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The 15 Best Treats For Guinea Pigs

Treat is a guinea pig's best friend, and any owner will tell you that. If you give them a bowl of anything, they will eat it. However, doing so could be dangerous to their health.

However, this doesn't mean you have to stop giving them junk food altogether; just stay away from human delicacies.

In contrast, guinea pig food can add variety and fun to your pet's daily routine.

Food for guinea pigs not only changes their normal diet but also provides them with the nutrients they need. But that's if you can figure out the exact type of sweet.

Choosing a suitable brand for guinea pigs is difficult because there are so many.

However, the BestForPets (bestforpets.org) reviews below can help you find the best treats for guinea pigs.


Yogies from eCOTRITION: The Supremely Excellent Snack

Your pet will benefit from the added probiotics in these palatable pellets, the primary component of which is yogurt.

Probiotics are friendly microorganisms that are beneficial to the digestive system. Additionally, they improve immunity, making your pig less prone to disease.

One of the nicest things about these sweets is how tasty they are. You may choose from a cheese taste or a fruity one. You shouldn’t have to estimate which flavor your kid would enjoy more because you can just buy both of them.

Despite the fact that Yogies are great for your pig’s health, they are still treats. Therefore, you shouldn’t feed them to your pig instead of his regular meal.

For that reason, moderation is key while consuming these sweets. The recommended daily dosage is one or two pellets.

These snacks are our go-to because they satisfy our sweet need without resorting to artificial sweeteners, and they’re also good for us.


  • Include probiotics for improved gastrointestinal health in your pig
  • Contains Added Minerals and Vitamins
  • Two varieties available.
  • Consists mostly of a variety of seeds, nuts, and vegetables,


  • In the presence of heat, they develop lumps.


The Best-Valued Baked Apple Treat Ever: Kaytee Timothy Biscuits

Kaytee’s Timothy Biscuits are tasty snacks that also promote your pet’s oral health.

These biscuit-shaped sweets are prepared from a mixture of baked apple and high-fiber hay. Use these snacks to strengthen your relationship with your pet.

When introducing new piggies to the household, be sure to have some of Kaytee’s Timothy Biscuits on hand. To get used to its new surroundings, the pet may be timid or fearful at first, but these people may assist.

The goal is to make them think of you whenever they eat anything sweet.

These baked-apple snacks have a crisp apple flavor that guinea pigs love since they’re made with real, organic apples. You may help your pet maintain good oral hygiene by giving them Timothy Biscuits.

Because of their naturally sweet flavor, high nutritional content, and ability to improve dental health, they are the most cost-effective treats for guinea pigs.


  • Outstanding for team building
  • Improves oral health
  • Take some timothy hay


  • Contains additives for preservation


Premium Selection: Vitakraft Drops with Wild Berries

You won’t find better-tasting snacks than these drops from Vitakraft, which are a delicious combination of ripe wild berries and yogurt. Also, they have a pleasant aroma. However, they are free of sugar substitutes and won’t harm your pet in any way.

Although Vitakraft promotes the drops as rabbit treats, guinea pigs and other small rodents benefit greatly from them as well.

These drops aren’t just a tasty reward; they’re packed with tons of advantages for your little one. They include yogurt, which is a good source of probiotics that are beneficial to your guinea pig’s intestinal health.

In addition, they contain the phospholipid lecithin, which contributes to the development of more supple skin and coats.

However, the sweetness of these drips comes with a price. Despite their usefulness as rewards for helping you train your toddler in new skills, these drops may be quite addicting.

As a result, they are best used sparingly. For optimal flavor and freshness, the manufacturer suggests closing the bag back up after each use.

Because of their superior quality, Vitakraft drops come at a hefty price.


  • Have probiotics in them to aid digestion
  • Get some lecithin if you want to keep your skin and fur in good condition.
  • No synthetic dyes or tastes allowed.


  • High levels of sugar


Small Animal Chew Treat Rice Pops by Ware Manufacturing

Ware Manufacturing’s Rice Pops are a favorite among guinea pigs because of their crunchiness and the fact that they are manufactured from rice and maize.

Since such, you should not feed them too many of these sweets, as they will not stop asking for more.

These treats aren’t only tasty for your pig; they’re also packed with nutrients that will improve her health. Plus, they help keep your pet’s teeth in good shape.

A slice of this dessert is roughly 1 1/2 inches in length. Since it is a large-sized reward, try cutting it into parts to offer to your furball, instead of giving them the complete piece.

Unfortunately, these rice pops feature artificial colors that could not be safe for your pet.


  • Crunchy and delicious
  • High nutritional content
  • Great for teeth


  • Possess artificial colors


Oxbow Vitamin C Supplement with All-Natural Ingredients

Oxbow’s goodies function more like nutritional aids than sweets. They operate to give your animal with vitamin C. Since guinea pigs can’t produce this vitamin on their own, giving them a supplement is crucial.

To pigs, the pellets’ sugary taste is reminiscent of goodies. This isn’t real food, so be sure to stick to the recommended serving size.

One pellet daily is what the company suggests giving your furball. Animals who are ill or recuperating from an illness might benefit greatly from these vitamin C supplements.


  • Give Vitamin C
  • Flavor with a hint of sweetness
  • Have no artificial colors, flavors, or additions
  • Hay-based with high fiber pellets


  • They might be unappealing to certain swine.


