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The 8 Best Vegan Cat Foods

As pet owners, it is our obligation to ensure that our pets are happy, healthy, and well-cared for.

Whether you are a vegan yourself or have investigated the topic and believe that your cat might benefit from a vegan diet, you can ensure that your cat is healthy and that they do not rely on animal protein to stay that way with proper preparation.

You'll want to look for meals that have nutrients like taurine and arginine, which are only two proteins that originate from meat and are otherwise lacking in your cat's diet. They are also necessary for your cat's health.

Alternatively, you can incorporate or offer supplements containing these components on top of their vegan diet. The variety of vegan cat foods available can be bewildering at first.

Using BestForPets' (bestforpets.org) reviews of the best vegan cat foods, you can select the appropriate combination of food and supplements without having to scrutinize every ingredient or cat food alternative available.


Wysong Vegan Dry Dog & Cat Food – Overall Winner

Wysong’s vegan pet chow is a vegan base food used for elimination programs and as a foundation for adding meat protein to yourself.

An elimination diet allows you to remove all but the most basic items from your cat’s diet and then replace them with the proteins and components of your choice.

Wysong’s formula, which has been recommended by veterinarians and pet owners alike, is ideal for cats of all ages, and the dry kibble is coated in a probiotic enzyme.

Prebiotics, probiotics, omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants have also been added to the diet. It does include taurine, but only in trace amounts because it is intended to be a base food rather than a full food.

Some purchasers have claimed that their cats had soft stools after eating this food, even after gradually introducing it over several weeks, and while it is reasonably priced, you will need to purchase additional food for each meal.


  • Probiotics and prebiotics are included.
  • Cats of every age and size are welcome.
  • Taurine was added to the formula.


  • Can cause messy poop in cats
  • You will require additional nourishment.


Best Value AMI Vegan Cat Food

AMI vegan cat chow is created entirely of plant-based and natural ingredients, with no animal or slaughterhouse by-products.

It has also been designed to be a complete cat food. Unlike the Wysong, you won’t need to buy extra food to supplement the base, so while it’s more expensive per pound, we believe the AMI bag is the finest vegan cat chow for the money.

It also receives high marks from owners and, more significantly, their cats, with several buyers reporting that they began with a mix of this and meat and their cats now shun the meat.

It has been fortified with taurine, which is essential for your cat’s health. It also contains amino acids and a variety of vitamins and nutrients to keep your cat healthy even on a vegan diet.

There will always be controversy over whether a cat can survive on a completely vegan diet, and because this is a whole food, it isn’t always suited for use as a base food to which meat protein can be added.


  • A complete cat food
  • Taurine has been added to ensure excellent health.
  • Vitamins and nutrients have been added.


  • It is not intended to be used as a foundation.


Adult Vegan Cat Food – Premium Choice by Benevo

Benevo vegan adult cat food is made entirely of natural ingredients. It contains no artificial additions of any kind.

Benevo has increased the amount of taurine, added spirulina because it is high in minerals, and even included yucca to minimize odor.

It contains an excellent balance of protein, fat, and fiber, as well as a wide spectrum of vitamins and nutrients, ensuring a healthy cat that obtains all the nutrients he needs without having to eat animal or animal by-products.

It also fulfills European standards, and it is only the price, which is fairly high due to the long list of natural components included in the diet, that keeps this cat food from ranking higher on our list of recommendations.

The majority of owners indicate that their cats enjoy the food, even those who are generally considered fussy and tough eaters. This is another vegan meal that cats of all ages and sizes may eat.


  • Completely vegan
  • Only natural substances are used.
  • Taurine, vitamins, and minerals have been added.
  • Cats appear to enjoy it.


  • Expensive


Gourmet Fondue Vegan Cat Food from Evolution Diet

Evolution’s diet gourmet fondue cat chow is a plant-based dry cat food. It is intended to be a complete cat food, which means that it has all of the taurine, protein, and vitamins and nutrients that your cat requires.

To guarantee that your cat is eating a healthy, balanced diet, you shouldn’t need to add any supplements or other ingredients.

As with most kibbles, adding some water is recommended because moist food is better for your cat than simply dry food.

Dampening the food in this manner can also make it more appetizing to your feline companion, ensuring that they eat the food you place in front of them. This is a costly dish, but it has a nice and varied ingredient list.

Several owners have said that their cats dislike the food and that they have had to convince them to eat it, while others have suggested that the meal simply passes through their cats.


  • A complete and balanced feed for your cat
  • Free of any animal products and byproducts


  • Some cats find it difficult to digest.
  • Some cats dislike it.
  • Expensive


Vegetable Stew Moist Vegetarian Cat Food Evolution Diet

Evolution diet vegetable stew moist cat chow is a pate-style food prepared with natural and plant-based components.

It contains taurine, which helps to preserve intestinal health and vision. It is a pate, which means it has a wet texture that most cats prefer.

The food has an adequate amount of protein, fat, vitamins, and nutrients. The meal is genuinely suitable for both dogs and cats, and it is suitable for animals of all ages and stages of life.

Unfortunately, many buyers complain that their cats don’t appreciate the smell or flavor of the food, and even when purchased in bulk, these tins of food are pricey.

There are numerous of less expensive natural, vegan cat foods that are more popular and taste better.


  • Pate texture has already been moistened
  • There are no animal products.
  • All ages are welcome.


  • Many cats dislike the flavor.
  • Expensive

Buyer's Guide: How to Select the Best Vegan Cat Food

There is substantial disagreement over feeding cats a strictly vegan diet.

