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The 8 Best Undercoat Rakes For Huskies

Huskies are our closest living relative to wolves (other than wolves themselves). If these majestic beasts were not so cute and gentle, they would scare you to death. In addition to their size and beauty, one of the primary reasons for the majesty of Huskies is their luxurious fur coat.

You'll want to take the utmost care with their coat, so you'll need the proper tools for the job. This is when we enter the picture! In this article, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) will discuss the best undercoat rakes for Huskies. In the process, you will also learn how to properly groom your dog.


Oster Dog Rake

Sometimes the most effective brush products are the most straightforward, and we believe that to be the case with this product from Oster. Oster, a well-known company, has created a tool that will help you to maintain your Husky to the highest degree.

This undercoat rake features a strong handle and is constructed from high-grade metal. The rakes’ stainless steel construction allows the teeth to glide more freely through your dog’s coat. The head is extremely broad, with ample space between it and the handle. The 18 teeth will enable you to perform exhaustive work.

You will be able to remove undergrowth and loose hair from your dog without removing too much fur. This will give your dog the appearance of having been professionally groomed.

This instrument is meant to be rust-resistant and easy to clean, so you should have it for a while. Those who have tried this Oster equipment concur that it is the central component in their grooming system. The only major issue we’ve heard about this product is that the head occasionally comes loose and requires tightening with an Allen wrench.


  • Removes dead undercoat but does not cut
  • Rust-proof
  • Simple to clean


  • Head comes loose


Pat Your Pet 2 Sided Undercoat Rake

This item is a wonderful assortment of prior products: The plastic handle with rubber grip may remind you of our budget pick, whilst the head may remind you of our best option. This rake is constructed so that you can obtain a rake of professional quality at a reduced cost.

Pay Your Pet has created a double-sided undercoat rake for two distinct grooming purposes. During the initial part of the process, you will hold this rake (apparently) upside down to de-mat and detangle the hair, and then you will flip it over to rake out any remaining and dead hair.

The inner teeth are sharp enough to cut through the toughest matting without harming your dog, while the outer teeth complete the task. With this undercoat rake, you won’t have to clean up as much after your pet sheds.

This device is ergonomically engineered to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome after extensive grooming. The rubber pads will help prevent you from slipping during the process.

Those who have tried this to remove the most dog hair off the couch have reported favorable results. Those who have used undercoat rakes in the past consider this product to be average. People whose dogs had highly matted hair reported that their dog absolutely despised it; spare your dog the agony by using a slicker brush.


  • Double-sided rake
  • Excellent for route grooming
  • Remove extra sofa hair
  • Ergonomic design


  • Draws on animals with densely matted fur
  • Not of professional quality


FURminator Grooming Rake

This one-trick tool is designed to collect all the loose items lying beneath. As the tool is not intended to de-mat, you may encounter difficulties if you do not regularly groom your pet.

On the other hand, this is a nice experience for your pet, as the brush’s bristles are rounded, so there is no risk of it scratching or digging into your dog’s skin. The handle is built entirely of rubber so that your hand will not slip when using it, and the head is angled to make the operation simpler.

Although not as durable as some of the metal and wooden undercoat rakes on our list, this model features a thick plastic covering that should not break during use.

Many individuals who use this method to remove undercoat fur are satisfied with the outcomes. Some claim that if your dog’s undercoat is particularly coarse, the handle will slip off. This appears to occur only in extreme circumstances. Again, a slicker brush may prove useful in this circumstance.


  • Rounded tips equal comfort for pets
  • Non-slip grip
  • Robust construction


  • The hold weakens.
  • Not for heavy-matted animals


PawsPamper Undercoat Rake

This product appears comparable to our top pick, but there is a reason why it is sixth. Let’s begin with the positive news.

This item features a wood handle that is securely linked to a metal head. There is ample space between the head and the rake itself to work on even the thickest of coats. This device features twenty blades, all of which are rounded to ensure a pleasant experience for your pet. In addition, this product will not cause irritation to your pet’s skin.

