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The 6 Best Underground Dog Fences

It might be difficult to choose the finest subterranean dog fence. There are several alternatives available for keeping your dog inside their individual borders.

However, not all of them are excellent options. Some are completely ineffective, while others are downright hazardous for your dog.

But we've taken it upon ourselves to tell you what we think are the best alternatives to a subterranean fence. Each of these has been evaluated based on many criteria to establish its position on this list.

Hopefully, after reading BestForPets' (bestforpets.org) evaluations of the best underground dog fences and the buyer's guide that follows, you'll have a clearer notion of what's best for you and your dog.


Best Overall: PetSafe Basic In-Ground Fence System

The PetSafe Basic In-Ground Fence System comes in first place in our list of the best subterranean dog fences. As far as subsurface fences go, it is a straightforward installation that can be completed within a weekend.

PetSafe’s system includes a boundary wire with a range of 0.3 acres; however, you can buy an extra boundary wire to increase the range to 5 acres! The fence is rated for dogs weighing 8 pounds or more with collars between 6 and 28 inches in circumference.

This system’s flexibility to accommodate many canines of various sizes is one of its greatest features. This is feasible due to the fact that the static setting is modifiable per collar. That implies you may increase the shock level for bigger dogs while decreasing it for smaller pets.

And for the “shock,” it is not an unpleasant jolt. Instead, it is more of a mild static punishment that will startle and educate your dog to remain inside the borders that have been indicated.

The PetSafe fence comes with 50 separate flags so that your dog can easily distinguish between acceptable and unacceptable areas.

Overall, the PetSafe Basic In-Ground System is a wonderful solution for ensuring the safety of your pet.


  • Extendable to five acres
  • 50 border markers are provided
  • Corrections administered through individual collars
  • A limitless number of canines are permitted on the system.
  • Safe and mild discipline


  • Might not give sufficient static shock for bigger or more obstinate dogs.

Best Value Sit Boo-Boo Electric Dog Fence

Let’s face it, subsurface dog fence systems are not exactly inexpensive. Nonetheless, some are more reasonably priced than others.

Sit Boo-Boo Electric Dog Fence is one of the finest subterranean dog fences for the money, according to our study. It is half the price of some other solutions, yet it still does its purpose.

The standard installation is 955 feet of wire, but it may be expanded to cover 5 acres for an extra price. The wire included in the system has a solid copper core.

Copper core wire is an excellent conductor, although there have been a few incidents of wire and system malfunction. However, this is quite uncommon.

If you have any queries or concerns about the Sit Boo-Boo Electric Dog Fence, the manufacturer offers a one-year guarantee and a support system headquartered in the United States. This alone makes this fence an excellent choice.

Those who are unable to bury the system may alternatively put it above ground. Also included are training flags, however they are not of the highest quality.

If necessary, you may get excellent third-party flags for a low price elsewhere. Consequently, we believe this is the greatest subterranean dog fence for the money available in 2017 at this time.


  • More cost-effective than most competing systems
  • Capable of expanding to encompass 5 acres
  • US-based assistance scheme
  • Installable both above and below ground


  • Reports of copper wire not functioning properly
  • Discount training flags

SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence – Choice of Excellence

This subterranean dog fence is the Rolls-Royce of underground dog fences. The SportDOG In-Ground fence is unquestionably the superior option.

It comes equipped with 1.3 acres of coverage that may be expanded up to 100 acres! However, the vast covering is not the only benefit of this fence.

The collar is powered by a single 9V battery that may last up to a year before needing replacement. It suits dogs weighing 10 pounds or more and has four degrees of punishment, allowing even the most resistant dog to absorb the message.

Before the collar delivers the static, the gadget provides your dog with two distinct warnings: a tone and a vibration. The SportDOG also has a break-in-line alert, which is a remarkable feature.

This will let you know if there is a problem with the fence or if it is not functioning correctly. The SportDOG is also equipped with lightning protection, so a single strike will not bring down the whole system.

The most problematic aspect of this fence is that you must pay premium pricing to have all of these premium features.


  • Huge coverage possibilities
  • Long-lasting collars
  • Multiple alarm system
  • Break-in line alarm
  • Thunderbolt protection


  • Exorbitantly priced

Extreme Dog Fence Underground Fence

The Extreme Dog Fence subterranean system is another strong underground dog fence on our list. This system is available in several versions and sizes.

You may pick between a single or numerous dog system. This only indicates how many collars you’ll get with your purchase, since the system supports an infinite number of pets.

Also, you may pick the length of the wire, with the smallest length being 500 feet, which, if we’re being honest, is not that much. However, the firm does provide lengths of up to 2,000 feet. And that can cover a good amount of ground.

