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The 10 Best Treats For Rabbits

Your bunnies will always be a little spoiled, as having a sweet tooth is just one part of owning a bunny.

Left unattended, your rabbit will gobble up any fruit, nut, seed, or grain that you happen to lie about.

When rewarding a rabbit for outstanding conduct, how can one ensure that the rabbit is not overused to the detriment of its health and appetite?

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has put together a list of the best treats for rabbits so that your rabbit can always have tasty snacks.

We'll show you the best rabbit treats available, all packaged in resealable bags and completely safe for your rabbit.

When you come to the conclusion of this section, you will know what to give the rabbit as a reward for good behavior during training.

A Reference For Shoppers

Please read the following information carefully as it will assist you in making the greatest choice when it comes to selecting the best treats for your rabbit.

Could Your Rabbit Use Some Extra Treats?

Naturally, treats aren’t required for your rabbit’s health and well-being. Why should you offer your rabbit sweet treats when they provide virtually no other nutritional value?

To educate your rabbit to perform acts you find desirable, use food as a motivator. They may also be used as a gesture of goodwill when welcoming a new rabbit into your house, especially one that may be having trouble adjusting to its new surroundings.

Treats are great for your rabbit in moderation since they help you bond with them and improve their quality of life. Your rabbit will benefit greatly from a treat now and again, but you should be careful not to overdo it or you risk harming both their physical and emotional wellbeing.

What to Look for When Buying Treats for Rabbits

The easiest treats to make for your bunnies are also the best. The finest treats for your rabbit are those you can make at home using common, healthy foods that won’t upset their stomachs.

Consider what not to give your rabbit as a reward rather than what to give it. It is not required to feed your rabbit any processed foods or refined sugars, and doing so would just increase the rabbit’s calorie consumption.

Your rabbit would benefit more from infrequent treats of whole fruits, cereals, and dry veggies.

Your rabbit should not consume any “human foods,” even those that people consider delicacies, such as chocolate, candy, and cookies. Don’t feed your rabbit anything you would eat yourself, and stick to entire fruits and goods created specifically for rabbits.

Many Various Rabbit Snacks

You can choose to reward your rabbit in a variety of ways, including using commercially prepared rabbit treats. Miniature servings of fruit like bananas, apples, or blueberries are also an option.

Conversely, sweeter veggies like the ever-popular carrot can both please your rabbit’s sweet need and provide them with essential vitamins and minerals.

How to Train Your Rabbit Using Food Rewards

This YouTube video from StormyRabbits demonstrates how to use goodies to teach your rabbit skills.


Kaytee Timothy Small Animal Cookies are the best you can feed your rabbit as they are made with real fruit and nutritious Timothy hay.

You can reward your rabbit friend without feeling bad about it, as this is a healthy approach to encouraging good habits. One bag will last about a month if you use it sparingly as an occasional treatment.

Brown’s Tropical Carnival Fruit & Nut Small Animal Treats are a more cost-effective solution that can be used in lower doses. Of all the rabbit treats we’ve tested, Brown’s offers the best value for money and the widest variety of snacks to keep your rabbit happy.

Your rabbit deserves the best, so which of the BestForPets (bestforpets.org) best treats for rabbits do you say he enjoys the most? We hope our rabbit treatment buyer’s guide helps you make an informed decision. Good luck and enjoy your life!


The Most Comprehensively Excellent Rabbit Treats Are Kaytee Timothy Biscuits

Owners of rabbits are aware that Timothy hay, both fresh and of good quality, is the cornerstone of any balanced rabbit diet.

What if, however, you were able to process this grass into a tasty treat that would serve dual purposes of rewarding good behavior and promoting oral health in your rabbit?

The Kaytee Timothy Biscuit has nearly magical properties as a nutritional supplement and delectable treat for rabbits, earning our highest recommendation as the greatest treat available.

As a high-fiber chew, they are fantastic for your rabbit’s teeth and digestion, made largely of sun-cured Timothy hay and baked with a few other ingredients including wheat, flaxseed, and molasses.

