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The 9 Best Uv Lights For Dog Urine Detection

Regardless of whether you have a new puppy, an older dog, or a disobedient mongrel, there will always be a few accidents within the home.

Unfortunately, some of them occur without your knowledge, and you cannot remove a pee stain if you do not know where it is.

You may purchase a UV light to uncover any concealed mistakes, but not all of them are equally useful, since some are only toys.

In BestForPets' (bestforpets.org) reviews of the best UV lights for dog urine detection, we will introduce you to some of our favorites as well as some that we believe are nothing more than garbage.

However, if you get the proper lighting, you may eventually achieve a spotless home; just don't be shocked if you discover a few unsightly stains along the way.


Vansky Black Light UV Lights – Best Overall

If you’re concerned about accidently missing a few spots, the Vansky Black Light eliminates this concern. This strong flashlight has 51 LEDs, enabling it to illuminate the whole room with UV light.

Each of these diodes has a 12-year lifespan, so you’ll get lots of usage out of this item (assuming your dog keeps breaking the rules, that is). The flashlight is also constructed of sturdy metal, so it should be able to withstand the odd drop.

It requires three AA batteries, but they are durable and simple to replace.

The light will illuminate spills on almost any surface, including cloth, drywall, and tile. Caution is advised, though, since you may discover more about your dog’s (and your roommate’s) habits than you want.

However, this is the light’s greatest flaw: it shows everything. If dog urine is the only stain you’re searching for, it may be difficult to spot it amid all the other stains.

Nonetheless, operating too well is a desirable issue to have, which is why the Vansky Black Light is ranked first.


  • With 51 LEDs
  • Each diode has a maximum life of 12 years.
  • Durable aluminum frame
  • Simple to change battery packs
  • Functions on any surface


  • It is difficult to detect just pee stains

LE Small UV Flashlight – Best Value

The LE Small is, as one would anticipate given its name, diminutive. It fits easily in your pocket, allowing you to bring it with you wherever you go.

Similarly, it features a non-slip grip, which should come in handy while looking for accidents (unless your dog actually has to go) and when checking for insects when camping.

In contrast to the Vansky above, this light contains just nine LEDs. This is due to the fact that it is more suited for close-up work than for inspecting a whole room. In reality, the two lights would work well together; the Vansky may be used to indicate where to look, while the LE can ensure that every drop has been removed.

The LE is also one of the least costly UV lights for dog pee detection on the market, which is why it is our top pick. Aside from the amount of LEDs, the most irritating aspect of this light was the difficulty of replacing the batteries.

Overall, it’s difficult to find many issues with the LE Small, but we did discover just enough to knock it off the top rank.


  • Minimal and transportable
  • Non-slip grip
  • Excellent for close-up work
  • Outstanding for usage when camping
  • Excellent value for the cost


  • Only 9 LEDs
  • It is tough to change batteries.

uvBeast 100 Black Light UV Flashlight – An Exemplary Selection

The uvBeast 100 definitely comes up to its moniker, as it could possibly be used to repel a wild animal. It features a beam that matches its size and power, capable of projecting up to 30 feet in front of you.

Now, unless you have a really large home, you probably do not need that much weaponry. However, it is helpful to be able to illuminate the whole space to understand precisely what you’re working with.

The price is somewhat intimidating, but the LEDs in this flashlight are meant to last 100,000 hours, so if you use it enough, you should get your money’s worth. In addition, the metal housing is rustproof and durable.

The main problem with the uvBeast is that pet owners probably won’t need all of its capabilities. If you spend 100,000 hours hunting out dog pee, you need a new dog or a new pastime.

These are not legitimate objections of the light, which is magnificent. However, for the use we’re describing, you can definitely get by with less light for less money.


  • Extremely effective
  • LEDs have a lifespan of 100,000 hours.
  • Beam up to 30 feet long
  • Rust-proof aluminum design


  • Rather costly
  • More strength than the typical dog owner need

DARKBEAM Ultraviolet Rechargeable Led Flashlight

The DARKBEAM Rechargeable will save you money in the long run, since it can be recharged through the USB connector in the handle as opposed to being powered by batteries.

This also helps reduce the light’s weight, and the device is compact and simple to transport or store in a toolbox. Just be cautious, since the charging port may easily break off if you are not careful.

