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The 11 Best Toys For Siamese Cats

Siamese cats are known for their friendly personalities, engaging conversations, and boundless energy.

Siamese cats are curious by nature and use their paws like hands to pick up and manipulate objects.

The Siamese cat is unlike any you may have ever lived with, despite being frequently compared to dogs.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has everything you need to buy new toys for your savvy Siamese. This post gives our detailed ranking and review of the best toys for siamese cats.

On top of that, you'll get a helpful buyer's guide that will lead you to the perfect toy for your Siamese cat.

How to Choose the Best Cat Toy for Your Siamese

Toys that are ideal for Siamese cats can take many forms, as you can see. Here are some finer points to keep in mind when you evaluate your options.

When did you get your Siamese?

Toys for cats of all ages are plentiful, and many of those we tested did not disappoint. However, some of these furnishings, such as the cat tree, aren’t appropriate for young cats. Kittens could enjoy the teaser wand and chew toys in particular.

Health problems, such as arthritis, might make it difficult for senior Siamese cats to continue running and playing as they did when they were younger.

The Petstages Tower or Trixie Activity Mat would be better options for these cats because they allow them to play without having to move around too much.

Is Your Goal Self-Guided or Interactive Play?

You may bond with your cat better after a long day apart by playing with them. However, without self-guided toys, your Siamese is likely to feel bored during the long day spent alone. Take into account your intended playstyle when you browse for toys.

Can I ask how many felines you have?

Social and playful, Siamese cats thrive when they have companions of their own kind. If you have the good fortune to share your home with more than one cat, you should consider that while shopping for cat toys.

Want to buy the kitties something they can share? Is it inexpensive enough that you can afford to buy multiples if you suspect your cats may develop territorial issues over a certain toy?

How does your cat typically play?

Some cats are finicky enough to disregard a toy that isn’t quite their preferred style, but that doesn’t mean your cat won’t appreciate a toy that isn’t precisely their favorite type. Make the most of your cash by giving your Siamese the best possible new toy.


PetStages Tower of Tracks is the best toy for Siamese cats, as it provides both mental and physical activity for cats of all ages and abilities.

Yeowww! Catnip Yellow Banana is great fun for cats of all ages and playstyles. If you have a lot of cats or a cat that likes heights, the Frisco Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo is the best choice for you.

Find a toy that matches your Siamese playstyle in our round of play. As a breed, Siamese cats get bored easily, but playing with toys can quickly restore their good mood. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes you can find the best toys for siamese cats for your pet.


The Tower of Tracks on Petstages: the Best Option

  • An Example of an Interactive Toy
  • Age or stage of life
  • Polypropylene and plastic serve as the materials.

The Petstages Tower of Tracks is our top pick for the greatest all-around toy for Siamese cats. This toy is great because it can be used in a variety of ways to keep your cat entertained around the house whether you’re there or not.

This toy is great for Siamese cats of all ages, especially senior cats who may not be able to move around as much but still benefit from mental challenges.

Your Siamese can put their dexterous paws to good use in the Petstages, which features three separate tracks with small plastic balls contained within.

This toy is perfect for when your Siamese cat is socializing with other cats. Users generally give it excellent marks, however some have noted that the balls sometimes become dislodged and lost unexpectedly.


  • It is suitable for cats of all ages.
  • Perfect for homes with more than one cat
  • Fun and engaging for lone Siamese cats


  • Balls have a tendency to come free and disappear.


Best Deal on a Yellow Banana Cat Toy Stuffed with Catnip

  • Catnip and chew toys.
  • Age or stage of life
  • Raw cotton and catnip are the raw materials.

The Yeowww is the finest value toy for Siamese cats, in our opinion. Bananas Dipped in Catnip Are Yellow. The vibrant and long-lasting toy is hand handmade in the USA using all-natural fabrics with organic catnip.

