin and electrolyte blend  is also a favorite of ours. This water-soluble vitamin and electrolyte premix is great for laying and developing chickens, and it contains vitamins A, D, and E, as well as minerals like potassium and calcium.

With so many vitamin supplements on the market today, it can be difficult to choose the best vitamins for chickens. Hopefully, BestForPets‘ (bestforpets.org) in-depth evaluations have helped you narrow down your selections and select the finest supplement for your needs.

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