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The 11 Best Treats For Puppies

Gift-giving is one of the most enjoyable aspects of dog ownership. Due to the abundance of available alternatives, selecting treats for your dog can be a daunting undertaking.

Most dog owners look for reviews online to find the best products to buy for their dogs.

The meal is not simply a source of enjoyment; it is also an integral aspect of training. Giving your puppy the right rewards can help them learn and make them easier to control as they get older.

Snacks can also help your puppy become accustomed to new tastes and ingredients, preventing them from becoming picky as they age.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) provides a list of the best treats for puppies.


Wellness Puppy Bites – Best Overall



  • Options for Weight: 3 ounces
  • Flavors: Lamb & Salmon, Chicken & Carrots
  • Other Dietary Factors: Grain-Free

Wellness Puppy Bites are available in both a soft and a crunchy kind. They are made particularly for a puppy’s more sensitive and little mouth.

They are available in “lamb and salmon” and “chicken and carrot” varieties to assist you provide your dog with a varied diet. All health foods are grain-free and comprised of nutrient-rich, high-quality ingredients.

Puppy Bites can be used as a training aid or as a tasty reward for your dog. The majority of owners will likely use them for both, since they provide a palatable supply of protein and vitamins that your dog may munch on between meals or during training.


  • Marketed specifically for dogs
  • Textures that are soft and crunchy give diversity
  • Excellent ingredients


  • The size of the bag is pretty modest


Old Mother Hubbard Classic Puppies – Greatest Value



  • Options for Weight: 20 oz
  • Flavors: Classic
  • Other Dietary Concerns: None

Old Mother Hubbard’s Classic Puppy treats are the most cost-efficient dog treats available. These treats resemble traditional dog biscuits and are ideal for your dog’s tiny mouth.

Even better, Old Mother Hubbard manufactures a selection of dog treats that will grow with your puppy.

Unfortunately, the famous delights of Old Mother Hubbard are not grain-free. While they have an amazing grain-free treat line, they have not added a reward with a higher calorie content for dogs to this line.

Old Mother Hubbard’s grain-free treats are available in “mini” size, which is tiny enough for a puppy’s mouth.


  • Super affordable
  • A well-known dog brand


  • No grain-free puppy alternatives


Greenies Puppy Teenie Dental Dog Treat – Superior Selection



  • Weight Alternatives: 12 oz
  • Flavors: Dental
  • Other Dietary Concerns: None

Greenies is a well-known brand among both dog and cat owners. Their snacks have a texture that is both crunchy and flexible, allowing dogs and cats to remove plaque from their teeth while eating.

This distinctive structure is the reason why greenies are so popular and pricey.

Greenies may obtain “Teenies”-sized dog treats for dogs weighing between five and fifteen pounds. They are only suggested for pups older than six months.

Puppies that have outgrown their snacks should be given goodies of a bigger size, as they can easily choke on them.

Greenies also manufactures pill capsule snacks that might assist your dog in taking medication. These treats contain a little pocket into which you may place the pill so that your dog believes he is eating a reward.


  • Size designed exclusively for pups older than six months
  • Enhances dental health by cleansing the teeth when chewing


  • Expensive


Get Naked Biteables Dog Wellness



  • Weight Alternatives: 6 oz
  • Flavors: Chicken
  • Other Dietary Concerns: None

Get Naked Biteables to include a healthy treat for dogs. These snacks are gentle and suitable for puppies with sensitive mouths. They are sized for the mouth and teeth of a puppy.

These treats contain a range of probiotics and colostrum to aid in the development of your puppy’s immune system.

Due to their basic texture and form, they make for an excellent training reward. A restricted ingredient foundation makes them ideal for pets with allergies or intolerances.

Their restricted ingredient basis ensures that all foodies will find something to like, as they are predominantly composed of actual chicken.


  • Specific probiotic assistance for puppy development
  • The short ingredient list is appropriate for dogs with food sensitivities


  • One sort of treat only


Wellness CORE Puppy Bites



  • Options for Weight: 3 ounces
  • Flavors: Turkey & Beef
  • Other Dietary Factors: Grain-Free

Those who feed their puppies grain-free, high-protein diets will be pleased to learn that there are goodies available that they may incorporate into their dogs’ meals.

Wellness CORE Puppy Bites are identical to Wellness Puppy Bites, with the addition of the line’s signature high protein index.

Wellness CORE Puppy Bites have the same premium ingredients as other Wellness products. Those who enjoy the holistic recipes of Wellness will be glad to learn that their money goes directly into the quality of their dog treats.


  • Formulated for dogs on a high-protein diet
  • Excellent ingredients


  • Small package size may deter some pet owners


Get Premium Puppy Care from Naked



  • Options for Weight: 7 ounces
  • Flavors: Chicken
  • Other Dietary Concerns: None

Get Naked manufactures a range of dog treats, including specifically made dog breakable bones. These are smaller than the majority of rawhide bones and contain ingredients meant to assist the growth of pups.

These bones disintegrate as your dog eats on them, providing all the advantages of chewing and easing teething discomfort when your dog’s adult teeth erupt.

