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The 10 Best Tug Toys For Dogs

There are few things in life more heartwarming than watching our loved ones have the time of their lives. This also applies to our dogs! However, what if we just lack the energy to play?

The answer is straightforward: Use a dog tug toy! Whether you want to give your dog the appearance that you are as enthusiastic about playing as he or she is, or you simply want to hear that adorable growling sound they make, dog tug toys are great for helping them burn off any excess energy at the end of the day.

These evaluations will highlight BestForPets' (bestforpets.org) best tug toys for dogs currently available.


KONG KG1 Tug Toy

Is there a more popular brand of dog toys and accessories than Kong? Whether it’s to hold peanut butter or to bounce and chase, Kong toys have revolutionized canine entertainment for years, and this toy is no exception.

This is an excellent layout. One end is for you to hold, while the other is for your dog to attempt to pull. This product’s durability derives from its solid core.

Another trademark is associated with the Kong brand. Even the most determined canines will not be able to destroy this sort of rubber, or at least not immediately.

This interactive tug-of-war toy is available in three sizes, depending on the required heaviness for a game of tug. This is also a fantastic toss toy, as the rubber design will cause it to bounce in all directions, providing your dog with a fun game of chase!

This dog tug toy’s reception primarily relies on the kind of dog you own. Let’s face it: some dog breeds can destroy any toy, regardless of its durability.

People with these sorts of dogs appear to have a problem with this toy, and while we don’t totally blame them, we realize that they may be more unhappy that there is no toy sturdy enough for their beloved dog.


  • Durable rubber construction
  • Excellent for tug and catch
  • Comfortable grip for humans and dogs


  • Not durable for really robust dogs


Huge 20012F Three-Knot Rope Tug Toy

This is one of the most effective dog tug toys: a rope with a knot (or several knots). This whimsical coloring is certain to attract your dog’s curiosity. It is also fairly sturdy and suitable for any breed.

This amusing toy is 20 inches long, making it suitable for holding. In addition to its sanitary value, this rope toy efficiently flosses your puppy’s teeth while they play with it. If this were true for every dog toy, we would never stop playing with our dogs!

Even while this toy is not indestructible, it may be the most durable dog toy available for dogs with powerful jaws. Considering the price and durability of the product, we can confidently say that this is one of the finest dog tug toys for the money.


  • Historic toy
  • Very durable
  • Incredible value
  • Will become your pet’s favorite toy in no time.


  • You may believe that your dog enjoys this toy more than they like you.


Goughnuts TuG Educational Toy

This may be the second most durable toy available, behind the rope tug toy. This toy’s rubber is 1.5 inches thick and was designed with big dogs in mind.

With a length of 11 inches, you can play a serious game of tug with your preferred partner. Once you take a glance at this item, you will understand how substantial it is.

This is another toy that may be used for tossing, challenging your furry friend’s coordination. Not only does this ball bounce in every direction, but it also bounces really nicely!

However, there are a few aspects that we must highlight. One of them is that this item is not suitable for tiny pets. Extremely little dogs won’t even be able to fit it in their mouths. The second issue is that this product has a peculiar odor, which may repel some dogs.

Those that aren’t repulsed, however, adore this toy, and you shouldn’t be shocked if this is the interactive tug-of-war toy that your dog sleeps with.


  • Super durable even for huge dogs
  • Ideal for tossing
  • 11-inch length


  • Weird odor
  • Not for tiny dogs


Interactive West Paw ZG050AQA tug-of-war toy

This is a timeless style that you will likely recognize right away. This is another rubber toy, but this one consists of a single piece with two handles rather than two solid pieces linked in the middle.

The advantage of this is that you may play with your dog in close proximity. Hand slips and teeth nips are more likely to occur as a result.

This toy is 100% BPA-free and designed with your pet’s safety in mind. Due to the fact that it can extend to double its length, you may play epic tug-of-war games or watch two dogs compete over the same toy!

This product is less optimal for tossing but is still acceptable. This toy is suitable for dogs of all sizes, however larger dogs can rapidly render it useless.

While many dog toys have durability difficulties, this is the only one on this list with severe issues. We would recommend this product for little to small-to-medium sized dogs.


  • Classic design
  • elongates to double its original size
  • Good for little dogs


  • Durability problems


Redline K9 Dog Bite Tug Toy

This is the least prevalent of the designs we’ve examined thus far. This type of toy is rarely found in people’s homes. This is because it is a two-handed tug toy.

The section of the toy that your dog bites is in the centre, while you grip two handles surrounding it, requiring you to play a more active role during playtime.

This appears to be a nice toy for tiny dogs, but a comfort item for larger ones. However, the longevity of this toy is questionable, so it may be preferable for your dog to merely parade around with it as a status symbol.


  • For use in police training
  • Good for little dogs


  • Takes away laziness
  • Durability issues


SodaPup SPCOT Pull Tab Tug Toy

This is essentially a large soda tab, as the company’s name suggests, but instead of being used to open a can of soda, it is intended to crack up your dog!

It is advised that little dogs utilize the thinner end while larger dogs utilize the thicker end. This resembles our product from Goughnuts, however it is not nearly as sturdy.