Despite the fact that the wire length is not optimal out of the box, we enjoy the wire’s quality. The Extreme Dog Fence is constructed with 20-gauge wire that is well insulated and can withstand the environment.

While the barrier is functional, we have some misgivings. Firstly, the system is pricey, even for a single dog and the shortest cable length.

And the price increases exponentially when length and dogs are added. The collars are also composed of fragile and inexpensive plastic.


  • Insulated conductor
  • Different sizes available
  • Functions effectively


  • Costly when the number of dogs and their length grows
  • Weak collars

Educator E-Fence Subterranean Fence

This following alternative is not only an underground dog fence. It resembles a subterranean obedience instructor. The Educator E-Fence is deserving of its moniker.

Even though it starts with just 500 feet of wire, it can be expanded up to 40 acres, providing more than enough space for even the most active of dogs to run about.

Additionally, the barrier may be customized in almost any manner imaginable. There are 30 different stimulation intensities available for the collars.

Even the loudness of the alert may be varied, as can the field range of the wire. Changing the stimulation intensity of the collar dependent on the dog’s size is also a breeze. Simply flip the switch on the main control box to activate.

Even dog trainers suggest this fence owing to its high degree of adjustability. The many potential combinations enable you to pinpoint just what works for your dog, making fence training quite simple.

The greatest disadvantages of this fence are the need to acquire additional kits to extend wire lengths and the difficulty of installation. It is not only a physical arrangement.

The aspects of customisation have a somewhat high learning curve. Therefore, this fence may not appeal to those seeking a straightforward design.


  • Extremely configurable
  • Functional construction of high quality


  • Difficult to construct
  • Difficult to dial individualized input

Underground Dogtra E-Fence 3500 Electric Fence

The Dogtra E-Fence 3500 is last on our list, but that does not imply it is a horrible alternative. Our list includes it for a purpose.

It is an excellent fence! The EF-3500 can cover 40 acres immediately out of the box, which is more than plenty for any dog. However, the quality control aspects of this fencing system are our favorites.

A break-in-line alarm will notify you if there is a problem with the fence’s continuity. It also has a signal-filtering mechanism to avoid electrical interference from outside sources.

You may also buy surge protectors individually to safeguard your control box from unforeseen power surges. We really love the fence’s dual warning mechanism prior to direct stimulation.

A warning buzz and loud alarm will alert your dog when they approach their limits. The collars of this system are also really well-made, which is another another feature we like. They are certified IPX9K to be waterproof and airtight.

We wish the collars could suit bigger dogs, though. They work well for smaller dogs, but it would be difficult to attach them to a St. Bernard.

Additionally, they need to improve on the collar’s battery life. It just does not last long enough.


  • Break-in line alert
  • Electric signal filter
  • Dual warning system
  • Craftsmanlike collars


  • Collar size inadequate
  • Battery life requires significant increase

Buyer's Guide

Finding the ideal subterranean dog fence requires more than just reading an excellent review. Our top recommendation may not be the optimal system for you.

To choose which subterranean fence is ideal for your dog, you must consider various aspects.

Total area

When acquiring an underground dog fence, the first thing you should consider is how much land area you want to enclose. If you need to corral in 5 acres of property, buying a fence system with just a half-acre isn’t going to cut it.

However, it works both ways. You do not need to purchase a massive fencing system if you lack room. Installation is the source of the issue. Doubling back additional wire or cable is challenging and may result in line interruptions.

Before committing to a fence, make careful to accurately measure your property.

Levels of Stimulation

When picking your new dog fence, the supplied amount of excitement is highly crucial. You will be required to tread a very narrow line. Insufficient stimulation will render the fence ineffective. Too high, and you may wind up inflicting injury to your dog or frightening them totally.

Finding a fence with many degrees of static stimulation is the optimal option. And the greater the number of accessible levels, the simpler it is to dial in the precise quantity.

Size of Your Canine

The size of your dog is a crucial consideration. When looking for subterranean dog fences, you may see size limitation disclaimers. There may be a minimum size requirement for the collar before it may be used. Toy-sized dogs and other tiny canines often cannot wear stimulation collars.

If you have a huge dog, you’ll confront additional difficulties. The system’s collar may not even fit over your dog’s neck, rendering it ineffective. Or, the fence system may be incapable of producing sufficient stimulation to be an effective deterrent and teaching tool.

Considering the Battery

Battery-operated collars are included with each subterranean fence system. However, these batteries are available in several varieties. The majority of collars now have rechargeable batteries. These are excellent for efficiency and substantially cheaper over time. However, their single-charge duration will be shorter.

Rechargeable collars have a shorter lifespan than their battery-powered equivalents. However, the expense of replacing these batteries may soon accumulate, particularly if you have many dogs.

Number of Canines

It is crucial to consider how many dogs, and especially dog collars, will place a strain on the system. Some systems are only intended for a certain number of dogs.

