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The 11 Best Treats For Yorkies

Taking the time and effort to train your Yorkie doesn't have to be tedious.

Your dog's food can be as delicious as it is for you thanks to the hundreds of options offered by dog food manufacturers.

There are tons of dog treats out there, but it's hard to narrow down the list to the perfect treat for your Yorkie since they're all made for small dogs.

While shopping for your dog, it is important to make sure that you buy the right thing for him.

Here are the best treats for yorkies that BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has listed that you can buy for your Yorkie.

We'll go over some recommendations and talk about the pros and cons of each sweet item on the menu.

Buying Advice for the Finest Yorkie Snacks

Which snacks are ideal for Yorkies?

There is no need to cater to any inherited dietary restrictions in Yorkies. They may have difficulty chewing items that are too big for their little mouths because they are petite breeds of dogs.

If you want to make sure your Yorkie doesn’t have any problem eating their goodies, you should provide them something little or miniature.

The components of a premium dog treat.

Premium dog treats should have the same nutritious ingredients as premium dog food. Since treats aren’t given on a regular basis and aren’t meant to sustain a dog’s health, they might include lower-quality components.

Even though dogs are often thought of as omnivores, some research suggests that they have evolved to be able to exist on plant material if necessary.

While a varied diet that includes fruits and vegetables might help your dog acquire the key plant-based nutrients it needs, a high-protein diet more closely mimicking that of their wild ancestors may be optimal.

Going grain-free: Yes or No?

Grain-free meals are all the rage among health-conscious dog owners, yet there’s zero proof that this is better for their pets.

Indeed, research has shown that grain-free dog diets are more difficult for canines to digest. Grain-free diets have also been linked to an increased risk of canine dilated cardiomyopathy.

In spite of the ongoing debate over whether or not dogs are omnivores, it is apparent that grains may supply beneficial nutrients and be a crucial pillar of a dog’s nutritional profile.

But the same cannot be true about cats. The plant-digesting bacteria that live in a cat’s cecum are tiny and “relatively undifferentiated” from the rest of the cat’s digestive tract. Dogs might benefit from eating grain, while cats fare better without it.

Which Is Better: Grain-Free or Gluten-Free?

Keep in mind that being grain-free is not the same as being gluten-free. Rice, oats, buckwheat, and sorghum are just a few examples of the many grains that do not contain gluten.

If you decide to choose the gluten-free route, do your research beforehand. In this article, we will examine the consequences of gluten and the facts around it.

There is a lack of research into how gluten affects dogs. A gluten-free diet was shown to be beneficial in a study of six Border Terriers diagnosed with Epileptoid Cramping Syndrome.

Further research demonstrated that canine hysteria may be produced by administering wheat gluten. Even while this study doesn’t prove that wheat gluten is harmful to dogs, it does show that it has no positive impacts on people.

Repeated scientific investigations have linked wheat gluten consumption to an increased risk of schizophrenia in people.

Gluten’s effects on people may still be up in the air, but it’s very obvious that they’re unfavorable for dogs.


It can be difficult to choose the best dish for your Yorkie, but after reading this article, I hope you will be able to make the right choice.

Our family’s favorite dog biscuit is American Journey’s Oven-Roasted Crispy Dog Cookie. Old Mother Hubbard’s Baked Dog Treats are a great option for budget dog owners.

If you have extra cash to spare, try the dog food from Blue Dog Bakery. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes you can find the best treats for yorkies for your pet.


Oven Baked Dog Treats from American Journey Win First Place in Every Category

  • Packing Units: 8 oz. and 16 oz.
  • Options for flavor include peanut butter, chicken, salmon, duck, lamb, turkey, and sausage, egg, and cheese.

The American Journey Oven Baked Crunchy Biscuit Dog Treats are our top pick for the best dog treat overall, especially for Yorkies.

Although we’ve focused on the peanut butter version, there are many more options for parents of Yorkies. Peanut butter, chicken, fish, duck, lamb, and turkey are the six varieties available from American Journey.

And all the ingredients and production for American Journey products are done right here at home. So, pet owners who want to buy locally produced goods may feel good about giving these treats to their Yorkie.

The size of these goodies, though, makes them ideal for Yorkies. They are the ideal size for the mouth of a young or old Yorkie.

In other words, your Yorkie won’t have any trouble getting its mouth around and chewing on these goodies, and they won’t be too big either.


  • Various tastes available.
  • Affordable
  • Grain-free


  • The crunchiness might be unpleasant for certain dogs, especially those with sensitive gums or teeth.


Most Affordable Old Mother Hubbard’s Homebaked Dog Treats

  • 20 ounce, 3.5 pound, 6 pound, and 10 pound satchels
  • The following flavors are available: Original Assortment, P-Nuttier, Extra Tasty Assortment, Bac’N’Cheez, Liv’R’Crunch, Just Vegg’N, Chick’N’Apples, and Chartar.

