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The 12 Best Treats For Shih Tzu

Shih Tzus are a kind of tiny dog. Therefore, while selecting snacks for these dogs, smaller goodies that they can realistically ingest must be chosen. You must pick even smaller goodies if you're selecting training treats. Otherwise, your dog may ingest an excessive amount of calories from dog treats, leaving insufficient room for their usual food.

Fortunately, there are several treats available that are acceptable for Shih Tzus. Since these dogs have dental issues, it is better to purchase treats that are either made to keep their teeth clean or are softer and simpler for them to ingest.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has evaluated some of the best treats for Shih Tzu currently available on the market. We've provided a range of alternatives, so you should be able to find one that suits your needs.


SmartBones SmartSticks Chews

We prefer the SmartBones SmartSticks Peanut Butter Chews to the majority of other chews on the market. The size of these snacks makes them unsuitable for training purposes. Nonetheless, if you’re searching for a reward for your dog, these treats are an excellent choice. Even the more discerning canines appear to enjoy them.

They are cooked with actual chicken and an assortment of other ingredients. Corn is the key element, that aids in maintaining their form. Corn is really highly healthy for most dogs, despite being a grain.

These snacks include no rawhide and are very digestible. In addition, these sticks are loaded with numerous minerals, making them somewhat healthier for your dog than other treats. Due to all of these factors, they are without a doubt the greatest dog treats for Shih Tzus.


  • Enriched
  • Sustaining chews
  • Rawhide-free
  • Contains actual chicken


  • High grain density


Milk Bone Soft & Chewy Dog Treats

Consider the Milk Bone Soft & Chewy Filet Mignon Dog Treats if you’re searching for something a little less expensive. These chews are far less expensive than the majority of their competitors, making them a wonderful option for individuals on a budget.

The basic components of these snacks are beef and chicken. Consequently, they are also fairly high in protein, despite being mostly consumed for budgetary reasons. They are soft and chewy, so a typical Shih Tzu should have no trouble consuming them. In addition, they are enriched with additional nutrients.

We’ve discovered that dogs particularly enjoy these goodies. However, they do contain sugar, which is likely one of the reasons for their deliciousness. Despite this, we continue to suggest them as the most cost-effective Shih Tzu dog treats.


  • Using actual flesh
  • Texture that is chewy and tender.
  • Contains twelve different vitamins
  • Popular with most dogs


  • Contains sugar


American Journey Biscuit Dog Treats

You may be interested in the American Journey Peanut Butter Recipe Biscuit Dog Treats if you have a bit more money to spend. The primary ingredients in these dog treats are chickpeas and peanut butter.

The roasted peanut butter flavor of these snacks endears them to many canines (even dogs that are incredibly picky). During testing, even dogs that consistently refused to consume most treats appreciated them.

These snacks contain no grains, making them suitable for dogs with allergies. Additionally, these treats are safe for dogs with a range of allergies. They are also rather high in protein, albeit this protein is derived entirely from plants.

The goodies are portable and compact. However, they are not tiny enough to be called “training treats” for Shih Tzus.


  • Portable
  • Roasted peanut butter taste
  • Grain-free
  • Suitable for the majority of allergies


  • Expensive


Newman’s Own Snack Sticks

The primary ingredient in the Newman’s Own Snack Sticks Chicken Recipe is chicken. Due to this, they include a large level of protein, greater than the majority of the other recipes we’ve studied.

Therefore, they are an excellent alternative for developing pups who want a bit more protein in their diet in order to build strong muscles. However, due to the presence of chickpeas, these snacks include some carbohydrates.

However, these goodies include no grains whatsoever. There is no wheat, soy, or chemical preservatives present. Additionally, all revenues go to charity.


  • Grain-free
  • High in protein from meat
  • No wheat, corn, or soy


  • Carbohydrate-heavy


Good ‘n’ Fun Kabobs Dog Treats

The Good ‘n’ Fun Triple Flavor Kabob contains rawhide, as is presumably evident. However, they are inexpensive and delicious. Therefore, you may want to try them if you’re seeking a fun, occasional treat for your Shih Tzu. In addition, Shih Tzus are unlikely to consume leather as a whole.

These confections are packaged in three distinct flavors. Consequently, there are more components for your dog to sample and like, making these treats particularly handy for finicky pooches. These treats are also incredibly high in protein, making them appropriate for dogs that require additional protein or cannot consume large quantities of carbs.

We appreciate that these candies may aid in combating poor tooth hygiene.


  • Three distinct tastes
  • Excellent for fussy eaters
  • High in protein content


  • Contains beef tallow


Blue Buffalo Health Bars Dog Treats

Almost certainly, you’ve heard of the brand Blue Buffalo. The popularity of Blue Buffalo Health Bars Baked with Apples & Yogurt Dog Treats comes as no surprise. These confections consist mostly of oats. For flavoring purposes, they also incorporate poultry meals, egg powder, and apples. They also include a large amount of protein and fat.

Although these sweets contain yogurt, the baking procedure eliminates the majority of the probiotics. Consequently, despite the yogurt content, these treats will not aid your dog’s stomach.

These snacks are loaded with antioxidants and omega fatty acids.


