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The 15 Best Vacuum For Pet Hair

As any pet owner knows, dog and cat hair have a nearly miraculous ability to find their way into every crevice of your home.

Especially during shedding season, removing pet hair from your carpets and rugs may seem insurmountable. When a standard vacuum cleaner simply won't do, there is an alternative: pet hair vacuums.

A lot of vacuum companies jumped at the chance to help pet owners keep their homes clean. With so many alternatives available, it can be difficult to choose which one is ideal for your house. This is where we come in.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has put together a list of the best vacuum for pet hair on the market right now. We also answered some of the most common questions about this important tool, so you and your dog can enjoy a clean, hair-free home.


Shark Upright Pet Hair Vacuum



The first item on our list is this pet vacuum by Shark. Their strong upright vacuum is ideal for pet-friendly houses and helps you to cover a lot of ground quickly.

The vacuum has easy-to-use fingertip controls and dynamic swivel movement, allowing you effortless access to corners and under furniture.

A set of LED lights makes it simple to look into all of your home’s nooks and crannies, while an anti-allergy HEPA filter protects you and your family from pet dander and dust.

In fact, the vacuum captures 99.9 percent of allergens in your house. It also has a convenient attachment built particularly for staircases, a notoriously difficult trap for dog hair.


  • Upright pet vacuum
  • LED lights facilitate visibility in tight spaces
  • Equipped with dynamic swivel steering
  • Fingertip buttons


  • A powerful vacuum may swiftly cover a great deal of ground
  • Swivel steering facilitates access to difficult areas
  • LED lighting is a fantastic addition
  • HEPA filter is beneficial for allergy sufferers
  • Equally effective on hard floors and carpets


  • Heavy than competing brands
  • Several clients claim dependability difficulties


Dyson Upright Pet Hair Vacuum



With its upright ball design, Dyson has also earned a place on our list. The firm offers the most powerful suction on the market, making it excellent for removing dog hair from carpets.

The self-adjusting cleaner head makes it quick to go from carpets to tiles or wood, while the long wand makes it simple to reach into tight corners.

When the vacuum is full, you may release the debris hygienically by pressing a button that keeps your hands clear of the filth. Every Dyson vacuum comes with a five-year warranty, so you can be confident that it will endure.

Due to its HEPA filtration system, which captures allergens and microorganisms, this model is also certified as asthma and allergy friendly. This Dyson pet vacuum is a flexible and sanitary choice for all pet-friendly households.


  • Ideal upright vacuum for pet-friendly households
  • Strong suction
  • Adjustable cleaning head
  • Multiple attachments for accessing tight spaces
  • HEPA filter


  • Probably the strongest vacuum cleaner on the market
  • Automatic adjustment of the cleaner head to different surfaces
  • The design of the ball facilitates maneuverability
  • Contains a 5-year warranty


  • Inexpensive in comparison to other models
  • Comparatively hefty


eufy Boost IQ RoboVac Vacuum for Pet Hair



While you’re away, eufy’s IQ RoboVac will vacuum up errant dog hair. Digital Trends named the sleek vacuum cleaner the “Best Robot Vacuum of 2018” due to its tiny design, silent operation, and strong suction.

On a single charge, the gadget can provide up to 100 minutes of intense suction, providing it ample time to clean the majority of houses.

Its clever artificial intelligence technology automatically boosts suction force when required, making it equally at home on wood, tiles, and carpet.

Not only does its anti-scratch glass-top cover seem sleek and modern, but it also prevents the vacuum from being accidently walked on. The gadget automatically returns to the charging port when its battery is going low, so it is always ready to use.


  • Slimline RoboVac
  • 100 minutes of power for cleaning per charge
  • Large dustbox
  • Strong 1300 Pa suction


  • Runs quietly
  • Minimal effort procedure
  • Automatically changes suction power to deal with every situation
  • Award-winning


  • Less potent than manual vacuum cleaners
  • Still must be drained manually
  • Need must be charged between usage


iRobot Roomba Pet Hair Vacuum Robot



At this time, Roomba is nearly a household brand, and its most recent autonomous vacuum does not disappoint. Its streamlined form complements any interior.

Underneath, advanced technology strives to provide you with the cleanest remote imaginable. Its low profile enables it to enter narrower spaces, allowing it to collect dog hair from areas that would be difficult to reach with a regular vacuum cleaner.

The Roomba has an ingenious three-stage cleaning technique designed to collect everything from huge trash to microscopic particles.