If your Siamese cat doesn’t go crazy about catnip, they’ll still have a blast playing with this toy as they bat, chew, and chase it around the room. This toy is great for fetching, which is a game that some Siamese cats learn to play like dogs.

Cotton twill may be durable, but a vicious cat might still ruin it. You can’t get more catnip out of the banana, and the scent will go forever. The toy must be hand washed; it cannot be put in the washing machine.


  • Made with pride in the USA
  • Made with real catnip and other organic components
  • Adaptable and long-lasting


  • All used catnip must be discarded.
  • Avoid washing in a machine.
  • Not safe for chewers who destroy things


Purrfect Kitten Toy: The Kong Active Feather Teaser

  • Catnip-filled teaser wands are a specific kind of interactive toys.
  • Age or stage of life
  • Feather, polyester, and synthetic cloth are the materials.

The Kong Active Feather Teaser is a great gift for a Siamese cat lover. When you want to strengthen your relationship with your cat via play, a teaser wand like this is a great choice.

Sharing this toy with your kitten in the first few weeks together is a great way to start building a strong bond that will last a lifetime.

Developing their innate hunting instincts, your Siamese kitten will have a blast chasing and pouncing on the colorful bird. Kittens need time to build up a tolerance to catnip, but this toy’s feather and crinkle feature will keep them entertained until then.

The catnip may be refilled, too. These teaser wands are fun for Siamese cats of any age. Users have complained that the string becomes dislodged more quickly than they had hoped during hard play.


  • Super for getting to know your brand-new kitten
  • Cat litter with refillable catnip
  • Facilitates the growth of a predatory nature
  • The content is appropriate for all ages.


  • If the string is not properly maintained, it might break with minimal force.


Game Board with Activities for Trixie

  • Toy Classification: Puzzle
  • Age category: adult
  • Materials: Plastic

Try the Trixie Activity Fun Board to occupy your observant Siamese. This fun and challenging puzzle game features 5 levels of increasing difficulty, with a nice surprise at the end for your cat’s efforts.

Load this treat-filled board up before leaving your Siamese cat at home alone. This activity board is great for senior Siamese who are unable to get around as much but still need to exercise their brain.

To make cleanup a breeze, the Trixie Activity Fun Board can be put into the dishwasher.

The vast majority of reviewers claim that their cats appreciated this product, however a small minority said their smart cats quickly became bored after solving the puzzles.

Others have mentioned that cats with huge paws may have trouble extracting the goodies, but a Siamese shouldn’t have any trouble doing so.


  • Activates the mind in a healthy way
  • Ideal for kitties that have trouble moving about
  • Safe for the dishwasher


  • After figuring out the challenges, some cats lose interest.
  • Extremely paw-heavy cats may have trouble.


Toy: PetSafe Bolt Interactive Laser

  • An Example of an Interactive Toy
  • Age or stage of life
  • Materials: Plastic

Classic cat toys include the laser pointer, which may be enjoyed by cats of any age. If you want to play with your Siamese cat, but don’t want to resort to using a toy, the PetSafe Bolt Interactive Laser is a great option because it can also be used as a conventional laser pointer.

There’s even an automated setting for when your arms give out before your kitty. You can leave the laser on to amuse your cat even while you’re not around.

Battery life is limited to 15 minutes thanks to an automatic cutoff feature, so playing by yourself won’t take very long.

If your Siamese cat is anything like mine, you will be constantly replacing the batteries in this toy because it is not rechargeable.

Users voiced concerns that the laser moved too rapidly, making it difficult for cats with impaired vision or senior felines to catch. Some concerns with durability were also mentioned by other people.


  • Useable in either automated or manual mode
  • A good time is guaranteed for people of all ages.
  • Automatically turns off after 15 minutes to conserve battery life.


  • Is not rechargable
  • Cats with vision impairments may have trouble keeping up with the moving laser.
  • Inconsistencies in longevity have been observed.