  • Supplemented with Nutrition
  • Using only healthy ingredients
  • Significant levels of omega fatty acids


  • Highly grainy
  • Expensive


Premium Pork Chomps Munchy Sticks Dog Treats

These chew sticks are intended for your dog. The Premium Pork Chomps Munchy Sticks Dog Treats should last a Shih Tzu quite a while. They are crunchy, which is favored by many canines. They may, however, be a touch too lengthy for Shih Tzus. If your dog already has difficulty chewing, these treats will likely be ineffective.

These sweets contain almost little fat. However, they are rather protein-rich. Therefore, they are ideal for dogs who do not require a significant deal of additional calories.

In addition, these sweets are not particularly messy. Therefore, if you have white floors and have been dissatisfied with other dog treats, they are ideal.


  • Low in lipid
  • High in protein content
  • Long-lasting


  • A little tougher to chew
  • Expensive per treat


Pup-peroni Dog Treats

These dog treats have beef as their principal component. However, the Original Beef Flavor Pup-peroni Dog Treats also include meat by-products. This component is subpar since it largely consists of mystery meat. By-products are any substance that is not typically consumed or gathered for human consumption.

Occasionally, they are premium organ meats. Occasionally, they are not. In addition, because “meat” is the only identifier, we do not know whose animal these snacks originated from.

Consequently, these treats are not ideal for dogs with allergies. It is impossible to determine whether the treats include the allergy your dog is allergic to.

However, many dogs enjoy these treats, which contain a significant amount of omega fatty acids. Therefore, they are suitable for dogs who require high-protein snacks.


  • Inexpensive
  • High in protein content
  • Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids


  • Contains by-products of meat
  • Larger sticks may be inappropriate for smaller dogs.


Blue Buffalo Blue Bits Soft and Moist Dog Training Treats

Blue Buffalo Blue Bits Tender Beef Recipe may be an excellent solution for people in need of training snacks. Small training goodies formulated for tiny dogs. Therefore, they are suitable for Shih Tzu puppies that you are presently teaching. As a result of its little size, each treat has extremely few calories.

Beef is the principal component, followed by a variety of grains. Additionally, oatmeal and brown rice are offered. Cane sugar is added for flavoring, although many individuals may not want to add sugar to their dog’s food.

These goodies include grains. However, they are quite costly, especially considering the minimal quantity you receive.


  • Miniature for training
  • The primary component is beef
  • High in protein content


  • Expensive
  • Plenty of grain is included


Purina Beggin’ Strips Dog Treats

Popular is the Purina Beggin’ Strips Real Meat Bacon & Beef Flavor. This brand is renowned for being delicious and affordable. Therefore, it is useful while searching for something appetizing for a dog. However, their size makes them ineffective as training rewards unless they are broken up.

These delicacies have pork as their primary component. However, they are predominantly composed of grains. Consequently, the protein level is smaller than that of comparable snacks.

These soft dog treats are quite simple for dogs to consume, but they provide no dental advantages. Additionally, they include artificial coloring to achieve their highly red hue. While food coloring is seldom a major issue, it can be problematic for certain dogs.


  • Inexpensive
  • Well-loved
  • High in protein content


  • Includes food coloring
  • No dental benefits

Buyer's Guide

Shih Tzus can often consume whatever goodies they like. Nevertheless, because they are smaller, they often require lesser snacks. Therefore, we strongly advise taking the time to ensure the goodies you select are appropriately sized (or can at least be broken up into smaller bites).

The most effective treats are those developed for tiny dogs. Here are some other problems you may wish to consider.


You should select snacks that are predominantly composed of meat and protein. This is not required, however, it is recommended for the majority of dogs. Additionally, you should avoid items that your dog is allergic to. If your dog is allergic to chicken, it should not consume chicken-based treats.

Especially if they are whole grains, grains are not a big concern. Grains are excellent for dogs since they provide an abundance of minerals and fiber. Fiber may be incredibly beneficial for your dog’s digestive system, however, it is frequently neglected in dog food.


Obviously, Shih Tzus require smaller treats for appropriate consumption. However, this does not imply that they cannot consume in various sizes. There are bigger snacks that Shih Tzus can use as chews. These are useful for dogs that need something to occupy their time or as special treats. Next, there are few training rewards.

Due to the fact that you provide so many training treats, they must be little. Otherwise, your dog will not be able to consume them efficiently and may substitute them for their regular meal. Consequently, it is optimal to select extremely few goodies for training reasons.


You may readily buy both rather costly and relatively affordable goodies. Therefore, there are several possibilities within most price ranges. Less-priced treats are not necessarily worse for dogs. In certain instances, they can be as nutritious as more pricey snacks. Typically, the brand has a substantial impact on the price.

Don’t feel compelled to purchase inexpensive sweets because your budget is limited. You may need to search a little more diligently.


There are several goodies available for Shih Tzus. We prefer the Peanut Butter Chews from SmartBones. It has relatively high-quality ingredients and is reasonably priced. Therefore, they are effective for several owners.

We also enjoy the fact that the Milk-Bone Soft & Chewy Filet Mignon Dog Treats are less priced than other alternatives. Furthermore, they contain a great deal of protein. Considering the price, they do not include a large number of inferior ingredients.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that our reviews of the best treats for Shih Tzu have assisted you in narrowing down your selections and identifying the ideal product for your needs.

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