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The 19 Best Toys For Pet Mice

Your pet mouse will most likely spend the majority of its natural life inside of a cage or enclosure.

While this is usually the best option for them, constrained life can be physically and psychologically taxing.

However, you can mitigate some of these negative consequences by using enjoyable toys!

Toys play an important role in keeping your mice happy and healthy. They give entertainment, exercise, and can even aid with other health issues like filing down your mouse's teeth.

But what are the finest toys for pet mice?

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled evaluations of some of our best toys for pet mice to help you sort through the hundreds available.

You're guaranteed to find something fun to do with your mouse here.


Best Overall: Niteangel Small Animal Fun Balls Activity Toy

The Niteangel Small Animal Fun Balls are at the top of our list. There are other ball toys available for mice, but none are quite like these.

These balls are comprised of three different materials: rattan, seagrass, and water hyacinth, which provide diverse textures and hours of entertainment for your furry friend.

These balls are likewise made with an open weave pattern. This means they can be packed with treats, food, or hay to entice and involve your pet mouse even more.

One of the most appealing aspects of these balls is that they are twisted and weaved together. Because there are no glues, plastics, or metal rings keeping them together, they are completely safe for your tiny one to chew on.

But these all-natural balls are more than simply a fun chew toy. Your pet mouse will have a great time rolling them about their surroundings and keeping them entertained.

These are highly recommended for any mouse parent. And at such a low cost, it doesn’t harm to give them a shot.


  • Made from natural, safe materials
  • The open weave design can be filled with snacks.
  • Rolling about is enjoyable.
  • Maintains oral health
  • Affordable


  • Overeager mice may easily gnaw through these.


Best Value Oxbow Twisty Rings Small Animal Toy

Sometimes the simplest toys are the most enjoyable, and this pick is undoubtedly among the top toys for pet mice for the money.

The Oxbow Twisty Rings are three woven rings linked together like a chain. This is only of passing interest to us humans. These objects, however, represent an entire experience for your mice.

The rings are composed of all-natural maize leaf and raffia string, making them a safe chew for your child. Because they’re braided together, you may stuff a treat inside to urge your mouse to utilize them.

You may also notice your mouse begin to climb the rings and dart in and out of them. Mice are natural climbers, thus this makes for a fun little obstacle course.

And this toy is quite inexpensive! The Oxbow Twisty rings aren’t going to break the bank, so you might want to get a number of pairs.


  • Made from natural and safe materials
  • Gives your mouse the ability to climb.
  • Can be packed with goodies
  • Incredibly low cost


  • Can be quickly eaten through


Premium Choice Ware Fun Tunnel Play Tube Small Animal Toy

No mouse’s environment is complete without a tube toy in which to hide and play. However, not all tube toys are created equal.

But we really appreciate the Ware Fun Tunnel Play Tube. And, as far as simple toys go, it’s our top pick.

The tube is made of non-toxic plastic, making it safe for your mouse to be near and play with.

However, when first introducing the tube, we recommend keeping an eye on them. The tubes are not edible, while being non-toxic.

Heavy chewers should start biting off portions. The Ware Fun tube is collapsible in an accordion-like fashion, allowing you to bend and shape it in various designs to best fit your mouse’s enclosure. When set, it retains its shape quite nicely.

One of the best features is that it is odor resistant and easy to clean. And this is critical because your mouse will inevitably have an accident and use it as a toilet.

A quick rinse and wipe off is all that is required to get your tube clean and ready for use again.


  • Design of collapsible accordion
  • Non-toxic
  • Natural hiding and scrambling tendencies are encouraged.
  • Easy to clean and odor-resistant


  • Heavy chewers may find it unsuitable.


Natural Wooden Mouse Tunnel Tube Toy by Niteangel

The Niteangel Natural Wooden Mouse Tunnel is another excellent tube toy that we recommend. It’s a hollowed-out log that your mouse can explore rather than a bendy, collapsible tube.

The Niteangel tunnel, while not the longest available, features 9 different holes and openings that your child will enjoy darting in and out of.

It’s also made entirely of natural wood, making it perfectly safe for even the most ferocious chewers. It will even aid in the maintenance of proper tooth wear.

Because the log has been hollowed out, you may stuff it with hay and other treats to make it more appealing to your mouse.

Your mouse may also be interested in using the tunnel as a cozy nest or den. You may notice them bringing blankets inside to make the ideal spot for a brief nap.

The main disadvantage of this toy is that it is small and non-collapsible, which may present logistical issues when putting it within their cage.

The toy is also not odor-resistant. Furthermore, because it is made of wood, it may absorb some pee or feces.