It performs equally well on hard floors and carpets and senses when additional suction is necessary, such as in unclean or high-traffic areas.

Its clever sensors safely guide the Roomba under and around furniture, and you can easily schedule cleanings using a smartphone app. It is also compatible with Amazon Echo, so you can activate it with just your voice.


  • Robotic vacuum cleaner
  • Operates for 90 minutes before automatically recharging
  • Compatible with all flooring types
  • Connects to Amazon Echo and mobile devices
  • Intelligent sensors help it avoid drops and obstacles


  • Minimal effort – excellent for daily cleaning
  • Excellent connections
  • Compatible with a variety of surfaces, the brush head adapts automatically to match


  • Best when utilized alongside a standard vacuum cleaner
  • Less effective than traditional vacuum cleaners


Ilife V3s Pro Pet Hair Robotic Vacuum



ILife’s robotic vacuum is an additional candidate for ‘best vacuum for pet hair’ It is created with pet hair in mind, and its low profile enables it to collect pet hair and other pet-related waste from beneath beds, tables, and sofas.

It’s also self-charging, so it’s always ready to go. After a cleaning session, the ILife Pro will automatically find its way to the charging outlet.

You can configure precisely when you want it to begin cleaning remotely, allowing you to return home each day to a newly cleaned home.

According to ILife, this vacuum is an excellent choice for hard floors, making it ideal for wood and tile enthusiasts.


  • Robotic vacuum
  • Automatically recharges when the task is complete
  • Low profile for accessing beneath furnishings
  • Allows you to schedule your own cleanings


  • Minimal effort procedure
  • Ideal for routine cleaning while you’re away
  • Ideal for use on hard flooring
  • Convenient feature for scheduling
  • Relatively budget friendly
  • Effectively negotiates tight turns


  • The relatively small dust tray must be filled often
  • Filter replacement is required regularly


The Dyson V8 Absolute is a cordless stick vacuum



Possibly the finest stick vacuum for pet hair is this Dyson model. Its brushes are designed to reach deep into carpet fibers, providing a thorough cleaning that may remove even ground-in debris.

It is also effective on hard floors, sucking up both huge debris and small dust. This adaptability, along with the HEPA filter, makes it ideal for pet-friendly homes.

This powerful suction is also cordless, since the vacuum’s rechargeable battery allows for up to 40 minutes of forceful suction between charges.

When you are through cleaning, simply place the vacuum on the simple charging station provided. Each Dyson stick vacuum is equipped with a smaller cleaning head for difficult-to-reach areas, such as stairs.

Additionally, the telescoping handle stretches and compresses smoothly, allowing for simple access at various heights.


  • Effective cordless stick vacuum
  • Ideal for carpeted and hard surfaces
  • Contains a HEPA filter
  • Docking station included
  • Having a telescoping handle


  • Extremely lightweight construction
  • Being cordless allows you to vacuum anyplace without hassle or risk
  • Dyson vacuums are renowned for their high suction
  • HEPA filter keeps pet dander at bay – ideal for allergies


  • 40 minutes of operation may not be sufficient for intensive cleaning or large residences
  • Far more expensive than alternative choices


Hoover Linx Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Cordless



This Hoover pet vacuum is an additional excellent alternative for keeping dog houses clean and organized. Its cordless design eliminates a common tripping danger, the power cord, and enables you to move freely throughout your home as you vacuum.

Its strong brushroll includes Hoover’s WindTunnel technology, which is intended to remove even the most tenacious, ground-in debris from both hard surfaces and carpets.

This strong suction lasts around 20 minutes between charges, and an easy ‘fuel gauge’ on the vacuum’s handle makes it simple to determine how much power is remaining.

Its wide cleaning path enables you to cover a greater surface area in less time, and the dirt canister is simple to empty with the touch of a button.


  • Cordless vacuum ideal for pet-owning homes
  • Utilizes Hoover’s WindTunnel proprietary technology
  • Excellent for carpet and hard flooring
  • The battery’s “fuel gauge” indicates the remaining cleaning time


  • The cordless design is handy and eliminates a significant tripping danger
  • Strong suction
  • Capable of excelling on both carpet and hard flooring
  • Warranty for 2 years included
  • Wide cleaning head permits rapid coverage of a large area


  • Limited battery capacity; 20 minutes of cleaning may not be sufficient
  • Some users discovered that occasionally hair can block the mechanism


Shark Rocket DuoClean Pet Hair Vacuum



Next in our series of Shark vacuum reviews is the amazing DuoClean model. As it weighs less than 10 pounds and is maneuverable, cleaning your home is a snap.