The handles are made from entirely biodegradable wood, while the blades are made from stainless steel, which should prevent future rusting. Additionally, PawsPamper asserts that the rounded blades serve as a massager!

This is an excellent tool when it works. Many users of this product swear by it. Others have had the experience where this has worked on several occasions… then simply ceases to function.


  • Professional appearance
  • 20 circular blades for the comfort of your pet.
  • Not rusting


  • Sometimes just doesn’t work


Safari Undercoat Dog Rake

Here is yet another instrument with rounded teeth that may be better suited for your dog’s comfort than their luxurious fur. This is yet another plastic undercoat rake, and while it’s not a terrible tool, it’s not as good as the ones described above.

The plastic handle is acceptable, but it lacks sufficient grip covering to prevent hand slippage during grooming. Although it feels sturdy, it is somewhat fragile. This is another product that works best if you regularly groom your pet. If you do not routinely groom your pet, we recommend a product with a bit more oomph.

This is an excellent tool for dogs with medium-length coats, but you may be disappointed if you use it on a Husky. This device’s design virtually guarantees that you’ll need twice as much time to remove that undercoat.

People with dogs with less fur adored it, whilst those with Huskies only find it acceptable. This firm has no return policy, so if you buy something and decide you detest it, you are stuck with it.


  • Acceptable if you often groom
  • Good for medium-length-haired dogs


  • Somewhat flimsy
  • Grooming may take some time.


Poodle Pet Dog Grooming Rake

Another instrument with a rounded tip, this one differs in that it has two rows of teeth and is constructed of plastic. However, you still have a rubber grip.

The metal pins are designed to be comfortable for your pet, yet having two rows will facilitate the undercoat removal procedure. This tool allows you to groom your pet regardless of whether they are wet or dry.

The name of the brand, Poodle Pet, may mislead you into thinking that this is just useful for Poodles. However, owners of Huskies will also find it handy. This instrument may remove up to 90 percent of the undercoat’s dead hair.

Those who have purchased this for their Poodles adore it, however, there are significant differences between the coats of a Poodle and a Husky. The Poodle has curly hair, whereas the Husky has dense, straight fur. With this rake, it may be difficult to cut through their entire coat.


  • Two rows of needles
  • Non-slip grip


  • Meant for Poodles
  • Insufficient thickness for Huskies


ConairPRO Dog Grooming Rake

This is a nice product, however, compared to the other items on our list, it does not stand out. It is certainly forgettable compared to the rest of Conair’s discography.

This plastic device features a single row of pins with blunt tips. The pins themselves are not particularly lengthy, and the rake’s shape is not particularly ergonomic.

This instrument may make it practically hard to reach the skin of your Husky throughout the detangling and de-matting process. How do you get rid of dead and stray hair? This device can complete the task, but it will take a long time. Consider purchasing a slicker brush for such an eventuality.


  • Conair is a well-known brand.


  • Not ergonomic
  • Thin pins
  • Not fantastic for Huskies


ShedMonster 078279-108 Undercoat Rake

Although intended for dogs with medium to long coat lengths, this product and its design do not support that claim. Unlike a slicker brush, this instrument’s pins are simply too short to be ideal for dogs with this type of hair.

The handle is rather short as well! This means you will have no leverage in tangling circumstances, making it more difficult to groom your Husky effectively.

Can this product quickly remove dead and loose hair? Absolutely. However, there is a reason why it ranks tenth on our list. This is not a terrible product, but neither is it very good.


  • Effective in a pinch


  • Thin pins
  • Short lever
  • Makes grooming tricky


Grooming huskies is such a vital part of keeping them healthy and happy, therefore we are delighted to offer this information as a resource. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hope that these reviews have not only prepared you for shopping but for the grooming process as well!

Were there any products that you fell in love with? It’s hard not to be enamored with our decision for the best undercoat rakes for Huskies from Oster.

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