In a nutshell, no other treat is as nutritious as Kaytee’s Timothy Biscuits, and rabbits seem to agree.


  • Composed mostly of the very nutritious Timothy hay
  • Aids in keeping your rabbit’s teeth in good shape.
  • Your rabbit will appreciate the improved digestion that comes from feeding them foods high in fiber.
  • Cost-effective for sustained use


  • Senior rabbits may have difficulty chewing hard cookies.


 Top Quality, Lowest Priced Brown’s Tropical Carnival Rabbit Treats

For the rabbit with refined tastes and the owner on a budget, there’s no other treat that can offer as much variety for the price as the Brown’s Tropical Carnival Fruit & Nut Treats.

This variety pack of rabbit snacks deserves to be called the greatest treats for rabbits since it contains a wide variety of healthy ingredients, including fruits, nuts, and seeds.

For finicky rabbits in particular, the Brown’s Tropical Carnival’s vast variety of snacks and treats, all available from one convenient and affordable bag, might give the impression that they are receiving a much more costly gift than they actually are. Both of our rabbits love this snack mix, albeit they each have their own favorite parts.


  • Contains a wide selection of snacks in a single package.
  • Ideal for those who are selective eaters.
  • Inexpensive and comes in a generously sized bag
  • Few or no unnecessary additions or fillers


  • Treats that are too hard or too dry can be problematic for both young and elderly rabbits.


Premium Rosewood Nature’s Salad Rabbit Treats

Rosewood Naturals’ “Nature’s Salad” Rabbit Treats are so named because they feature a variety of foraged foods that are guaranteed to make your rabbit happy.

This high-quality snack mix is made with 21 all-natural ingredients and contains no cereal or fillers, so you can feel good about giving it to your rabbit.

This rabbit treat, made from a dried assortment of greens, flowers, and herbs, has an aroma that’s almost as pleasant as the one our bunnies report enjoying.

Each of our bunnies thought it was the best treat we’d tried, and they were both sad when we ran out. This Rosewood Naturals gift pack is worth the splurge if you want to spoil your rabbit with excellent, human-grade snacks.


  • Natural components in a wide variety
  • There are no fillers or cereal grains in this.
  • The alluring aroma entices even the most discerning of bunnies.


  • Expensive


Rabbit Biscuits from the Oxbow Oven

Oxbow Simple Rewards Oven Baked Apple & Banana Treats, another treat choice produced entirely from Timothy grass, are nearly as wonderful as our top selection.

The existence of some filler components is the only reason they are pushed down the list. However, as any bunny owner probably already knows, bunnies tend to gravitate toward bananas due to their pleasant aroma and flavor.

These Oxbow snacks are as nutritious as they come, being both inexpensive and high in fiber. If your rabbits are as fond of bananas as ours are, you may want to have a package of them on hand to serve as a treat when your pet is well-behaved.


  • Rabbits, worldwide, adore the taste of bananas.
  • Inexpensive
  • Full of healthy fiber


  • Containing some fillers and preservatives.


Fun Rabbit Chew Treats Called Critter Pops

Critter Pops Fun Rabbit Chew Treats are the most novel of the treats we tried; they are composed completely of puffed rice and are formed into long, crispy tubes.

While they won’t aid your rabbit in any nutritional sense, they can be a convenient method to maintain their teeth in good shape.

Food dyes are used to create the bright colors in these sweets, which is one of its drawbacks.

It has been reported that some rabbits develop gastrointestinal problems after eating Ware Critter Pops, despite the fact that they are considered “food safe” and contain no ingredients that may be harmful to humans.

Gradually include them into your rabbit’s diet and watch for signs of tummy trouble.


  • Fascinating form and structure.
  • Assists in the maintenance of your rabbit’s dental health


  • There are food colours in it, and those might upset your stomach.
  • Absolutely no nutritional value


Vitamin-Fortified Rabbit Snacks Made with Carrots

Vitakraft Slims with Carrot Rabbit Treats are made mostly of wheat and maize flour, and they are sweetened and colored with carrots and alfalfa.