The Potaroma Electric Flopping Fish

  • An Example of an Interactive Toy
  • Age or stage of life
  • Materials: Plush

The Potaroma Electric Flopping Fish is a fun and interactive toy that will keep you and your Siamese cat entertained for hours on end. Your cat will love playing with and kicking this realistic, battery-operated fish.

Turning on the fish’s motion sensor causes it to flop and wiggle when your cat approaches, encouraging your Siamese to play longer.

The battery can be charged, and there’s a catnip pouch you can put inside the fish if you like. Machines can clean the fluffy exterior.

Users noted that the plush material isn’t very durable, especially with rough-housing cats, and that the battery doesn’t last very long before needing to be charged.


  • The perfect height and weight for kicking and grappling
  • Capable of being recharged
  • Machine-washable


  • Short battery life between charges.
  • It’s not a good idea to rough it up on a plush.


Cat Chew Toy with Mint for Fresh Breath by PetStages

  • Toy Category: Chewable, Electronic
  • Age or stage of life
  • Polyester and other man-made fabrics

Try the PetStages Fresh Breath Mint Stick Cat Chew Toy with your Siamese cat if it likes to chew or if it has poor breath.

This basic toy may be used for a variety of games, including fetch, batting practice, and chase. This toy is great for older or younger Siamese cats.

The netted section in the centre not only adds durability but also scrubs your cat’s mouth while it plays. As a close relative of catnip, mint may refresh breath and entice your cat.

Keep a close eye on your heavy chewers to make sure they don’t ruin this one too soon. The majority of reviewers were impressed by how long this toy lasted, however some did note that it left some stains when wet.


  • Useful for gnawing, fetching, and chasing
  • Fit for every age group
  • Effectively eliminates plaque and so improves oral hygiene and breath
  • Commonly quite durable


  • Not necessarily durable enough for chompers.
  • Can potentially leave a wet-staining mark on surfaces.


Sponge soccer balls that don’t harm pets

  • Type of Toy: Fetch, interactive
  • Age or stage of life
  • Polyethylene and sponge are the materials used.

These simple soccer balls may be inexpensive, but the entertainment and exercise value are priceless.

Ethical Pet Sponge Soccer Balls are brightly colored to help you keep track of them as your cat channels its inner Megan Rapinoe, dribbling around the house like a multiple World Cup champion.

These balls are great for cats that want to play late into the night since they are quiet (soft) and provide hours of entertainment (cats love to bat around balls).

In addition to being convenient for transporting in the mouth, these toys are also well-suited to the needs of Siamese cats. You may play with your cat by tossing them the balls, or you can let them alone to have fun.

These aren’t designed to withstand persistent gnawing, so keep a check on the balls and replace them as needed. It’s been said that this is the toy most cats love to play with. When initially opened, the balls may have a strong stench, according to some reports.


  • Affordable
  • Quiet
  • Excellent for a wide range of audiences


  • Don’t hold up to rough play
  • Initial and intense odor.


A Catnip-Infused PetZone Play-n-Squeak MouseHunter Cat Toy

  • Catnip-infused, interactive, and designed for chasing.
  • Age or stage of life
  • Polyester and other man-made fabrics

The PetZone Play-n-Squeak Mousehunter may not have the enticing scent of catnip like the traditional basic cat toys, but it will make your Siamese feel like a fierce predator in his own house.

This toy makes a noise similar to that of a real mouse, which may be disturbing to humans but is sure to excite any cat. Your Siamese cat may play hunter with this mice by biting, pawing, and chasing it.

Once the batteries die, the sound stops working permanently. Squeak reportedly has a short lifespan, according to some users.

Although the price of the PetZone MouseHunter is attractive, some owners may be put off by the frequent need to buy a new one.


  • The visuals and audio are really lifelike
  • Fit for every age group
  • Functions well as both a guided and unguided activity


  • No way to swap out the battery
  • No guarantee that the squeak will continue for very long.

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