The finest value for your money when it comes to Yorkie treats may be found in Old Mother Hubbard’s offerings, since she is a household name in the pet market.

Additionally, Old Mother Hubbard’s treats may be purchased in bulk; their smallest bag, at 20 ounces, is larger than the largest bag offered by several competing companies.

A package of Old Mother Hubbard cookies can weigh up to 10 pounds. So, those who are crazy about buying in bulk may receive their money’s worth and then some.

Not only does Old Mother Hubbard come in a large bag, but she also has many other wonderful qualities. Her confections are equally versatile, including an array of delicious tastes.

Both the Original Assortment and the Extra Tasty Assortment provide a variety of tasty tastes that your dog is sure to love. P-Nuttier, Bac’N’Cheez, and Chick’N’Apples, on the other hand, provide a more uniform assortment of flavors.

Although delicious, these biscuits aren’t all that Old Mother Hubbard bakes. Dog owners who wish to vary their pet’s diet will like the variety of soft chews, chew sticks, and biscuits available from this manufacturer.


  • Possibilities for mass purchases
  • Absolutely superb taste variety
  • Absolutely no synthetic additives used as a preservation method


  • Several reviewers mentioned that the biscuits were too large for their canine companions.


Assorted Dog Treats from Blue Dog Bakery: The Finest Quality

  • Size of Bag: 20 oz / 3 pounds
  • Peanut Butter, Chicken & Cheese, and Beef Flavors Available.

Since 1998, Blue Dog Bakery has been producing high-quality canine snacks. We found that they were the most dedicated to providing premium dog treats for Yorkies, including biscuits, chew sticks, and other snacks created in the USA with non-GMO ingredients, thus we awarded them the title of Best Premium dog treats for Yorkies.

In spite of the fact that they could do better, they do provide a few options for tasty dog treats. So that your dog is never bored, they have put up a convenient bundle of all their standard kinds of dog treats.

These snacks are made without the use of any synthetic flavors or colors. Therefore, dogs with food sensitivities or allergies won’t have to worry about eating them. There’s nothing we don’t like about these treats, and we’re confident that you and your dog will feel the same way.


  • Absolutely no synthetic additives used as a preservation method
  • 100% organic
  • Crispy in the mouthfeel


  • Dislike of the tastes was shown by a subset of dogs.
  • Smaller dogs may need to break apart the treats before they can consume them.


Dog Biscuits: Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Duck

  • Package Weight: 10 oz., 24 oz.
  • Turkey, Salmon, Chicken, and Duck are the Available Meats and Proteins.

Any pet owners whose canine companions might benefit from a high-protein diet would do well to consider Blue Wilderness, the high-protein range from Blue Buffalo.

The globe over, families with dogs have come to rely and like Blue Buffalo as their go-to brand of dog food. They stock their shelves with delicious options for those on all sorts of restricted diets.

Yorkies love Blue Wilderness Trail Treats because their little jaws are just the right size for these tasty morsels. Any dog would love these treats, but toy and miniature breeds would appreciate the convenient size.

The use of actual meat in the recipe also means that there is a wide variety of tastes to choose from. The Blue Wilderness products are sometimes criticized for having a higher carbohydrate content than is ideal.

However, since sweets aren’t meant to be eaten often, this isn’t as much of a concern.


  • The bags come in a generous size.
  • Intensely protein-rich


  • Compared to other snacks, they are higher in calories and should be avoided by overweight individuals.
  • Yorkies


Purposeful Symmetry Dogs go wild for L.I.T.’s Sweet Potato & Venison Treats

  • Bag Weight: 8 oz.
  • Sweet potato and chicken, brown rice and lamb meal, duck and potato, bison and sweet potato, fish and sweet potato, and venison and sweet potato are just some of the flavor combinations available.

In addition to Hill’s and Iams, Natural Balance is a go-to brand for many households when it comes to pet food. The L.I.D limited-ingredient food line has a companion treat line called L.I.T, which is well-known for its high quality and suitable for special diets.

Like the L.I.D. products, L.I.T. has just a small number of ingredients, making it ideal for dogs with stomach sensitivities. These snacks are safer for pets with food allergies since they include fewer ingredients overall.

Bison and venison are two of the more unusual tastes available in Natural Balance L.I.T. These snacks will keep your dog interested for a long time.

Natural Balance is a trusted brand in the dog food industry, and their products are widely regarded for providing canines with a balanced diet. If your dog has a sensitive stomach, you should try their Limited Ingredient Treats.

The sweets are significantly less likely to trigger an allergic reaction because of the small number of ingredients used in their production.


  • Excellent variety of tastes
  • Excellent for dogs with digestive sensitivities.
  • Suitable for all breeds


  • Limited bag size makes it less than suitable for homes with many dogs.