This toy’s rubber structure is developed with safety in mind. This toy is non-toxic and compatible with FDA standards. If this miraculously survives your dog, it will biodegrade totally.

Obviously, SodaPup is aware that no dog toy will last that long, and they advise consumers to check the condition of their toys often and replace them if they show indications of splitting.

If this toy lasts long enough to become filthy, it may be cleaned in the dishwasher. It is made from Puppyprene rubber, which is produced in the United States.

Sadly, this toy is possibly the least durable on our list thus far, and it also presents a problem: it is extremely elastic, but also easy to lose hold of. There have been incidents of individuals losing control of this toy sling and it striking their dog on the nose!


  • Soda tab shape
  • Small side and substantial side
  • Machine washable


  • Not durable
  • Can smack your dog!


Nerf Dog 2204 Tug Durable Dog Toy

If you believed that Nerf solely produced high-flying footballs and toy weapons, you were mistaken. It is nice that your dog may now play with toys made by your favorite toy company from childhood.

The outside of this single-piece toy resembles an automobile tire. This is beneficial for both you and your dog, since it provides improved grip for both of you.

Given that it is designed for medium- to large-sized dogs, the one-piece construction would lead you to assume that it is quite sturdy. This toy faces the same fate as the majority of dog toys.

It just cannot withstand the adorable, strong jaws of larger canines. Despite the fact that the concept of a Nerf dog toy may be fantastic, the reality is not.


  • Built with Nerf!


  • No durability


When you bring home a brand-new interactive tug-of-war toy for your dog, they will be even more excited than you are to shop for them! There are quite a few options available, but which ones are the best tug toys for dogs?

It is difficult to pass up a Kong toy, as they are widely considered the best. Obviously, BestForPets‘ (bestforpets.org) value pick from Mammoth is also exceptional. Whatever you end up acquiring, we know exactly who will soon attempt to steal it from you!

Buyer's Guide: How to Choose the Best Dog Tug Toy

Size and Form

It is essential to select a toy that is sized appropriately for both you and your dog.

Kelley advises that the toy should be held with fingers largely closed around the handle. “Generally speaking, your dog should be able to seal her lips around the toy. Too much thickness may result in jaw injury.”

Materials and Strength

Many tug toys are not intended to be chew toys. Your dog should not be left unattended with them. Nevertheless, even when pulled, certain toys do not survive very long.

Kelley advises searching for a tear-resistant material that is tough and durable. Check for double- or triple-stitched seams on cloth.


Some tugs have squeakers to enhance their amusement value. Others may feature a ball on one end or incorporated into the toy, which Labs and other fetch-obsessed dogs find irresistible. Kelley’s favorite accessory is a comfy handle.

“The handle is essential for me,” he declares. “When tugging with a larger dog, the stress on your wrist and elbow can soon become severe enough to put you at danger of damage. You should be able to straighten your wrist.”

Kelley also like special-sectioned tug toys. According to him, clearly defined regions make it plain where your dog’s mouth should be when pulling. If your dog enjoys the water, you may choose to get a toy that floats.


Are tug toys beneficial for dogs?

Trainers affirm that they can be. “Tug toys are excellent for helping dogs relax tension, decrease stress, and gain exercise.

“Tug can help dogs relax after a stressful situation and reduce their irritation with a difficult training activity,” adds Kelley.

You may also use tug toys to educate your dog how to play correctly, so he or she learns which actions are acceptable.

Do tug toys make dogs aggressive?

Although tug toys will not render a dog violent, they can get a puppy extremely excited. “Some dogs become too excited while playing tug; others view the tug toy as a very valuable item and attempt to keep it away from you,” explains Kelley.

However, he notes that dogs who become overexcited would likely behave similarly in a variety of scenarios. “Dogs that resource guard a tug toy may also exhibit other territorial behaviors.

Actually, tugging is a terrific approach to teach your dog to exhibit greater self-control and learn to share if they struggle with these skills.

Are rope toys safe for dogs?

Numerous tug-of-war toys are constructed from long, knotted ropes that are composed of hundreds or thousands of small strands. During play, your dog may unwind and consume the fibers.

This can lead to intestinal obstruction or what veterinarians refer to as “linear foreign bodies.” They can round the intestines and provide a life-threatening risk.

How does one utilize a tug toy?

Kelley proposes the following guidelines for a successful game of tug:

  • Don’t let your dog tug so hard it harms you. “If you are tugging with a dog stronger than you, it is your responsibility to release go if they pull too hard or abruptly. If they wish to continue tugging with you, it is to their advantage to adjust and maintain an appropriate level of force.”
  • Don’t allow your dog to move its grasp closer to your hand. “Dogs frequently attempt to get their grip closer to your hand. They are enthusiastic and committed to the game! However, this would make it simpler for him to bite you, which is an absolute no.”
  • If your dog steals a toy, you must retrieve it in order to continue playing. “If you follow your dog around after he wins a toy, he will learn to flee with it! You can urge children to engage in prosocial behavior and continue play only when they have returned it.”

When the toy is removed, everyone takes a little rest. Kelley advises ten to fifteen seconds, or just enough time for him not to lunge back into it the moment he loses his grasp.

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