Proponents argue that important vitamins and nutrients can be supplemented into their diet without requiring them to consume animal products.

Opponents argue that, whereas dogs can naturally eat a vegan diet, a cat’s digestive and immune systems cannot handle a plant-based diet since some nutrients are only found in meat.

As a result, reviewing the ingredients list to ensure that it contains additional ingredients is one of the most crucial components of purchasing vegan cat food. Other aspects should be considered when purchasing this type of cat food.

Dietary requirements

Cats, unlike dogs and humans, are real carnivores. They have a distinct metabolism, which necessitates the consumption of minerals and vitamins available exclusively in meat.

They can become exceedingly unhealthy without nutrients like taurine and arginine, and a complete deficiency of these ingredients can be lethal.

Protein and other components are also essential for your cat. Both animal and plant-based foods contain these, however animal protein is considered complete protein.

When purchasing plant-based, meat-free food for your cat, be sure it has the following nutrients:


Cats have a higher protein need than dogs and other animals such as cows. They have a particularly high protein demand as kittens, but adult cats still require a lot of it.

As a result, cat food has substantially higher protein contents than dog food and other foods. A young adult cat, up to the age of six, requires about 35% protein in their diet, which is easier to attain with meat.

It is feasible to achieve these levels with plant-based diet; however, make sure that the food you feed satisfies this condition.


Arginine is an amino acid present in meat. While most animals can synthesize this nutrient on their own, cats lack the enzyme required, therefore they must obtain all of their arginine requirements from their diet.

This essential nutrient removes ammonia from the body, and if your cat is unable to do so, they may suffer from illnesses such as weight loss and even death. Your cat’s meals should include some arginine.


Taurine is another vital ingredient that cats cannot make on their own and must obtain from their diet.

If a cat’s diet is deficient in taurine, it can cause blindness and enlargement of the heart, which can lead to major heart problems.

Kittens and adult cats require this amino acid, which is often regarded as the most significant ingredient in a plant-based food because it is not abundant in plants or vegetables.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is necessary for your cat’s neurological system, digestive system, and cognitive functioning. B12 cannot be kept in the body for an extended period of time.

It is retained for approximately 12 days in a healthy cat, but if your cat becomes ill, its body will only be able to keep B12 stores for approximately half of this time.

B12 is found in animal products such as meat, liver, and eggs and is more difficult to obtain from vegetables and plant-based foods.

A severe shortage can hinder your cat from digesting food, and feeding supplements will not help if he is already deficient in this vitamin. To assist your cat’s health, make sure your vegan cat food has vitamin B12.

Other vitamins 

Cats require higher amounts of several vitamins, such as niacin, than dogs. While the body can synthesize vitamin A, the enzyme required to do so is also deficient in cats.

Cats, too, cannot make enough vitamin D by merely sitting in the sun.

The best cat diets supplement these elements to ensure that your cat receives adequate nutrition, which is especially crucial when feeding a vegan diet.

Food, wet or dry?

Wet food is often regarded healthier for your cat since it contains higher quality nutrients, yet premium dry kibble can provide everything your cat requires in a reasonable amount.

Also, because plant-based foods are not often as moist as meat-based dishes, a lot of vegan food is sold dry. 

Dry food keeps fresher for longer and isn’t weighed down with water, so while premium dry food appears to be more expensive on the surface, it can work out cheaper because your cat will use considerably less of it at meal time.

Cats, on the other hand, can be picky, and many of them prefer wet food since it is more appealing to them. Some dry kibble can be blended with water or a wet food to improve the consistency and appeal to your feline companion.

This can also help prevent crystals from forming in the urine, but if you buy a complete and balanced dry kibble, it should provide all your cat needs, eliminating the need for wet food.

Is it better to eat a whole meal or a base meal?

Some vegan cat meals are classified as foundation foods. This signifies that further elements are required to make them complete. This is especially effective during an elimination diet.

If your cat is displaying signs of intolerance but you’re not sure what they’re allergic to, start with a base food and add one or two components at a time to identify foods they should avoid.

Alternatively, you can use a base diet and supplement it with vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients to provide the protein and other vitamins your cat requires.


Cats are notoriously fussy eaters. Some prefer solely wet food, while others prefer dry kibble.

While it is true that some of this is learned, and a cat will prefer the sort of food it has always been fed, this is not always the case.

You can read reviews and reports from other owners to see if their cats loved the taste of a specific food, but this does not guarantee that yours will.


Cats are real carnivores, which means they have many nutritional and dietary requirements that can only be met by eating meat if they were to survive in the wild.

If you do decide to give your cat a vegan diet, make sure you buy top quality food that contains all of the desired and required vitamins and minerals, generally through the addition of supplements and extra vitamins.

You should also make sure that the food is enticing so that your cat would consume it. During our reviews, we discovered Wysong vegan food to be the finest.

It is a foundation food to which you may add vitamins and other components. This means you may make a pleasant and healthy treat for your cat while potentially avoiding giving them meat.

If you’re on a tighter budget, the AMI vegan food may appear to be pricey, but it’s a complete meal, so you won’t have to buy or add any other ingredients, making it cheaper in the long run.

It also contains taurine and the necessary vitamins and minerals for a balanced diet.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that by utilizing our reviews of the best vegan cat foods, you can choose the best one for your kitty buddy, ensuring that they stay healthy and live a long life on your lap.

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