It is fortunate that it is so portable, since it is not very bright. Alternatively, if you’re just using it to sometimes check on Fido, it’s likely the ideal size and power. Its compact size is particularly convenient if your dog prefers to urinate in difficult-to-reach spots, where a bigger light would be burdensome.

You can quickly alter the range by clicking the button on the handle, making the transition from a full-room scan to a close-up view of a specific area simple and easy.

If this list were about UV lights in general, the DARKBEAM would definitely rank lower, but if you’re just using it to keep an eye on your dog, it’s one of the greatest products you’ll discover.


  • Rechargeable through an integrated USB port
  • Portability and portability
  • Easily adjustable range
  • Useful for usage in confined locations


  • USB connection is delicate.
  • Not very clever

KOBRA UV Black Light Flashlight GLT-C5

The KOBRA GLT-C5, measuring seven inches in length and three inches across its face, is a monstrous black light. Also, it weights about a pound, so we accept the manufacturer’s claim that it can withstand a few drops.

The fact that it takes enough AA batteries to run a small nuclear reactor contributes to its heft. You will need to use six of these at once, and they will only provide around 20 hours of power.

However, the lifespans of the 100 LEDs are very lengthy. It is also fairly bright, so you shouldn’t need to squint to see whether that spot in the corner is indeed urine.

The large handle makes it simple to grip, and the broad head emits a massive beam. Turning on this light should expose every liquid in the room; whether or not this is a good thing depends on how you spend your Saturday evenings.

The KOBRA GLT-C5 is advertised as being appropriate for professional usage, and this may be the case. This is a terrific option for home usage if you don’t mind paying a little extra money, but we believe it’s likely overkill, so we’ve ranked it fifth.


  • Extremely effective
  • Solidly constructed and sturdy
  • Long-lasting LEDs
  • Casts an immense beam


  • Very weighty
  • Eats away at batteries
  • May be overkill for pet owners

Escolite Black Light UV Flashlight

The Escolite UV has a strange position in our rankings: it is an excellent flashlight, but that’s all. There is nothing that really distinguishes it from the competitors. Therefore, its fundamental middle-of-the-roadness will be a recurring topic throughout this assessment.

Three AA batteries are required, which is more than some and fewer than others. It is neither extraordinarily heavy nor exceptionally light, and the light it emits is…average.

It has a fairly conventional beam, similar to that of a normal flashlight, therefore it is not perfect for pinpoint precision or room illumination. However, it is likely all that most dog owners need.

It is ergonomic since it is constructed of aluminum and has an anti-slip grip. The pricing is comparable to most other lights as well (we told you this would be a theme).

Given that it fulfills all of your needs, it’s difficult to criticize the Escolite UV excessively. However, the fact that it accomplishes nothing else disqualifies it from making the top half of our list.


  • Solid aluminum frame
  • Anti-slip grip
  • Acceptable beam size


  • Has no distinctive characteristics
  • Not as potent as some other possibilities
  • Not suitable for close work

EverBrite UV Blacklight Flashlights E000067A

The bright pink hue of the EverBrite gives it a little more style than many of the other lights on our list. Despite its little size, you should have no trouble misplacing it.

It requires three AA batteries, but there are six in the package, so unless you use it obsessively, you should be covered for a long. On the back is a useful lanyard that allows you to keep it near without having to hold it the whole time.

The light is rather dim, though, so you’ll need to approach very near to any discolored patches in order to locate them; thus, you should have a solid sense of where they are before you begin. It is evident that this light was meant to detect counterfeit currency rather than dog urine.

The flashlight is also shockingly hefty for something so little. If you hold it for an extended period of time, your hands are likely to cramp.

We recognize EverBrite’s intention in adorning their flashlight, but we believe they would have been better served by increasing its output.


  • Appealing pink design
  • Two battery replacements are supplied.
  • Convenient lanyard on back


  • Beam is feeble
  • Extremely dense and cumbersome
  • Not useful for discovering hidden areas

Black Light UV Nova Flashlight

The UV Nova, like the TaoTronics model above, includes a pair of protective sunglasses. In fact, it’s probably the same pair, which should give you an indication of their quality. The Nova, though, charges much more for them.

In addition, unlike the TaoTronics, the glasses do not provide much value to this light other than eye protection. If anything, they make it more difficult to locate messes.

The majority of its power is employed to project a broad beam rather than a concentrated one. As a consequence, when utilized in an open area, most of the light evaporates, and it’s not ideal for close-up work, either.