Dogs will love the crunchy texture and real mixed berry flavor of Nutro’s Crunchy with Real Mixed Berries

  • Weight in Ounces per Bag: 10 oz. and 16 oz.
  • Choose from a wide variety of flavors, including: Mixed Berries, Apple, Peanut Butter, Roasted Chicken, Berry & Yogurt, Beef & Hickory Smoke.

Those who wish to give their pets grain-free food at a reasonable price often turn to the popular Nutro brand. This selection of grain-free dog treats comes in a number of tasty flavors that your pet may enjoy.

When looking for a way to increase the fiber content of your dog’s diet, Nutro treats are an excellent choice. The fiber-rich apples and berries in the treats are great for your dog’s digestive system.

The lack of great bulk alternatives for these delights is unfortunate, but the variety of interesting flavors available more than makes up for it.


  • Varieties of uncommon taste
  • High in fiber, which promotes regular bowel movements.


  • Yorkies can’t use the goodies since they’re too big to use for training.


Pumpkin and Blueberry Crunchy Fruitables Dog Treats

  • Both 7-ounce and 12-ounce bags are available.
  • Pumpkin and Blueberry, Pumpkin and Apple, Bacon and Apple, and Pumpkin and Banana are some of the flavor combinations available.

Fruitables are canine equivalents of human fruit treats. The crispy snacks come in a variety of tasty flavors that your dog will like.

Not only are these cookies tasty, but they’re also good for your dog’s digestive system and overall wellbeing, so you can feel good about giving them a few a day.

These tasty morsels include a variety of delectable tastes, such as pumpkin and blueberry or bacon and apple, and are loaded with the nutrients your dog needs to flourish.

The fruit used as a base in the treats also makes them high in fiber, which is great for your dog’s digestive system.


  • Fiber galore, which is good for your intestines.
  • Each snack only has eight calories!


  • Some canines didn’t appreciate the variety of flavors available.


Healthy Vegan Grain-Free Halo Biscuits for Dogs

  • Weight in Ounces: 8 oz (2 pack)
  • Oats & Blueberry, Peanut & Banana, Oats & Quinoa, and Carrot & Quinoa are the available flavor combinations.

If you’re a vegan looking for some dog treats that fit in with your beliefs, I highly recommend Halo’s Healthsome Vegan Grain-Free Biscuits with Peanut’ n Pumpkin.

The vegan ingredients in these snacks provide the building blocks that your small dog (or large Yorkie) needs to reach his full potential.

They’re not too big, so your Yorkie won’t have to open her mouth too wide to have a taste. Made with nutritious vegetables that are rich in essential nutrients.

These goodies may also be a great option for the households that have canines prone to frequent stomachaches. Their Peanut & Pumpkin variety is a delicious way to boost your dog’s fiber intake.


  • Vegan
  • High in fiber, which promotes regular bowel movements.


  • Crumbly biscuits are a common source of floor clutter.
  • Extremely fatty for a biscuit of its size


MaroSnacks with Milk Bones Dog Treats Made From Real Bone Marrow

  • 40 oz. and 38 oz. totes (2 pack)
  • Bone Marrow Is One Of The Flavors You Can Choose From.

If money is your sole concern, Milk-MaroSnacks Bone’s are worth a try. Milk-Bone may not be the healthiest firm, but their goodies are hard to beat when it comes to affordability! Also, they have large quantities of delicacies that will make you drool.

MaroSnacks, created by Milk-Bone, include real bone marrow to help your dog in several ways, including with their appearance (they smell good) and their development (they’ll become bigger).

Marrow treats are not only nutritious, but also really tasty; your dog will want more and more of them.

With only 12 calories per snack, MaroSnacks are perfect for use as training rewards. Dogs like training sessions, and you can let go of any guilt you may have had about using food rewards.


  • Genuine bone marrow included
  • Amazing choices for quantity


  • Comprised of a few subpar constituents


Dog Snacks with All the Flavor of Milk Bone Minis

  • 36 oz. and 35 oz. totes (2 pack)
  • Beef, Chicken, and Bacon Are the Available Flavors.

MaroSnacks aren’t the only thing Milk-Bone produces. The traditional dog biscuits they sell will be a big hit with your Yorkie. All dogs may enjoy the deliciousness of their classic biscuits since they come in a wide range of sizes.

To prevent your Yorkie from exerting unnecessary effort when snacking, select the miniature size. Larger Yorkies or households with more than one dog can split a medium-sized package of goodies between their canine companions.

Milk-Bone is a household name, and these goodies live up to the brand’s reputation for quality and quantity. If you must buy in quantity, don’t go crazy. Do not buy more dog food than your dog can consume.


  • Options for purchasing in large quantities
  • Dog treats that are low in calories


  • Comprised of a few subpar constituents

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