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The 10 Best Toys For Parrots

If you own or have had a parrot, you are aware of how much parrots like chewing. This is a natural and healthy part of their daily activity, so there is no cause for concern. The powerful beak of a parrot can swiftly destroy practically any soft toy, especially bigger parrots such as macaws.

The average parrot bite exerts 300-400 PSI of pressure. In comparison, the average human bite exerts around 162 PSI. This explains why parrots can readily shatter nuts and seeds (and toys!) whereas we cannot.

This biting is an inherent habit that maintains the health and strength of their beaks. In confinement, a parrot toy of high quality is an important item for your feathery buddy.

There is a range of parrot toys on the market, making it difficult to select the best one. Because of this, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled this list of in-depth evaluations to assist you in finding the best toys for parrots.


Four-Way Play Super Bird Creations Bird Toy

The Super Bird Creations 4 Way Play Bird Toy is our top selection for the finest parrot toy. It provides the required mental and physical stimulus to assist your feathery buddy combat ennui. It includes an assortment of colorful wooden blocks, ropes, and beads, all of which are linked to a sturdy PVC center.

The toy is suspended from the cage so your parrot may climb on it and select its preferred chewing section. You may be confident that your cherished bird is not swallowing any toxic chemicals or plastics since all the supplied materials are absolutely safe. It is simple to install and includes a range of colors and textures that will keep your feathery friend delighted for hours.

This toy is great for little parrots and medium-sized birds with small beaks, but an African Grey, a Macaw, or a similar-sized large bird would quickly destroy it. Large-beaked parrots will certainly destroy this toy in a matter of days.


  • Variations in hues and textures
  • Bird-safe building materials
  • Easily fitted with a chain made of heavy-duty metal


  • Not great for huge parrots


Planet Pleasures Tropical Pineapple Bird Toy

Planet Pleasures Pineapple Foraging Bird Toy is the greatest parrot toy for the money. It is an inexpensive toy produced from all-natural materials, so you need not worry about your parrot swallowing poisonous substances.

The toy is constructed with discrete compartments for hiding food, which will motivate your parrot to forage and ease boredom and anxiety. This toy is 100% natural and handcrafted, and its fibrous components are ideal for training your parrot’s beak and promoting its health.

Although this toy is affordable, its lifespan is limited. Even little parrots will swiftly destroy it, while a larger parrot would do so in a matter of hours. This lack of durability disqualifies it from the first place.


  • 100% natural building materials
  • Inexpensive
  • Promotes foraging
  • Containing fibers for beak maintenance


  • Will not endure, even with smaller parrots.


Penn-Plax Birds Wood Enclosure

This wood playpen by Penn-Plax is a complete bird gym. With 100% cotton ropes, colorful wooden benches, ladder swings, copper bells, and acrylic toys, it will give both exercise and enjoyment for small to medium-sized parrots. It is easy to install and can be placed on top of your parrot’s cage to provide hours of entertainment.

You can be confident that your parrot will not be harmed by gnawing or biting on this toy, since all of the components and the supplied adhesive are non-toxic. It features a solid design and a huge surface area, making it appropriate for larger birds.

Multiple customers have reported that the provided glue is insufficient, so you’ll likely need to use a stronger brand to keep the pieces together.

In rare circumstances, it has been observed that the pieces are mismatched, with several of the hole inserts misaligned. This implies you may need to improvise in order to correctly assemble it. This aggravating feature prevents it from reaching the top two spots on our list.


  • Extensive diversity of hues, textures, and amusement
  • Non-toxic materials
  • Durable and roomy build


  • Expensive
  • Mismatched components can make assembly difficult.
  • The included adhesive is not robust


Super Bird Creations Flying Trapeze Bird Toy

The Flying Trapeze from Super Bird Creations is an easy-to-install hanging bird play for your parrot’s cage. It features a natural seagrass mat that is non-toxic and hung by multicolored chains.

A variety of bright beads, links, and balls dangle from the chains to give hours of swinging excitement to your parrot. The suspended design will also promote coordination and balance, as well as play, exploration, and foraging behaviors.

Even though the perching pad is created from natural materials, your parrot’s powerful beak can easily break it apart. In addition, the chain links and numerous toys are composed of plastic, which is toxic to your parrot if consumed.


  • Simple installation
  • Non-harmful mat
  • A spectrum of colors for play
  • The design of suspended objects encourages balance and coordination.


  • The mat cannot survive powerful beaks.
  • Plastic is used for manufacturing chains and toys.


Foraging Bonka Bird Toys Star Bird Toy

Bonka Bird’s Foraging Star Bird Toy is a colorful ball filled with aesthetically attractive and brilliantly colored crinkly paper. The ball is encircled with wooden stars that will fulfill your parrot’s instinctive drive to chew and bite, while also improving its balance and coordination.