Despite its reputation as a lightweight, this vacuum nonetheless packs a punch. Its revolving brushes are capable of penetrating deep into carpets, as well as between flooring and tiles, guaranteeing that every surface is thoroughly cleaned.

The vacuum is fully capable of sucking up high heaps, even with heavy debris, making it excellent for cleaning up pet and child food spills.

It also has a series of LED lights that make it easier to see where you’re vacuuming and guarantee that you’ve collected all dirt.


  • A lightweight stick vacuum that is ideal for pet-owning families
  • Spinning bristles thoroughly clean
  • Compatible with carpets and hardwood flooring
  • Corded design


  • Intelligent and lightweight design is maneuverable
  • Offers a strong, in-depth clean
  • Equally comfortable on carpets and hardwood floors
  • LED lights provide a clear view of the area being cleaned


  • Some consumers raised concerns about the vacuum’s durability
  • Regular emptying of a relatively small dust container is required


Black+Decker Dustbuster Cordless Vacuum



With its cordless handheld vacuum, Black & Decker has won the number two slot on our list. This tiny and lightweight vacuum is great for supplementing your weekly vacuuming efforts.

With its extending crevice tool, you’ll find it even simpler to reach those tough tight locations because it’s portable.

In addition, the cordless design makes it suitable for use both inside and outside the home; for example, it is ideal for eliminating pet hair from your car! Despite its little size, cyclonic action delivers powerful suction and protects the filter.

Thanks to the unique charging base provided with each vacuum, the battery is dual-use and charges quickly. Additionally, it is straightforward to empty and maintain; simply rinse the dirt canister and filter in the sink.

Each Black & Decker dustbuster also comes with a two-year limited guarantee, so you know it’s durable.


  • Portable handheld vacuum
  • Lightweight
  • Includes an extended crevice instrument
  • Warranty for 2 years included
  • Charges in four hours and maintains a charge for up to 18 months


  • Portability and portability
  • Excellent for the house and automobile
  • Simple to maintain and rapidly recharge
  • Mighty for its size


  • Unsuitable for usage on huge areas
  • Comparatively little power compared to greater vacuums


Professional Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum



This Shark model is the next pet hair vacuum to win a position on our list. The vacuum is equipped with anti-allergen features from Shark, including ‘Complete Seal’ technology and a HEPA filter.

Together, they prevent 99.9 percent of dust and allergens from exiting the vacuum. The swiveling head also facilitates maneuverability.

It is also potent, capable of removing dirt and grime from surfaces ranging from plush carpet to hardwood. To safeguard the brush rollers, they shut off when they encounter thick carpets or hard surfaces.

Use the smaller brush attachment for narrow spots; it’s also ideal for staircases and sofas. The vacuum is very lightweight, making it simple to move up and down stairs.

This vacuum does not require much upper body power to operate, yet it still feels robust!


  • Vertical vacuum cleaner suited for houses with pets
  • Equipped with allergen-fighting characteristics (HEPA filter and “Complete Seal” technology)
  • Suction forceful and enduring
  • Compatible with a broad range of surfaces
  • Contains a tiny attachment for stairs and restricted areas


  • Allergy friendly
  • Light enough for convenience
  • Powerful motor yields excellent suction
  • Brush rollers deactivate on densely piled carpets and hard surfaces, so safeguarding them


  • A small number of clients were unhappy with Shark’s return policy
  • Requires frequent maintenance


PowerSpeed Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner from Eureka



The second entry on our list is Eureka’s incredibly lightweight and reasonably priced pet-friendly vacuum. The strong engine produces superior suction on a variety of surfaces, including carpet, hardwood, and tiles.

The wide, 12.5-inch head enables you to clean vast areas simultaneously, resulting in a rapid and effective cleaning experience.

Despite its excellent qualifications, the vacuum costs only $60 and weighs less than 10 pounds. It also comes with a variety of attachments, including a stretch hose, an extra-long crevice tool, a dusting brush, and an upholstery tool.

With these tools, you can remove pet hair from every nook and cranny of your home. It is also available in four hues, allowing it to complement any interior design.


