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The 5 Best Turtle Tanks

Are you contemplating acquiring a turtle and wondering which tank would be most suitable? When it comes to turtle tanks and terrariums, there are numerous alternatives available, which might be daunting.

In this article, we have reviewed some of the best turtle tanks available for purchase. In each evaluation, we outline the tank's dimensions, size in gallons, and construction materials.

Check out our buyer's guide for more information on what to look for when purchasing a turtle tank.

Hopefully, you will be able to locate the best turtle tanks for your home with the assistance of BestForPets (bestforpets.org)'s article.


Tetrafauna Aquatic Turtle Deluxe Aquarium Kit, 20-Gal

After researching various turtle tanks, we have determined that the Tetrafauna Aquatic Turtle Deluxe Aquarium Kit is the best turtle tank available. Why? For starters, it includes the necessary equipment to create a home for your turtle, such as a screen top, heat lamps, and a stylish filtration system.

Because the tank is composed of plastic, it is long-lasting and should serve you and your turtle well for many years. With a capacity of only 20 gallons, this tank is only suitable for the tiniest species and juvenile turtles.


  • Included decorative filtering system and other extras
  • Durable and lightweight plastic construction
  • Compact size


  • Unsuitable for larger animals
  • The filter is not highly effective


Zilla Premium Rimless Aquatic Turtle Habitat Kit, 20 Gallon Long

Consider the Zilla Premium Rimless Aquatic Turtle Habitat Kit if you are seeking for a tank that includes accessories similar to the Tetrafauna tank but at a cheaper price. We believe this is the most affordable turtle tank available.

The 20-gallon aquarium includes several of the same accessories as our top pick, including a screen cover, UVB light fixture and bulbs, and a basking platform.

However, you should be aware that, given the reduced price, the overall quality of the tank will be lesser. According to several customers, the filter does not pump at a sufficient rate for the amount of water in the tank, leading the water to get contaminated rapidly.

If you are searching for a reliable beginner kit and are willing to replace some of the tank’s components in the future, the Zilla tank is likely the best option.


  • Includes numerous accessories.
  • Specifically designed for turtles
  • Good value


  • Unfavorable for bigger species
  • The water becomes hazy rapidly.


SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set

If you are ready to pay a bit extra for a high-quality tank, you may want to consider purchasing this item. The SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set is available in cobalt blue, black, and clear.

Although it lacks some of the attachments included with the previous two tanks, its 50-gallon capacity makes it significantly larger than other tanks on the market. Therefore, it is an excellent option if you have numerous turtles or simply desire a larger tank for your shelled companion.

The SeaClear tank includes an electrical light fixture, allowing you to observe your turtle at all hours of the day. However, because it was meant for fish and not turtles, you will likely need to purchase UVB light bulbs separately for your turtles to bask.


  • Beneficial for several turtles
  • Durable acrylic material
  • Includes a lamp for observing your turtles


  • Costly compared to other alternatives
  • Not necessarily intended for turtles


Landen Rimless Low Iron Salt Water Aquarium Tank

The Landen Rimless Low Iron Tank is available in various sizes. The glass is 8 millimeters thick, but you shouldn’t have any trouble seeing your pet turtle through it because low-iron glass is significantly clearer and brighter than conventional glass.

This simple tank is ideal for a turtle owner who wishes to design their turtle’s landscape from scratch, as it does not include any extras. It does not come with a cover, and it may be difficult to find something that fits the tank because its measurements are not typical.


  • Superior and thick glass
  • Numerous size options


  • Does not include any accessories.
  • Not built for turtles
  • Not supplied with a lid


Exo Terra Glass Natural Terrarium Kit

The versatility of the Exo Terra Glass Natural Terrarium Kit for a variety of reptiles and amphibians is its defining characteristic. However, this also implies that it is likely not the optimal setting for aquatic turtles.

The open-front design would be rendered ineffective if the tank were mostly filled with water. It would likely also pose a risk of a leak. However, the tank is ideal for land turtles, which often require more area.

The top and front entry design make it simple to clean the tank without compromising the turtle’s mobility. Unfortunately, this tank does not include any accessories, but compatible extras are available from Exo Terra.


  • Front- and top-opening doors facilitate access to turtles.
  • Watertight base


  • Compatible accessories manufactured by Exo Terra are offered separately.
  • Costly for what one receives
  • Unsuitable for aquatic turtles that require a great deal of water

Buyer's Guide

Considerations When Purchasing a Turtle Tank

Purchasing a turtle tank may appear simple, but there are a number of considerations you should keep in mind. In this buyer’s guide, we will examine the tank size, materials, and other tank components.

Tank Size

A tank that is enough for your turtle when you bring it home may no longer be adequate in a few years. Before you acquire a tank for your turtle, you must determine the average size of its species.

Obviously, you can purchase a smaller tank and upgrade your turtle to a larger enclosure as it grows, but you should be aware that you may have to purchase another tank in the future if you select this option.

If you have multiple turtles, your tank will need to be larger than if you only had one. To determine which tank is suitable for two turtles, add at least half the space required for one turtle. For instance, if you have one turtle in a 40-gallon tank, you need to have at least 60 gallons of space for two turtles.

Materials and Strength

Considering that turtles can live for decades, it makes sense to assess the tank’s durability prior to buying. Glass, plastic, acrylic, or rubber are typical materials for turtle tanks. If money is a factor, plastic tanks will typically be less expensive than glass alternatives. Plastic, acrylic, and rubber containers can also last longer than glass containers because they are more resistant to wear and tear.

Supplemental Tank Components

In addition to the tank itself, there are several additional components to consider when choosing a turtle tank. You should consider purchasing a water filter and a UV light bulb or some form of warmth for your turtle.

Can these accessories be simply attached to the tank you’re considering? If the answer is no, you may need to search for a different tank that meets your requirements. Also, consider the dimensions of your tank if you intend to purchase a tank lid.


The Tetrafauna Aquatic Turtle Deluxe Aquarium is the best option overall if you’re looking for an all-inclusive tank that comes with nearly all of the accessories your turtle will require. However, if you’re searching for a comparable aquarium at a more moderate price, we believe the Zilla aquarium is an excellent alternative. We are aware that there are numerous turtle tanks on the market, but BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hope that our reviews have helped you familiarize yourself with your options and eventually select the best turtle tanks.

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