They will provide your dog with all the advantages and pleasure of chewing on a bone without the risk of splintering.


  • Chewable to relieve teething discomfort
  • Exciting and delectable


  • Rather costly if your dog can tear them up rapidly


Purina Dog Food



  • Options for Weight: 7 and 24 oz
  • Flavors: Salmon
  • Other Dietary Concerns: None

Purina Puppy Chow is a household brand name. Unfortunately, in recent years, this well-known brand has been criticized for inferior ingredients and improper recipes.

However, treats are intended to be offered infrequently, therefore it is OK for their treats to be somewhat less healthful than their usual meal options. If your dog like Purina Puppy Chow, you shouldn’t feel too guilty about providing it to them occasionally.


  • Large bag size is highly economical


  • Nutritional profile may be insufficient or unsuitable for dogs


Milk-Bone Treats



  • Options for Weight: 16.5 oz
  • Flavors: Beef
  • Other Dietary Concerns: None

For decades, Milk-Bone treats have been a favorite among pet owners. Milk-Bone treats are a tried-and-true method for dog owners to delight their canine companions for every occasion.

In recent years, Milk-Bone snacks have been attacked for including unsuitable components into their formulations. Specifically, the milk component is not suggested for lactose-intolerant dogs.

Still, many pet owners rely on Milk-Bone treats when they need to attract their dog’s attention.


  • A reputable brand with several pet parents


  • Nutritional profile may not be suitable for dogs

Buyer's Guide to the Finest Dog Treats

Purchasing treats for a dog is essential. Treats are an indispensable training tool utilized by pet owners and trainers worldwide. In addition, they are a fun way to add diversity to your dog’s food.

When purchasing beverages for a dog. Treat selection requires unique considerations from pet parents.

Puppy Size

It is crucial to consider the size of your puppy’s mouth while selecting trees for them. Puppies have smaller, softer mouths than their adult counterparts, and treats that are too hard or too huge for them to easily chew might be uncomfortable or difficult for them to consume.

While many dog meals are designed specifically for puppies, treats are limited in variety. While a few of the goodies are marketed specifically to dog owners, there is little diversity.

Many pet owners may like to diversify their pet’s diet by purchasing adult dog treats. Before you purchase the trees, you must ensure that your dog can comfortably gnaw on them.

Additionally, the goodies should not be too little. Puppies have not learnt to eat at a comfortable pace and frequently consume their food too rapidly.

If the rewards are too little, the animal may ingest them whole and suffocate. The charms should be tiny enough for your dog to chew on, but large enough that they won’t be swallowed whole.

Dog Treat Texture

When choosing snacks for a puppy, it is also crucial to examine the texture of the biscuits. Bobby’s baby teeth are more like needles than their adult counterparts.

In addition, puppy teeth are more fragile since they are meant to fall out and be replaced by adult teeth. You should select softer treats for your puppy, since these will be simpler for him to manage in his mouth.

A person might acquire acclimated to consuming meals with various textures by acquiring a new texture diversity. This variation can be beneficial in the long run, when your dog may need to transition to a softer meal to accommodate the usual tooth decay in elderly dogs.

Ingredients for Dog Food

You should also evaluate the components in your dog’s treats. If you pick treats with diverse flavor and texture profiles, the ingredients of the meals you feed your puppy will influence how their taste buds develop as they age.

As your dog ages, they will become more versatile and less finicky about their diet.

Choosing sweets with premium ingredients is also crucial. You want the charms for your puppy to be created from the same high-quality components as their food.

Low-quality components, such as meat by-products or filler items such as grains, can induce gastrointestinal irritation in puppies and make them more selective eaters as they age.

Furthermore, if your puppy has food allergies or intolerances, it will be vital to choose meals and treats that meet these requirements.

Just like you wouldn’t eat anything you’re allergic to, neither does your dog. Numerous sweets are crafted using a wide variety of components and ingredient profiles. Find the greatest ingredient list for your dog by shopping around.

Other Nutritional Considerations

As is the case with many items humans purchase for themselves, dog treats are not necessarily created with nutrition in mind. Frequently, doctorates are conducted using components that are not suggested for eating by dogs, such as milk.

Additionally, due to the large number of manufacturers that produce dog biscuits, many dog treats include wheat. Dog treats that do not include wheat may be incredibly difficult to obtain for pet owners who avoid wheat products.

Most likely, puppies with serious allergies will require adult dog treats. Even though they are not promoted specifically for pups, little dog-sized snacks typically serve for pet parents who need to offer their dog with treats with a restricted number of ingredients.


Puppies find it entertaining and fascinating to shop for goodies. They can encounter many different tastes, fragrances, and sensations via eating.

Wellness Puppy Bites is our top choice for the finest overall dog food. Old Mother Hubbard‘s basic dog food is our top recommendation for the most cost-effective dog treats.

Finally, the highest quality dog treats We chose Greenies Teenies Dental Treats. There is always therapy available for your family and your dog, regardless of the breed.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) would like to thank our readers for visiting our website to learn about and research the best treats for puppies. We hope that you have selected the proper dog food.

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