  • Vertical vacuum cleaner suited for pet-owning families
  • Compatible with a broad range of surfaces
  • Budget-friendly model
  • Large cleaning head covers a vast surface region
  • Available in a range of hues


  • Excellent value choice
  • Strong suction
  • Versatile attachments permit cleaning from ceiling to floor
  • Lightweight
  • Enables rapid coverage of a broad surface area


  • Limited allergy prevention technology
  • The fixed head hinders maneuverability


Animal Dyson Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner



With their Cyclone V10 Animal model, Dyson have earned yet another position on our list. The strong cordless vacuum has a 60-minute runtime between charges, allowing you ample time to clean your home.

The vacuum head features Dyson’s strongest suction to yet, reaching deep into carpets and rugs, as well as between floorboards and tiles.

Its lightweight stick shape is effortlessly maneuverable, letting you to access all hair-prone areas of your residence. With three power modes available, it is simple to choose the optimal setting for your surfaces.

The vacuum is also adaptable, since it can be converted into a portable dustbuster with a few clicks. Simply connect the vacuum onto the provided wall-mounted charger to recharge.


  • Cordless stick vacuum excellent for pet-friendly dwellings
  • Equipped with a robust motor capable of 125,000 RPM
  • Compatible with carpets, tiles, and wood
  • Lightweight
  • Converts into a dustbuster-style vacuum cleaner


  • Lightweight and simple to manipulate
  • Dyson’s most powerful motor to date
  • Compatible with all floor surfaces
  • Converts into a portable vacuum cleaner
  • Excellent for accessing all nooks and crannies


  • 60 minutes of charging may not be sufficient to cover the entirety of your house
  • Not equipped with a HEPA filter

Buying Guide for the Best Pet-Hair Vacuum

If you share your house with a four-legged companion, these vacuums are currently the finest available.

We are convinced that you will be able to discover the ideal vacuum for your preferences and budget, as there are so many various designs and functionalities to select from.

To help you decide, we’ve compiled this shopping guide: below, we explore what to look for in a pet hair vacuum, how to maintain your new gadget, and the best method to keep your home clean when you have a cat or dog.

What to Search for in the Best Vacuum for Dog Hair

When selecting a vacuum with pet hair in mind, it is important to consider the following features:

Decent Power

As you undoubtedly guessed, a vacuum that is pet-friendly must have a sufficient level of power. Because hair and dander can readily become entangled in the carpet pile, it is essential to have sufficient suction to remove them.


Your house likely contains a multitude of various floor surfaces. Consequently, you will want a vacuum that is equally at home on carpet, hardwood, tile, and rugs. Consider a vacuum with height-adjustable brushes, since these are intended to accommodate a variety of surfaces.

Some manufacturers will also specify which surfaces their vacuums perform best on. Refer to our analysis of the finest carpets for dogs for further possibilities.

Anti-Allergy Engineering

It is common knowledge that pets bring a great deal of hair, dander, and grime into the home. Consequently, cleanliness is an additional crucial issue to consider while selecting a vacuum.

Look for a vacuum with a HEPA filter, which captures 99.9 percent of dust and pet dander, preventing it from re-entering your home’s air. These filters are also effective in capturing germs, so reducing the threat that microorganisms offer to your house.


A quality vacuum is also user-friendly. Look for a gadget that is light enough to handle and push around your home without becoming tiresome.

It is also a good idea to check for a swiveling cleaning head. This makes turning easy during usage and enables you to reach into tight corners of your home.

Additional Resources

Most full-size vacuum cleaners come with a few smaller attachments for cleaning upholstery and tight spaces, such as couches and draperies.

Vacuums made for pet hair should include a tiny head with bristles; this sort of device is ideal for removing hair from soft furniture, since the bristles assist in sweeping the hair in.

For additional information, please see our evaluations of Pet Stain Removers and Pet Odor Neutralizers.

Health Advantages of Vacuuming

Whether you have one pet, several pets, or none at all, cleaning your home frequently has a variety of health benefits:

Allergy Relief – Vacuuming on a regular basis helps to capture particles that might function as respiratory irritants, such as dust, grime, and dander.

Elimination of Dust Mites – A powerful vacuum will also eliminate dust mites. These microscopic organisms are undetectable to the human eye, yet they can cause allergic reactions if left untreated.

Healthy Skin – Vacuuming around your house on a daily basis also enhances skin health. In excessive concentrations, dust, dirt, and other particles can actually irritate the skin, producing itching and even rashes. The elimination of these particles eliminates this pain.

