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The 11 Best Treat Dispenser Toys For Cats

For all the information you'll need to choose the best toy for your feline friend, look no further than this comprehensive list of the best treat dispenser toys for cats available from

BestForPets (bestforpets.org). Some move and distribute gifts, while others provide your cat with a tricky puzzle that, when solved, will reveal another tempting reward. There is a treat dispenser toy for all types of cats.

Our reviews will make it easier for you to find the best option, whether you're looking to replace your cat's regular bowl, give them more mental stimulation, or get them more exercise. OK, so let's start over.

Toys That Dispense Treats for Cats: A Buying Guide

The greatest cat food dispenser toy may be found among a wide variety of alternatives. There is no limit to the variety of puzzles that may be made with a ball, from the simplest to those that involve complex tunnels, mazes, and geometric patterns.

Toys that score highly are both reasonably priced and thoughtfully created. However, most pet owners would rather spend their money on something that won’t need replacing very soon.

Favorable alternatives are those that don’t necessitate numerous parts or special tools for assembly. Materials like rubber and plastic, which can be cleaned in the dishwasher or by hand, look like a convenient compromise.

Although it may take some time and patience to learn what toys your cat enjoys and whether or not they would even want their food given slowly, this list will help get you started on the right paw.


The Petsafe Slimcat Feeder Ball is the ideal cat food dispenser as it can hold both treats and food and is very reasonably priced.

The Lick Mat is the best deal, as it can be used with any cat food or treat and will keep your cat entertained.

The PetCubes food dispenser, with a hefty price tag but some smart features and the ability to watch your pet from home, tops our list as the best pick for cats.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes our review compilation was helpful in determining which drink dispenser cat toy is the best treat dispenser toys for cats for you.


The PetSafe SlimCat Feeder Ball Toy Is the Finest Cat Toy Available

  • Assembly: Twist-off
  • Types of food: kibble and snacks
  • Inches: 5.8 x 3.2 x 7

In 2022, the PetSafe Slimcat Feeder Ball will be the best overall treat dispenser toy for cats. Combine playtime with your cat’s mealtime or treat time with this slow feeder made of plastic.

You can easily add their favorite dry kibble or treats thanks to the secure twist-off top. Those with a keen sense of smell will be enticed to roll the ball around in order to access the hidden treats inside.

By keeping them active and limiting their portion sizes, it facilitates digestion and aids in the management of body weight.

It may take some experimentation to find the right toy for a cat that doesn’t seem to have any interest in playthings in general. After the treats are gone, you can use it as normal for regular feedings because it is dishwasher safe.


  • Safe for the dishwasher
  • Versatile


  • Overall, it soils the quickest.


Best Price on the KILIN Pet Small Lick Mat Toy

  • No Assembling Necessary.
  • Types of Food: Both Wet and Dry
  • Measurements are 8.27 x 8.27 x 0.39 inches.

If you’re shopping for a cat treat dispenser in 2022, your best bet is going to be the Lick Mats KILIN. These inexpensive dispenser toys are multipurpose, designed for both dry and wet food, and may be used with either dogs or cats.

This toy is versatile enough to be used with both dry kibble and canned wet food. Due to the mat’s grooves, your pet will have to put in some effort in order to get their treat, making it a more exciting and enjoyable experience for them.

Though there are several lick mats on the market, this particular one is highly recommended by customers and comes at an affordable price. Depending on how often your pet licks and plays with it, it may require more frequent washing than other toys.


  • Affordable
  • Versatile
  • Simple to disinfect


  • Results in a mild Pets’ Best Licking Mat Toy


A Wi-Fi Treat Dispenser for Cats, the Petcube Bites 2 is an Excellent Option

  • Put together: needing some assembly
  • Types of pet food: kibble and treats (dry)
  • Dimensions are 5.7 x 2.85 x 10.5″

We recommend the Petcube Bites 2 as the best dispenser toy for cats in 2022. These cutting-edge gadgets for pets use cutting-edge technology like Wi-Fi and Amazon’s Alexa.

You may use them to play with your pet when you can’t be there or when you just want to relax on the sofa without missing out on the fun.

They have high-tech capabilities like a camera and voice control to make this possible. If you have a cat or dog, you can use it to monitor their whereabouts and hear how they’re doing while you’re not there. It can also be used to give them goodies when you’re not there.

The Alexa integration allows you to monitor your pets and use other smart home functions. This encompasses a wide variety of activities, from listening to music and the news to placing food orders.


  • Superior technological innovation
  • Useful for keeping an eye on your cat from a distance.
  • Wi-Fi capable


  • Expensive
  • Potential to frighten your pet


For Kittens, Nothing Beats the Catit Senses 2.0 Food Tree-Toy Dispenser

  • Construction: Quick and simple construction
  • Forms of nourishment: kibble and other dry foods
  • Dimensions are 12×13.8×10.6 inches.

According to our study, the Catit Senses 2.0 Food Tree is the most effective dispenser cat toy for kittens in 2022. Catit’s products are well-liked because of how quickly and easily they can be assembled.

As they are made largely of plastic and rubber, they are durable, lightweight, and simple to clean. Kittens will love this food dispenser since they can play with it as they eat.

They will eventually be able to use the higher, more “difficult,” levels of the cat tree. You may disassemble this food tree and wash the individual parts by hand if they get dirty.


  • Quick and simple construction
  • Multi-Stage Interaction
  • Affordable


  • Easy to soil
  • Messy


Toy for Active Cats, the Trixie Feeder

  • Assembly: Easy
  • Wet food, canned food, and treats
  • Dimensions are 11 by 11 by 5.5 inches.

