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The 10 Best Turtle Foods

Do you love watching turtles swim? It's hard to put into words how amazing these amphibians are. How smoothly they float through the water.

You can spend hours just watching a turtle, but you have to be the owner of the tortoise to appreciate what it is being treated to.

You may want to know what to feed your housemate, the turtle, whether you are one of the few happy people who already have one as a pet or are hoping to get one in the future.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has put together this list of the best turtle foods to help you choose healthy foods for your pet and stay away from foods that could hurt it. 

How to Choose the Finest Turtle Food: A Buyer's Guide

Now that we’ve covered some of the commercially available foods that you can feed your turtle, let’s take a look at some of the other items that turtles enjoy eating and that you can add in their diet. You may have heard of some of them before, but now you have a comprehensive list.


  • Tuna in a can
  • Shrimps, dried
  • Mealworms
  • Tiny insects
  • Small fish that prey on larger fish.

Healthy Vegetables

  • Cabbage
  • Asparagus Greens
  • Kale
  • In a nutshell, mustard greens


Be sure to feed your turtle fruit, but make sure to cut it into small pieces.

  • Apples: boiling softens them.
  • Berries such as blueberries, strawberries, etc.
  • Melons
  • Pears


  • Beans, or green
  • Carrots (boil or steam)
  • Pumpkin
  • To the sweet potato (cooked)
  • Squash

Soak Veggies

These may be purchased from any garden center. In addition to being a source of nourishment for your turtle, waste removal from the water by your turtles may reduce the prevalence of algae.

  • Asparagus in water
  • “Water Hyacinth”


OH!Isn’t that a lot of data we just dumped on you? Well, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes you learned anything from this essay and now know exactly what your turtle needs and likes best.

We try to help you limit your options because, as pet owners, we know how difficult it can be to sift through all the options available, so we’ve helped you pick the best turtle foods.

Tetra ReptoMin Floating Rod Turtle Food is our top pick for the best turtle food overall, while Zoo Med Natural Aquatic Turtle Food is our best value pick. We appreciate your visit and invite you to come back soon, as we regularly update the site.


Best All-Around: Tetra ReptoMin Floating Sticks Turtle Food

When most people think of pets, they picture dogs and cats, and reptile owners sometimes feel like they’re getting lost in the crowd.

For this reason, we scoured the market in search of the finest turtle food available and settled on Tetra ReptoMin Floating Sticks.

These sticks are useful for catching newts and frogs in addition to turtles. These sticks are packed with calcium and vitamin C, making them ideal for promoting healthy bone and shell growth.

These sticks are made professionally and are filled with protein from shrimp and fish meal. We really like that you can connect with your amphibian friends while eating them, and not just because of the nutrition they carry.

According to us, that’s a major perk!


  • Fortified with vitamin C and calcium
  • You may play with your pet while floating in the pool.
  • Protein-rich, so your turtle can thrive
  • Fosters robust growth of the skeleton and shell


  • Best All-Around Turtle Food Is Noneloating Sticks


The Finest Quality Natural Aquatic Turtle Food by Zoo Med

As turtle owners, not only do we want to be sure that the food we buy is good for their health, but we also want to receive our money’s worth.

Our investigation has revealed that Zoo Med Natural Aquatic Turtle Diet is the most beneficial turtle food available. We really like that you can choose between two sizes for this.

Therefore, you may give them a go even if you aren’t 100% certain your turtle will enjoy them.

In order to meet the nutritional needs of adult turtles with shells 6 inches or longer, this all-natural food has been formulated without the use of artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

Furthermore, because they float, aquatic turtles can easily navigate the water to get their prey. Veterinarians, expert breeders, and zoos all endorse these pellets.


  • Sizes available: small and large
  • Suitable for adult turtles of 6 inches or more in length.
  • Because pellets float, turtles have no trouble tracking them down.
  • Does not use any synthetic ingredients.
  • Zoos, expert breeders, and veterinarians unanimously endorse this product.


  • Is rumored to cause water to become brown
  • Although they’re popular, they’re not loved by all turtles.


Zilla River Shrimp Turtle Food, the Premium Option for Your Reptile

To what extent would you like to spoil your turtle today? Zilla Reptile Munchies River Shrimp Turtle Food is what you’re looking for.

This meal is perfect for fish and reptiles since it contains a high protein content and is similar to the diet they would have in the wild.

You can either feed these shrimp to your pet as a treat or mix them into their regular pellets or greens. Salamanders, axolotls, turtles, and even the bigger species of tropical fish can all benefit from eating them to improve their coloration in a completely natural way. Their resealable pouch is another great feature.

This is a fantastic option, but it’s not in the top two because of its higher price.


  • Pure, natural materials
  • loaded with protein
  • In particular, salamanders, axolotls, and turtles will benefit.
  • Both as rewards and regular fare
  • Easily portable and shelf-stable thanks to its resealable pouch


  • Is a little bit pricey


Aquatic Turtle Food by Fluker’s Buffet Blend

We advise you to feed your turtle Fluker’s Buffet Blend Aquatic Turtle Food if you want to provide the best possible care for it.

This chow mixes freeze-dried mealworms and river shrimp with vitamin-enriched pellets to create a powerhouse of nutrition. The end product is a healthy and varied supper that you can feel good about feeding your turtle.

This diet will supply your turtle with an ideal ratio of essential nutrients including calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium as well as fat, protein, and vitamins.


  • Contains a blend of freeze-dried mealworms and river shrimp.
  • The vitamin-fortified pellets you feed your turtle will keep it strong and healthy.
  • Complete with all the vitamins and minerals you need
  • Provides a nutritious and comprehensive diet for turtles.
  • Provides an optimal ratio of fat to protein to mineral to vitamin to necessary amino acids for your pet.