Mental Health – A research published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin found that those with untidy homes had higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Numerous more research have shown the correlation between a clean, well-organized house and positive mental health. Vacuuming is a crucial aspect of maintaining a clean and organized house.

Various Varieties of Pet Hair Vacuums

On our top 15 list, you’ll find the following vacuum cleaner varieties:


The traditional upright vacuum is perhaps the most popular design. The vacuum is a self-contained appliance that is powered by an electrical wire that fits into an outlet.

These vacuums are often the most powerful and have rather big dust receptacles. However, they might be difficult to maneuver, particularly during lengthy cleaning sessions.


Canister vacuums consist of a motor and canister part located on a wheel, coupled to a hose and cleaning head that you hold while in use.

They can retain a large amount of dust and dirt at once and are easier to maneuver because just a portion of the machine must be moved. However, the canister part is difficult to maneuver, and you may need to purchase special dust bags.


Stick vacuums resemble a simplified version of the design of upright vacuums. They are often battery-operated and cordless, making them perfect for use throughout the house and in the automobile.

In comparison to their traditional counterparts, they are typically lighter without sacrificing much power. However, these vacuums have smaller dust receptacles, and you may encounter battery limitations.

Automatic or Robotic

In recent years, robotic vacuums such as the Roomba have grown in popularity. They resemble a huge hockey puck and mechanically vacuum your home using wheels and a suction system.

They are incredibly convenient for daily cleaning, since all that is required is to set them up and wait. However, they lack the power of their manual counterparts, require recharging between usage, and have a relatively tiny dust container.


Handheld vacuums are perfect for cleaning confined spaces and eliminating pet hair from upholstery.

They are lightweight enough to be carried in one hand during usage and typically come with a variety of hose attachments for cleaning tight spaces. However, they lack the power of a conventional vacuum and must be recharged after each usage.


Wet vacuums are designed to remove water-based stains, including as paw prints or food spills. They are available in both full-sized and portable varieties, and are often used with a specialized cleaning solution.

They are convenient to have on hand, but are not appropriate for daily vacuuming.

Pet Vacuum Versus Regular Vacuum

The majority of pet vacuums have a few qualities that distinguish them from their normal counterparts:

  • Typical pet vacuums include a powerful beater brush to remove fur from carpets.
  • Most quality pet vacuums feature a tool for removing fur from upholstery.
  • Most pet vacuums incorporate HEPA filter technology, which traps hair and dander.
  • Pet vacuums often have a very powerful suction.


Through the process of research and testing, we have found two types of light pet hair vacuums with strong suction that provide a good experience: the Shark upright vacuum for pet hair and the Dyson upright vacuum for pet hair.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) would like to thank our customers for choosing our website so that I can read and refer to the best vacuum for pet hair. I hope you have chosen for yourself a pet-hair vacuum that suits your budget and needs.


How exactly does a vacuum for pet hair function?

Pet vacuums utilize the same mechanism as standard vacuums. There are only a few modifications that make them more effective against the problems of pet hair and dander. A fan is powered by an electric motor within your vacuum.

As the fan blades rotate, air is forced into the machine and out of an exhaust outlet. This action draws particles of dirt into the vacuum. A filter installed over the exhaust outlet permits air to escape while trapping dirt particles.

How often do I need to vacuum?

This depends on the number and shedding propensity of your dogs. As a general guideline, you should vacuum your home once a week for every member of your household, including your pets.

For instance, if you live with a significant other and one dog, you should vacuum around three times each week. During shedding season, however, it is advisable to perform a daily vacuuming.

Is a Roomba effective on pet hair?

The ability of robotic vacuums to take up pet hair varies, but in general, they are perfect for daily touch-ups. During the season of shedding, however, these vacuums may struggle to keep up. In either case, it is better not to rely solely on a robotic vacuum to remove pet hair.

How crucial is a HEPA filter when choosing a vacuum for pet hair?

This depends on your individual requirements. If you suffer from allergies, a HEPA filter is essential.

HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air, and these filters are comprised of tiny interwoven glass fibers that capture at least 99.7 percent of particles 0.3 microns or larger. This keeps them from escaping and perhaps creating irritation in the surroundings.

Is it essential to clean or replace filters?

Yes. As with any mechanical component, your vacuum’s filter will endure wear and tear over time, thus it is essential to maintain or replace it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

If you don’t, the filter might develop a hole, enabling dust particles to enter your home again, or get blocked, posing a fire hazard.

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