One more great choice for a cat dispenser toy is the Trixie Cat Activity Feeder. Fill the top lid of this cat toy with dry kibble or treats, and then watch as your cat is entertained as the food or goodies slowly flow down the various tubes. This six-tunnel cat toy will keep your feline friends busy for hours.

This toy’s rubber construction makes it simple to maintain and even convenient to clean in the dishwasher. This toy may be used to serve your cat’s regular food if you’d like.

The only flaw we saw was that the toy occasionally got caught in the tunnels, depending on the food you used.


  • Safe for the dishwasher
  • Adjustable
  • Tunnels of various types


  • Sometimes food gets trapped.


CATCH Interactive Feeder for Cats by The Animals’ Company

  • No putting together is necessary.
  • Types of Food: Both Wet and Dry
  • The dimensions are 9.21 x 10.83 x 2.83 inches.

The CATCH dispenser toy from the Company of Animals is a simple way to provide mental stimulation and playtime for your cat as they enjoy their food or treat.

If your cat exhibits indications of anxiousness or boredom, this toy will assist. The cat’s innate need to seek for its own sustenance is encouraged.

Toys with dispensers are helpful for controlling weight and encouraging good eating habits since they slow down the eating process.

Cats tend to eat more slowly than dogs, which means they’re less likely to have stomach problems from eating too much too soon. This plaything may be put in the dishwasher without fear of damage, making cleanup a breeze.

The toy is expensive for what you receive, and some cats might not be interested in playing with it because of the spikes.


  • Stimulating
  • Facilitates digestion
  • Plush and simple to maintain


  • Expensive
  • Some felines are scared off by the spikes.


Treat Maze & Puzzle for Cats: An Amazing Interactive Treat Experience Felt Cat Toy

  • Assembly: Easy
  • Dry kibble and tasty snacks are the sort of food.
  • Product dimensions are 14 by 9 by 3.5 inches.

This cat puzzle labyrinth is a great alternative to traditional methods of dispensing treats. It’s a cardboard toy with varying degrees of challenge to keep your cat entertained and stimulated.

They’ll have to push themselves to complete each level, but the rewards at the end will be worth it. It’s an eco-friendly choice because it’s created from recyclable materials. The ink employed in the manufacturing process is secure for cats to gnaw on as well.

Some customers may be put off by the price, especially if they consider that they could easily create the box themselves out of cardboard. It’s also very pricey, especially given how fragile it is.


  • Recyclable
  • Interactive
  • Pet-safe


  • Expensive
  • Boxes, in their most fundamental form
  • Lacking in durability


Hunting Cat Feeder Toy for Indoor Play, Featuring Doc & Phoebe

  • Assembly: Easy
  • Kibble, or dry food, and treats.
  • Measurements: 7.68 x 9.45 x 1.97 inches

With so many satisfied customers, it’s no surprise that Doc & Phoebe’s Indoor Hunting Cat Feeder has made our list of the best dispenser cat toys for 2022.

The traditional mousetrap and the treat dispenser have been combined into one convenient product. When your cat associates playing with the toy with the anticipation of a tasty treat, it is less likely to become bored and is more likely to continue playing.

Cats may easily maintain a healthy weight with the help of slow food dispensers or toy dispensers, which are very kind on their digestive systems. Instead of wolfing down goodies from a bowl, this feeder gradually doled them out.

Feeding time will be a snap with the addition of a simple plastic component that contains the food and goes easily into the cloth mouse. The one drawback is the string, which poses a choking risk to your cat if it breaks.


  • Simply put, it’s a breeze to use
  • Facilitates Weight Control
  • Stimulating


  • Loud
  • Feeder Toy Possesses a Choking Hazard


Toy for Active Cats, the Trixie Feeder

  • No Assembling Necessary.
  • Specifically, dry foods
  • 15 3/4 x 11 8 x 3 inches

The Trixie Cat Activity Feeder has four distinct patterns, making it a one-of-a-kind treat dispenser toy for cats. One is shaped like a globe, encouraging cats to play with it by scooping out treats.

Another is made of pegs, moving treats and kibble between them as your cat tries to get them. A third has a hollow tunnel where cats can play while lounging.

It’s great for your cat’s mental health, and it also serves as a fun way to get some exercise and arouses their curiosity.

It’s fun for cats of all ages, from kittens to senior citizens, but some may find it too easy.


  • Variations in style
  • Both dry and moist foods
  • Stimulating


  • Too easy of a task


Cats will go wild over the PetSafe Funkitty Egg-Cersizer Treat Dispensing Toy

  • No Assembling Necessary.
  • Type of food: Dry
  • Dimensions: 3.7 x 3.7 x 9.5 cm.

If you’re looking for a treat dispenser for your cat, go no further than the PetSafe Funkitty Egg-Cersizer Treat Dispenser. This dispenser toy is great for cats because they can roll it around and watch the goodies fall out while they play.

As a result of the gradual distribution and controlled portions, this toy promotes good digestion and a healthy body weight. Its spherical shape causes it to move about quite a bit, so your cat will receive plenty of physical activity as well.

In addition to being fun, it also serves as a form of mental and physical challenge. The Egg-Cersizer can be washed along with the rest of your dishes in the dishwasher with no worries.

However, before purchasing, think about the food you typically feed your pet, as some users complained that the holes were too big and the food slipped out easily.


  • Safe for the dishwasher
  • Encourages joint activity
  • Adjustable


  • Too large of a hole
  • Hard to open

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