You may conceal various goodies within the ball, and your parrot will enjoy tearing and tugging the paper to uncover the delights. This tearing and ripping will appeal to its innate impulses for foraging. It has a metal fast link for simple installation and is made from bird-safe materials.

This toy is good for larger parrots due to its size, but smaller birds may be terrified of it and be unable to collect concealed treats.


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Simple installation
  • Built using bird-friendly materials


  • Not recommended for little parrots


Prevue Pet Rope Ladder Bird Toy

This wooden ladder toy from Prevue Pet is a straightforward parrot play created entirely from natural materials. The rungs of the ladder are built from eco-friendly Hevea wood branches and are connected by a sisal rope that is safe for birds.

The 20-inch-long, 3-inch-wide ladder is simply fastened to your parrot’s cage with a metal quick-link and measures 3 inches on each side. It will provide brain stimulation due to the difficulty of climbing, and the uneven shape will provide good foot training.

This ladder’s compact size and tightly spaced rungs make it unsuitable for giant parrots. In addition, it does not provide enough diversity to keep your parrot engaged and is not an excellent toy on its own.


  • All-natural materials
  • Will give important foot exercise
  • Simple to install


  • Not suited for huge parrots
  • Lacking in the diversity of stimulus


Toy JW Pet Activitoy Birdie Basketball

This affordable basketball activity from JW Pet is an interesting, bright, and entertaining parrot toy that will keep your parrot busy shooting baskets! It includes a reflective backboard that will keep your parrot physically and intellectually active as it tries to shoot the ball through the hoop.

The ball is secured with a thin metal chain to keep it from escaping, and the board connects simply to the metal cage of your parrot.

However, a huge parrot may easily remove the little plastic ball from the chain and will likely destroy it with its powerful beak. If your parrot chose to consume it, the plastic structure is also hazardous.


  • Offers psychological and physiological stimulation
  • Simple installation
  • Inexpensive


  • Plastic structures are not safe for birds.
  • The ball is readily detached from the chain.
  • Not appropriate for huge parrots

What to Look for When Buying Toys for Parrots

Your parrot will benefit immensely from the correct sort of toy, as it may give your parrot important exercise, cerebral stimulation, and chewing and foraging satisfaction. That said, not all parrot toys are made equal. Before you purchase a bird toy, there are several variables to consider.


Materials used to construct your parrot’s toy are undoubtedly the most significant consideration. They must be bird-safe and constructed of the most resilient materials feasible.

Metal, rope, and wood are the finest choices since your parrot cannot chew through metal and wood are safe for it to chew on. Plastics and foams are not suggested, especially for larger birds, as they are readily ingestible and can be easily consumed.


While certain parrot toys, such as ladders and perches, are designed to serve a specific function, the greatest toys have a range of textures, colors, and materials. These sorts of toys will offer your parrot additional stimulation and save you cage space since you will not need various types of toys. The following are common kinds of toys:

  • Ladder toys: Ladder toys give crucial foot training and create better balance and coordination in your parrot.
  • Shredding and chewing toys: Parrots like gnawing and these sorts of toys will satisfy their natural inclinations and promote healthy, powerful beaks.
  • Puzzle toys will fulfill your parrot’s natural drive to forage and pique its natural curiosity. Toys featuring concealed rewards, knots, locks, and balls are included.
  • Because parrots are kept in cages for extended periods of time, they require as much exercise as possible. These sorts of toys, which include swings, hanging ropes, and ladders, will get them moving and keep them occupied.

These toys are available in a variety of shapes, with combinations being the most desirable. There are ladder toys with chewable attachments along their length and puzzle toys with chewable and shreddable components.


The last factor to consider is the size of the toy and the parrot’s cage. The toy should fit comfortably into your parrot’s enclosure while providing sufficient room around it.

Additionally, the toy should be developed precisely for the size of your parrot. Huge toys may discourage little birds from playing with them, whereas a small toy given to a large bird will be quickly destroyed.


According to BestForPets (bestforpets.org) testing, the 4 Way Play Bird Toy from Super Bird Creations is the best toys for parrots. It has an assortment of colorful wooden blocks, ropes, and beads that are safe for birds and can be hung from the cage using a sturdy chain. Your feathery companion will enjoy the many textures and hues.

Pineapple Foraging Bird Toy from Planet Pleasures is the most cost-effective parrot toy. It is comprised of all-natural materials with small places for hiding goodies and fibrous elements that are ideal for conditioning your parrot’s beak and maintaining its health and strength.

It might be tough to choose the proper toy for your feathered buddy, so we hope that our in-depth evaluations have helped you to locate the greatest parrot toy for your pet’s specific requirements.

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