  • Made of sturdy wood
  • Excellent for chewers
  • 9 distinct entry points
  • It’s ideal for a napping den.


  • Non-collapsible
  • Absorbs odors and urine


Niteangel Mouse House Maze with Multiple Chambers

The final item on our list isn’t just a toy; it’s a whole new experience and way of life for your mouse.

The Niteangel Multi-chamber Mouse House may appear to be a simple box from the outside, but once opened, you’ll see why it’s so enticing.

It’s a maze with several tunnels and chambers where your mouse can spend hours weaving in and out.

With so many various rooms, your mouse may designate separate quarters individual functions, such as one for digging, one for napping, and one for stashing away goods.

The house maze is also built without the use of nails or staples, instead depending on tongue-and-groove techniques to keep everything together.

Furthermore, because the housing has been sanded smooth, there are no rough edges or sharp points to catch your mouse’s skin and fur.

There are a few drawbacks to the Niteangel Multi-Chamber Mouse House. First and foremost, it is the most costly toy on our list.

While it is not a large cost, it can place a minor burden on even the most limited budgets. Second, urine odors might be absorbed by the wood.

You’ll want to keep a tight grip on cleaning because this residence may quickly get smelly if left alone. Finally, after cleaning, make sure everything is totally dry. Otherwise, the wood may begin to mold.


  • A large home for your pet
  • Made of sturdy wood
  • Nail-free and smooth


  • Wood can absorb odors.
  • Cleaning can be challenging.
  • Pricey

Buyer's Manual

There are various variables to consider while buying for the best toys for your pet mouse.

Materials that are safe

You should make certain that whatever toy you give your mouse is made of safe, non-toxic materials. Mice are chewers, and they will gnaw on their toys.

Toys made of wood or natural plant fibers are usually the finest options. Non-toxic polymers, on the other hand, may be a viable solution.

The nice thing about plastic toys is that they are extremely easy to clean and will not mold while drying.

Toys That Are Engaging and Entertaining

If you’re going to go to the trouble of selecting a toy, it should at the very least be engaging and enjoyable. Fortunately, engaging toys are not difficult to come by.

Mice are relatively simple animals. They don’t require flashing lights or too sophisticated technologies. Simpler toys are frequently a far better choice.

Mice enjoy investigating, burrowing, and tunneling, therefore tube toys are an excellent choice. It lets your mouse to act on their intuition and have fun. Mazes and multi-chambered “houses” are other good options for this.

Balls make excellent toys as well. Mice are movers and shakers who enjoy pushing and carrying objects. This demand can be met by providing little balls or other things.

Dental Preferences

We’ve already discussed how mice should have chewable toys. But why do they chew so much? Mice, like all other rodents, have incisors that grow indefinitely.

Without any method of wearing them down, their teeth can quickly become overgrown, posing health and safety risks.

However, the correct toy can assist to alleviate this problem. Toys made of wood or plant fibers are ideal for organically wearing down your mouse’s teeth.

Habitat Area

Many mouse parents make the mistake of not considering the size of their mouse’s habitat when purchasing for toys. Mice require space to run and explore.

However, if their cages are totally stuffed with toys, this can be extremely difficult.

Tunnel and tube toys are the worst offenders in this regard. Your mouse should have enough space to enter and depart their tunnels without being squeezed.

While mice enjoy crawling in small places, you should nevertheless allow secure access to their tunnels.

When purchasing for tunnels and tubes, consider collapsibility. Some tubes, such as the Ware Fun Tunnel seen above, are accordion-style and may be lengthened and curved to match your habitat area.

Toys for Foraging

Mice spend the most of their time in their native wild settings looking for food. However, with pet mice, their food is provided without the need to hunt and scavenge.

This, all too frequently, leads to fat and idleness. Foraging toys, on the other hand, can assist combat this.

Foraging toys motivate your mouse to work for his or her food. These might range from simple tubes filled with hay and pellets to braided balls stocked with treats.


One of the most crucial jobs you’ll have when raising a pet mouse is to provide safe and enjoyable toys. And, with so many alternatives available, deciding which is the best can be difficult.

BestForPets‘ (bestforpets.org) reviews of the best toys for pet mice should have helped you narrow down the options and pick the best solution for your pet.

The Niteangel Small Animal Fun Balls are our clear favorite due to their safe chewability and entertainment value.

While the Oxbow Twisty Ring Chain is our favorite mouse toy for the money. Hang those anyplace in your mouse’s environment, and they’ll have a great time chewing on them.

When it comes to the best mouse toys, we’ve discovered that simplicity reigns supreme. You don’t have to break the money to buy expensive, intricate toys.

A few balls and rope chains are sometimes all that is required to guarantee your mouse has a happy existence.

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