Using it for more than a few minutes causes the handle to get heated, which is not desirable. It also requires six AA batteries, which are quite difficult to install.

Before the UV Nova can hope to get to the top of these rankings, it need a substantial upgrade.


  • Contains safety glasses
  • Effective beam


  • Not suitable for close work
  • Glasses don’t provide much value
  • The handle becomes heated after prolonged usage.
  • Uses many batteries

McDOER M109 Blacklight Illuminator

The UV marker included with the McDOER M109 allows you to leave hidden messages for your children if desired. While this may be beneficial for team building, it contributes to our overall impression that this light is more of a toy than an instrument.

However, it is solid and durable with a lightweight aluminum frame, so we cannot criticize it for this. The light it emits is dim and diffuse, making it ineffective for locating concealed stains.

Despite the modest beam, it is a battery-intensive device, so you will need six AA batteries to power it. Expect to spend a small lot on Duracell batteries if you use the light often.

Most notably, it has difficulty releasing pee. It requires close proximity to the stain for it to be seen, and even then it is tricky to overlook. Therefore, it is difficult for us to suggest the McDOER M109 as anything more than a toy.


  • Contains UV marker


  • Attempts to conceal stains
  • The beam is weak
  • Uses many batteries
  • Also consumes batteries rapidly.

Buyer's Guide

Consider the following characteristics when purchasing a UV lamp for urine detection:


Consider purchasing sturdy items with protective characteristics such as waterproof and dustproof coatings, making them suited for outdoor excursions. The aluminum alloy is robust and can offer the torch with a solid construction. With such robust coatings, you may use your UV lamp on outdoor excursions.


The wavelength range of 365 to 385 nm may detect urine stains well. Inasmuch as the longer wavelength mixes in with the ordinary light, the desired effect may not be achieved.

LED number

This element will influence the UV black light’s intensity. The majority of detectors have at least 50 LEDs. It is preferable to use a black light with 100 LEDs due to its bigger coverage area.


Direct exposure to UV radiation harms the eyes. Choose a flashlight that includes protective eyewear.


The majority of UV torches are versatile. These UV torches may be used for correcting AC gas leaks, detecting forged papers, and medical forensics. They also produce outstanding camping equipment.


The majority of flashlights are transportable, small, and light. A portable flashlight is thus perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.


1. How does urine sparkle when illuminated?

The components of urine include urea, creatinine, and phosphorus. Under UV light, phosphorus reacts with oxygen in the air and glows.

This substance is tough to remove with a single wipe. Therefore, a black light can only be used to detect chemicals remaining in the urine, not the pee itself.

2. Is urine the only substance that shines in the dark?

Various luminescent organic compounds may be detected. When exposed to ultraviolet light, saliva, urine, sperm, and some minerals sparkle, which is why UV flashlights are also employed in medical forensics.

3. Can cat urine be detected with a UV light?

Yes, pee may be detected by UV light regardless of the species. Nevertheless, if the urine is not entirely dry, the light may be dim. Particularly, cat urine shines brilliantly under UV light due to its high phosphorus concentration.

4. Is a UV light same to a black light?

UV light consists of UVA, UVB, and UVC wavelengths. Blacklight falls under UVA light and emits low-energy, long-wavelength ultraviolet radiation in the UVA band. Blacklight is also known as Wood’s lamp.

5. What does dog pee look like under UV light?

Under ultraviolet light, dog urine often emits a faint yellow or greenish glow.

The ultraviolet blacklight flashlight is a useful and versatile equipment that may be used to detect pet urine stains, identify brighteners in cosmetics, chemicals, or liquids, search for scorpions, and detect counterfeit currency, cards, and passports.

Choose from our selection of the nine best UV blacklight flashlights to detect urine stains and deodorize your space.


The Vanksy Black Light was our favorite of the devices we evaluated since it is lightweight, sturdy, and effective at locating hidden problems. Additionally, it is simple to use, which is always a plus.

Second place went to the LE Small. Although it is not as strong as the Vansky, it gets the job done and is portable and inexpensive to boot.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that these reviews of the best UV lights for dog urine detection have made it easier for you to choose a UV lamp that fits your needs and lets you finally get rid of the pee stains that have been on your carpets for years.

However, if your dog gets into problems after utilizing the light, please do not tell him that we suggested it.

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