Drops of Vitamin C for the Guinea Pig

No need to search any further for a delicious and healthy snack. These snacks have the flavor and health benefits of oranges while still being delicious. When it comes to protecting against illness, vitamin C is hard to beat.

The yogurt in these snacks is great for your pet’s digestive system. Whey protein and lecithin can be found in these drops, too.

The high protein content of whey aids in muscle development. Also, it aids in controlling inflammation and blood pressure.

With regular doses of lecithin, your guinea’s skin will remain radiant and its coat will remain silky.


  • Delicious snacks
  • Immunity boosting high vitamin C content
  • Contains whey, which promotes muscular building.
  • Incorporates lecithin for improved skin and hair


  • Poor quality control


Kaytee Fiesta Veggie Cranberry Treat Stick for Small Animals

Your guinea pig will be happy and healthy thanks to the extensive range of nutrients included in the Kaytee Fiesta Veggie Cranberry Treat Stick.

The treat is a blend of veggies, seeds, and fruits, such as peas, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, and more. As an added bonus, the piggy may use the stick as a plaything.

Vitamin A is the most notable of the several vitamins and minerals present in this treat stick. This is critical for proper vision development, immune system function, and bone growth. The fiber and fat levels in the snack are rather high.

The company suggests giving your guineas a stick of this treat and letting them chew on it while they play within their cage. However, you should not feed them more than one stick in a week.

That’s because it has a high fat content, which might lead to weight growth in your pet.


  • Ingredients from many walks of life
  • Tasty
  • Loaded with nutrients
  • Chewing stick


  • High sugar and fat content


Kaytee Fiesta Mixed Fruit Treat with Healthy Toppings

Vitamins and nutrients that guinea pigs don’t obtain from eating hay and grass are included in this mixed fruit treat from Kaytee.

A variety of dried and dehydrated fruits, including blueberries, cranberries, raisins, and dehydrated apples, are blended to make these delectable snacks.

These tasty morsels may be used as rewards to motivate your pig to learn new behaviors. Furthermore, they include a good quantity of vitamin C, which is great for strengthening the immune system.


  • Exceptionally high levels of essential nutrients
  • Without any artificial ingredients or chemicals
  • All-natural


  • High levels of sugar


Bojafa Apple Sticks, 100% Natural Treats for Pets

To relax, guinea pigs often engage in the activity of teeth-grinding against various surfaces. They do it not for entertainment but to keep their constantly developing front teeth in check. This is why it is crucial to supply natural sticks for dogs.

Besides, a nice chewing stick would be welcomed any day.

These Apple Sticks by Bojafa are fantastic treats, since they originate from organically cultivated apple branches. They are chemical-free to protect your pet’s wellbeing.

The sticks are treated and dried extensively by the producer to prevent the growth of mold.

Apple sticks are a great snack since they’re both sweet and good for you because of the vitamin C they contain.


  • Wonderful for the pigs’ teeth
  • All-natural
  • Tasty
  • What a fantastic value!


  • It doesn’t take long for the sticks to break because of how thin they are.


ABUNDANT Chew Molar Sticks For Guinea Pigs Toys

Flourithing’s Chew Molar Sticks are delicious and available in three unique flavors. This guarantees that your pet does not develop bored with the same flavor. Additionally, they are all-natural and do not include any chemicals, to make sure that your pet is safe.

Apple branches, delicious bamboo, and timothy grass sticks are the ingredients of these tasty morsels. They’re packed with nutrients to improve your guinea pig’s health, too.

The manufacturer suggests storing these stick treats in a cold and dry location, as heat and moisture can cause them go bad.


  • All-natural
  • Has no added chemicals
  • Rich in fiber, minerals, and vitamins
  • Good toys


  • Can be a bit costly.

Guide for Consumers

Before selecting a snack for your guinea pig, keep the following in mind:

Animal Age Your Animal’s Age

The sort of treat you can receive for your pet is highly dependent on its age. Pigs of a certain age should not be given snacks high in protein and calcium, but these treats are wonderful for young and breastfeeding guinea pigs.

However, a diet high in fiber is not appropriate for growing pigs but is OK for older pigs. Therefore, prior to purchase any goodies, consult your veterinarian to learn what they recommend.


Piggy snacks should be low in fat, sugar, protein, and calcium to prevent digestive issues. Instead, choose snacks that mimic the guinea pig’s natural diet, such as those made from grass or hay.

Since guinea pigs don’t have the ability to produce their own vitamin C, vitamin C-rich treats are another excellent option.


If you’re worried that a treat could include chemicals or additives, check the label. Stay away from anything like that!


Add variety to your pet’s diet with some delicious treats. Children’s taste senses will be stimulated and the monotony of their usual bland diet will be disrupted.

That’s why the pigs go crazy for them. Your pet will do almost anything for enjoyment, so you can use this to your advantage while training them in new skills.

However, your guinea pig should not have junk food that makes up more than 5% of its daily diet. Yogies from eCOTRITION are a great choice if you are looking for a healthy and risk-free snack.

Try Kaytee’s Timothy’s Timothy’s Baked Apple Treats if you’re looking for a tasty and cheap snack.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) sincerely hopes you found these reviews useful. We hope you find the best treats for guinea pigs.

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