  • Pollute the water supply
  • However, not all turtles enjoy it.
  • Having fillers in it.


Canned Box Turtle Food by Zoo Med

We propose Zoo Med Canned Box Turtle Food if you’re searching for a new diet for your box turtle. Apples and whole corn are two items that box turtles enjoy, and both may be found in this diet.

It’s a well-rounded diet for your box turtle, with plenty of vitamins and minerals. This tasty treat may be resealed for extended freshness, which is very useful for dealing with finicky eaters.

This easily portable and transportable box turtle food is perfect for your pet. The natural flavour of this moist, soft turtle food will entice your turtle to eat without the need for artificial additives like binders or preservatives.


  • Apples and whole corn, two of box turtles’ favorite foods, are included.
  • Including all necessary vitamins and minerals
  • Replace the seal to keep the product fresh.
  • Turtles are enticed to eat thanks to the use of natural flavour.
  • Soft, moist food without artificial fillers or preservatives


  • Not all turtles enjoyed it.


Food for Aquatic Turtles from Zoo Med

We suggest Zoo Med’s Gourmet Aquatic Turtle Food whenever somebody is in need of turtle food.

This high-protein snack is a tasty addition to your turtle’s regular diet, and it includes some of their favorite foods, such pellets and dried shrimp, as well as some mealworms for added flavor and texture.

Included entire cranberries are a wild staple that your turtle will like.

This diet is designed for turtles with a shell length between 2 and 6 inches, which is the typical range for a developing reptile. It’s natural and full of vitamins and minerals, with no added sugar, salt, or MSG.


  • Totally free of any synthetic additives
  • The treat has been fortified with vitamins and minerals.
  • Contains pellets, dried shrimp, and mealworms in addition to whole cranberries.
  • Packed with protein
  • Tailored to the nutritional requirements of developing turtles.


  • However, not all turtles enjoy it.


Food Floating Sticks for an Adult Omega One Turtle

This Omega One Adult Turtle Floating Sticks Food is a tasty treat that your turtle is sure to enjoy. This variety of fish, including whole herring, halibut, and salmon, is a big hit with our turtles.

It’s formulated with a balance of vitamins and minerals to ensure your turtle stays healthy and happy for as long as possible.

These floating sticks entice your turtle to the water’s surface as he feeds, giving you a chance to spend quality time with him.

These sticks are not only tasty, but they are also healthy for your frog, newt, or turtle’s overall health and vigor. It also has an optimal calcium to phosphorus ratio, which promotes the creation of a hard, healthy shell.


  • Perfect for keeping your frogs, newts, and turtles active and healthy.
  • Fresh, entire foods like herring, halibut, and salmon are used to create this dish.
  • Supplemented with trace elements and vitamins
  • Prepared with an abundance of seafood of various types
  • Crafted with an assortment of fresh seafood
  • Packed with just the proper amount of calcium and phosphorus


  • Compared to alternatives, it is a pricier choice.


Food for the Aquatic Turtle, the Mazuri

We suggest Mazuri Aquatic Turtle Food as a nutritious option for your turtle. This dish has a high concentration of animal and fish-based proteins and is thus extremely nutritious.

These meaty pellets are designed to float on the surface of the water, allowing you to keep an eye on your turtle while he feeds without disturbing him.

It provides complete nourishment, so you won’t need to supplement with vitamins and minerals. Since it contains no artificial flavors or colors, you can feel good about giving it to your pet.


  • There’s no need for any additional mineral or vitamin supplements because this dish provides all you need.
  • So that turtles can eat as they like, the food is presented to them in a floating fashion.
  • Doesn’t use any synthetic ingredients
  • Rich in both animal and fish protein


  • Having fillers in it.


Box Turtle Rep-Cal Food

While searching for anything suitable for our box turtle, we came upon Rep-Cal Box Turtle Food.

There is no need to enhance the diet of your turtle because it already contains high quantities of essential minerals and vitamins including calcium and vitamin D3.

Your turtle will thrive on this diet alone, but you may also supplement it with occasional servings of mealworms, fruit, and earthworms.

The product is all-natural, containing only plant- and animal-based substances, and was developed by veterinarians in the US. Some components, however, such as ground wheat, animal by-products, and corn gluten meal, fall into the lowest two categories.


  • Provides a complete and balanced diet for box turtles.
  • Minerals and vitamins are abundant.
  • Added vitamins are unnecessary.


  • Mostly corn gluten meal and ground wheat are used as fillers.
  • Does not contain any ingredients derived from plants or fungi and contains animal products.
  • Ingredients: Dyes and other artificial colors


Floating Shrimp Turtle Treats, the Zilla Turtle Chasers

Our last experiment was with Zilla Turtle Chasers Floating Shrimp Turtle Treats, and we’re included it here only out of a desire to report back on our findings.

Our turtle did have fun chasing the treat around before he ate it, and we appreciate that it is made from high-quality, protein-rich shrimp.

However, there are a few things you should know before indulging in these sweets. In the first place, they stink to high heaven.

Our turtle eats shrimp, so we figured we’d give them a shot, too. The problem is that they are really dirty and they crumble very readily.

When these snacks are added to water, it gets quite murky. In addition, the value you receive is little at best. No way are we going to buy these again.


  • Packed with protein
  • Exciting for the turtles to pursue after


  • Irritating odors
  • Cause havoc in the pool
  • Disintegrate into dust quickly
  • Overpriced
  • Pollutes the tank and the water.

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