Although rabbits enjoy their crunchiness and sweet vegetable flavor, the high amount of filler elements in these treats prevents you from using them in your rabbit’s diet on a regular basis.

These snacks still include harmful grains, but Vitakraft has fortified them with extra vitamins and minerals. While this does make them a somewhat better alternative for your rabbit’s diet, it shouldn’t be interpreted as meaning they can become a daily meal as the company claims.


  • Sweet carrots are a favorite treat for rabbits.
  • This crunchy treat is perfect for maintaining the health of your rabbit’s teeth.


  • A lot of unnecessary words
  • Poor dietary supplementation


Apple Slices: Peter’s Natural Treats for Mice and Other Small Animals

Peter’s Apple Slices Small Animal Nature Treats are made from 100% real apples and include no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

Dehydrated apple slices, the ultimate guilt-free snack for a rabbit. To see more natural solutions like Peter’s in a market that might be saturated with fillers and artificial additives is encouraging.

There is a large price premium for using all-natural components. Apple slices are relatively inexpensive overall, but even a small bag, which will last less than a week, can cost you back quite a little in contrast to the other delicacies on our list. Think about opting for fresh fruit instead, as it is both less expensive and better for you.


  • A single ingredient: apple dehydration
  • Completely natural, with no added chemicals or preservatives.
  • Better oral hygiene is facilitated by the chewy, dehydrated texture.


  • Expensive
  • Just the little sacks this time


Organic Barley Biscuits by Oxbow Bene Terra

Oxbow Bene Terra Organic Barley Biscuits Treats are one of the few certified organic treats for rabbits on our list and provide a decent, if not particularly nutritious, reward for your rabbit’s excellent behavior.

Bene Terra’s key ingredient, barley, is also the source of the product’s biggest flaw. Granola isn’t completely bad for rabbits, but they don’t really need it.

The main ingredient of this treat is essentially “rabbit junk food,” however it is food that our rabbits have acquired a strong preference for.

The Bene Terra snacks from Oxbow are a high-quality snack that rabbits can have sometimes, but shouldn’t develop used to as a daily treat because of their lack of nutritional content.


  • Pure and natural ingredients
  • There are no additives of any kind used in this product.


  • Barley is the primary element, yet it’s a useless food for rabbits.
  • Your bunnies shouldn’t be fed this too often.


Bunny Treats: Vitakraft Crunchy Sticks

But although Vitakraft’s other products contain enough veggies to qualify as somewhat nutritious treats for your rabbit, the Crunch Sticks don’t. These are not something we would give to our own rabbits because they are so bloated with filler and sugar.

We have a lot of issues with the Vitakraft Crunch Sticks since they include dry yogurt. While it won’t kill a rabbit, it also won’t nourish it, and it may end up causing some discomfort.

Crunch Sticks are not something we would ever consider feeding our own rabbits due to the fact that they include cracked maize and corn starch as well as other questionable components.


  • Contains dried carrots


  • Contains yogurt, which rabbits should avoid.
  • Too many meaningless words
  • Almost little nutritional value at anything


These are the Kaytee Country Harvest Blend Snacks

If you look at the Kaytee Country Harvest Blend Treats’ ingredient list, you’ll see why it’s last on our list: We don’t know why it’s being marketed as a treat for rabbits when it contains over 50 substances, some of which are known to be harmful to rabbits even in little amounts.

An example would be the nonfat dry yogurt powder used as a main spice in this blend. It’s not a matter of if your rabbit’s stomach will be disturbed by the partly hydrogenated palm oil and powdered maize in this mix, but rather when.

Milk products of any kind are likely to interfere with its digestion. In a nutshell, pick a more nutritious snack for your rabbits.


  • Inexpensive


  • Too many unnecessary additives
  • contains substances that rabbits’ delicate digestive systems can’t handle

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