Each system on our list can service an endless number of users, thankfully. Nevertheless, each dog must have their own collar. As most systems only include a single collar, this will incur additional fees.

Hydrophobic Collars

In general, water and electrical gadgets do not get along very well. Your dog’s collar must thus be entirely waterproof. If a collar is not waterproof and becomes wet, it may become ineffective. Or, even worse, the collar may randomly stimulate at inappropriate moments.

Correction and Alarm Type

Not all subterranean fence systems use triggered correction in the same way. However, you should not search for a standard shock collar. Instead, you should locate a device that emits a mild stimulation that will not hurt your dog.

In addition, many fences feature additional warning mechanisms before providing static stimulation. Underground dog fences are often equipped with an audio alert or rapid vibration.


Perhaps one of the first things you’ll consider is the cost. Underground pet fences are not inexpensive. Even the most cost-effective barrier will be too expensive. Therefore, while searching for a new fence, be mindful of your budget.


1. What is the cost of invisible dog fences?

Typically, underground dog fences cost between $150 and $350, depending on the style. Those with a larger price tag often have a longer wire and a greater variety of correction kinds and intensities to aid in training your dog.

Of course, the price will increase if you purchase more accessories, such as additional wire to enlarge the perimeter and additional collars to hold numerous dogs.

2. How deeply should I bury underground electric dog fences?

It varies on the model you purchase; thus, you must adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions. However, the majority of experts advocate a depth of two to three inches, since burying it too deeply might compromise its signal strength and dependability.

3. Is an underground fence the best invisible dog fence and better than a wireless dog fence for keeping pets in their own space?

As stated before, both forms of invisible barriers have advantages and disadvantages. It depends on your own choice. Consider investing a little extra to have an in-ground invisible dog fence put if your yard is expansive or cluttered with hazards.

4. Does the invisible dog fence really work?

When adequately placed and your dog is properly taught, invisible fences for dogs are effective. Putting the collar on your dog and allowing them to run outdoors with the wireless system on is not sufficient. You must invest time teaching your dog to help them comprehend what it means to wear a collar and, more importantly, to recognize the limits.

5. Does my dog need to be trained to utilize an invisible fence?

Yes. As with any dog equipment, including a collar or harness, you must teach your furry companion to utilize it. In this situation, this involves educating them what each signal (beep and vibration) signifies and where they cannot cross.

6. How long will it take for my dog to learn how to utilize an invisible electric dog fence?

Due to the fact that each dog is unique, I cannot offer you a precise response. However, it took me around four weeks to teach my dog, although it might take others twice as long. Therefore, be patient and allow your dog time to learn and acclimate to their new boundaries.

7. Is there an invisible fence that does not need wire burial?

Yes. These are wireless dog fences that function with a transmitter positioned in the area where you wish to construct a “safe zone.” In addition, they will produce a circular signal inside a 3/4-acre perimeter. Notably, if there are numerous trees or barriers on your property, this sort of pet cage may not be suitable.

8. Which sort of invisible fence is best for landscapes with uneven contours?

An underground or in-ground electric dog fence is preferable for terrain with an uneven form. In contrast to wireless pet confinement systems that produce a circular signal, this sort of system allows you to set a specified form and size, as well as increase the coverage area if necessary.

9. Exist other options to invisible dog fences?

Yes, there are alternatives to invisible dog fences that may be used to keep your dog safe and secure, with physical fences being the most apparent option.

However, if you are unable to build one, you may educate your dog to remain inside specified portions of your yard using a clicker or remote training collar, or you can simply use a dog tie-out or trolley system.

Additionally, you might consider purchasing a dog GPS tracker so that you are constantly aware of your dog’s whereabouts.

10. Can I build wireless underground dog fences myself?

Yes, it is possible to build a wired invisible dog fence on your own. It is a reasonably straightforward do-it-yourself job, but be sure to thoroughly follow the directions. There are several extra sites that may assist you with the installation process, and the following is one that may be useful.


Choosing the appropriate subterranean dog fence doesn’t have to be incredibly challenging. And hopefully, BestForPets‘ (bestforpets.org) evaluations of the best underground dog fences have provided you with a genuine understanding of what is best for you.

Remember, there are quite a few other things that you need to consider such as land size, size of your dog, and even electrical filtration.

But if we had to select just two, it would be the PetSafe Basic In-ground Fence System and the Sit Boo-Boo Electric Dog Fence. The PetSafe model gives the greatest overall value for the typical customer.

It is straightforward to install and use and performs nicely. The Sit Boo-Boo is an excellent solution for individuals on a lower budget but is still seeking for a quality product.

By picking the greatest subterranean dog fence for your pup’s requirements, you can help keep your dog safe and secure where they’re intended to be.

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